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DTP Art/Fonts (39)

Filename       Length Short description

EuroFont        21804 A Font with the Euro symbol by Frits Polak     652084 !Zap 1.40 release; complete ZapFonts archive.
Whisky.ZIP     438865 Whisky labels      450457 Various olde worlde style fonts (all PD)
cherry.mid      10240 Midi file, with a nice tune. Quite good as a startup piece..
AstroArt       1375149 Astrology clipart in Artworks & Artworks EPS format
MyXCard95A     382727 My 1995 Xmas card in A'work, PackDired, most economical!
IHS             26748 Christian symbol in Artworks and Draw format
FlagsWorld      51477 Flags of the World imported from IBM DrawFormat
Corner8        191115 Corner for DTP
Rain/Outlines   24988 Rain font outlines
Rain/IntMetrics  1930 Rain font
7SegFont         5404 Characters as could be generated on a 7-seg display
ATLAN_AW       138827 Atlanta'96 logo in Artworks format
worldmap         8599 Drawfile worldmap (crude)
HS_signs3       13944 Draw file of Health and Safety sign - Fire Action
HS_signs2       27292 Draw File of H and S Signs including Fire Fighting Equipment
HS_signs1       12376 Draw file - Telephone, First Aid and Exit signs (H&Safety)
Unicorn         41469 A Unicorn Sprite
head             8225 drawfile of a head from side
CHURCH           1717 Drawfile of our Church
Rugby_Play      29324 ClipArt by Mike Banks - A Rugby Player1
sprites         23256 SPRITES
DrawFiles       43043 Arc. of Art Work from I.B.M  good 
AcornChip       82255 Acorn Risc Chip 
CompOtline      33401 Outline Draw Files
Poster2          5576 Clip Art - Halloween Pumkin by Me
France           4852 Clip Art - Outline of France by Me
Flintsones      24248 Fred, Betty and Barney Flintstone in Draw Format
Ships21-25      27536 
Ships17-20      64111 Some Nice Clipart of Ships
Ships9-12       74855 Some Nice Clipart of Ships
Ships13-16      65241 Some Nice Clipart of Ships
Ships5-8        60956 Some Nice Clipart of Ships
Ships1-4        38460 Some Nice Clipart of Ships
XMasAnimal       5264 Four Animals - Deer, Donkey, Elk, Stag
Snowflakes      10272 Six different snow flakes
Santas           5864 Two Santas!
Dogys           30996 Drawfile clipart - man walking dogs
GroovyRdlf      43765 Groovy Rudolph Christmas clipart
borders-2       13291 borders v.2 - as before with 2 thin dble line versions added
CleanFont        2240 System font by Neil F. Reads well, with a bit of style.
Various4        31894 Public Domain icon sprites
Various3        26680 Public Domain icon sprites
Various2        20398 Public Domain icon sprites
Various1        51729 Public Domain icon sprites
Documents       39074 Public Domain icon sprites
Devices         25697 Public Domain icon sprites
Comms           20080 Public Domain icon sprites
Cartoons        24376 Public Domain icon sprites
Smoking         57916 Squashed sprite file containing smoking related cartoons..
Garfield.A      25079 Artworks file of cartoon character `Garfield'.
goat             1129 drawfile of a goat
Pingus          25928 drawfiles of Pingus
Futu-zip        18444 Outline Font (1)
Fra-zip         20421 Outline Font (1)
For-zip         61018 Outline Fonts (3)
Fix-zip         10714 Outline Font (1)
Fin-zip         26809 Outline Font (1)
Fas-zip         14342 Outline Font (1)
Fan-zip         24613 Outline Font (1)
Exo-zip         42943 Outline Fonts (3)
Eur-zip         20190 Outline Font (1)
Eri-zip         46562 Outline Fonts (3)
Era-zip         35539 Outline Fonts (2)
Eng-zip         21154 Outline Font (1)
Ecc-zip         28013 Outline Font (1)
Dub-zip         13255 Outline Font (1)
Dix-zip         24639 Outline Fonts (3)
Cup-zip         28225 Outline Font (1)
Cott-zip        28718 Outline Font (1)
Coop-zip        55166 Outline Fonts (2)
Cook-zip        84301 Outline Fonts (4)
Com-zip         65623 Outline Fonts (2)
Comm-zip        19955 Outline Font (1)
Clau-zip        12546 Outline Font (1)
Class-zip       36430 Outline Fonts (2)
Cent2-zip       88104 Outline Fonts (4)
Cent1-zip       21263 Outline Font (1)
Casp-zip        60247 Outline Font (1)
Casl-zip        61714 Outline Fonts (2)
Casc-zip        20749 Outline Font (1)
Casa-zip        23520 Outline Font (1)
Cand-zip        32757 Outline Fonts (2)
Camb-zip        50653 Outline Font (2)
Cali-zip        28290 Outline Font (1)
Cair-zip        19383 Outline Font (1)
Bust-zip        44909 Outline Fonts (2)
Buil-zip        18788 Outline Font (1)
Broo-zip        21673 Outline Font (1)
Broa-zip        16876 Outline Font (1)
Bras-zip        24189 Outline Font (1)
Book-zip        41605 Outline Fonts (2)
Bodo-zip       123257 Outline Fonts (5)
Bodn-zip        20712 Outline Font (1)
Black-zip       19658 Outline Font (1)
Bemb-zip       112913 Outline Fonts (3)
Bell-zip        42831 Outline Fonts (3)
Beck-zip        13596 Outline Font (1)
Bask-zip        89983 Outline Fonts (4)
Bank-zip        12874 Outline Font (1)
Bang-zip        21643 Outline Font (1)
Ban-zip         25478 Outline Font (1)
Bail-zip        14345 Outline Font (1)
Baha-zip        50963 Outline Font
Avan-zip        41601 Outline Fonts (3)
Aval-zip        16137 Outline Font (1)
Athe-zip        19265 Outline Font (1)
Asci-zip        39686 Outline Fonts (2)
Arch-zip        22855 Outline Font (1)
Arab-zip        35622 Outline Font (1)
Amer-zip       145579 Outline Font (6)
Abbey-zip       22131 Outline Font (1)
Aard-zip        19922 Outline Font (1)
ReadMe           2351 instructions for guitar/opa & guitar/pic
Guitar.pic        116 icon for guitar program
Guitar.opa      11748 Guitar chord scale plotter
French          12191 Cartoon drawfile of a Frenchman, complete with onions
Cassette          284 Drawfile template of a cassette inlay
GraphStory      77564 Religious Xmas Clip Art
RTFutils        72102 Rich Text Format (RTF) utilities (read and write)
Visage-arc      11378 Draw file of an infamous Arcade character..
Xmas+          199980 Adobe Type 1 Fonts Converted for Xmas ... Enjoy
wine             8594 wine glass - xmas clipart
snowflake        3832 snowflake - xmas clipart
snow             4263 snow - xmas clipart
santa4           9144 santa4 - xmas clipart
santa3           9773 santa3 - xmas clipart
santa2          11403 santa2 - xmas clipart
santa1          18834 santa1 - xmas clipart
rudolph         11983 rudolph - xmas clipart
robin           10475 robin - xmas clipart
present         11288 prezzy - xmas clipart
merryxmas       12602 merryxmas - xmas clipart
greetings       10108 
frosty          10904 frosty - xmas clipart
candles         13535 candles - xmas clipart
bell             8317 Bell, Candles - Xmas clipart
ballball        10990 BallBall - Xmas clipart
CataDir          3593 Writes list of files into directory.
NosferatuA      17654 A type font
Transport      169242 A collection of transportational clipart in draw format
dogs            38055 A small collection of dog clip- art
Texaco            656 Texaco logo draw format
Shell            1464 Shell logo draw format
Mobil1           1280 Mobile logo draw format
Esso1            1944 Esso logo draw format
BP               1180 BP logo draw format
Scans          151321 Scanned pics of various logos
new_arc        142656 Collection of draw format insects/bugs
Dvorak          59907 Sprite of composer Antonin Dvorak (Ilustr Lon News 1886)
ShotGun          3377 A shotgun
MagGlass          735 Magnifying glass
Containers       2666 Two containers
PLANET          49780 Draw file of Steam Engine....Very Detailed B-)
RackTempl       16024 Draw file of 19 inch rack mounting templates
BVW75a          12116 Draw file - BVW 75 recorder
IEC              7892 Draw file template of a power IEC connector
Disney           9084 Disney Emblem - scan
Lighthouse       9752 A simple drawfile of a lighthouse & sprite of one at sea.
Fancy_Clip      42152 Mono nature(bird/plant)-esque clip-art (eh?)
PCFont          20034 PC char set as outline font
FireEng         14216 Archives ArtWorks file of a fire engine, by me.
ImpChars2c      32858 Display ASCII character table for any font
symbol          15665 Excellent set of symbols
ClipArt          1093 ClipArt
humour          60317 Nice Humourous Clipart/Sprites...256 colour
Garages.arc      4002 A selection of garage icons (DRAW file) ARCed
DISH            33421 Drawfile of Satellite earth station
Clutch           4225 Drawfile of a car clutch
c2impress       10405 Takes C Source and creates Impression version.
nabc             5372 NABC sprite
SkeletonA       37259 Draw file of Human skeleton (scanned then traced)
SchoolKid       36001 A School Kid (Draw file)
Mickey          94946 Mickey Mouse (Draw file)
Flat            24619 A Flat person! (Draw file)
Feet            21702 A Pair of Feet! (Draw file)
FontMsg101.arc  19192 Font Messager V1.01beta (RISC OS 3 or later Only!)
Flowchart        5614 Some flowchart symbols (Draw files)
Xmas           122059 Some Christmasy Draw files
Stencil          5614 ARCed Draw Files of Systems & Program Flowchart Symbols
DALEK1_ARC      51662 Dalek1 - Hand Scan
Enya              786 Enya signature
PrisonerOutlines 29728 Outlines file for Prisoner font
PrisonerIntMetrics  1852 Prisoner font IntMetrics file
TOPICART3       83762 Example Topicart3
Bernhard        38246 "Bernhard" font
Swz             59332 RISC OS Outline Font (Helvetica Light)
Palatino        85750 RISC OS Outline Font (Palatino)
Oxford          79381 RISC OS Outline Font (New Century Schoolbook)
Optima          75474 RISC OS Outline Font (Optima)
Garamond        98110 RISC OS Outline Font (Garamond)
Loot_Fax         4070 LOOT FAX
EC.arm          17248 THE flag we love to hate (Artworks)
Czech.arm       19084 Czechoslovakian Flag (Artworks)
CentAfrRpb.arm  15866  Flag of the Central African Republic (Artworks)
Type1Fnts1     351214 Some Type 1 fonts put in PD by Bitstream
HighModes         477 Extra modes for Multisync users...
speedup         21091 text file describing how to speedup your a5000.
WeaponsA        38351 A collection of DRAW files about : Weapons
Symbols         28001 A collection of DRAW files about : Symbols
OpticalA        76194 A collection of DRAW files about : Opticals
MapsA          155217 A collection of DRAW files about : Maps
FacesA          50213 A collection of DRAW files about : Faces
DrawfontsA     138404 A collection of DRAW files about : DRAWFonts
cartoonsB       86885 A collection of DRAW files about : Cartoons
Bubbles-A        1494 A collection of DRAW files about : Speech Bubbles
Borders-A       51226 A collection of DRAW files about : A4 Borders
art-A           31537 Acollection of DRAW files about : Art
RCS-2a         309139 Clip art collection 2 from Rossington Comp. School
RCS-1a         171789 Clip art collection 1 from Rossington Comp. School
MrMen           63917 A Group of DRAW files about: Mr Men!
Famousa         70061 A Group of DRAW files about: Famous characters
Computersa      12497 A Group of DRAW files about: Computers/Keystrips
cartoonsa       40014 A Group of DRAW files about: Cartoons
Bridgesa        62863 A Group of DRAW files about: Bridges
Gnelfxmas      469123 The Gnelf Christmas Clips Collection
people          72327 A set of DRAW files on the subject of: People
starsigns       17129 A set of DRAW files on the subject of: Starsigns
snowmen         33580 A set of DRAW files on the subject of: Snowmen
santas          53292 A set of DRAW files on the subject of: Santas!
misxXmas        75612 A set of DRAW files on the subject of: MiscXmas
misc            62463 A set of DRAW files on the subject of: Misc
MediaComms      13784 A set of DRAW files on the subject of: Media/Comms
humans          48665 A set of DRAW files on the subject of: Humans
insects         90427 A set of DRAW files on the subject of: Insects
Other          100685 Some other potluck DRAW files
ColTraced      149863 Some Coloured & Traced DRAW files
ToalMisc1       52599 Some "Misc" DRAW files
Borders        105196 Some DRAW files of "Borders"
Road Signs      37049 Some DRAW files on the subject of "Road Signs"
People          53013 Some DRAW files on the subject of "People"
Phy-Maths       22537 Some DRAW files on the subject of "Physics & Maths"
Boat-Water      17923 Some DRAW files on the subject of "Boats & Water"
Biology         92996 Some DRAW files on the subject of "Biology"
mainframe        7206 drawfile clipart
printer          2934 draw file - printer
pcgem            7060 clipart - draw file - computer - side view 
pc22             5994 Clipart - computer
SVBadge.arm      7999 Silicon village Badge
Swan              859 Drawfile
Sheep            1674 Drawfile
Penguin2         7518 Drawfile
Penguin1         2457 Drawfile
Lobster          3092 Drawfile
Frog             2352 Drawfile
Fly              3027 Drawfile
Fish2            2892 Drawfile
Fish1            2958 Drawfile
Fish             1095 Drawfile
Elephant         1706 Drawfile
Duck             1062 Drawfile
Colt             2073 Drawfile, not gun
Canada           2453 Drawfile, Canada Goose
Butter3          3839 Drawfile
Butter2          2015 Drawfile
Bull             6396 Drawfile
BlackCat         2933 Drawfile
alchemy        240980 Scanned HM sprites
SealArc         12472 ARCed sprite of a Seal..NOT with a book!
LibraryArc       6162 ARCed sprits of a Library..with books
SkierArc         3328 ARCed sprite of a man sking..with books
ToboganArc       3424 ARCed sprite of a man in a tobogan..with books
TinSoldArc       3256 ARCed sprite of a Tin Soldier..with a book
AngelArc         3004 ARCed sprite of a Angel..with a book
SquirlArc        3712 ARCed sprite of a Squirrel..with a book
SnowmanArc       3364 ARCed sprite of a Snowman..with a book
HouseArc         4348 ARCed sprite of a Snowbound house
Bear14Arc       11055 ARCed sprite of a Teddy Bear
Muscles         92193 ARCed sprite(s) about the body....Muscles
Mouth           12191 ARCed sprite(s) about the body....Mouth
Kidney          12030 ARCed sprite(s) about the body....Kidneys
Heart           12388 ARCed sprite(s) about the body....Heart
Eyes             5894 ARCed sprite(s) about the body....Eyes
Bones            6245 ARCed sprite(s) about the body....Bones
Ears            18632 ARCed sprite(s) about the body....Ears
CatArc           2848 ARCed Sprite file of a Cat and Mouse
ManArc           3148 ARCed Sprite file of a bookworm
SherlokArc       3220 ARCed Sprite file of SHerlok Homes
SantaArc        11384 3 ARCed Sprite files of Santa!
Dinosaurs       16604 3 ARCed Sprite files of Dinosaurs
Fish02Arc       19009 Several ARCed Sprite files of fish
Fish01arc       59425 Several ARCed Sprite files of fish
clipArt07       55214 Several ARCed Sprite files
ClipArt06       48295 Several ARCed Sprite files
ClipArt05       33208 Several ARCed Sprite files
ClipArt04       41390 Several ARCed Sprite files
ClipArt03       19434 Several ARCed Sprite files
ClipArt02       42574 Several ARCed Sprite files
ClipArt01       38046 Several ARCed Sprite files
Tbears         209317 18 ARCed Draw files of Teddy bears!
Xmas            67721 Several ARCed Draw files on a Christmas theme
ManArc           4936 ARCed Draw file of a man with a briefcase
AcornLogo        1676 Acorn's logo in Draw format.
Scanned1        43381 Evil Looking Soap Box
weapon.arc      12839 Logo of 'A weapon called the word' - The Leve11ers
ImpBorders      19574 All the Impression Borders from previous uploads + a few mor
Schooner         7183 Draw picture of 2 masted schooner
PostCrypt       84958 Horror type outline font (RISC OS 3)
Bike            10173 Draw file of a bike
leveller.arc    14794 Levelling the Land - Logos in Draw file
CompThis        13104 Drawfile of Garfield, Computer and a Chainsaw
Symbols         47480 Library & draw file for draw plus (electronic symbols)
DEMO.WMF        17910 Windows MetaFile demo
western         41336 Cowboy & Indian
FontPrint3       5195 version of fontprint that is fixed to work with laserdirect.
drawfiles.arc  270667 20 assorted draw files
Carta_arc       22239 Outline font
Brush_arc       16746 Outline font
Book_arc        61991 Outline font
Bodini_arc      14384 Outline font
Bengui_arc      30906 Outline font
Bauhau_arc      47246 Outline font
Bask_arc        63970 Outline font
Avant_arc       47062 Outline font
Arnold_arc      23504 Outline font
E_EPS           16647 More Encapsulated Postscript
D_EPS           11235 More Encapsulated Postscript
C_EPS          110588 More Encapsulated Postscript
B_EPS           48229 More Encapsulated Postscript
A_EPS           14807 Encapsulated Postscript clipart (For !AI-DRW)
StrOfDav_a       2297 Star Of David. draw file
PetrolP1_a       3984 Petrol Pump. draw file
PertolP2_a       3991 Petrol Pump
David_a         36474 david and GOLIATH. draw file
Command_a        8969 10 commandments. draw file
Coach2_a         7290 draw file
Coach1_a         7432 draw file
Car3_a          10769 draw file
Car2_a           4035 draw file
Car1_a           7818 draw file
Candle_a         6151 menorah . draw file
Bear8_a          4311 draw file
Bear7_a          6544 draw file
Bear6_a          2938 draw file
Bear5_a          5317 draw file
Bear4_a          3184 draw file
Bear3_a          6031 draw file
bear2_a          4897 draw file
Bear1_a          3003 draw file
Adam_a          19357 adam and eve. draw file
MiG19_arc       10854 draw file
MiG-15_arc       6439 draw file
Cow1_a           6956 draw file
Cat2_a           5116 draw file
Cat1_a           7052 draw file
Butfly           5010 draw file
Bird6_a          7868 draw file
Bird5_a          4558 draw file
Bird4_a          5707 draw fil;e
Bird3_a          7509 draw file
Bird02_a         6826 draw file
Bird01          13313 draw file
Airplane2        5507 draw file
Airplane1        2068 draw file
SysFonts        43273 48 System fonts for the desktop
cute            27648 Drawfiles converted by !Trace
Fer_arc          9456 outline font
james.arc        7033 James - Draw file
Mouse             687 A LITTLE FURRY GRAPHIS
Monitor1         1701 ANOTHER ONE
monitor           397 MONITOR GRAPHIC
MiniDisc2        1760 GUESS
Keystrip         2524 KEYSTRIP DRAW FILE
KeyBoard2        6254 ANOTHER K/BD DRAWFILE
KeyBoard         8608 GUESS WHAT'S ON THIS DRAW FILE ???
GraphWrite       4573 SEE FOR YOURSELF.DRAW FILE
FloppyDisc       1272 ANOTHER FLOPPY DRAW FILE
floppy5           765 FLOPPY DRAW FILE
floppy3           454 FLOPPY DISC DRAW FILE
stabind.ark       885 Draw file of C4's 'A Stab in the Dark' prog's logo - nice!
euroflag          870 EC flag - Draw file
Garfield_a      41265 Various drawfiles of a certain cat
G-91            24252 Draw file. War bird. Italian model.
A7              38127 Draw file . War bird.  Beautiful bird this one.
A6              31502 Draw file. War bird
A4              20191 Draw file. War Bird
Women           67775 Clip At. Mode 18 spites.  
Animals        164482 Mode 18 sprites. Clip Art
build_zip       43632 PCX clip art - buildings
art_zip         42643 PCX clip art
ads_zip         48411 PCX clip art
WPC              2224 Sprite WPC
Safe             1247 Sprite Safe
Pol_stop         2769 Sprite Policeman
Pol_back          866 Sprite Policeman
Policeman        2518 Sprite Policeman
PC_face           900 Sprite Policeman
PC_1             2983 Sprite Policeman
N_Watch         14707 Sprite N.Watch
Judge            3216 Sprite Judge
Hat              2057 Sprite Police Hat
Crest           16643 Sprite TVP Crest
Chase            6726 Sprite Police chase
CARWATCH         6102 Sprite Car Watch
Burglar          1825 Sprite Burglar
Barrister        2122 sprite
award            3645 Sprite D of E award logo
AB_arc           8202 Sprite file of an Alphabet made from animals and objects
Fun_arc         27777 3 Sprite files of Animals...and Trains!
LeatherMap       8390 Maps for Leather Goddesses of Phobos
Faces_arc        8683 3 Draw file faces
Hatter         100540 Draw file of Mad Hatter (traced from scanned image)
Cupid_Arc        7253 DRAWFILE OF CUPID hand-traced from a sprite.
Under_Arc.arc    2193 Various underground signs
Cumbria         20890 Outline font
Chemistry       12416 Clipart of chmical structural formulae
Trolley          3064 LineArt File
TajMahal         8996 LineArt File
Fileserver       2648 LineArt File
440              1068 LINEART FILE
A5000           50192 Draw file of a A5000
YankTyp         36608 YankType Outline Font
Aching_Arc      13581 Aching.Bold Outline Font
WPoper_Arc      12770 draw file os female computer operator
Workmen          8595 draw file of three proles
Truck_Arc       11759 draw file of a large lorry
TreHseArc        1822 draw file of home by some trees
Speak_Arc       13340 draw file of a man speaking
SnowMobArc       8750 draw file of a snow mobile
Rose_Arc        50113 draw file of Labour rose
RemembrArc       4080 drawfile of string tied round a finger
Phone_Arc        6436 draw file of a phone
PainterArc       3262 drawfile fo a painter
MeetingArc      10050 draw file of an office meeting
Houses_arc      31102 draw file. nice sunday afternnon for two houses
Frust_Arc       15463 draw file. overworked office worker
Dor_Arc         24631 outline font
Couple_Arc       4741 draw file of another couple
Couple2Arc      12833 draw file of a couple
ComputrArc       9669 draw file computer pc
CoffeeArc        4674 draw file cup of hot coffee
AddMachArc       9400 draw file adding machine
PSfont          32464 PSfont V1.3 Acron to Postscript Font Converter
shat_arc        28918 Shatter effect headline font PD
EliteLogoT        342 Elite Logo in Latin 1!! It should look ok on a PC tho.
EliteLogo        5857 *DECENT* Elite Logo
Elite_Logo       3007 Draw File of the Elite logo (minus the writing)
BBSexample       1307 Bt and mercury costs compared
S_Hi_Park       52591 A scanned photo of the local arts centre (ex stately home)
DevilsBrew      24237 A drawfile oof a Devil's Brew label.
Golfer          16635 A drawfile of a Golfer
Out-V-Trac      61201 Some sprites traced with Iota's Outliner and Dps Trace
Leopard_a       73790 Good for getting through traffic jams
HoverFly_a      21334 A yellow and black thing with a taste for Aphids
ArmMuscl_a      19933 Biceps and Triceps
AMX30-arc       78142 A ltiile run a bout for town driving
X-Font-Dir       2626 xtra font directories that toggle on/off for the A5000
BikeWheel        8427 Draw file of a bicycle wheel
CakesArc         5513 Various Draw files
Helms_arc       36725 Draw file of 8 US Football helmets.
xmaspic         17290 sprite, suitable for Xmas Card
madonna1_g      32598 Madonna in a pose I'm sure she regrets.  Has some clothes on
kinski_gif      69224 Tess in another guise
CCARD             512 Picture of a credit card
A3000            4096 PICTURE OF AN A3000
SIGNS           28641 Story created out of traffic signs
signs arc       40149 Same as signs in Signs_arc, (this area), but one drawfile.
Signs_Arc       37566 64 different signs in !Draw format
DRAW_FONT       51563 10 fonts in !Draw format
MYSTIC_arc     143821 13 Sprite files of a Mystic nature
HedgeBadge      29617 Hedgehogs rule okay
ImpPaper          601 Border for Impression to give it that 'papery' look
Trace           43583 Draw fiels from sprites by Trace and Tracer
Jobs1           82702 Two hairdressers and a policewoman.  Done by D.P.s Trace
ForThea         50266 16 draw files including some animals.
Uncial          11449 PD hinted font
DrawFiles1      11426 Three draw files including a girl and a windsurfer.
PIANO1           5968 GRAND PIANO
Beardsley       18163 Erotic Drawings Of Aubrey Beardsley
Which_Arc       17180 Leg of toad and eye of Newt.  Watched over by Black Cat
Thought         13996 Chewing a pen helps the thinking process
Teddy            4383 Teddy Bear
Sumo_Arc         6992 Wrestler.  Draw file like the rest.
Santa_Arc       12864 Santa Claus
Owl             19045 Owl on a dark night
Nurse           13062 Nurse giving an injection
Noddy           11082 Well it looks like Noddy
MRLS_Arc        13612 Multiple Launch Rocket System
Kitten3Arc       6978 Another kiten
Kitten2Arc       5208 Kitten
Fibber_Arc       9885 A kid and a broken pot
Dufus_Arc        9170 A man walking
Cock_Arc        31793 A Cock
Bikini_arc      11566 Girl in a bikini
SnowMn           3433 A snowman
Nativ            4384 The Nativity
IceCrea         12515 Boy eating Ice Cream. Draw File
Distilatio       2803 Distilation apparatus
Apparatu         3237 Chemical Apparatus- stencil
radio_arc         380 Draw file of Radioactivity warning sign
TMSROMAN         3072 3 BBC System fonts based on Times Roman
PennyDemoA      13740 Demo of new outline font called Penny
BABY01          10688 line art
ClearFont        1664  Very clear system font (Not outline)
Garfield        12161 It's that cat again!
StarWars        26023 C3PO and friends.
BARS_bas          256 Simple BASIC pbog to test your colour monitor
bt_arc           5815 Draw File - New BT Logo
dti_arc          1038 Draw File - Radiocommunications Agency Logo
mic_arc         16927 Draw file of a radio microphone
rx_arc           4636 Draw file of a Double Superheterodyne Radio Receiver
Filter_arc       3229 Draw File of a Ferrite Coil type filter
batt_arc         7242 Draw File of an Ever Ready Battery
cobler_arc      18264 draw file. a cobler cobbling
NoSigns         65931 Arced file containing !Draw files
Sprite_76       62170 Clip Art - [V]iew archive to see contents
terminal        17613 draw file
Teeth           17061 draw file. cross section through teeth
Plotter          1192 draw file. flat bed plotter
Para            21699 draw file Paramecium
Lungs            9441 draw file. respiratory system
LightPen        13478 draw file. young lady using a light pen
KissOfLife       7961 draw file
HardDisc         5209 draw file
Gut              8735 draw file digestive system
Girl02          14641 draw file
Girl01          21705 draw file
Disc_in           956 draw file
ComputerS        4371 draw file
Boy02           13538 draw file
Cell_arc        68497 draw file animal cell
GirlsGrowt       9935 draw file
boysGrowth      12002 draw file
7thArmourd       3844 draw file. brigade insignia
08weeks          3178 draw file human embryo
04weeks          5590 draw file human embryo
RAF              3804 draw file. Insignia of the Red Army Faction
RiverRats        3834 draw file . patch worn by aircrew going downtown
Ear             12595 Draw file. Cross section of ear
Swallow          7469 draw file of swallowing food
Ribbon_arc        596 Impression format border
Inter_arc         401 Impression format border
Chains_arc       2228 Impression format border
9_arc             380 Impression format border
8_arc             262 Impression format border
7_arc             267 Impression format border
6_arc             257 Impression format border
5_arc             521 Impression format border
4_arc             496 Impression format border
3_arc             287 Impression format border
2_arc             405 Impression format border
1_arc             314 Impression format border
10_arc            397 Impression format border
COOPERBL        55317 PD Outline font: CooperBlack
Runes_book       3584 Typeface from Tolkiens "Hobbit".
Electrical      10299 Set of usefull electrical symbols
CIRCUITD         5985 A DRAW file of circuit symbols
Cub-Scouts      60800 Quality DTP draw files/
BBCfonts         2723 Five BBC System fonts.
irclip3        125631 SIMILAR TO IRCLIP1
irclip2         94684 SIMILAR TO IRCLIP1
XMASART        103552 Christmas Clipart
ClipArt_4      221279 DTP Clip Art...LineArt
ClipArt_3       48679 DTP Clip Art...Borders
ClipArt_2       46275 DTP Clip Art...Warning Signs + odds & ends.
ClipArt_1        5094 DTP Clip Art...Hardware symbols
reviewfont      13573 pd Outline font called "review"
Parents         88652 What mummy and daddy get upto when you can't see. Draw File
celt_round       6553 Arced Draw file of round Celtic knotwork panel
celt_panel       3926 Arced Draw file of Celtic knotwork panel
celt_dog         3830 Arced Draw file of Celtic Style dog
poster           4096 A !Draw file with info on BBoards, VDU codes and Plot codes
barc_arc         2625 Barcode oultine font
alger_arc        6253 An outline font (CAPS only I think)
Kuwait          13070 A map of Kuwait 
CasInlay         6656 A drawfile of a cassette inlay
ZC_arc          19765 pd un-hinted font "ZafChance"
STEN_arc        15123 pd Outline font "Stencil"
REVUE_arc       13202 pd Outline font named "Revue"
Greek            6177 Greek Columns
Girl1           16106 Picture Of a Girl - Clean
Koran            4480 Koran styled border for !Draw
gara_arc       102158 PD Un-hinted font
Fritz_arc       38665 PD Un-hinted font
ding_arc        24566 PD Un-hinted font
cop_arc         55033 PD Un-hinted font
brush_arc       24562 PD Un-hinted font
ATW_arc         50559 PD Un-hinted font
cinema_arc      19620 pd Outline font (heavy)
LondonArc       55252 pd Outline font (Normal and italic)
bristolarc      82232 pd Outline font (Demi and light with italics)
bath_arc       102367 pd Outline font (Bold and light with italics)
WIDEFONT!         502 A System font
FONTS2          12721 8 more BBC (System) fonts
FONTS            3490 5 BBC (System) fonts
TWO_FONTS        3198 2 BBC type fonts
SYMBOL          15744 Outline Font
DTPLInArt2     106193 Some more DRAW files for DTP
DTPLinArt1     148780 Some DRAW files for DTP

Size of area 20274k

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