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Most textual material and some graphics on these pages are copyright

© David Dade 1995/1996

These pages were knocked up with the help of !Edit, !HTMLEdit and example HTML from pages viewed from Web sites around the world. Some backgrounds are from TextureLand, Land 'O Textures and so on. Others have been nicked from that excellent repository of images called !WebCache. Transparent GIFs were created with !Draw, !Paint, !Creator and !WebGIF.

All the pages have been checked with the Ant Fresco © Web browser, Stewart Brodie's ArcWeb © and DoggySoft's Webite © browser from Termite Internet. W3C Version 3.2 HTML has been verified using Tom Hughes' HTML checker - visit his Web site.

Most of the 'artwork' is my own, and you'll be glad to hear that some proper artists have offered their services to improve the visual aspect of this site in due course.

DaviD :-##

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