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I work for British Telecom in an internal communications department called Information Services (Voice). We provide all Voicecomms services for British Telecom departments. We plan everything from installation of phone lines to a BT office desk to supplying a multi-1000 line PABX for a large BT building.

In fact, our network of internal PABXs are interlinked to form what is probably the world's biggest private voice network. I'm a Technical Officer with responsibility for arranging the ordering and installation of such systems.

My interests, apart from running Arcade BBS, range from photography, through driving MG cars - currently a BRG MGF - listening to The Moody Blues, Mike Oldfield and Jean Michel Jarre, and watching Star Trek, any or all of the series', and collecting and studying maps, both of my local area - Croydon, and places round the world. Others will say that another of my hobbies is sleeping at the keyboard! :-)

One of these places that I'm in love with is British Columbia in Canada, which I have been lucky enough to vist several times, and have driven the scenic route through the Rockies from Victoria, British Columbia (about 20 miles from the city of Vancouver) to Calgary in Alberta, a stunning journey of about 1000 miles.

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