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Utils - Desktop/Misc (36)

Filename       Length Short description

M_MOD_Pch        1812 MakeModes patch for Version 0.26
arttosprzp      29202 !ArtToSpr v2.10 by Tony Houghton
png2sprzip      83255 !PNG2SPR by Tom Tanner
BDRand3zip     104108 !BDRand v3.12 by Nick Roberts
SuperFPEm1      35115 Faster FPEmulator by Dan Maloney for RiscPc V4.06db
Wimp2_036      146077 Wimp2_036 preemptive multitasking for RISC OS
DJCtrl          63268 Controls Cartridge cleaning/aligning for HP 660C
jcut203/zi      94836 !JCut, Version 2.o3 by J.David Barrow
stocks/Zip      20816 !Stocks V1.06 by Peter Rockell 
YABUarc        315659 !YABU by Peter Rockell (Yet Another Backdrop Utility)
v-030/zip      123436 !Stark V0.30 by David Dacha
toolspr/zi       7111 !ToolSprites by Hugo Mills     60913 Thumbnail creator v1.05
lf300/zip       31328 Long Files 3 by Jason Tribbeck
qlock/zip      128458 !Q-Lock version 1.3 - now RISC OS 4 compatible by Nat Queen
update2/zi      65225 Update forRISCPCB Version 0.35 by Terry Swanborough
update2/zi      65225 Update forRISCPCB Version 0.31 by Terry Swanborough
pcb/zip        136500 RISCPCB Version 0.31 by Terry Swanborough
squish/zip      20062 Squish V 1.34 by Barry Wickett
winsnap/zi       5567 WinSnap V 1.20 by Tony Houghton
arttospr/z      27827 ArtToSpr V 2.02 by Tony Houghton
smart/zip       25868 SmartOpenDir V 1.10 by Tony Houghton
ARMDEB         222506 ARM_Debug v1.26 Arm Single stepper by Theo Boogaert
Dsquig.arc       3169 Desksquiggler Pro - desktop doodler by PaleocrystiK software
PaletteMan      86171 v1.04 256 entry palettes on VIDC20 R.Molyneux (Archive)
WebPalette      10549 v 0.90Beta of Web 216 colour selector by R.Molyneux (Archive
WIDGET5.arc    177655 Widget5 by Andrew Sellors - Image Processor
Desktop+         4896 The Desktop+ Module. Adds various functions to RISCOS
PixDoubler       2683 Pixel doubler modules for games, written by Richard Wilson
LF250/spk       35855 Longfiles V2.50 by Jason Tribbeck
beebit          25421 !Beebit V 1.00 by Michael Foot
TaskUs132       33252 !TaskUsage Ver 1.32 by Martin Avison
SSMS101         17573 Send Text messages to Orange phones and HT Pagers
QTMv1-27r2      57271 Q The Music v1.27 release 2 by Quantum, Update archive   9361 RC5Save 1.10 - RC5/DES screensaver for AlphaSave
qlock          109595 QLock, file encrypter by Doctor Nat Queen       6386 Desktop Calendar in Welsh
Renam2          47014 Rename2 By Nick Roberts
BDRand         162029 !BDRAND V2.21 By Nick Roberts
rafs114.zi     137835 raFS v1.14, long filenames etc. By Richard Atterer
Display         13016 Small multiple file display utility, V1.53, by Chris Terran
SWIFiller/SPK    3584 0.02 James Peacock. Emulates some ROS 3.5 SWIs on ROS3.0/3.1
SetCSD.ARC       1152 0.01 by James Peacock, creates CSD system variable
Total           77764 !Total - The Best Desktop Sprites In The World - EVER!
Esuom.ZIP        1051 0.04 by James Peacock, Swaps adjust/select button actions.
clawk/zip       25219 !Clawk V1.01 by Alisdair McDiarmid
3DPtch166/      28490 3DPatch by Matthew Bullock - interim version for Wimp3.98       81233 Bzip2 - high power compression program ported to RISC OS
del2_arc       1746923 Delirium 2 by Kulture
kidfix           6009 simple fix to stop kids deleting/rename files 
bitz/zip         7528 !Eval & !Desktop by Owain Cole
bin/zip         45720 !VOTIbin" by VOTI
titanic        580755 titanic.mpeg
webcolour.exe   33820 WebColour 0.04 now with export features.
xearth010/     129854 XEarth 0.10 ported by Matthew Bloch
ibrowse         23318 JPEG/sprite viewer. Needs Spriteextend 0.99 module.
SetClock/z       5034 !SetClock by Simon Anthony
profiler/z     137623 !ProFiler v1.25 Demo by Thomas Olsson
NS142t/zip      65296 !NewSaver v1.37 by Simon Anthony
NApp9/zip        5358 !NewApp9 - by Simon Anthony
Mytils/zip       7831 !Mytils - utilities by Simon Anthony of ECS Ltd.
Inkey/zip        2914 !InkeyNum -  displays the Inkey value of any key you press.
EasyMenu.        6392 Alters icon menu layout
quikboot        13384 A fully recursive application booter
WB2v161         35829 WimpBar 2 v1.61 by Technium220
DeComp           7224 Decompression module (c) David O'Shea 1998. Filetype &FFA       9494 PinFilter by Andrew Kemp
tempdir.zi      25035 TempDir v1.22 by Quantum Software
iconizb018      19579 Version 0.18 of IconiseBar
pdf072c        224304 Version 0.72c of !PDF, the Adobe Acrobat viewer
float/zip       35555 Floating 3.08 by Toby Bryans. Floating Clock/day/date
arttospr/z      22893 Converts DRAW and ARTWORKS files to Sprites. (V1.02)
IconNo2_01       4698 Small bot useful pointer position app.
WB2v157a        31390 WimpBar 2, v1.57a (minor update)
GameBoyEm      154586 A selection of GameBoy Emulators and utilities
Kling_Eng       66595 English to Klingon translator (loads of fun)
minifie012       4518 Sets small icons in directory viewers containing many files
HotBlanker       7327 HotBlanker (v2.02) - Controls ScreenBlanker via hotkeys
startpic.exe    49944 A module than can replace the startup banner with a sprite
org_zip        132596 !Organiser v1.31 by Chris Morison
WB2v157         31085 WimpBar 2, v1.57 by Technium220     328980 An ARTHUR emulator !!!
CAL             33308 
HTMLKeys2       27048 util to make html creation easier with zap 1.30
shunt            1723 Moves windows which obscure the icon bar    46339 !LPR 0.02 is a frontend for a lpr network printing client
Greetings        3944 Announces time/date using J. Duddington's !Speak
tempdir.zi      23335 Tempdir 1.21 by Quantum Software
MultiUtils     266682 MultiUtils v0.03, by me! A whole bunch of utilities...
UFPBoot         42752 United Federation of Planets Startup sequence selector
Hunter.         65724 Hunter 3.70 Superb file finding prog.
diaschau       293795 Diaschau ver 0.94 - Slideshow veier but much more.
A4Tools          5357 New toolsprites optimised for monochrome display
listing_zi     122902 Listings File for !CDPlay V1.14 by Leo White
cdplay_zip      30070 !CDPlay V1.14 by Leo White
Boot026        447250 Acorn Boot application for RISC OS 3.10
tmode/zip        2595 ToggleMode - toggles between two favourite Risc PC modes
thsnd/zip        5004 THSound - a basic sound sample player
ftext/zip       16711 FormText formats text for printing, requires Toolbox modules
BackDrop         1793 !BackDrop - v1.01 by Matthew Hambley
ig6_arc_ve      35103 Intergif Version 6 by Peter Hartley
PinPatch_z      14498 Matthew Bullock's new Pinboard Patch
3DRomPatch      34595 Matthew Bullock's new 3D Rom patch
ReadPlus12      13581 BASIC program to read Spectrum Plus D discs
riscplus       130505 Nice collection of icons and stuff. v2.0, James Shiell
SwiftJPEG       51063 SwiftJPEG version 1.00
PinPatch        14498 Pinboard Patch v0.70 by Matthew Bullock
3DROMPatch      11127 3D ROM Patch v1.12 by Matthew Bullock
QTM115         360482 The very latest version of my music player
Notepad.arc     37023 Latest version (2.20) of Spidersoft's Desktop Notepad.
Brightness        713 Simple brightness control using RISC PC gamma correction
RTFRdr20        46676 RTF Reader 2.0
Hiper201       199766 Hiper Help v2.01 - my hiper text help system
Develop         17384 AlphaSave Developers' Kit for use with AlphaSave 1.15
110-115         67673 AlphaSave upgrade archive. Upgrade 1.10 to 1.15.
AlphaSav.arc    96740 AlphaSave 1.15 - Smart, up-to-date screensaver.
BarPuller        2142 A utility to pull the icon bar to the front
barfront3         308 BarFront3 by Richard Wilson - icon bar exposer
BarFront          456 BarFront Module - pointer iconbar toggler by Richard Wilson
wbmodule10      46699 Clares' WimpBasic runtime module application
scheduler        4629 Navaho Scheduler - by Chris Audley        122769 Replacement Filer by Thomas Olsson; a very good *demo*
3DRomPatch      10889 3D ROM Patch v1.00 by Matthew Bullock.
xtra_fonts       6323 More display digits for Possum 1.16 by Peter Gaunt.
possum_116      49532 Possum v1.16 by Peter Gaunt. Millennium desktop clock.
ArtGlass         1840 A new hourglass module - A spinning 'ART' logo... nice!
106>110         90793 AlphaSave Upgrade Archive (Updates 1.06/1.07 -> 1.10)
Start067.a      57249 RISC OS version of the Windows 95 Start button
NP09991         46665 Netpage
NewerLook205   699895 NewerLook release 2.05 by Andrew Clover
BitNbobs2       94496 Over 70 Bit 'n' bob icon sprites (collection #2)..
BitNbobs1       62204 Over 50 Bit 'n' bob icon sprites (converted from PC)
realcount       46099 RealCount v1.02a by Sergio Monesi - Improved Desktop Count
ICLEAR.ZIP       4834 !Iclear - eases deletion of text from writable icons
Topsave13       10161 TopSave13       2196 FileLED module - Acts as pseudo-disc access light on Keyb'd
mem211/arc      45662 !Memphis v2.11 RAM-based file-system byB.Brunswick/N.Smith
scheduler        4708 cron-style task scheduler from Navaho's web site
agenda          54491 !Agenda V 4.5 by Raffaele Ferrigno
CloseFile        8317  Closes open files - incredibly useful !
hiper2ud         3974 Hiper Help update - the missing file
Switchy         32267 New from GTHS! - sets switcher icon to one of 86 others!
hiper200       149467 Hiper v2.00 - hiper-text help system. Lots of features.
CDSelect         3726 CDTrackSelect module, play CDs in or out of Desktop
3Dpatch          4441 3DPatch by Ting Zwei (modified)
Salary!          6445 A Salary calculator
extrabar        45261 New version of !ExtraBar (v. 0.6)
AutoCache        8990 AutoCache
EX038.ZIP       34624 Extrabar - adds new toolbar to the desktop.
TidyDesk163     56960 TidyDesk 1.63 Desktop Enhancer, Strongarm compatible        123818 STD Finder - find area from code (eg. 0181 gives London)
TSize.Zip       10246 Tree Size - displays bar chart of space on disc/hard disc
UserList         8437 Show users logged in on Econet
Change21        63961 ChangeTxt 2.1
SuperBoot       72708 Desktop Security System     5104 3D patch, update of OS3.7 version, works with Director etc.
GBoyEmul        51871 *NEW* GameBoy Emulator v0.04 - NOTE: REQUIRES ToolBox Mods
Hippo            4103 Hippos run around your screen with smiley faces flying up
!Diary         181295 Version 4, by Keith Theobald, Archived using Pack Dir.
multiuti       209468 MultiUtils - lotsa utilities not limited to the icon bar!
fileicons      267648 Filetype icons in !Fileiconz format
StickyEdges013   2112 Force wins to stick to edge of the screen, by Piers, v0.13
D2Sprite        28852 Converts draw files to sprite files.
ARTdekstop     370616 Archive that gives you an ART logo-orientated desktop ;-)
PowerPlug       77733 THE ULTIMATE CONFIG PROGRAM      4992 Latest version of my 3D patch.
AutoCache        8990 Automatically fixes StrongARM compatibilty problems.
UnCrunch.a       1364 Module which fixes crunched code on the StrongARM
StrongCach       3483 Useful utility allowing many titles to work under StrongARM
SA_SLOW.ARC      1522 Helps improve StrongArm compatability
SprShift        19923 !SprShift (V0.90) by Mike Dickins
cdfix           10037 !CDfix (V1.00) by Robin Watts/martin Sperl
bootall         18624 !Bootall (V0.01) by Henry Morgan
FreeMem111       6652 Liquid Silicon's FreeMem 1.11 (StrongARM fix)
label           30317 Label program by Barry Wickett
jfshared/zip   114334 My JFShared library (v2.34) for my programs
Initiate        15929 Simple neat and tidy application launcher.
Insanity        16539 This is what would happen if Helen Rayner learns C++...
DeBinHex        17823 !DeBinHex - BinHex decoder (wimp version)
Pcopy           19291 Copy text by just passing the mouse pointer over it
xbinzip          7507 BinHex decoder - UNIX port of xbin
NewBanner         917 Adds the date and time to the RISCOS 3 Banner
prettify        31098 Nice introduction to the desktop/nice shutdown message.
hiper115       131024 The latest (and greatest) Hiper help program...
bin100          54245 A desktop dustbin! With pretty grafix, SFX, animation...
!RUN              208 helps load pc card software.
POST            15360 This is yellow sticky pad reminders for your desktop
le269.arc       29566 Line Editor 2.69 by Olly Betts
mon.arc         19077 Econet packet monitor
JQuick          22621 Easy image format conversion.
LogFS132        72932 LogFS v1.32 (ArcFS2 archive)
!ThatSucks      70549 Desktop Silly
KeyFix101.arc   57892 KeyFix 1.01  - Shift/Ctrl/Alt Lock on your desktop
Typist101        3106 'Hands-free' filetype guesser. v1.01
MemPie2         28523 Memory Pie 2, Sam Kington , 1995
ROGUEtools      27225 Refined hi-resolution toolsprites. Version 2.
numlock/zip      7320 Turn Number Lock on in DOS automatically when run.
Modules          5336 Various *small* desktop enhancers.. previously unreleased
Gameboy         44422 Latest version (0.47) of Gameboy Emulator - Supports Sound!
configp/zi     128237 !Config+ a modular configuration app. by Justin Fletcher
Waterfall       14334 v0.02 (c)Laurence Tratt 1996 Does *Commands at time periods
WelshR.arc      50148 WelshResources Changes RISC OS 3.1X Desktop into Welsh    22616 A program to load/save computer unique ID (v0.1b)
Slidesave       11405 SlideSave 1.00 by Steve Smale. See long description...
CloseWin        13408 CloseWin 2.10 by Steve Smale. Close with Select+Adjust simul
WindowRd         1752 Window/Screen Grabber
Harmony170     286436 Harmony v1.70 - the ULTIMATE music player (new version)
Opener           6166 Automatically opens Easy C and drags in the make file
PrtRename2       9616 PrtRename Ver.2.0
PDSView         10951 App to view NASA PDS files (Uranus CD - maybe others)
winsave         24321 Winsave - allows file saving Windows style.
MachineID        7150 allows to change the MachineID (RPC machines)
ZapHTML         29882 v0.02B of an HTML mode for Zap, by Matthew Hambley
Centra           1426 Centralises textfiles - dont laugh ;-) it works (just <G>)
LotCheck04      36739 LotCheck v0.4 National Lottery Syndicate Checker
Merger          27471 !Merger V2.11 Filelist merging utility
ClIcnBar          360 Utility to set CMOS Ram so windows don't cover icon bar
WinEditArc      82555 !Winedit - A Prototype template editor for RISC OS 3
TaskEnsure       3479 TaskEnsure - Extremely useful transient, RMENsure for Tasks!
Kill             3299 Kill - Kills WIMP tasks by name from the command line.
RFSReg2        653980 Desktop Enhancement
Harmony160     212976 Harmony v1.60 - the ULTIMATE music player
IconV108.arc    13389 Replacement Iconiser for Pinboard's one, v1.08 by P.Burwood
BootUtils        6400 Simple Boot utility for RPC's By Tom Slatter
CoolSwitch      46168 Andy Armstrong v1.05 Window/Task Switcher
HotBlanker       4193 HotBlanker (1.01) -/VERY/ useful add-on for ScreenBlanker
Spr_2_Gif       78303 The (ultimate) Sprite -> Gif Conversion
PrintLoad        4680 Loads !Printers when the printer is turned on
Tiffin.arc     190312 Tiffin 2.03 - Peter Greenham
PrtRename       12400 Renames PRINT files
spikesaver      76652 pythonesque screensaver using complete animator!
SwiftJPEG      116771 SwiftJPEG viewer!!
CDRemote         1523 CD player - control CD from any part of RISC OS
MEditate       395259 Disc Magazine Edit. v3.50. by Andrew Bennett & Neil Davies
Chords          26164 Guitar Chord Dictio. version 0.10 by Andrew Bennett
FrameRate        1644 RiscOS3.5 frame rate module
AKF85+Rev3       4407 AKF85+Rev3 MDF for RiscPC machines
util            32512 Outline Font throughout the Desktop: Freeware
CDsprites        9718 new hi-res sprites for !CDPlayer
Trash103        40063 Trash_it 1.03  new version Desktop trash app.
gameboy         17582 A 'REAL' Gameboy emulator, like the Speccy one! See LongDesc
hiper102        87695 Hiper help 102 - hypertext windoze style help by me
sysrip           7949 Converts SYS num to name &name to number
Stripper        16796 .DOS extension stripper, very neat!
Keychange       32453  !Keychange Ver.1.00. Changes the keypad to function keys
ABS              2777 AntiLock Breaking Sytem from ARMed Forces Software
DeskBabb         7513 Babb follows your every move on the desktop!
Tidy            23460 Removes 'c' stuff
LogFSv121       60672 LogFS (1.21) an ArcFS archive
director21.arc 106217 Fully configurable/featured desktop organiser 0.21 as in AU
QUIT/COM            6 Quit !PC486 from DOS
RiscExtras014   12978 RiscExtras v0.14 (c) 1995 Andrew Fawcett - see long desc
LogFSv120       59904 LogFS (1.20) ArcFS archive
AltTabMod        6497 A module to provide an AltTab emulation, similar to PC's
FinalLook       27843 !FinalLook Version 1.42 
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