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I live in Hildenborough, which is one of those places of which people say, "Where?"

It is just north of Tonbridge, which is one of those places of which people say,

"Oh yes, Tunbridge Wells - ha ha! So you're 'Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells'!"

Tonbridge is NOT the same place as Tunbridge Wells! The two towns, very different in character, are separated by some 5 miles.

I am employed by the BBC as a Senior Studio Manager working in BBC Radio for Radio 1 FM, Radio 2 and occasionally for Radio 3 and 4. I am a sound balance engineer, which means I am the guy behind the glass window in charge of the 'Concorde-like' control panel. My job requires a fascinating mixture of technical and artistic appreciation, and depends upon lots of experience gained in over 25 years of service. I have worked with many well-known names, but modesty prohibits me from mentioning Live-Aid, Sting, Genesis, Bon Jovi, Pulp, Domingo, Terry Wogan...

I have been writing the Comms page in Acorn User magazine for a couple of years now, and have been able to draw on the discussions and happenings encountered in FidoNet, Usenet newsgroups and on Arcade BBS itself for inspiration to promote and interest others in this expanding subject.

Other interests include cooking, eating and sleeping, and other things besides. That frequent question "How long did it take to grow that beard?" is difficult to answer. The beard has been with me for nearly 30 years - I first grew it at 19 - and it remains at the current length naturally without much trimming. A few years ago, I did shave it off experimentally, but realised my mistake and started growing it again immediately! It took about a year to restore it to its former luxuriance.

I am one of the perpetrators of Arcade BBS, which you can read about elsewhere in these pages...

Here are some links of interest to me - maybe to you too?

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