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Graphic/Sound Demos (32)

Filename       Length Short description

4Dsolids.arc    22895 4D solids demo      68599 3D life demo
xspace/zip     305992 Demo version (1.02) of "Xenocide"
xenosw/zip     1071674 Demo version (1.02) of "Xenocide"
wwbounce/z      73247 The best Bouncy Ball program in the world, ever!
3-LIB+         172232 3-LIB spaceStation anim+music&scenes.
ChufaBeat      100540 Stracker tune , unusual.
Amoeba2Mb        2665 How to run the Amoeba demo on a 2Mb machine (Teext)
amoeba         518548 Part Of the long awaited LiquidPlasma Demo
FISHTANK2      490029 DFI's Fishtank 2 demo thingy, SA recommended !
comanche.z      24748 Commanche, fly around a mountainous landscape (SA rec.)      870696 Height & Colour data needed by !Commanche
Itch            23346 drawing game based on Etch-a-sketch game.
Archive4        24087 old Archive magazine demo. neat.
july/zip       191872 Digital Fish International's July demo - 3d chessboard and
poog           177966 A brand new 177k intro.
Mandy           86778 A simple Mandelbrot Set plotter, + beginner's guide
Heaven3         25722 celtic scroltext demo number 3.
Heaven2         89010 celtic scroltext demo & music. debugged
Fluoro         1215730 Fluoro by the Nutters. Winner of the Revelation 97 demo comp     529244 Freestyle by Kulture - part 1 of 2.     1091279 Freestyle demo by Kulture - part 2 of 2.
fquake1_10      38338 FQuake 1.10 (requires 1.01 archive) - brilliant
REISNAC        720256 REISNAC by Icebird [RPC-SA, 3Mb DRAM, 1Mb VRAM, RO3.5]
Heaven1a       103493 same as heaven1 but with tune "Killing me softly"
Heaven1         29069 Celtic Design scroltext demo       586880 Optional additional graphics for era v1.01 [RO3.6, VRAM]
era1/zip       1054464 era v1.01 by The Xperience [RPC thru RPC-SA, 6Mb DRAM]
COL62896         4608 Displays 62896 colours. Basic file written by K. McKillop
dignity2/p     881938 Demo of Iron Dignity, 3D game by Frank Fohl (part 2 of 2)
dignity1/p     980577 Demo of Iron Dignity, 3D game by Frank Fohl (part 1 of 2)
fquake/zip     628377 FQuake 1.01 by Jan Vlietinck. You must see this!
RevInfo          5821 Full text information about the Revelation demo party.        449819 Revelation Demo Party Intro (Updated)
TimeANI         60495 raytraced anim of carriage clock- reads/displays real-time.
Signum         1093350 Signum by Expression [ARM2 thru RPC600/700]
MonrailANI     164285 raytraced animation of monorail in city with music etc...
ThomasANI       89049 raytraced animation of tomasTankEngine belting thru station.
BikeANI         84415 raytraced motor bike on a revolving platform animation.
Insanity        63021 Insanity by Expression [ARM2 thru RPC-SA]
PondANI         84337 raytraced abstract pond animation
Jojo           376650 Jojo by Archiologics [ARM2 thru RPC-SA]
Phonology      2327231 Phonology v1.00 by The Xperience [RPC only]
PROS.ZIP       328946 Oregan Prosound sound editor - DEMO version
CINE.ZIP       676119 Oregan Cineworks Video editor package DEMO version
ANTHRAX         42296 3D Landscape Animation/Game Demo  - See Long Desc.       8663 Texture Garden example file no 5      10648 Texture Garden example file no 4      12547 Texture Garden example file no 3      35677 Texture Garden example file no 2      21598 Texture Garden example file no 1       46515 Souce code for Texture Garden's support module       316496 Texture Garden
ShakeScrn        2968 ShakeScreen v0.01 - by JEM!, Shakes your desktop screen!!
3-LIB           43800 Raytraced spaceStation animation
F2_Tnk.arc      25117 A StrongArm compatible version of !FishTank from DFI
Clares1         36895 Proart raytraced Clares Logo scene.
id4_2          896716 Independence Day Trailer
id4_1          840192 Trailer for Independence Day - Replay
soundz          19856 Desktop keyboard, VUBars...
Optic3         165059 Optic 3 The Ultimate Disc Mag,
voxel/zip       99746 Voxel by Andreas Zieringer - fly-over-landscape (Risc PC)
!DynamixD1     183849 Quite a nice, simple demo written by a university friend
ARMed'96       546437 The STUNNING ARMed'96 Demo from ARMed Forces
Stereo_Ex      116710 Lots of example stereograms by me & Alex Cobham
Stereo+        111898 Stereogram creator + utils, V2.00 by David Horman
Starfield2      15608 Plots 1504 stars in a 3D starfield
DotScene        21646 Glide over a 3D landscape! (ArcFS'd)
SatanStars      15167 A cute (true!-) 3D starfield (Absolute file)
SatanShade      83252 A shaded, rotating 3D vector graphic (ArcFS'd)
DistScale       48128 Wierd distorted sprite scaling by Dave Williams
BUZBUZBEE      376744 An amusing FLI movie
daftdog        198516 cartoon of a daftdog
Splodge         28048 FAST cellular automata demo
Icos             5449 Demo of a rotating 20-sided die shaded in realtime
qtm101         229606 QTM v1.01. Protracker/DSym player featuring Quatums QTM!
Christmas        5341 A great Xmassy demo by me! Not Xmas yet, but what the hell..
CakeHead_2     155667 New demo from Baah/Cry, Very good morphing and rubber balls!
qtm100         226588 by me! An utter rewrite. STracker player. TONS of features
Wellen           2517 Balls on an elastic string thing! :-)
Arctic.arc      18627 Real time 3d scrolling text in basic. like starwars.
FullBordr       38812 Old demo showing how to use full screen. Guttorm Vic I think
qtm004         151136 Third release of my Queue the Music front end. Not bad...
Xtreme         4374221 The Extreme demo by BASS....all 4 Meg of it!
!BioHazard     401033 BioHazard. Multitasking with sources...
RISCOS3_50        164 Risc OS 3.60 downgrader !!
BigBars        130994 BigBars Demo by Chris Johns
Raster         349524 The RASTER BLASTER demo from ARMed Forces - 65536 colours
guin01         817362 Ripped from the Guinnesss Screensaver
cack.arc         8650 Cack generator 0.0notsure, uploaded by author
Adept/ZIP      436518 Utterly orgasmic sound + light show - winner at CeBit '94
blu             71397 graphical demo for the RISC PC, by Xperience (worth having!)
Flux            62636 Flux v1.30 by Peter Knight. Bloody good oscilloscopey thing
ostern95       276862 A pretty excellent on Risc PC's too...
CrzeKart        53779 Texture mapping...parallax scrolling...
Slippery       591423 The Slippery Slideshow!! By DWS. Brilliant demo. DL NOW!!!!!
xcentric       489301 XCentric demo by XTP (1995.04.01)
warning         27387 Epilepsy warning. Interesting texture mapped cube...
metamrphC      531894 Metamorph - Here's one I censored earlier...
SRD2           134997 A demo from Sounds Riscy.
SRDemo         197686 A demo from Sounds Riscy.
Hat             14687 Animation by Mike J Williams
Godzilla        23506 Animation by Mike J Williams
Coffee          15484 Animation by Mike J Williams
Catapult       118295 Animation by Mike J Williams
SRWWWDemo       33597 Demo of the Sounds Riscy World Wide Web pages
CDL_Music      174612 3 tunes for CDLike
CDLike          88518 CDLike (2.01) - Uses QTM to play Amiga tracker files
LiqDreams      758505 Liquid Dreams by Quantum. A sort of okay demo.
Flux121        100615 Flux/Cthugha, version 1.21 by Peter Knight.
Scarlet           896 The Spectrum logo (Draw format)
Flip+Marv      334740 Animation Player Flip with animation called Marv Excellent
RenDemo        103897 The Renegade BBS Demo!
BChar          266212 Three sample BioHazard character animations.
BioHazard      243935 BioHazard demo 0.38. Full screen texture mapping. Req 2MB
slompt-zip     110104 A nice graphics demo called Slompt. (I think).
nophobia-z     274963 Rather excellent demo by NoPhobia, called Come and See.
TrackMan        11974 Excellent mandelbrot/julia generator.. 
Everybody      989353 Everybody in the place , the first demo from Armie and Bert
Splash          15814 Water simulator
April            2525 Shower of water particles
Revenge         85678 Get your revenge on those little Lemmings!!!
HiOctane       119698 New High Octane Demo - 4 player. Read LD
Kipper2        1328198 Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast - Replay
DLines          11113 Delay Lines demo - A first for the Arc ??
explain         43805 Interactive help that follows the mouse Andy Armstrong v1.00
DitheringSource1 19692 hsv/rgb colour models & 4x4 dithering source
Wolf4           29276 4 player patch for NW demo. Read LD
NWDemo031      231821 NotWolf 0.3 demo. Read LD
Inter6           1359 Just like Inter5 but more friendly (it's rewrite really)
WOLFDEMO        98561 Newer Wolf demo. v0.2 ARM250/ARM3 recommended.
Kryten          68387 Kryten Demo
3dDemo3-4      233134 Pretty Naff Demo (Nice music but that's just an opinion)
WavePlasm        7484 Moving Plasma demo - from Greece - rather nice!
Rings           45420 Interference rings demo - from greece - really nice!
ImgFields      135876 Image fields demo - from Greece - nice
SF3000         124652 Short demo of Star Fighter 3000 From AU-Show Sep'93
sighsly        386013 Slideshow demo from Bytepool. Quite good, not Agony std. tho
YW              70480 Demo Image from my A/W renderer & Image proc
Mini           123142 Demo Image from my A/W renderer & Image proc
Jag             44393 Demo Image from my A/W renderer & Image proc
AWLogo          99232 Demo Image from my A/W renderer & Image proc
Astra          177070 Demo image from A/W renderer & Image proc
Magrathea       13938 Planet generator Good!
Himalaya         1735 A program that draws the himalayas (not that good)
ArcticPic2      20314 Ray traced still....
MiniArctic      57231 Multi-tasking demo
X2AltMus       157325 Alternative music for the Xenon 2 patch. 'Downlink' by PKK
Xn2Ptch        166920 Xenon2 Demo patch. Better music + faster. Read Long desc.
2megdmDS       215868 Modified vsn of Shifty's !2megDEMO. Smoother + better music
!BDMD          783523 BrainDead Mega Demo!!!!!!!!!!
2MEGDEM        111073 A Bit of Braindead Megademo That fits only in 2 meg !!
Jigger2A         1360 A realtime life type display.
fog+flag        48077 Two graphics demos, rather good.
DemoInfo          159 iconbar bud advert music player
BudDemo00      408765 iconbar bud advert music!!!
RotateAll         757 Letter swivelling (!) Not good for a bad neck...
LaunchA2       1535982 Space Shuttle Launch - Replay Movie
ArcticDemo     340883 Ray traced demo, glass marbles jumping up/down to music
Mode7Demo       69760 A completely naff demo in MODE 7.
!Ba            274155 Sound and graphics demo for the Arc. Good animation
KrunkDemo      231305 Excellent demo from KRUNK of ARMFUL
2D_Waves        22661 Excellent 2D Waves program by Jan Vlintek!
Scroller        13570 Real-time Outline font scrolling demo - development version
!BONUS         102532 An excellent demo with amazing scroll text features.
VideoClip      224563 Fast demo from Greece
TecnoKut        30666 Like a !System dir for use with our demos!
NirvanaFix     122281 Download if your machine locks up when !Nirvana demo is run.
TBirdsmlA2     870968 Thunderbirds movie for Acorn Replay - my fav.
Tetrix         136864 Demo from Greece, game of Tetris
!Chaos         124950 Stars, Lights, Sound, Piccys, balls - Just WICKED!!
Nirvana        737945 !Nirvana demo
flump3-7       234290 Demo 3.7 (FENCE) by The Flump
HighNoon       331183 High Noon film clip with Gary Cooper
Pneumat        157401 Pneumatic symbols in AutoSketch format
Flypast2       793290 Movie in Acorn replay format
replay         205585 Acorn's replay movie player
ZARCHARS        12606 A scrolltext made up of a zarch type landscape
Elect_Sci      202679 Electronic & Scientific Symbols in AutoSketch format
a1-a4wc          8862 A1 to A4 borders in WorraCad format (archived_)
a1-a4draw       59186 A1 to A4 Borders in !draw format (archived)
Inter5           3657 Redefines desktop background colour to moving coloured bands
A1-A4           13764 AutoSketch Borders for A1 to A4 paper
3dDemo3+4.arc  233134 3rd and 4th of 4 graphic demos by Higelin Olivier
jondemo        100064 JonDemo 0.07 - a playable demo!
3dDemo2        185604 Fly over the landscape
3dDemo1        202031 3D graphics demo by Higelin Olivier
LICEDEM2       257191 LiceDemo2 - CND Demos - (c) DoggySoft
3D_RayPic       21597 A spiraling 3D graphic demo
TheRing        141188 Nice grahics from a black hole
Demos          283173 3 ANIMATIONS
DEMO            25993 Demo for my BBs
FunkyDemo2     342788 !FunkeyDemo2 - more of the same, plus different music.
2demos         300453 Two demos to look at!
M_H_P_D        170689 !M.H.P.D Demo
Demo            87673 MJD Demo
!Ice           673410 Nice new Demo by High RISC Productions
FunkyDemo      286681 A good musicy graphicy demo...
Plenty!         15672 ?
TBSdemo        143093 TBS Demo by TBS
CopperSin       58586 CopperSine Demo by Karl Morton
3DRayPic        21907 A small ray traced demo - use mouse buttons.
Wellen2          8173 'new' version of Wellen - up to 99 balls + other imputs
RayAnim         50241 A set of icon bar raytraced animations.
AcornGlobe      56580 A rotating globe
TechTech        33847 Brothers in ARM Demo
TRoll            3818 Desktop silly - Animated toilet roll!
Copper_Arc      58865 Demo to make you barf really...
3D_ARC         104171 A demo game built with 3D Constrution Kit
Flumped_A      157569 Standard Piccy/Music/Message/Stars demo
!3NotIncld     170421 My first (released) demo
SoundDemo      167729 !SoundDemo - A reasonable demo of the sound system speed.
Snowman        317440 Festive Demo ... pretty good.
TransMortl     446451 The Newest DEMO from Arc Empire, Coding by Zynx
Exam_RO3W        3403 Example fancy RISC-OS 3 window (1 sprite)
Brat           137142 !Brat by Christopher Atkinson
BODGERING      209711 Bodgering Demo by ArcEmpire
TRANSMrt       415992 Transmortal Demo by ArcEmpire
!BIA_DEM       140652 Brother In ARM's Demo of their new DEMO!
Granny_arc     358511 The Granny Chow Demo
Window_arc      79467 The Window demo
DEMO_arc       214351 Richard Walker's Bouncey Bar demo
Duds_arc       101330 DudleySoft Demo No.1
SUPERBALL       24576 A Demo by Jan Engelhardt
TNT            431692 !TNT! The first demo from BASS
BALLS_2        172905 A demo involving revolving balls
CHIPS_arc      305314 Ace Computing and Beard Technology's demo
MEGASCAN       167889 !Mega_Scan Demo by ARMageddon
MEGADEMO       409412 !MegaDemo Demo by ARMageddon
KANDEMO        163927 !KanDemo Demo by Armanaught
BALLROT        100853 !Ball_Rot Demo by ARMageddon
XYMOX          127862 "First Chapter" demo by Xymox in Germany
ACEDEMO-2      211213 An "everything scrolls" demo!
ACEDEMO         14149 Nice scrolling landscape
WaterDemo      160873 The Water Demo by Arc Angels
DemoDisc       186272 From Third Millennium Computer Graphics Art & Design
TUNNEL         262971 Tunnel 2 demo by RGB Productions
Mol_arc        457801 The Acorn Molecule Demo, made into an application.
DNA            710725 The DNA demo Animated model of DNA molecule
iconcube.arc     2236 Rotating Cube in IconBar
path3          117331 Pathetic 3 demo
kryten          68387 Red Dwarf Demo
DARMTANZ       297734  A demo by DT Soft. 
3               17373 1st demo by "The Conqueror"
RiscDream      662170 RISCDream demo by Armaxess in Germany
FilmPlay       309608 Animation of "Clash of the Titans"
-Rip            33602 Ripples
RazMix          70490 A....erm..Mode 7 demo!
Awesome2       125487 2nd Demo by the "Awesome 4some"!
MCdemo1        214432 A typical scroltext Robert Nice
THISTLE        288986 Ray-Traced Logo of Scotish TV
ghost           23712 nice rotating ghostbusters embleem
Slide          250635 Block Slide Demo from High RISC
WALKERDE       688613 Walker Demo (Star wars)
CANADA         296704 Latest demo showing off "Illusionist" By Clares
WINDOWS         84113 A demo of Windows from Acorn (Mode 15)
StarTrek       476663 StarTrek....The demo!
path2_arc       32653 Pathetic2 Demo
path1_arc      117068 Pathetic1 Demo
!LisaJoux       13359 Another more useful weird lissajoux prog
!CREEPIE        79616 Milipede Style Game
NewColDemo       2313 Changes Noah's !ColDemo(Not included) to your text.
Erasure         84329 ERASURE DEMO
ICET           151602 ICE-T DEMO
APDemo01        80323 A typical scrolltext demo
DEMO_CREAT     116228 A demo from Alpine Software
SHOOT_CRTR     124861 An example shoot up demo from Alpine Software
FunZ3D           4075 More fun 3D programs !
!Zappel          9766 Brilliant wireframe demo converted from Amiga
!City           25971 Great 3D Demo program
!Arabella       27304 Brilliant Demo from Switzerland
!ALDemoARC     147118 Animated Windmill An Arclight demo
Tubes             342 A small naff demo !
InvadeDemo     103505 Invader Demo by "The Dream Squad" (version II)
CREATURE       251984 An Animation of "Heat Electric" advert with Cat & Dog
COKECAN        321832 A Dancing Coke can!
ZOMBIE6        113656 Demo6 from ZombiSoft
ArabelARC       42375 old 4096 colours demo of mine (sorry ARC longer but ...)
3D_Lisay        44818 A Demo with dancing balls and music
Froggy         118826 4 megs worth of Animation!  Frog on a swing!
wavearc          3017 2 short programs - ripple action demos
FishDemo       179918 Nice Demo of a dancing fish!
!MANIA         250624 Genesis presents 'MANIA'
SINE_DEMO      145152 The Amazing sinedemo by Shifty ( download it !!!! )
!BOUNCYNUT      69153 A Graphics demo.
PEARLS           3459 A demo of dancing pearls
SonOfDB         64000 Expansion on Acorns Deskballs.
WXSEQ          157065 Weather Satellite picture sequence (mode9)
PRE_DEMO        21632 Preview of next demo by RISC
!FLUMP_2       143498 Demo 2 from !Flump (A different !Flump!)
!FLUMP_1       138596 Demo 1 from !Flump (A different !Flump!)
SPRITEDEMO       5376 How to play with a Sprite.
!BANNANA       279821 Prerelease version of !Bannana demo (Called !Ba)
dreamside      107323 A demo with a bit of a twist
!MDEMO_I       156277 Fairly standard demo from Europe
!G_o_d          82585 Scroltext & Ball demo from Ireland
!BALL           80865 A Ball demo from Ireland
!JusticeD      108288 Another Demo..what else. A slow starter but not bad
!LUCKYLU       284493 Lucky Luke..Another great cartoon by Software Evolutions
BOE             95744 The "Bit Of Everything" Demo
beastieARC      66192 A graphics demo in 4096 colours from Arc Angels
DR_arc         193644 Disc Run by Software Evolutions in Germany
Mega_arc       494947 The Mega Demo by Armaxess
!Skull         184704 Eerie graphic and sound demo
!WIBBLE        130581 A demo by Network XXIII
!ROTATE         43408 A new demo by Brothers in ARM
PBdemo           6401 Purple Ball demo (BASIC)
NewPVLife       29312 The latest version of PV_Life
222Sprites      15104 Demo of 222 16x16 sprites mode 13 by RISC of ARMicial Int.
RDEMO3          72320 Demo 3 from RISC (Norway)
!Flip           99072 Fliping demo!
!CUBITUS)      188993 This Demo is a must!! Cartoon animation
!DEMO_NO        40843 A Graphic demo..flight through a wire frame village
SCROLLER        92408 BASIC Scroltest Demo from new Zealand
GE72           108697 Ge 72 Demo from DT Software
PVLife          26368 My latest Icon bar demo !!!
Col_ARC          8332 NOAH 32,768 colour demo
RATS            21067 A group of happy bouncing Pi Rats!!
JDEMO1          55535 Demo 001 from Jari Kuhanew
BLOODDOSH      190080 First Demo from Genesis
!Wurld         110955 Nice demo from ARMaggedon Software
RISCY1          13011 A walking dog demo (useful routines)
Mogul2          52352 Moving goblet needs ACE film player
!DEMO_A        145920 A quite amazing demo from New Zealand
!ripoff         90880 The new demo from FlumpSoft
NOAH3           53184 Number three demo from Noah Professional
!DeltaZone     104566 First demo from DelaZone 2
DripARC         16512 Animation of dripping tap from Swedish (?) CEPT 1 viewdata
arc_SCRLR       11478 Mr. Big's effort at a Scrolltext in BASIC
Ademo           42752 Arabela Demo 1 - 4096 colours on screen
TCD_1          117577 1st Demo from "The Chip Duo" Some nice effects!
FLUMP1A        124416 Nice Demo from FlumpSoft
!P_arc          74392 A Palette demo from Arctic Software
!L_arc          24041 Line Drawing Demo from Arctic Software
Balls            8242 A demo by Michael Archer
Arctic          18403 Yet another scrolltext demo..
Zodiac          10877 Another Scrolltext demo..
BIA_DEMO       119414 Probably the best demo yet!
!fourier       165678 Multitasking demo of fourier transformations in MODE 15
SOUND_DEMO        492 Sound demo
!SISTER        101049 Music/Graphic demo from Brothers in ARM
BROTHER        129562 Music/Graphic demo from Brothers in ARM
CRIMBO         110336 Christmas demo from SID
BounceDemo     199303 A 12 ball bouncing ball demo with Sound Tracker Music
ARCTICDEM       17664 StarWars type text display
DEMO_V         146944 5th Demo from Hugo Fiennes (The World of Cryton)
DEMOIV         168747 4th Demo from Hugo Fiennes (The World of Cryton)
DEMOIII         89187 3rd Demo from Hugo Fiennes (The World of Cryton)
DEMOII          94696 2nd Demo from Hugo Fiennes (The World of Cryton)
DEMO1_7         69505 AM Demo (The Final Version!) from Medway BB
DEMO001        150852 Demo No1 from Visionary Design
DEMO6399       205532 Music Demo from Address Exception
No_Border       43689 A Demo from the Brothers in ARM team

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