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Utils - Programming (35)

Filename       Length Short description

b110.spk       684859 Brandy BBC Basic interpreter v1.10 by Dave Daniels
b108.spk       655682 Brandy 1.08
RA_Data         98413 Real Audio source code by Justin Fletcher      235520 PIC assembler
Drlink_036      58586 Drlink 0.36
B_Compiler      15968 simple basic compiler
ARMmaker        66304 Arm Code assembler
OSLib53.arc    956994 OSLib 5.3 full source release by Jonathan Coxhead
FileEx2        111250 FileEx2 v2.10 by The Event Horizon
QTMv2docs       40777 QTM v2.00 and QTMEditor pre-release information
modctrl         55885 Gives info on modules (V1.00 by Simon Hatliff 1994)
numbers          7356 Binary/Hex/Decimal conversion on the desktop
pollword       139793 0.03 Bill Antonia Tasks can be called through a pollword
sh260b4/zi      61390 Beta version of Strong Help V2.60 by Guttorm Vik
QuickSort       14201 Fast Quicksort routine in C, by Gareth McCaughan
JavaFront       13448 JavaFront V0.02 by Bill Antonia, front end to !Guavac      3119 Stuart Hickinbottom's `strings' (PD)
Drlink034       68688 Drlink 0.34
wined/zip      145080 WinEd v2.76 - Shareware Template Editor by Tony Houghton
se450/zip      309643 StrongEd 4.50
wimpfetch      222006 WimpFetch assembly language tutor thingy
dw301/zip.arc  819352 Dr Wimp 3.01 - 1997 - wimp programming tutorial etc.
thheap/zip       6820 THHeap - Heap manager using dynamic areas or RMA
Priprobl         2048 printerproblem in the desktop     42083 StrongHelp 2.20 Alpha; includes search ability
Setup200       151408 Setup v2.00 - Merkysoft windees style setup program
BasComD169     219664 Publisher/Style docs for BasCompress
BasComP200     206565 BASIC xref and compressor by Cy Booker
sh210b2/zi      58759 StrongHelp 2.10beta2 by Guttorm Vik.
crunch          20327 !Crunch v1.21 (StrongArm fixed)       3984 DoubleTake - module opens apps on click-and-hold        12775 Pseudomem 0.17 (Gordon Rogers) -- virtual memory for RPCs
CHANGES          5100 EvntShell file CHANGES.ZIP (5K) version 2.27 19-Jan-97
DOCS            80544 EvntShell file DOCS.ZIP (79K) version 2.27 19-Jan-97
STRHLP         145636 EvntShell file STRHLP.ZIP (142K) version 2.27 19-Jan-97
PANES           10408 EvntShell file PANES.ZIP (10K) version 1.20 08-Dec-96
SHELLRT         80777 EvntShell file SHELLRT.ZIP (79K) version 2.27 19-Jan-97
SHELL          206011 EvntShell file SHELL.ZIP (201K) version 2.27  19-Jan-97
TABDBOX          9905 EvntShell file TABDBOX.ZIP (10K) version 1.00 26-Dec-96
EXTENSNS       166614 EvntShell file EXTENSNS.ZIP (163K) version 2.27 19-Jan-97
perl/zip       572164 Perl 5.001 (RISC OS port 1.41) - Advanced script language      269652 StrongED 4.16 by Guttorm Vik - flexible text editor
PM              23812 Trackermodule 4.09 Dev/C     961305 Zap 1.35 (06 Nov 1996) by Dominic Symes
pinpatch        62195 PinPatch - a tool that unshackles you from the icon bar.
CONFIGP/ZIP    137859 Config Plus 1.11 - Modular Configuration application
AOL/ZIP        369788 JFShared v2.38- The AOL release
strongtest      42263 Checks StrongHelp manuals for broken links & faults (etc.)
SqueezMod       15130 Squeezes Absolute files using Squeeze (Wimp app)
pca            496606 Clares PCA 1.00 specificaton documents and examples, sparked        161547 Massively extended SWI manual for StrongHelp - a must have       52096 StrongHelp 2.03 - hyperlink text by Guttorm Vik
filetypes2      17152 Extended filetypes StrongHelp file (C) Richard Goodwin
assembly2.      13586 Extended StrongHelp file on Assembly mnemonics
PDebug          61161 !PerkyDebg version 0.01 - ARM code debugger, ALPHA version
tracker         64492 Debug Window utility - Andy Armstrong
dda/zip        111418 Dummy Dynamic Areas release 2
!CyberCost      43688 CyberCost, version 0.50 by Daniel Aston.
pinpatch        43712 Are you sick of programs just stuck to the icon bar?
DATALOAD         9181 EvntShell file DATALOAD version 1.19 (9K) 24-May-96
joke/arc         4740 Small app that randomly tells jokes
MkProto         11336 Port of Unix "mkproto" - integrated with Acorn DDE
Weird            1463 Something weird happening with TreeBBS
DrWimp         287701 Basic Programming Utility
jfp_exampl      56666 jfp_exampl - example files for Justin Fletcher's JFPatch
jfpatch        132839 jfpatch (absolute) -Pre-processor  assembler for BBC BASIC
RNDTest001       1855 Cynical about BASICs random roller? This might help ;-)
libstore       205872 Libstore 2 - library management+easy to uses WIMP library
Snow.arc        34385 BBC Basic syntax checker - cf lint?
Debug            7026 Author unknown Version unknown.
PhnxSplit2     299475 Phoenix uitility. You can alter the standard Phoenix pro-
PhnxDocs       115836 Descriptions and manuals Phoenix, WimpExt, MenuUtils
Phoenix02      428919 Author Ab Steeman  Version 0.02
BBSemul         35773 BBS emulator v0.05 by T.Lawton
TESTMENU        11513 EvntShell file TESTMENU version 1.03 (11K) 03-Oct-95
TESTDRAW        14067 EvntShell file TESTDRAW version 1.05 (14K) 07-Nov-95
SLIDERS         10910 EvntShell file SLIDERS version 1.03 (11K) 01-Oct-95
SHELLDB         13116 EvntShell file SHELLDB version 1.13 (13K) 15-Oct-95
REDRAW3         13035 EvntShell file REDRAW3 version 1.00 (13K) 25-Nov-95
REDRAW2         12150 EvntShell file REDRAW2 version 1.13 (12K) 11-Nov-95
REDRAW           7277 EvntShell file REDRAW version 1.13 (7K) 01-Mar-96
PTRTRIX         10417 EvntShell file PTRTRIX version 1.02 (10K) 01-Oct-95
PANES           10234 EvntShell file PANES version 1.11 (10K) 22-Mar-96
OLE             10787 EvntShell file OLE version 1.00 (11K) 25-Sep-94
MOVEC           11207 EvntShell file MOVEC version 1.16 (11K) 17-Dec-95
MENUSORT         9954 EvntShell file MENUSORT version 1.00 (10K) 18-Feb-96
FONTPICK        13877 EvntShell file FONTPICK version 1.03 (14K) 01-Mar-96
EVNTEDIT       126353 EvntShell file EVNTEDIT version 1.05 (123K) 12-Mar-96
DATEPICK        11447 EvntShell file DATEPICK version 1.01 (11K) 01-Mar-96
COLPIK          13065 EvntShell file COLPICK version 1.06 (13K) 01-Mar-96
APPBUILD        39567 EvntShell file APPBUILD (39K) version 1.22 04-Mar-96
EXTENSNS        57252 EvntShell file EXTENSNS version 2.12 (56K) 01-Mar-96
ES_SRD          68636 EvntShell file ES_SRD (67K) 24-Feb-96
Condense         7078 Condesation - General-purpose compression for programmers
Indent          32399 Unix C indenter - integrated with Acorn DDE.
ModDis308.arc   76857 Module disassembler version 3.08
GoingDown        3903 v0.01 by Laurie Tratt - checks to see if in read-only dir.
3dutils108      66525 Michael Grimmnicks 3D programming utilities (for games etc.)
VDUStream       18352 Desktop debugging aid
HeirProf        43482 Hierarchical profiler - By Julian Smith.
BASIClist        6728 BASIC file lister source (for unix/DOS/whatever)
StubsHack      121368 Two libraries for debugging your heaps...
Dynamite        82010 Dynamic area type memory manager for all machines (incl RPC)
CodeAngel        9665 CodeAngel (1.04) - Much improved WIMP programmers' utility
WidgetROM       12529 Widget - adds files to the Resources, etc.
sbprologs.arc  409522 Stony Brook Prolog C source code
sbprolog.arc   572984 Stony Brook Prolog
ArmBob         118281 OO Programming Language. Looks good.
Mod2App          1686 Does exactly what it says on the tin.
GAUNTLET_A      47335 Gaunlet type developer
PrintLoad        1821 Skeleton code to check if printer connected
setup           25970 PC-style setup program! By me Utterly configurable!
RECERRS         30648 Record Errors v1.02 by Justin Fletcher
ARMmaker        66304 ARMmaker AOF assembler. ArcFSArchive.
SWIGen           2394 SWI header generator for Desktop Assembler
ToFromSWI        1024 A set of basic programs to change SWI numbers to strings
PinCor-arc       4806 PinCorrect by M Lewis - See long description
Viewer          69431 Sprites in winodws - HELP PLEASE !!!
VectorView       3031 Allows you to view the software vectors in basic
TASKKILL.SPK     5992 Allows Killing of rogue tasks, a la Windows Ctrl-Alt-Del.
FILTERMA.SPK     4444 New filter managager which displays filters prettyly!
EXTRAKEY.SPK     6107 Extra Alt-Key presses for quotes
FONTPOOL12      65280 Sophisticated and flexible font-menu system (v0.12, new 14.0
EnumDir.arc      7011 Desktop Enumerate Directory utility
BasicLibA-arc   57648 Various useful Basic functions/procedures
ProgToApp        2193 ProgToApp V1.0 - Creates app shells. By Jacob Waskett.
Banner          54886 Make pre-app banners like Impression's
catlist          1469 Put a disk catalogue into memory
VirtMach        22989 Text File About Virtual Machines by Rajesh C Sinha
dbass102        16062 Debug Assistant 1.02 helps debug desktop programs
BAX             37864 BAX (1.00) - BASIC Assembler Extension
FontWindow140   81970 Manages anti-aliased font icons in windows
RamFsSize1       4489 Ensure RAM disc is at least <n>K
COnvertTemplate6 99557 Convert Template files to RO3.1 + fonts +...
ExtractBasic3   12727 Extract basic source code from !RunImage's
FPAssem.arc      4308 FPAssembler mnemonics in BASIC assembler. V1.00 by P.Burwood
Mode13Plot       5188 Fast Mode 13 Masked & Unmasked sprite plot routines
ShowBar04        7488 Latest version with clock -BUG
TempSize02       8690 New TempSize 0.02 +Hex & Dec
extASM          72495 Very VERY sexy macro assembler...
tempsize         6690 Shows size of template buffers
libstore        57498 Libstore v1.30, by Andrew Hunter
usProf1_00      59452 Micro-second code profiler for C and assembler. V1.00
BasicCom          570 BasicCom version 2.0  (RO3 only).
SWINumber         239 Get SWI numbers from equiv. string.
ImpFormat       12528 Impression DDF Format Documentation
TemplEd126.arc 102694 Template editor, ver 1.26, much improved.
65HApp-arc       4182 How to speed up BBC progs running on 65Host using RamDisc.
WHATARM           541 One to stick in your library. Settype &FFC (Util)
Perl_1.00_Zip  419183 Perl version 1.00.  Corresponds to unix perl 3.0 ver 44
PerlDoc_1_00_troff_Z 68326 Documentation for Perl 1.00 in troff format
PerlDoc_1_00_TeX_Zip 99294 Documentation for Perl 1.00 in TeX format
AEHModule      191303 Programmer's dream come true. Hundreds of usefull routines.
OLE_arc.arc     11913 CC's OLE Docs etc
UIDREAD          8684 UID reader - direct from hardware
BARKY             268 Turns bitmaps into ASCII.
XLisp_arc      170021 XLisp from hensa.
RMAmanager       8952 Automatically prevents RMA fragmentation!! DL NOW!!
templed124     183483 TemplEd v1.24
Arm3Detect       2755 Arm3 detection routines - most languages
AmpCalc         11839 Excellent calculator program from ARMFul
FaxUtl_100       2816 ArcFax support for programmers
drlink.DDE.SPK   7569 DDE FrontEnd application for Drlink
ccount_arc        814 Counts number of colours on screen
Stubs            5401 Stubs File for DDE Pascal
ClaimTest       24528 Util to test device claim protocol
as1_21         191616 latest version of Niklas Rojemo's! !AS assembler
NoseyArc        12616 Spy on the operating system (Bug corrected) SWI & CLIs
NegInkey          362 Quick checking for negative inkey values
BConvArc         1717 Converts BASIC V to Z88basic/BBCBASIC(86) nimbus BASIC
PopUps090.arc   93334 Jason Williams' PopUps Manager, v0.90.
bison-arc      207773 Bison (FSF Yacc clone) Compiled with UnixLib. Version 1.20
ModuleI           774 Module information displayer (non desktop)
GDPatch101       1743 New version of GDPatch
maketemp         9550 Replacement templates for DDE !Make
WindowMon       29507 Window Monitor
CUpdate          8155 Provides extra help for C in SrcEdit
RLE_mod          2216 
Prot0Arc         1499 Protect page zero of memory from runaway tasks
FEd_287(1)      83691 THE LATEST - FormEd v2.87(1) - DOWNLOAD IT NOW!
pascal-arc     412703 Acorn/Norcroft Pascal compiler v4.09
dates2           2941 Basic Library of Dates Routines ver 2.02
Baslib2         90187 Basic Library + !YaDFS application, much improved
DAssem123       19013 Multitasking Disassembler
rcs_arc2       159287 Compiled version of RCS (Revision Control System)
DeskJet+jf       5907 Printer driver for RISC OS 3.10
tlib_arc        15595 turbo librarian - source control system for ascii files
Sarah209        40095 Utility module by Dominic Symes, v2.09
!Cli_arc         5400 DESKTOP CLI
RAMcram          8857 Ram - Filing
Shrink          30655 Shrink - Basic Shrinker
BasLib          94333 A Basic library and two sample applications.
remote.lzh       1664 Archimedes -> BBC *REMOTE <Econet!>
Mod_Load         3715 An Application that auto-loads Modules
TASM_91        328252 NeNew vers. (1991) of TASM x-assembler + Arc Port +macros
FFortran       159857 Desktop/Libraries for Fortran
ModInfo142.arc  11041 Gives info about module files
Booter_arc       9268 !Boot Utility
Defproc_ar       9779 Locate reduntant DEF PROC's/
IconNo_arc       5939 Gives Icon numbers
labelchk        16215 LabelChk - Checks multiple labels in BASIC Assembler progs.
SpkFS_ARC        8384 WIMP message control of SparkFS; Xmail server protocol
IceMOD           5130 The IceManager module
AnsiMOD          3779 A module to handle ANSI escape codes
SlidingHp        3228 SlidingHeap V2.00 (module only)
clksuite         5691 ClkTskMng Suite version 2.07 includes RelTskMnf
ARMDivide        5910 Assorted ARM code divide routines
B-to-T          14633 Version 1.03b of !B-to-T
direct          10612 Program +source that shows how to direct screen plot
Magic           42588 Mode 15 Sprite of Wizard (I think it's good anyway)
TLAsetup         4840 DDE Tool Description for TLA
B-Compiler      15968 Simple BASIC Compiler.
DateDep1_2       8648 DateDepend 1.20
pipe.arc         5675 CLI pipe utility. Very useful!
BASICABBR       10496 This program is used for finding out abbreviations for BASIC
BasicEdit       32768 Edit Basic file from Desktop
Bases           10880 Desktop numbers conversion
Blist_arc        7494 Displays BASIC files directly from disk.
Mnemosyne       38551 Memory useage tools..see!help file
quickcli         6618 Quick CLI-commands.. Handy util!
changeswi        9910 SWI > Number
ArcCompres      43176 Compress Utility like Unix.
UUcoder_ar       6836 UUdecode/UUencode
UCase            1792 Upper Case Machine Code Routine
ListSWIs         8416 SWI header files generator for C/Assembler etc
ZWI              2158 SWI sorter/finder.
SWILister         221 Lists all SWIs known to micro. VERY FAST.
FindBL_ARC       2919 FindBL by K.Lloyd
CatDOC           1912 Help file for Cat (file 4604)
HALLOFFM          675 BASIC code to add a "Hall of Fame" feature
SineStars        2650 Sine Stars in a Module
AFFTRAN          4033 A BASIC prog that does transformations
Mod Writing     73728 A mega compendium of module thingy's
StarsMod         1664 Parralax scrolling stars module
FLOW_arc        14750 Flow chart designer. (Needs some work.)
Message           512 Displays mea
stars1b2         1310 ARM code routine for 4 layer bi-directional star fields
stars1b          1248 ARM code routine for 3 layer star fields
colstar           861 Basic Star field routine
SingleStep       2460 A Single step dissassembler (Module)
makeswi          3712 lists SWI's in computer
MultiView        1792 Two simple programs to view multiscan pitures !!!!
FONTOFF          1315 BASIC program, lets you remove your fonts at will.
explode           321 BASIC program, makes explosion sounds and display to match!
DAY_LENG         2432 BASIC program to work out the length of daylight for any day
AsciiMOD          896 List ASCII characters between 32 and 255.
RandomMod        1536 Module which generates random numbers
!help           10288 Help file from PCDir 1.0b
MoveFiles        5075 Desktop file operations enhancer (for file moving).  0.95, 2
ISO1_ARC         5504 New ISO1 keyboard driver. Includes "dead keys" for accents.
SpeedPlot        3584 A fast way of plotting sprites in mode 13.(The fastest??)
unzip           14174 Program to unZIP files
COMPRESS        55680 A Suite of programs about file compression
OSSwisMod        5693 This Module enables you to call a SWI from the * prompt
MODEX            3200 A MODULE examiner (BASIC)
RIGG            20837 various sort programs in "C" and BASIC incuding QSort
TXTED            5730 A simple screen editor (BASIC)
TRACEDIS         4996 A BASIC disassembler
VECTOR            637 A BASIC program showing most vector addresses
FILEDOTYPE      22323 A Suite of programs to do with Filetypes
UtilPlus        28544 An application helping with System operations
SMOOTH            849 A BASIC program demonstrating Smooth scrolling
UTILARC         55228 A group of 23 utilities (BASIC)
UTILMODS        93184 A group of 17 utilities (MODULES)
UTILS            2560 A group of 5 utilities
W_Twin          36418 Produces wide versions of TWIN
Universal        2845 Nick Smith's Universal Screen Compression module
screentest       2304 For setting up monitors (normal & Multisync)
disasm           6237  A disassembler in BASIC
!MODINFO         6144 A Utility giving information on System modules
XREF             6138 A cross reference utility

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