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Commercial Demos (33)

Filename       Length Short description

ABdemo          90203 ArmBasic (Basic Compiler Demo) Christian Floter 2001   1302520 Demo Version of The Chaos Engine, ported to RISC OS by RCI
OHP_Show       570714 Version 1.10 of Spacetech's Freeware OHP Viewer
OHP_Show       661487 Presentation package from Spacetech, version 1.00
cdblaz         252856 DCBlaze by Cumana
sbdem/zip      378669 Demo of fothcoming game "SunBurst" by VOTI
rec-demo/z      75327 Recycler Demo version by Fabis Computing
efp-demo/z     327407 EasyFontPro Font Supervisor Demo by Fabis Computing
ec-demo/zi     611755 EasyClip Graphics Resource Management Demo by Fabis       372198 TraxSequencer Demo (MIDI sequencer)
TBA_RO.bas      20629 TBAFS read only demo. Settype to BASIC and run.   32787 Demo copy of RAMplify from Werewolf Software
midiworks      762013 Demo of Oregan's MIDIworks sequencer.
BMgrDemo       155544 BudgieSoft Econet Management Software - version 1.20 *DEMO*
pluto_zip      515142 Working demo of !Pluto, offline news and mail reader
o1demo_zip     196281 Demo of Ovation, by Beebug
tademo_zip     470525 Topologika's TinyArt (DEMO)
speak_arc      624691 !Speak Demo by Johnathan Duddington
CallerDemo     274587 Caller Display demo with phone directory and area code map.
SeaSh_DEMO      55486 A little demo of something that BudgieSoft is working on...
dazzle         259673 Demo of Dazzle (V1.02) by Silca Software
ElfKing        613857 Demo of ElfKing by Sherston Software
spell           36803 Spelling Book Demo by Creative Curriculum Software
rrdemo         682850 Sherston Software "Ridiculous Rhymes" demo
SPEED!/ARC     254311 Demo of Clares new program
GeminiDem2     584996 More demos of Gemini, TopModel's graphic engine
GeminiDemo     689883 Demo of Gemini, TopModel's graphic engine
OBSERarc       365128 Observess Demo - Expert System Shell by Cherisha Software     36052 Keystroke V4.00 demo with small bug removed!      35751 Keystroke demo V4.00 - The professional Macro-Maker       73873 Blinds Demo V1.23 -Professional icon Organizer
TryThis          1837 Can't get your games to work??? TRY THIS
DemoPatch      144819 Patch for Archiboard Demo on April 96 Archimedes World disc
OvnDemo.arc    232608 Ovation 1.XX demo version
CDdemo         289866 CDtracker demo from Werewolf Software
BlindsDemo      38752 Demo of V2.00 of Blinds from Quantum Software
PerformArc     317356 PD version of !Perform By Clares Micro Supplies
KO2_arc        235063 Demo of Knowledge Organiser 2 By Clares Micro Supplies
RB_arc         266538 Demo of Rhythm Bed By Clares Micro Supplies
seren_arc      335117 Demo of Serenade By Clares Micro Supplies
Rhap3_arc      542336 Demo of Rhapsody 3 By Clares Micro Supplies
Titler_arc     454036 Demo of Titler By Clares Micro Supplies
Topo_arc       631650 Demo of Topographer By Clares Micro Supplies
plot_arc       573623 Demo of Plot By Clares Micro Supplies
Schema2arc     737434 Demo of Schema 2 By Clares Micro Supplies
compo_arc      1445785 Demo of Composition By Clares Micro Supplies
ProArt2arc     536478 Demo of Pro Artisan 2 By Clares Micro Supplies
New-ArchiDemo  981493 Archiboard !NetMail (Email/news) network Reader Demo
HRRDemo122     739873 Demo (v1.22D) of the great new game High Risc Racing.
DarkScreen     121448 DarkWorld - the screenshots (I'm saying nothing)
ArcaidDemo     112509 Arcaid - RISC OS coders toolkit
Custodian      112727 CUSTODIAN - single file backup utility
Finance Manager403723 Demo Version of Finance Manager
NetMail2       415254 Some screen shots of !NetMail running
NetMail1       340636 High res screen shots of !NetMail running
WWSDemo        357062 Demonstration for Werewolf Software products
BootUp          28500 Startup application loader thingymejig v0.63 by David Good
FlagsDemo       88797 A demo of Arm_Tech (UK)'s WORLD FLAGS-NEW RELEASE-- by Phil 
BBSShot         33518 Screenshot from the new RSDFS Multimedia system (AF BBS)
oddball        381108 Oddball - the Demo from Digital Psychosis
ArchiDemo      772919 Latest Demo of Archiboard BBS s/w with Hypermedia
MerryXmas      142342 Christmas 'card' from Atomwide to all Arcade Users.
MenuMan         93247 Demo of MEWsoft's Menu Manager. Analyses food.
AWdH_Extra      26714 Arc World dHacker demo extras
cdsamp.arc      43130 Demo version of Uniqueway's !CDSampler
KeysDemo        56821 Keystroke Demo v3.06
Archiboard     677381 New Archiboard BBS host s/w demo
riscview       185776 RiscView demo, with new address!!!
FLASH_arc      619879 Playable Demo of Flashback
DS130          184580 Digital Symphony 1.3 demo - Read LD
Patch             249 Patch to remove time limit from magnetoids demo.
PaperOut.arc   422866 Paper Out - CD book reader demo
mgntoids       219124 Magnetoids Demo 25-Apr-94
Hamsters       203637 Hamsters, Berty's new game for GamesWare, version 1 I think?
AAUCarc        296745 A copy of a AAUC disc magazine + some PD utils
HIGHOCTA       118122 Demo version of Amiga PD game 'High Octane'.
HackDemo       123864 Demo version of The Hacker 3.10i, by Andrew Clover
MorphDemo      111404 Demo of Oregan Developments Morpheus
Sib7Demo       463304 Sibelius 7 Music Processor demo
Supergram2     202858 Supergram V5.10
8mb_ram         90046 New danish 8 Mb RAM upgrade for A3xx - A4xx series
ProArt2        352825 Useable demo of ProArtisan 2
PHAETHON       440765 Playable demo of -- Phaethon -- from System Interrupt
Hermes.arc      79845 Adventure game creator demo
resexample      60391 Resultz example files
resdemo        571591 Resultz spreadsheet demo!
DissDemo       138880 Demo version of Diss
SVRead_Arc     313516 Silicon Village Demonstration - Full version
!Impact         93751 PD demo of !Impact database by Circle software
AlmanacD       168786 Demo of Almanac - Arcade Usrs Only - Do not distribute
Rept4Demo      187230 Playable demo of EGO:Repton 4
FervDemo       335590 Playable demo of Fervour
3d_constru     260840 3D Demo Construction Kit Demo
Video_exec     243676 S-Base Example Application
MTraderARC     315675 Demo version of the 'Micro-Trader' Business System
BadgerARC      249707 Demo version of "Badger Trails" by Sherston Software
ImageWareh     691987 6 example sprites from a CD ROM called "Image Warehouse"
Wordz_arc      495096 Demo version (V1.01) of Wordz by Colton Software
BeastDem        29787 Demo of "Dungeons of the Beast"
PopDem_arc     233257 Playable demo of Populous by Krisalis software
SayItDemo       65920 foreign Language Pronounciation Tutor
CADet_arc      260120 Useabe demo of !CADet
ImageryARC     112421 Useabe demo of !Imagery
OhNoLemdem     304771 5 level playable demo of Oh-No! More lemmings
Linguist        82688 !Linguist is a computerised foreign language dictionary.
bookmaker      162764 Demo Version of "BookMaker"
Cablenews      202857 Demo disc of "CableNews" by Lingenuity
LL_Demo        616434 Longman Logotron Demo Disk 1992
smArt          682736 Latest Demo disc of !smArt (V1.02) by 4Mation
Chameleon      301925 Latest Demo disc of !Chameleon (V2.00) by 4Matiom
Poster_arc     465520 Updated 1992 !Poster Demo - by 4Mation.
DBEdit_arc      89663 DBEdit demo - Powerful editor for all programming languages.
noot_arc       689083 Demo version of "Noot" by 4Mation. (V0.10)
demoBC2067     249786 Playable demo of 2067BC
Scorpius       302608 !Scorpius - The playable demo
PttP           214859 "Power to the Programmers" Magazine disc
nebulus        276171 Playable demo of "Nebulus" by Krisalis s/w
Aggressor      263311 One level playable version of "Aggressor" by Atomic s/w
ProvDemo       216180 Playable version of Provocator by CTS
A3000demo      263326 Acorn's A3000 Demo
TwDEMO          42144 Demo of !Twilight a commercial screen blanker by Ben Summers
SFXDemoARC     249904 SFXDemo(V1.00) by CIS
MRat_Demo       95963 Playable demo of "Pesky Muskrats" by Coin-Age Ltd.
SWIVdemo       426230 Working Demo version of SWIV by Krisalis Software
CATACLYSMD     154598 Working Demo of Cataclysm by 4th Dimension
OrreryDemo     198093 Demo version of !Orrery by Spacetech
NotateDemo     314330 Demo version of "Notate" by Longman Logotron
Chocks_arc     139424 Demo mission of "Chocks Away"
ROCKDEMO       271679 Demo version of game "Rockfall" by Eterna
BAMBUZLE       213888 2 Level Demo verion of the game "Bambuzle"
JamesPond      347019 Demo of JamesPond, by Krisalis Software Ltd.
G-Draft        330340 Demo version of G-Draft by Gunther Thenner at Klein Computer
Lemmings!      337938 Lemmings Demo
!HEXDEMO       215680 A working demo of the game "Top Banana"
ZEL_arc        244486 Zelanites the Onslaught - DEMO by Micropower
GolfDemo       180352 Demo of International Golf by Q-Soft
MP_Chess        45670 Demo version of "Chess 3D" by Micropower
Magnets         73344 Magnets
Jupiter         21888 Magpie binder
Joining         67584 Magpie binder
magpie         156160 Hypermedia reading system
Pascal_ARC     200868 Demo Disc of Cambridge PASCAL, now by Oak Solutions
ABC_ARC        212288 Demo Disc of ABC Compiler, now by Oak Solutions
SPEECH         140032 Demo of PEP Speech system
MirrorsArc     342572 "Mirrors" By Clares Micro Supplies
CloseE_ARC     195064 "Close Encounters" By Clares Micro Supplies
!Mask_arc      130574 "The Mask" By Clares Micro Supplies
SOLOMON        155760 Demo disc of some games from Soloman Software
!BlowPipe      146910 Demo version of the forthcoming game !Blowpipe
x8_demo         19685 Demo of a game called "X8"
Raytrace       247441 A Demo of David Pilling's Raytrace program
LABYRINTH      121728 Demo version of Labyrinth Adventure game
DEMO2          166378 Another Render Bender Demo
!roller        120106 Demo of Render Bender

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