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Utils - Disc (34)

Filename       Length Short description

CPMFiler        10752 JGH: CPMFiler       v1.21  ZIP Archive
Archiver        24192 JGH: Archive        v2.16  CHAIN Archive
DSPEED.ARC      47730 DiscSpeed 1.01 by Andrew Sellors -benchmark disc performance
tcfp           251035 psion transfer util
PocketFSFix      2545 does what it ses on the tin
pdf073a        232183 latest version of PDF april 99
pixdouble2       3567 games big modes on VGA 
Thump120       326043 lastest version of pic viwer....
qlock          117972 v101 for pgp security
ExMac          207997 ExMac - Macintosh disc transfer application
filefindzp      36166 FileFind v1.24 by ID-Software
CDFSFilerA     218270 CDFSFiler 0.04 Beta by PEP Associates
KillTsk126      10624 Taskkill V126 Paul Clifford    77122 Replacement for CDFS Filer - gives proper CD Player etc
unz532xR       198280 Info-ZIP UnZip 5.32 for Acorn RISC OS - self extracting file
AoP              1207 AoP 0.01; wipes files by their filetype
VZap125a        88676 Latest version of my VZap virus killer
FileLEDarc       7320 FileAccessLED v0.05 by Roger Lynn - S/Ware Drive access LED     5210 tools for Iomega Zip drive, 1.00 by A.Jones; use at own risk
disci127/arc    26227 !DiscInfo v1.27 by John Kortink. Provides disc information.      15770 Zipper v1.03 - simple front-end to InfoZip's Zip on RISC OS
fsck131spk     118782 fsck v1.31 by Sergio Monesi. Famous Shareware Disc Fixer
WestDigFix       4189 Western Digital harddisc fix
tar/arc         32323 tar [1.2b] (Mar 31 1995) by Frank Lancaster for RISC OS
CDFix           10669 !CDFix (1.51) by Martin Sperl, Mike Martin, and Robin Watts
secure310       32295 Secure3 Version 3.10 by me
smartCD         42374 !SmartCD (V1.13)
PC_Disk          5221 A program which allows the reading/writing PC SCSI H/Ds
dicot.bin       40760 A Self Extracting Archive Generator (v3.07)
SpinDown.arm       20 Spindown your IDE drives
CDFix           23564 Martin Sperl, Mike Martin, Robin Watts. Version 1.50
hdextend/zip     1996 HDextend - Add up to 4 hard discs to PCx86
X-Files056      79509 from Wonderworks web site - allows long filenames...
Quickwipe       42615 Quickwipe 3.12 by Steve Smale. Wipes discs *FAST*!
LFS              8278 LFS 2.51 by Steve Smale. Splits big files for smaller discs!
AudioCDFS002    23637 Audio CD filing system, by Piers. Version 0.02
DOSMapper158     3106 Maps loads of DOS extensions to RISC OS ftypes. Dave Thomas
DiscIndex0      80534 Disc database program (beta-ish version)
DicoterV3       23194 !Dicottery Version 3.00 - Creates SEA's
RenameF         14814 Utility for renaming multiple files quickly and easily.
XSparkFS/arc     8512 Spark emulator for SparkFS, see long description
IDE             18610 New module for Watford IDE interface (rather good)
DosMap           1714 DosMaps on all filing systems and all filetypes.
DiscArc         82789 DiscArc - Disc Archiver
FPP113         118373 Filer+Patch v 1.13 by Justin Fletcher
CLOSE            9520 Close files from the Desktop by Justin Fletcher
Types3_23        9739 !FileTypes (DOS file translation) patched for CDFS 2.23
RECE104         42151 Record Errors Version 1.04 by Justin Fletcher
FPP112B        117244 Filer+Patch v1.12b By Justin Fletcher (bug fixed)
SPCFILE          6874 SpacedFiles v1.00 by Justin Fletcher
FPP112          42044 Filer+Patch v1.12 By Justin Fletcher
QwikCD120       62326 QwikCD v1.20
DRAW2SPR        39277 Draw to Sprite Converter v1.1
hxsplit         36823 Simple command line file splitter...
Finder101       44114 Finder v1.1 by Chris Nelson, new improved, well fewer bugs!
ArcFS_071       30050 ArcFS v0.71 read-only version by Mark Smith
InfoFile        30900 Latest version (1.5) by Raffaele Ferrigno
FileEx          66490 FileEx - File Examiner v1.0 D.Sims
DirToday         2290 Creates a Directory with To-Days date
InfoFile        23615 Version 1.3 with save option by Raffaele Ferrigno
CDirA-Z          1279 Create directory's A to Z automatically
DiskCat        108524 Version 4.6 of a disc catalogues database
QwikCD          50555 QwikCD
CDptch-arc      18732 CDFS extension patch for CDFS 2.20/2.21
InfoFile        18631 Info about file utility (Version 1.2)
RPCLabels       45173 Risc PC backup disk labels in Publisher format.
Compare.arc      3411 Crude shell for Compare command
Split1           3664 Splits large files into small chunks. vsn 1 by David Croft
PowerDown         503 Power down your IDE hard drives from the command line
PowerCtrl        7509 A utility to powerdown the drive on a Risc OS 3.1+ machine.
SparkInfo       49823 SparkInfo version 2.20 by Paul John Murphy
WhichDisc       14227 Shows which disc is in drive
ScanCFS         18027 Remove CFS files that are too long
IDEFiler        18579 Replacement Filer for Watford IDE Drives
LongFiles       12288 Longfilenames v0.10 - by Jason Tribbeck.
Log             50888 Logs time applications run for
ProCode         16420 ProCode file ecncoder by Chris Johns
LinkFS-112      18211 LinkFS 1.12 by Tom Hughes. Image FS linked to 'real' FS
AppLaunch       16926 !Launch (v1.00 beta) ; Application launcher
CDtypes          9213 New CD filetype translator fix
MapManager      82300 Another map checking utility...
FixDisc         13590 Attempts to fix a harddisc map
TIDYDISC.arc    27848 Tidy Disc version 1.09b by Anthony Brion
Pass~130.arc     4865 Passwords floppy discs stopping unwanted access
AMFWrtProt        856 Write protect your IDE hard disk by AMF
CFSIScale.arc   25135 Change FSI calculations
Q-Format        19043 Formats ADFS discs very quickly
!DiscSpace      26502 V.1.04(20Feb94) of Martin Wuerthner's prog. to show discuse
MakeDisc          680 PD Disc Maker
MacHFSv104      40576 MacHFS v1.04 Macintosh Disc Reader - Paul Gee
Tosh4101          961 A batch for CDFS 2.20 to work together with Tosh.4101 CD-Rom
CDType           3925 to change CDFS 2.20 file-type translation.
Direction        1939 CSD on the CLI prompt, by Andrew Clover & Ben Dooks
opener          23588 Directory Application Opener.
CDType           3790 to change CDFS 2.10 file-type translation.
Blitz            3375 V. Fast copier from ArchieCoder..
ACopy_140       72655 Forget the rest, this is *the* best copier yet >;-)
RamExt           1295 Makes RAMFS resizable from the task manager...
Saviour         55859 Auto-Save for all application using F3 "standard"
MemphisS       127754 Memphis 2.08 Source
tar_1_1o_zip    98480 Port of the unix archiving utility
!Backup_1_03_zip  7206 Front end for tar, allowing incremental backup of hard disc
Mycop_arc       17583 Cutesy Dustbin/Incinerator
Keeper100       40659 Nice N Easy Backup Utility from Italy.
LoO_arc         13332 Erm...some sort of directory deleter thing.
Colours           810 256 color pallette window
partition       46621 !Partition 3.09 replacement for Acorn SCSI filer for >512Mb
Dup             86903 !dup THE disc copier but pre A5000 only ie. not a3010 etc.
mem208bin       41652 !Memphis v2.08 Dynamically resizable RamDisc
DeepCopy        25139 DeepCopy
multiarc.105    18237 Latest version, now has a bannering option
FloppyBoot       2642 Floppy Boot-ability like PC
OpenFiles        1871 Lists open files, and allows you to close them from the CLI.
Compact          8606 Floppy disk compactor
SecureOva.arc   39812 Secure3 documentation in Ovation format
SecureImp.arc   41729 Secure3 documentation in Impression format
ArcFS057.arc    26306 PD ArcFS2 version 0.57
BlackHole2      70560 Mega Dustbin/File Zapper...
SCSIhelp         4123 Module to help old software with SCSI harddisc systems
oakscsifil       2014 New SCSI-filer for the OAK-card (RISCOS 3!!!)
StickBoard      53754 Sticky Pinboard-Window.
Kysmet_arc      59781 Replaces iconbar file icons - very nifty indeed! See long.
filerpt112      19757 Filer Patch/enhancement.
convertapp      10808 Patch application used for FilerPatch (filerpt112)
linkfs_arc      18817 New version - solves serious bug.
softlink        32247 Symbolic file links
dirpushArc      25585 Utility that executes a command in specified dir.
DFSreader       25249 Latest version (0.02c (beta)) of Emmet Spier's DFSreader
renamer         16570 Extensive file Renamer util.
Recall           7076 Recall version 1.65
DISC_arc        35896 4 Disc copy/edit utils
DiscBlank       14445 The ultimate in disc security. See long description.
!RunImage       14362 Bug fix !Runimage for !Protector 4.51. Just replace.
Protect451     145446 Protector 4.51. Bugs fixed, no more error at line 680.
fixfree          1272 SCSI devices can have dynamic free space window displayed.
FreeIdeFS100      861 ShowFree module for Ian Copestake IDEFS. v1.00
swapcfs          3281 SwapCFS - Swaps between CFS and filer using SHIFT-TAB
!!Manager       28547 Disc organisation type thing, Like
Duplicate       87193 Another copier
Corer            4102 For your Filecore
Goodcopy         5238 File recovery -good
EasyCopy        12465 Needs 4Meg
DiscUtils        2933 Disc Copier Utility
Copier2         12317 Copier
Backeruper      16250 Hard disc backup
Copier           4568 Copier
!TwinCopy        3452 Copier
MULTICAT         5941 Disc Organisation
-Acopy130      101696 A copying thingey
SCSIStart         310 To start scsi drives from Basic
AppInfo          7426 Infos obout App's
PlusD            1696 Reads discs written by the PlusD interface for Speccy.
Chain64          2436 Reads RML Chain 64 discs
bigfileuti      24732 Utils for handling large files
FILEXTRA        24921 !Filextras - (c) DoggySoft - loads of file key shortcuts
TASM_91.arc    334509 TASM 8-bit Cross Assm. PC & Arc versions +EXPAND Macros
SparkFSClk       1304 Allows normal dirs to be used as SparkFS dirs
DiskStore       30071 Version 1.20 of DiscStore (Off-Line filing system)
Disc_Clone       7040 Disc Cloner Module V1.02
CFSCopier       81553 Unpack/Pack via CFS (Compression)
Find             9474 Version 1.00 of !Find
unarj           16353 The definitive archimedes unarj. Fully Multi Tasking
Toilet         104053 The Ultimate File Wiper :-)
spkin210_a      43136 Latest version of !SparkInfo by Paul John Murphy
discm091        64332 DiscMedic 0.91 - Careware Disc Editor
IBM_BBC         17185 IBM disc reader for BBCs
uptime            641 Tells you how long your computer has been switched on!
Wiper            7485 Good directory wiper
CC_CFSUtil       1838 Some bits for CC's CompressionsFS
FdiscSpeed       5602 !DiskSpeed (Author unkonwn)
EcnetTools      31616 Econet Tools for SJ MDFS multi-task Free,CV,Users,Newpass,Pa
Nibbler         10561 Disk Copier - ++Not an Archive++
!FUtilV402      54340 File Utilities Program V4.02 - Dated 5/12/91
Systman9         7988 Econet System Managers Util for SJ Fileservers only
FileTree        35970 Outputs a directory Tree into a !Draw file.
MakeRFS          5993 *** RISC OS 3 UTILITY *** for ResourceFS
Dismount        20787 Icon Bar based - ADFS floppy disk dismou by mouse click
CSD               952 Utility to select the Current Directory from the Desktop
maptemp           768 templtes for sector mapping program
diskmap         11776 disk sector mapping (Needs template file)
!Copier         12288 Disc Copier
DtoA_arc         6936 A BASIC program to put contents of DFS disc onto ADFS disc
TRUE            16470 A Disc Backup/Recover/examine program
FASTFORMAT      33830 A faster-than-Desktop Floppy formatter (E) - NOT M/tasking
UTILS          100044 19 various BASIC utilities
RecoverII        1024 RecoverII - The sequal. Realy for Alpha but might be of use
backup3!        30206 Hard disc backup program
Spooler         15104 A disc Printer Buffer/Quewe
Exist            1280 Short utility that sets an OS var to a files state
DiscWipe         1152 Completely wipes a formatted disc
Discedit        10360 Disceditor !
JUMP_arc         3361 Directory jumper.
!treemod         1462 Displays directory structure (module)
HARDDISC        63858 3 Harddisc utilities
trees            4282 2 programs that display files on a disc
readDFS         22494 Reads DFS discs!
BFORMAT          7571 Background Disc formatter
!HDBACKUP       16167 A Harddisc backup program
DIRLIST           376 A small Module that displays the files on a disc
DFSR             3675 A BASIC DFSReader program
!BACKUP         17494 MultiTasking Disc Backup
!BAUBACKUP       7191 Hard disc backup program

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