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Arcade BBS - How it works

Arcade BBS is run on ARCbbs © software for Acorn 32 bit machines, written by Hugo Fiennes as a fully multi-tasking multi-line system. The hardware is a StrongARM/RISC OS 3.7 Acorn Risc PC600 with 33Mb RAM, 420Mb and 1.7Gb IDE Drives, 507Mb SCSI internal drive and MediaWare Sanyo CD ROM drive, together with external 330Mb and 492Mb SCSI hard discs. All the hard discs are selectively backed up daily onto 525Mb DC6525 data cartridges.

An Atomwide/The Serial Port RS423 expansion card drives a US Robotics Courier V34+ Dual Standard V.Everything modem at 115,200bps. The USR modem supports V42/V42bis and will connect at V.34+ speeds up to 33600bps. A Draytek Vigor 2600 ADSL Router connects to our Demon Express Solo ADSL 512Kbps/256Kbps link for our ADSL Internet connection offering five more telnet ports and unlimited connections to our Alphanet Web and FTP servers. You can see a list of all the tasks running concurrently on the Arcade BBS Risc PC600. Tasknames prefixed ARCbbs are the BBS ports.

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Arcade BBS is open for almost 24 hours a day for telephone callers.

ADSL Internet is available twenty-four hours a day,
Our StrongARM Risc PC runs HTTP and FTP servers allowing full access to our extensive 1000Mb filebase, and direct Telnet access to Arcade BBS itself is available at all times.

The address for ADSL Internet WWW access is http://arcade.demon.co.uk
The address for ADSL Internet FTP access is ftp://arcade.demon.co.uk
The address for ADSL Internet Telnet access telnet://arcade.demon.co.uk

The BBS is closed on all lines between 5:15am and 6:45am local time for automatic backup. The Mail port on +44 (0)20 8654 2212 is available exclusively to the Fidonet Network between 02:30 and 03:30 GMT.

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The Sysops are David Coleman and David Dade and the BBS is located in Croydon, Surrey, UK.

You are visitor number to this information page.

Thank you for calling!

Telephone number:
+44 20 8654 2212 (FidoNet Mailer 2:252/27.0 and BBS)
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How to connect to Arcade BBS by modem

Download !Connector, the best PD RISC OS Comms terminal around. Written by Andreas Zieringer, !Connector comes ready set up for Arcade BBS. All you need to do is edit the two scripts in its Scripts directory to include your own Arcade user name and user number. Andreas' own web site also features his final 26 bit version.

Use !Connector to call Arcade BBS by Telnet too!

This simple Block Driver module allows any Acorn 32-bit ANSI terminal program, such as !Connector, Hearsay or Arcterm7 to connect to Arcade BBS on the Net. You'll get the full ANSI colour and graphics just as if you were calling by phone, but at the cost of a local call.
Place the module inside your !SerialDev.modules directory and select just like a serial port driver, then just press Return to connect to Arcade BBS!

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