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"C" Related files (40)

Filename       Length Short description

DrSmiths/z     315603 Dr Smith's C Development Toolkit 1.06 Demo by WSS
Unixlib37b     632826 newer UnixLib Unix support library for file 36829. 201017 Desklib 3.20 wimp library by Julian Smith, StrongHelp Manual    564064 Desklib 3.20 wimp library by Julian Smith, all the sources    20392 Desklib 3.20 wimp library by Julian Smith, some example code       351491 Desklib 3.20 wimp library by Julian Smith, headers etc     1459509 Desklib 3.20 wimp library by Julian Smith, object files.
strpos/zip      14307 StripOSLib reduces name clashes and speeds OSLib compilation
Clog/zip        16148 A (so far) simple C logging library and Zap mode.
GZIPSRC.SPK    312395 GZip C Source Code
RBTree          14118 A set of Red-Black tree routines (C++)
toollib        199431 ToolLib (1.13) by Paul Field - some functions written in C..
Tutorial       154438 The Newer, Better DeskLib Tutorial!
DLdebug         24272 DLdebug (ArcFS archive)
SpriteLib       18634 Simple library for sprites by Cy Booker
VGB.spk         87756 Source for the Portable Nintendo GameBoy Emulator
Spark008         8825 C source for Spark v0.08, by various artists.
indent          51283 Port of Unix C indenter
Vista08        695162 Vista v0.8 - Multi-threaded C++ Wimp class library
IMemLib         52566 IMemLib 0.2Beta - Integrated Memory manager Lib for C/C++
SOURCES_ZIP    847447 Desklib 2.30, Freeware Desktop C Lib. for RISC OS.  Part 8
STRONGHE_ZIP   161740 Desklib 2.30, Freeware Desktop C Lib. for RISC OS.  Part 7
OBJECTS_ZIP    264653 Desklib 2.30, Freeware Desktop C Lib. for RISC OS.  Part 6
EXAMPLES_ZIP   285959 Desklib 2.30, Freeware Desktop C Lib. for RISC OS.  Part 5
EASYCEGS_ZIP    23323 Desklib 2.30, Freeware Desktop C Lib. for RISC OS.  Part 4
DLLOBJS_ZIP    384013 Desklib 2.30, Freeware Desktop C Lib. for RISC OS.  Part 3
DLL_ZIP        129204 Desklib 2.30, Freeware Desktop C Lib. for RISC OS.  Part 2
CORE_ZIP       358038 Desklib 2.30, Freeware Desktop C Lib. for RISC OS.  Part 1
FilerWin        12058 Opens up windows for Printer, Null, Pipe etc.
LibShells.arc   10273 Application directory shells for C libraries
LibTIFF.spk    256346 LibTIFF - Acorn pre-installed version - Peter Greenham
LibTiff.dat    532141 tiff-v3.4beta024.tar.gz - Sam Leffler & Peter Greenham
NewCmnds         8192 Couple of new commands for RISC OS, add the to your library
GINGER            875 FUNNY PATTERNS....
armul-1.0.     417792 C source code of the ARM6 emulator
nuke/c           5016 nuke.c - the infamous unix program ..
WindowXtra        132 is_window_open function for DeskLibn
MetricH          2856 Metric Definitions for ANSI C
DLC              2333 Machine & Dir DeskLib extras
GregSeries       2962 Uses Gregories series to calculate pi.  With C Source
DeskLib214     760171 DeskLib 2.14
DL214Patch       2130 Patch serious bug in DeskLib ver 2.14 - re. Wimp_ProcessKey
flash-C          5198 Some unix C source.. see LD
IOCCC94.ZIP     77743 1994 IOCC Winners (Int. Obfuscatated C Code Contest).
AdaDesc.txt      1892 Description of Ada for RISCOS release 2, by Peter Burwood
AdaEd_R2.arc   872621 Ada for RISC OS. Release 2, by Peter Burwood
f2c-arc        248441 !F2C v0.03 Fortran to C or C++ converter
DKBRay         554112 DKB Ray Tracer
DKBSOURCE      229632 BKB Ray Tracer C Source Code
S_Galaxy        28928 Graphical Simulation Of Spiral Galaxies
TabDbox         55636 Tabbed Dialogue Boxes (0.80 beta) - after Excel 5.00!!
DeskLib210     678864 DeskLib v2.10
AND127_ARC      31496 GNU C++ prog with to un-set bit-8 on text files
AdHoc.arc       47667 Demo of my C library
SimultMatr       7407 Solves any number of simultaneous linear equations
GCCAsmPtch      21932 A patch for GNU C/C++ extended asm statements
MakeProtot      14719 C function prototyper
Quick-C         18235 A PD make utility
gcc245.arc     1781271 gcc 2.4.5 (originally downloaded from HENSA)
timslib        132428 Timslib 2.00 (C library)
ncd             16665 "Near Change Directory"
ac203           18059 Archimedes Accounting v2.03 : New RISC OS 3 version
TIFFLib100     147955 TIFF application library for C
ADA_2          521596 NYU GNU ADA for Unix Systems - Part 2
ADA_1          481101 NYU GNU ADA for Unix systems Part 1
C_Operator        383 Compression version of a short list of a few c operators.
candid            434 Exam result grader 
QuickC.arc      18205 QuickC
PopUps.arc     123227 Popups library
DeskLib.arc    385699 Desklib 2.05
Curses011.arc  202694 Curses UNIX screen library clones
syncol           8787 C/C++ syntax colouring
CComp           13479 C Compiler Front End
nih.tar        3620864 NIH Class library
easter           6090 calculate the date of easter
Obbt            59546 Ordered Balanced Binary Tree utilities for C
ctutor.arc     151409 C tutorial with examples
vh-14.tar.Z     66879 sources for hypertext reader for the Jargon File
Arabicarc        2729 Converts Roman numerals to Arabic numbers
CubeOf           1516 Calculate the cube of 1 to 999
UnixtimeSK       1557 Utility to convert current time to Unix time format
squeeze         31102 squeeze and unsqueeze progs
TimsLib        113499 Source for use with DESKLIB Wimp C Programming Library
glazsrc        179396 Glazier Source (C)
Inter_demo      49091 Interface demo complete with C source code
Options         46742 !Options for Copy, Count and Wipe now written in C.
InterfaceH       2560 Interface.h file for the MOD
backthrow        9253 Feeds output windows from DDE tools to throwback module
Obscure          4079 A fun piece of C code!
jpegv4src      495951 JPEG release 4 10-Dec-92 'C' source code
RCS4.arc       256833 Revision Control System v4
!Message        23764 Message for running programs from Alarm, Godders Ware
Pari2_arc      556776 Archimedes port of GP/PARI v1.36. Sources.
Pari1_arc      530105 Archimedes port of GP/PARI v1.36. Exes & docs.
GustavUtils.arc175959 Assorted C utilities by Gustav
PtC11.arc      415328 Converts Pascal to C (v1.1)
SYSVARS         39936 system variable disples
GS-Extra       163080 C Source files for GhostScript
GS-Source      543793 C Source files for GhostScript
AMFtable        17152 Simplifies drawing of tables with !Draw
fink.c           2896 follows #include path
hmodem.ARC     105715 hmodem PC sources. Someone might try to implement it
Ka9qSource     336752 KA9Q source code
DeskF77         13764 Fortran DDE front end
jprota_arc       7734 A program to rotate a sprite. don't work properly..
Long_Pi          3225 Calculate Pi to x places
SmallC          15658 Run Desktop C from 1 floppy.
ROLib_msg       48404 Comments on Risc_OSLib
ulib           368577 UnixLib v3.6a (9/2/1992)
strings          2503 Displays strings in any file.
Cclock2         24447 Smaller version of C clock.
Cclock          37822 Post-crash copy of the C clock
BRIDGE           6505 
NewLib          92893 Alternative Risc-OS interface library - not for beginners.
sml.arc        281338 Standard ML language
reverse           201 Reverse characters in character string
itoa              249 C Function to transfer integer to a character string
rules_arc        8548 Simple inference engine
ac_arc           8065 Unix 'ac' command
CalcIcon         2156 Counts the number of icons in a window (source+obj+hdr)
TileArc        263762 TILE Forth V2.1
lucifer          6394 IBM's lucifer file encryption C source
C_Front           427 Sprite file for !C_FrontA
C-tutorial     148166 A good C tutorial with examples. 1st Word + files
SmallHello       1819 A very small hello world program
FREEZE          54661  A Archimeded conversion of a Un*x compression program
dhry_arc        15662 Dhrystone benchmark in C.
C3,66Info        4507 Changes to CLib for version 3.66 (text file)
armconds         2027 C program; prints tables of ARM psr flags
cbat_arc          862 A simple batch file to complie C programs
ICONCOUN_arc     3542 Short routine to count Icons in a window.
WIMPLIB_arc     37510 Replacement Wimp library for 'C' programmers.
CFiles_arc      12042 3 Misc "C" text files
Trace           41817 Trace Utility
C_Profiler      19874 A program to give run-time performance stats for C

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