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Acorn 32-bit graphics (41)

Filename       Length Short description

RPcGraphCd      68417 ViewFinder Graphics Card for RPC 1600 x 1200 82Hz 16M      54747 !JPEGTrans 1.16; frontend with jpegtrans; need v2 !WBModules
DGfort/zip       9671 DrawGen examples in Fortran77.
DGcprs/zip      38722 DrawGen examples in C - assumes current Acorn C Compiler.
DGbas/zip        4247 DrawGen examples in BASIC -  a general overview of features.
DGMan/zip       29441 DrawGen HTML Manual
DrGen/zip       25991 DrawGen v1.22 by Jim Lesurf - Drawfile programming utility
BeebScreen      14732 Convert BBC screens to Arc sprites and back again.
batch138        75185 Version 1.38 of FSI_Batch
Tanguy2        990719 An ARCFS2 Archive containing Tanguy2 by Kieran Simkin
GalacticaC     1154356 The closing sequence from Battlestar Galactica (Replay)
GalacticaO     3503493 Battlestar Galactica opening sequence (replay format)
burn_ff8         8300 Burn from Peter Tecichmann
julia            4340 Julia from Peter Tecichmann
F15.ZIP        102535 Cool raytraced sprite. Downlad now and use as a backdrop!
sprite/zip       7331 TMaze - an attractive textured maze backdrop tile
j2s/zip          5142 Jpeg2Spr command-line JPEG to Sprite converter uses new SWIs
sascha.arc      30457 Sascha v2.05 - Converts Sprites to ASCII (incl. 32k/16m col)
RosieJim       492064 ArcFS of Scanned Sprites (For the kids - rosie and jim)
InterGif5       32444 InterGif v5.01 - Latest! (10-Feb-97) - Creates Animated GIFs
Upload          18940 
TxtreBDrop     168980 Archive of 21 Lurvely Texture/picture backdrops...
Translate        6138 Artworks Translate module v1.01
Beethoven.ZIP   82889 WaveFront eg. OBJ file. Use !3Dto3d to turn it into VRML
3Dto3Dupg1.ZIP 108921 upgrade 1 for !3Dto3D.ZIP (fixed VRML Coordinate3 bug)
3Dto3D.ZIP     145464 3D to 3D raytracer/modeller script conversation utilty
XmasASCII       23776 ASCII art - All Xmas Related... Feeling Christmassy yet? ;)
JwellChch       63212 mode21 raytraced design for modern church building
engcactus       10349 raytraced wildwest loco on desert.
EasyView        11344 EasyView v1.06 - Viewer for JPEG/Sprite/Draw files..
Sub_col/ar       3195 Artworks diagram of subtractive colour 
PS_Icon/zi       3177 Artworks image of the PostScrip trade mark
ForthBr         32427 4 frames of a raytraced animation
imagen/zip      51463 My Image Map creator, version 1.39
tyla             7525 Tyla creates random background tiles
drawmf13.arc    38912 Draw->WMF 1.3 by Keith Sloan. Converts Draw to WMF flies.
BackTexs        60612 Texture Sprites for desktop
text2rpc        28370 Convert text to a sprite by Cy Booker
sprindex        23310 Tiles lots of sprites together by Cy Booker
sprcaption      13592 Glue two sprites together by Cy Booker
sprborder       19393 Add a border to a sprite by Cy Booker
TAG2_a_arc     342056 Some early TAG2 screen shots of various models.
Image          398668 24 BIT IMAGE PROCESSOR 3.1 RPC COMPATABLE
GtBritain       56604 Sprite - outline of Great Britain
gamma           58811 Gamma correction for the RiscPC
Navy1814        37671 AW file including scans of woodcuts of Napoleonic era
GrafikDSign    112358 2 Drawfiles.. Salvador Dali (perplexed) & Xterminate
wmfdraw18a      39936 !WMF->draw 1.8A by Keith Sloan. Convert WinMetafile to Draw
netpbm.arc     605315 Risc OS NetPBM Port
randjpeg        26506 Convert JPEG to 256 colour sprite by Cy Booker v1.00
gif2rpc102     164015 Convert GIF to sprite by Cy Booker v1.02
PockBook          687 Pocket book II icon
DiscTree         8960 Sprite fun graphic of disc tree
MetaConv        54791 MetaConv is a Demo of a Windows MetaFile (.WMF) converter
Sprites         81560 Sprites
Lithoffset      50652 Artworks file - Schematic diagram of Litho offset printing
Textures       263040 A collection of 31 texture sprites, for use as backdrops..
Jambore          2516 A draw file of the logo for the 18th World Jamboree 1995
Backdrop       877904 Pinboard textures
Bowling         32641 Bowling score!
BRsignals      694141 BR_Signals
Images         343925 Images
Phoenix         55808 Artworks design of A Pop Will Eat Itself T-shirt
OpIllusion     190400 Optical Illusion ArtWorks file by JEM - James M. 1995!
VanDriessn      86324 ArtWorks picture of MrVanDrissen from Beavis & Butt-Head...
Stewart         84832 ArtWorks picture of Stewart from Beavis & Butt-Head..
File_fff         1792 Some icons i made while i was bored
Icons/arc       32032 Some weird new ToolSprites, plus some disc icons
Voyeger9        55604 Voyeger Warp eng in position
Voyeger8        53902 Voyeger Sprite warp eng on
Voyeger7        64111 Voyeger Sprite round M class closer
Voyeger6        72805 Voyeger Sprite round M class
Voyeger5        70099 Voyeger Sprite Round M class 
Voyeger4        83911 Voyeger Sprite Eclips
Voyeger3        74234 Voyeger Sprite ice moon
Voyeger2        76246 Voyeger Sprite in mist
Voyeger1        63412 Voyeger Sprite round sun
BVW75_rear      20060 DrawPlus file. Rear panel connections for video recorder.
YorkRose       286152 ArtWorks file of a Yorkshire Rose
Skull          207544 drawing of the skull - b+w sprite
Lung           207544 drawing of the lungs - b+w sprite
EyeHum         207544 anatomy of the human eye - b+w sprite
Brain          104128 lateral view of the brain - b+w sprite
Back           148716 anatomy of the back - b+w sprite
Arm4           204664 anatomy of the upper arm (back) - b+w sprite
Arm3           200344 anatomy of the upper arm (front) - b+w sprite
Arm2           139060 anatomy of the arm (back) - b+w sprite
Arm1           115672 anatomy of the lower arm (front) - b+w sprite
Worried         12731 A very worried cartoon cat...
UNHAPPY         12876 An unhappy cat
HAPPY?          10960 A happy garfield
WIN95PICS      114094 Pics of Windows 95 on Risc Pc
saxophone        7904 Draw file pic of a saxophone
OBELIXPIC       13937 Sprite File of Obelix from Asterix By James Petterson
GETAFIX         13468 Sprite File of Getafix By James Petterson
MAGGIE          11765 Maggie from The Simpsons Sprite File By James Petterson
LISA+MAGGI      17080 Sprite File of Lisa and Maggie By James Petterson
HOMER+MARG      18873 Sprite file of Homer and Marge By James Petterson
BARTPIC         19428 Bart Simpson Sprite By James Petterson
QLEAP           12681 Quantum Leap backdrop made with !Emboss
Harriers       137398 Two pictures of harriers
1007            13312 page from the RO2 prm-drawfile by chris meighan
O_Symbols       80534 Orienteering IOF symbols in Artworks form
Colourpik        1024 basic by chris meighan, choose colours for in assembler,etc.
GNVQlogo         5956 The GNVQ logo.
Lamps in Love   82944 Drawfile of some lamps-UL by Chris Meighan #1249
STV_Crew        37620 StarTrek: Voyager Crew Photo
err_inside       5608 The new Pentium logo
RoyalGala      343113 Some images grabbed from the VE day Royal Gala (ITV).
ORIX_ARC        37946 Photo - Arabian Orix
GIRAFFE_AR      29846 Photo of a Giraffe
Title           14309  Puts animated captions on videos, Author: Tom Box   Version
island          81920 island-sprite of an island in the sea
Voygr_Info      84468 Star Trek: Voyager info/pics
Erk!2           79801 Another in the Piers/Warhol range
Erk!1           79837 Part of the Piers/Warhol Erk!wear collection.
BigErk!        182983 Piers immortalised in art.
exxonlogo        1920 logo of exxon chemical olefins, inc.
Arghhhhhh!      42838 This is a demo of what can happen if you BBS too much. :-(
Erk!Warhol      78163 A Warhol type screen of Piers.
YelloRain       15766 A bit of art by Mart.
ChiliWolf      156480 A Wolf howling at a Chillie Pepper - a la moon.
DM_Bill         41144 Daniel Mitchell's Phone Bill - You thought yours was bad?    69955 Amazing new graphic (BMP) of an eye. Very real.SCARY! 256col
InFlames         7578 A bit of art by Mart.
MacDrops        81955 Some backdrops (stolen from the Mac)
GAS            223288 A PICTURE OF A GAS RIG.
HOUSE            3088 /
HEAD             5028 
Picard          36608 3 sprites of young Patrick Stewart
Trek_Insig       3680 Star Trek Officers' rank Insignia in Drawfile format
AngelFish       68364 Draw file of an angel fish (very complicated)
Images         199228 A few images of the budgies of BudgieSoft etc... View archiv
Ponders          6600 A bit of art from Mart.
PhoneBill      159405 This is my big phonebill in colour, bigger, archived...
Mars            41285 Eeek! Weeeiiirrrddd!  This is nature! See long descr.
Gun             25516 Atmospheric piccy of a gun in my video (see long descr.)
Spr22Yawn       15451 Yet more iconsprites I use with DDD
Friends         13984 A bit of art by Mart.
40mmGrenade    132984 Cutaway pic of a grenade
ColtComando     46300 Scanned sprite of M16 carbine
SimberCub      232888 Sprite of Simber as Cub From the Lion King
Simber          67960 Sprite of Simber from the Lion King
TearDrop        13826 A little bit of art by Mart.
TheLamp         77968 An Artworks pic of an anglepoise lamp. By Nick Jones (roon)!
Cello           13008 CELLO
PhoneBill       80056 Phone Bill.... See long description.
Phoenix         23966 A bit of art from Mart.
A4-60009       632108 A4 class steam loco. scan in !draw. from a painting.
Fetal           12464 A little bit of art by Mart.
Cindy            3668 Cindy Crawford - !App-Lett
ColQbs           2268 CColour cube rendering programs.  by L.A.Smith (original DAC
Troll           75425 Some 24bit Trolls
!Sprites          736 Good new !Server sprites
Ryder          239248 Artworks file of Winona Ryder
BlundStn       138303 Brilliant sprite of BlundStone Boot 'Alice & Rabbit' advert.
INTELSTV        25216 !Squashed sprite of Intelsat V (Colour)
Photo           14308 What to do when your photocopier breakes down - Flow diagram
Carey           30389 Artworks file of Mariah Carey
Genesis        156731 Artworks file of Genesis
ChessB+P        20740 Chess board and pieces
MouseTrap        3051 Drawfile of a trapped mouse
Badgers         66041 Scanned image of two badgers
DrWho PF       271486 A few 16bpp pics of the Doctor and Crew.
Apollo         409413 Apollo hovering over earth. Sparked Sprite. 32K colours.
MXMS            17862 Merry Christmas logo, (drawfile) written in holly.
Techie          10326 understanding the technology - terry blunt
TIGER_ARC       22617 Tiger. Scanned photo. 16 Grey scale
SEALIO_ARC      24752 Californian Sealion. Scanned photo. 16 Grey scale
RHINO_ARC       49909 White Rhino. Scanned photo. 16 Grey scale
OWL_ARC         33696 Eagle Owl. Scanned photo. 16 Grey scale
COORDS            403 Matrix defenitions
FileTypes       58409 Lots of Filetype sprites
Beauty         128816 A real Beauty - Belle from Beauty & The Beast Mode28 Spr
Qm1               996 Favour... Please read longer description.
MDGRAPH         87711 Various drawfiles PLUS amazing 3d word manipulation! 
mechrock        22926 A really nice backdrop tile.
Witch            1748 Faces
Devil            1944 Faces
safesex2       199454 32 bpp pic of couple having VERY safe sex (not rude)
Tina           285181 32 bpp risc os sprite of Tina Turner
BellyDance     291580 ArtWorks file of a belly dancer (quite sexy!)
WmMorrisBD      10780 A William Morris backdrop
Shepherds       11444 Xmas Card draw file by me #1026 Gerry Turpin
ALFAS          199542 Alphas racing at Mallory Park
policew         11992 Draw file of a policewoman in profile (by me)
poliman         10328 Draw file of policeman profile  (by me)
Engine1          8819 Funny Drawfile of an Engine(Squashed)
Marilyn        148796 ArtWorks file of Marilyn Monroe converted from CDR format.
ColourPics     257828 An example of a picture taken using ColourDigi
ColourDigi      83767 Colour pictures from greyscale digitiser Martin Angove v1
AntiStatic       1648 Antistatic Symbol (Static Sensitive Devices)
Flyer           33035 Prelim design for a rave flyer (artworks format)
reptile1       145286 High Quality Sprites of Reptiles
Releaf          61270 Quick logo..
moo              5245 A moo cow
CHICKEN          1982 The Arcade pet chicken.
ChickenBac      12345 To be added!
sheeeeep        36298 Future arcade logo? ;-)
T5              12588 A new backdrop tile for the RPC!
Icons256       190336 256-colour iconsprites - ideal for Risc PCs.
Doggys2        288979 
Dinosaur       298073 High Quality Clipart of Dinosaurs
inspire         81918 Zip Draw - Cartoon
RS200           84728 Ford RS200
RS-Orion       264476 Lovely Ford Orion Conversion
MiniCoswth     107932 An ArtWorks example of a Mini 'Cosworth' that I designed.
Everard          7100 Everard Edbutt (cartoon character)
EscCoswth2     163320 Ford Escort Cosworth
Clint           31512 Clint Eastwood
Arnie           46872 Arnold Schwartzinburger in T2
1967-RAC        70832 1967 RS 1800 (Ford) in RAC Rally in same year
manycats       234815 High Quality Sprites of Pussy Cats
manybird       392306 High Quality Sprites of many Birds
Simpsons        35568 The Simpsons Draw Files. Download NOW or Eat My Shorts.!
RAFCrestC       49038 RAF Crest Sprite
Aviation3       15645 Another collection of aircraft pictures
aviation2       11377 More Aircraft drawfiles
aviation1       10694 SELECTION of Aircraft Draw files (sparked)
Probe          599364 FLI Animation of a Starprobe launch
Porsche        561764 FLI Animation of a Porschee
Brook          702020 Fli Animation of Miss Shields and...something
SR-71           95476 FLI Animation of an SR-71 blackbird
rsgb-logo         980 RSGB LOGO
PalMakr115      44379 Utility for optimising palette with CC/G8 colour card
enterpri.mpg   740175 MPEG film of Starship Enterprise
RDLogo           7936 Sprite of local radio station logo
font module     49024 Acorns new font module
MakePCX         58217 Make PCX files from Sprite files
ArcadeMan       86204 Mode 28 Sprite file of Arcade's sysop taken at Harrogate
Fractal_109    303360 Fractal 1.09 From AFG / Mike Curnow. THE FRACTAL GENERATOR
MindImgEx      591003 Mind Images stereogram viewer with LOTS of examples
Ansi-bbs        15164 Ansi screens designed for BBs by Violet in USA
PowerBar         9728 Data Power toolbox  Version 0.1 .... Fully working ?
TakeFive        19213 Version 1.00 by G Boden. Grabs pics from Watford Vid.Dig.
all_mine        60006 My old backdrop sprite - what an artist ;)
RiscPC_Logo      4648 2D Risc PC logo
win31_b          9766 Windows 3.1 Icons (Part b)
win31_a         10555 Windows 3.1 - Icons (Sprite File)
BBsCrash!      154582 Digitised Picture of ArcTic BBs + Sysop (Mode 21 Sprite)
EditPal         30592 Mike Curnow, Editpal 1.02 is a 256 colour palette editor.
TimesAd         31532 *THE* Acorn Times advert...
ACORNMAC2      147933 Nice Sprite File of A5000 (256 Greyscale scan from MAC)
SysIcons        34941 general desktop icons (filers etc) in zip archive
ro3Tools         4181 tool sprites for ro3, in zip archive
FileTypes       46825 many filetype icons in zip archive
LightSymbs.arc  14878 Stage Lighting Symbols by K.MacGillivray
ASCIIVol2       10105 A second volume of ASCII pictures.
Tcif             6442 Thank Crunchi Its Friday!
!icons94        10347 Latest version of my iconsprites - superb!
Dragster       217448 Dragster PhotoCd image
Logo             8166 Logo for Gamewriter's forum
Bottom1         35439 The Bottom Inspectors - Viz (Sprite)
BigVern         41155 Big Vern - Viz (Sprite)
Landscape       44993 2 Sprites of a "Fractal" landscape
Pic3           125919 Same as others
Pic2            84452 Artwork from Tod Art
Pic1           124170 Artwork from Tod Art
BitView         68599 Colourcard picture viewr. v.1.03. Author: Juan Salas
AnimWowpix      77566 An animated Wowpix for use with !Player
Mode80            196 New WIMP mode - needed for the WowPix I uploaded earlier
WowPiccies      46132 More autostereograms for your backdrop!
Backdrop         6975 An autostereogram for your pinboard! :-)
UnderArcD       68942 London Underground Drawfile
Juliana         20630 Fractals! Outlines controllable with mouse...
wowpix050       35242 Version 0.50 of the great autostereogram creator.
dino22          13230 dino pic
AIM300_arc.arc 493358 AIM version 3.00 -- Heavy Duty Image Processing.
PixelPal.arc    16117 Neat little app to show possible shades in 4bpp Desktops.
FliPlay         14104 Player for FLI files (PC AutoDesk Animator files)
BigBStudio     104952 Screen shot sprite of Big Breakfast studio (Mode 15)
AlmIcons         4310 TV Icons for Almanac
X-fs5          102856 XMAS Card using FS5 screen grab.
Kitchener       21757 Black & White of Kitchener Pointing - "Britain needs you"
3dstuff         97012 Red/Green stereoscopic images.
stereogram      82929 Stereogram generator (from Hensa?)
Big_Girl       101324 Mode21 Sprite file of a nice girl with a chest problem!:-)
Unicorn          1888 Unicorn for coat of Arms
SheildsB        28314 Four sheilds for Heraldry
Sedent           4387 For coat of Arms
ScotCrest        4579 Scottish Crest for Coat of Arms
Rampant          3280 Lion Rampant for coat of Arms
Passant          7506 Another Lion for coat of Arms
Lion             2563 Lion for coat of arms
Eagle            3184 Eagle for coat of arms
Dragon           2643 Dragon for coat of arms
Dolphin          1032 Dolphin for coat of arms
Couchant         5442 Lion for coat of Arms
CoatOfArms      18008 Draw file of coat of arms (another)
Arms           111058 DRAW FILE OF COAT OF ARMS
AEHSprites      72225 Hi Res icons to compliment !NewLook
fractal        142128 fractal compression source code
chess2          99446 POV Ray 8bpp image of a chess board
Stoney           2298 Everything is going Stoney!! For NewLook really.
Magrathea       36391 Nice sprite of a landscape, computer generated.
!Icons           5364 New IconSprites for various apps.
AcornPOV        64320 Acorn Logo rendered by POV ray.
Ent-arc         24465 A cutout and build model of the Enterprise
ModHeli.arm    1259054 Replay File
Clock-arc      101004 Pocketwatch - 320x256 - 'traced by PoV2
ARMPower2         454 ARM Powered logo...
Becca15arc      28018 Mode 15 scan of the female in my life..
DiscWorld         467 Turn your harddisc into a DiscWorld drive
TOOL_ARC         2112 My oh-so superb tool sprites(lo-res)
ROM_ARC           621 lo-res Rom Apps icon like the hi-res icon <gasp>
Ionic5_Arc     180190 Ionic5 - 320x256 - 'traced by PoV2.0
Alien_ARC       28755 Hi-res pic of Alien and horsey thing. Siloutted.
Them!          122993 Them! - 320x256 - 'traced by PoV1
CTscans         60558 A couple of slices through a body. (Sprites)
Romo           141056 Fertility symbol (?) - 320x256 - 'traced by PoV2
Crystal         62752 Crystal ball - 320x256 - PoV1
Red Dwarf!       2145 Red Dwarf logo in Draw format
Red Dwarf        4500 Red Dwarf logo in ArtWorks format
KingT_ARC       19371 High res pic of Golden Oldie King Tut (arc'd)
Mouse            3051 Computer & Mouse
Kell23          35641 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell22          65756 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell21          80481 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell20          67042 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell19          73868 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell18          72435 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell17          39663 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell16          50238 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell15          83469 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell14          71933 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell13          39065 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell12          48513 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell11          43660 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell10          83328 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell9           25579 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell8           41408 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell7           74640 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell6           73432 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell5           38334 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell4           60461 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell3           55225 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell2           39461 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
Kell1           71139 Celtic Images (ARCed Mode 21 Sprites)
stuff_arc      240801 24 Misc DRAW files
Comp_arc         9711 3 Computer related DRAW files
armr_arc        25198 B&W pic of some powered armour from Rifts RPG
arm3+fpu        43653 Simtec's solution of an ARM3 + FPU upgrade
hccsP44         36763 the smallest SCSI for Acorn machines, I've jet seen
???             32752 a funny person I met in Holland last weekend.
TriBar         138544 Escher's impossible Tri-Bar raytraced by PoV 1
Jurasic          2260 Sprite of Jurasic Park logo.
Planets          3768 The Planetary Signs
JOANNE86       157562 Compressed Sprite of Joanne from the Human League
Girls83        147725 Compressed sprite of the Human League Girls
CarryOn         79521 Compressed digitised sprite from 'Carry On Doctor'
Sally          244865 Sally Gunnel at Stuttgart athletics
Linford        215926 Linford Christie at Stuttgart athletics
Eclips_pic       2292 An ASCII Girl
KATIE           50167 Pinapple Piccie
Whales_arc       2097 Draw file
Waterski         1100 Draw file
Tiger_arc        9452 Draw file
Theatre_ar       2382 Draw file
Skater_arc        977 Draw File
Runner_arc       1723 Draw file
Run2             1940 Draw file
RowingArc        1022 Draw file
People2Arc       1190 Draw file
People1Arc       1660 Draw file
ParachutAr       1055 Draw file
Male13Arc        2284 Draw file
Male12Arc         577 Draw file
Male11Arc         994 Draw file
Male10Arc        1198 Draw filw
Male08Arc        1782 Draw file
Male07Arc        1712 Draw file
Male06Arc        6618 Draw file
Male05Arc       14310 Draw file
Male04Arc        8912 Draw file
Male03Arc        3019 Draw file
Male02Arc        4579 Draw file
Male01Arc        6585 Draw file
LibertyArc      12656 Draw file
IceHockeyA       1866 Draw file
HydroLiftA      12521 Draw file
HandShakeA       4102 Draw file
GirlArc         26360 Draw file
FootballAr       1177 
FishArc          2874 Draw file
Female15Ar       1148 Draw file
Female14Ar       1337 Draw file
Female13Ar       2122 Draw file
Female12Ar       3049 Draw file
Female11Ar       3172 Draw file
Female10Ar       3501 Draw file
Female09Ar       1594 Draw file
Female08Ar       8347 Draw file
Female07Ar       9861 Draw file
Female06Ar       2466 Draw file
Female05Ar       3621 Draw file
Female04Ar       1687 Draw file
Female02Ar       2033 dRAW FILE
FKStrip         11790 Artworks Function Key Strip
JView           64487 Fast JPEG viewer
Female01Ar      13074 drawfile
FamilyArc        3706 drawfile
EyeArc          16440 drawfile
EagleArc        12458 drawfile
Child02Arc       2277 Drawfile
Child01Arc       1216 Drawfile
BobsleiArc       1256 Drawfile
Adjani         116812 Isabelle Adjani & Klaus Kinski
Muttley          5053 Muttley from Catch the Pidgeon Draw File
Clueso           4026 Inspector Clueso Draw file
Dastardly        4515 Dick Dastardly draw file
NCC-2000        16092 The Excelcia (NCC 2000) in Flight
SpaceDock       57880 NCC 1701-A within Space Dock
ExcelShock      80568 Excelcia (NCC 2000) revovering from Plasma Shock
EnterFight      19328 NCC 1701-A in Flight
Destroy         47064 NCC 1701-A + NCC 2000 beating Klingon Bird of Prey
FLINTS_ARC      63058 Fred & Wilma - Lovey Dovey! Draw file
EnterFire       30252 NCC 1701-A Firing a Photon Torpedo
WarpSpeed       33995 NCC 1701-A Entering Warp Speed
DirectHit       16815 NCC 1701-A Recieiving a direct hit by photon torpido
Stork           50992 Never Give 
JurasPark        8296 Logo to Jurassic Park
Vikswords       17476 Sprite file of Viking swords
VikHelmets      10267 Draw file of viking helemets
Helmets         32956 NORMAN helmets
HelmetAW        12128 Draw file of helmet from suit of armour
Armour          27389 DRAW file of suit of armour
CLOUGHIE         7149 A cartoon of the one and only Brian Clough
PSION2_ARC       3679 Sprites of Psion LZ
WBIX_ARC        13816 a weetabix man
SCOOB_ARC        5322 A pretty cool dude! colour draw file
PPANTH_ARC      11151 The coolest dude in the world! (draw file)
CBEAR_ARC        9515 A cuddly care bear - draw file
Ent_Frnt_A      23956 Enerprise Outboard Front View
FastLine        25471 Shareware *fast* line drawer - mode 13/15
Ent_Top         19380 Enterprise (Outboard Top View)
Chalice         36622 A luverly Illusionist rendered chalice.
Enter_A         25457 Enterprise (Outboard Profile)
bubbles        121896 Artworks viewer demo piccy
PopPiers        12492 Interesting coloured multiple Piers picture
3_1Modes         3228 Reads mode descriptions from RO3.11 (and 3.10?) ROMs
UniMode        175930 Screen mode designer.  Version 1.70.
ArcJPEG112R-arc151412 CJPEG/DJPEG + front-end by Andrew Sellors, v1.12R
ScrGrabArc       1876 Screen Grabber Module
Drawbridge      21361 Draw file of a drawbridge
Drawbrid2       25534 Sprite file of a drawbridge
Castle          20953 Another Draw file of a castle
BEAUMARIS       29658 Draw file of a Castle
Approach2       16415 Draw file of another Castle approach
Approach        14523 Draw file of Castle approach
Forebuild       22131 Arc'd Sprite file of part of Castle
World21        747006 A nice spinning World in mode 21
World15        433953 A nice spinning World in mode 15
ART5_arc        12272 Misc Art (Sprites) No.5
ART4_arc        14930 Misc Art (Sprites) No.4
ART3_arc        10465 Misc Art (Sprites) No.3
ART2_arc        51879 Misc Art (Draw files) No.2
ART1_arc       142884 Misc Art (Sprites) No.1
Scouts          77417 Draw and Sprite files concerned with Scouting
41ClubLogo       7123 Draw file logo of Ex-Round Tablers Clubs
icons            1536 New Icons
TPOT             2176 T-POT
PalMake113      35529 Best 256 colourpalette for G8/CC colourcards
Rabbit          49843 Peter Rabbit - sprite
engine2         38879 rail engine
clip2           32189 Computer Clip art
Screen         171717 Screens for My World Education package
Thunbirds       78724 Another couple of T-Birds pics
Tbirds2         93156 Digitised Thunderbird pics (mode 12 or 15)
various        168692 Various Draw & Paint Files
ClearView       45822 Great CLEAR file viewer for CC Colour Card
process        112640 Process - sprite editor and image manipulator - impressive!
hypercube       14912 A pair of Artworks pictures
Films          226298 4 films for use with Emmet Spier's !Player program
MDisplay        14061 Multi-scan picture viewer - see long desc.
awpics         297819 ArtWorks pictures, from Durham
AcornLogo       15057 A very nice hires sprite of the Acorn logo.
Garfield.arm     3223 The cat at a party (I think)
BIDET            4660 Clip Art - BirthDay card (DrawFile)
Projector       19065 !Projector movie viewer (v1.15)
StarWarsA       59038 Millenium Falcon escaping from the Empire (!Projector film)
4Trekkers      203448 Another awesomely large Star Trek sprite...very good tho'
TopicArt9       29518 Example Topic Art Disc 9
MoreBD_Arc      44918 10 more backdrops...wonder where they came from :-)
Leaves_Arc       5758 Nice Autumny Backdrop (tile)
Terminator     259145 A rather mean looking Arnie...
Layers          29051 !SQUASHed Draw+ file - needs Draw+ 2.20 or better
Trekkers_A     120096 Nice arty sprite of 1960's Kirk/Spock/McKoy
NG_Enterpr      90718 The USS Enterprise - Next Generation.
MindImage       82085 Brain-teasing illusions.
EdsWind4        11018 More Toolsprites - Quite good these ones.
NCC1701-D       12882 NCC1701-D Draw file
spinespr        17392 Lateral view of Human Spine (Sprite file) V.Clear
20thFox        100278 Mode 21 Sprite of 20th Century-Fox trademark
AWV-arc        138107 C.C Art Works Picture Viewer
FrankLyonnet.arc365894 Three JPEG-related programs.
F16.mpg         61772 Sample MPEG movie file.
MPEG201.arc    301859 MPEG player v2.0.1
Stoney3          6212 Two more stoney desktop backdrops
UKJ             15668 Arc Sprite of UKJ
Calvin          16987 Arc Sprite of Calvin
Stoney2          6549 More stoney desktop backdrops
modeconv         3795 Convert to/from BBC/Arc screens
Boot256           686 Alternative Boot sprite in 256 Colours
ships            7423 Mode 15 picture of two sailing ships at sunset
yoda_bmp       347648 Sparc'd picture of Yoda from Star Wars
gulls           78696 Mode 21 Picture of Seagulls
cassette          890 Drawfile cassette inlay
amp             10225 Drawfile of Audio Amplifier
shuttle         23009 Drawfile picture of the Shuttle
SafeSex         24042 Draw file of some good advice
Tool12arc        2210 3D Icons for your windows in Mode 12
scanned1       295150 Scans of Bart Simpson and Iron Maiden logo
Sunflowers      48668 Sunflowers sprite
MCL_SPIN_ace   204339 ACE film: Spinning Mercury logo
PUDSEY           2130 Mode 13 Pudsey Bear (Sparked)
planets        420085 Hi-res pictures of outer planets from NASA Voyager probe
ci              28032 arced spritefile of a pretty girl(b/w)
OBELIX          12136 This is a sprite file in CFS format of Obelix the cartoon 
PHOTOSYN        21853 Drawfiles of photosynthesis
CO2              1082 Drawfile of CO2 molecule
BEAUTY          72626 My Dog
3dicons         17103 Nice 3D toolsprites/icons
Cartoons        59008 Cartoons. Fred Flint, Simpsons, Sonic
djpegarc        47298 !DJPEG application by BASS and me
Nige-28        124753 Nice Mode 28 Sprite of Nigel Mansel at the wheel
Palm-28        136623 Nice Mode 28 Sprite of a palm beach sceen...
Castle-28      132739 Nice Mode 28 Sprite of a "Snow White" type castle
Bird-21        118994 Nice Mode 21 Sprite of a kingfisher
BFly-21        133315 Nice Mode 21 Sprite of a butterfly
PC-AT           34304 PC-AT raytraced
pickard         15488 Pickard from STNG
CD_Inlays       18048 Draw Plus files that produce CD inserts for magazine discs
Plinth110       97437 Make decorative "plinth" effects, v1.10
Fractal029     301986 General fractal plotter v0.29 by Mike Curnow
CGHeloIJ        10725 A Draw file of a Coastguard SAR Helicopter 'India Juliet'
ArcTools        13105 Handy Arctools Sprites verry nice...
DomTools2        2487 Hi Res 3D window tools for RO3.X
Christmas?.arc  21572 A Spark 16 Draw file
Icons3D          3198 3D Window Icons/Scroll Bars for RiscOS 3.1 (Hi-Res)
GrSp>Ansi        2032 Convert Sprites to ANSI piccies, (good!)
A5_TO_A3         3375 Draw File for connecting A5000 screen to A3000
wessex         144871 Wessex heli
hurrican       145914 hurricane
harrier        137083 harrier GR3
fb111          137691 an fb111 landing
f16            140888 an f16 landing
chinook        120028 a chinook helicopter
MC_arc         173439 Martin from a suit!!!!!
Wingbeat        19477  A Film for use with !Projector
Arm_Arc         17309  A Film for use with !Projector
BasBits         21156  Some BASIC graphics progs 
Funky1         126310 ACE film of pretty girl 
Translator     105835 PD version of !Translatr (ver 6.36)
Creator         27837 PD version of !Creator (v1.02)
Fish13_Arc     189427 POVray Image file example
Earth_arc      261524 Mode 21 Sprite of the Earth from Space
frog            92762 A nice picture of a frog - compressed with !Spark
FT_arc          37799 Ray Traced fish in fish tank
marlene         48380 Sprite of Marlene Deitrich.
Marilyn         29358 Sprite of Marilyn Monroe.
Toady           30721 300 dpi Scan of a toad
RiscOS3Pic      12407 Nice new desktop Icons for a RISC OS 3.xx desktop
Icons-          13610 5 sets of desktop icons 
JR Logo          1164 Logo for JR Posters Ltd. An ace company, I can tell yee.
Dragonfly       26804 A Dragonfly sitting on top of a bean cane in my garden
Ajax            50921 A picture of my cat carrying a rabbit...
Me             109794 A picture of me on a Kart
RO2Banner        2257 RISC OS 2 Banner sprite.
MyDesktop       12851 A Mode 35 sprite of my Desktop :-)
Ship.cfs        31496 Ship over yellow planet
arcpic1         31872 Arced sprite of a pretty Home&Away girl
Fractal5        19084 !Fractal (V1.00) by Tijmen v Gulik
goes            11593 Latest GOES Hurricane Satellite Image
MarbleBall      59394 2 Sprites of a Modes 15 and 24
Tensile         25616 Boingy pattern in the desktop.
ResoIcons       29466 Allows implementation of !Sprites22/23 as in RISC OS 3
IconFilm_A       9597 Animated sprites in icon bar
from_LZW         2302 Converts LZW pics to Sprites
CareView        70508 A render bender animation, by D.P.Allen
Mr_T           176095 Thomas the Tank engine - at speed!, by D.P.Allen
sculpBlue      213288 Dancing cube and balls, by D.P.Allen
Planet         169531 A revolving green planet, by D.P.Allen
TimePiece       89915 An animated mantle clock, by D.P.Allen
Doodle          30151 Desktop drawing in 2 colours
22_Sprites      14426 3d Desktop Sprites for A5000
Reliant         22607 Reliant Draw File (Outboard Profile)
Cobbler         12381 Version 1.00 of !Cobbler
LB              70129 A Sparked Version of LisaBonet (to replace other)
Tiles            2425 Random tile generator. In basic. Not compressed.
Scape00          3583 3D Mbrot.
Frac08          24852 Full screen Mbot zoom in.
Frac07          35474 Full screen Mbrot zoom in.
Frac06          10383 Full screen Mbrot zoom in.
Frac05          16799 Full screen Mbrot Zoom in.
Frac04          11937 Full screen Mbrot Zoom in.
Frac03          20604 Full screen Mbrot zoom in.
Frac02          22983 Full screen Mbrot zoom in.
Frac01          29385 Full screen Mbrot zoom in.
EscherPics     109188 for Mike Harvey ..
Big_RMA          6949 Sprite (mode 20) of task display showing interesting glitch
i-mgIrlam2     119962 2 more Irlam Moving i-Mages
Drippy_arc      39847 !Drippy - A raytraced animated scene
i-mgIrlam1     130218 2 Irlam Moving i-Mages
Automate         3528 !Automate (V0.04) bt John Tytgat
Relativity      17530 Relativistic ray tracer
M4096_arc       12619 !Multi4096 by Norbert Loesing
SeaScape.cfs    48776 SeaScape (CFS compressed sprite)
Render_arc     108265 Three Sprites created using "Illusionist"
Player_arc      65650 !Player (V1.00) by J.Roling
CreatureArc     44257 Mode 21 Picture (SParked) "The Creature"
125             82690 A Sprite of a Intercity 125 train.
MikeSmith       45568 This is a bit vain but I wonder what others look like so...
EYE_TEST         9266 Office silly (Irish Eye Test)
ImageCAM        62228 Sprite of Camels at LongLeat
ExamDraw        12669 !ExamDraw by Paul LeBeau/4Mation
DOOK            59945 !Dook by Paul LeBeau/4Mation
ImageBIMP1      59068 CFS sprite of daughter via V800,Rombo and A5000.
ImageTIG        61536 CFS sprite of tiger via V800 camc,Rombo and A5000
Uni             34121 Sprite of BBC2s Open University logo.
ImageNAN        60738 CFS sprite of my mum via V800 camc & Rombo digitiser,A5000.
NCC1701         89410 Sparked (2.0) sprite of USS Enterprise
3DBrot          17330 A 3D Mandelbrot
DAFFY           31222 Daffy V's Alien
Io_arc         124005 Mode 21 Sprite of IO.
engineARC       40937 Railway engine - draw file
templeARC       60917 Draw file Greek temple 
NURSE           17115 DRAW FILE OF A NURSE
Fracpic         48706 A fullscreen mode 15 fractal landscape.
Ding             3417 Draw file of some 3D Dingbat Symbols
Poo              9315 Draw file of Garfield and some feet!
Beano           17467 2 Draw files of "Beano" characters
Monroe3         62462 And another Sprite of sexy Marilyn
Monroe2         37237 Another Sprite of Miss Monroe!
Monroe1         60569 A Sprite of Marilyn Monroe
SPRITES          1507 Yet more Mode 12 Desktop Sprites for your desktop
BBCMaster       44688 Scanned picture of a BBC Master
A3000           22283 A scanned B/W picture of a BBC A3000
Stryker-I       81052 Mode 15 digitised picture using Techno-I colour digitiser
Del-Boy         71819 Mode 21 Sprite of Del-Boy
gun_arc         21252 Draw file. Have a nice day
Chev_arc        21201 Drawfile a Chevvy
3DWaves          2045 3D Waves Simulation (basic)
AQUADEMO       133376 Raytraced Demo using PowerShade from Arxe Systems
3D              25065 !3D <Author Unknown> Alternative 3D set of desktop Icons
DrawShape       13184 Adds some useful shape functions to Draw.
glasstbl        48362 Mode 21 sprite of a glass table - produced by QRT
SploshArc       32764 Simple Art Package.
ChipNDale       28928 
CartnChrs       25463 Four cartoon characters
GARFIELD        35200 Draw file of IHateMon file
IhateMon        24857 Join garfield in the revelation
DMandel          7910 Desktop Fractal Generator.
StarClustr      14849 Digitised piccy of a starcluster.
BBC2_Logo       20997 A sprite of one of the BBC2 logos.
Mmouse           2614 Mickey mouse!
TOTALECL        39296 Mode 21 Sprite of Total eclipse of the Sun
SEAL_ARC        12562 Mode 15  sprite of a Seal
alloallo         9313 Nice mode 15 sprite file from 'allo'allo.
AAGUN           10619 AAGUN MODE 12
Scribble          410 Just draws a scribbly patterns on screen. Not compressed.
Flake             489 Flake is like the fern program only circular. Not compressed
DeskSprARC       4935 An alternative set of desktop sprites.
Reptiles_      231384 9 Sprites of various birds reptiles
Mammals_       204109 10 Sprites of various birds mammals
Birds          429262 19 Sprites of various birds (feathered)
Seaking          1931 Draw file outline of Seaking Helicopter
FastBrot2       10064 *VERY* capable Mandelbrot set.
julia            2180 julia set outline generator (inverse iteration method)
MoreSprite     245160 sprites
VARIOUS         40173 Nearly 500k of Mode13 ARC sprites....
Wave              697 An animated Biezer wave. (In BASIC).
WarriorArc      43679 A Mode15 sprite by Steven Nisbet - A warrior on horseback
Magus_arc       21264 A Mode15 sprite by B Adlington - A wizard, spellcasting
ElseWhereA     130627 A Mode21 sprite by Mike Williams - 3D fantasy shapes
New_Year         2944 Chinese New Year Message
Dragon_        129793 Mode 21 Sprite file of a colourful Dragon and lady
Boat_          382490 Nice Mode 21 Sprite of a weird sailing Ship
FemFace         74094 Nice Mode 15 Sprite of lady's face in profile
Elite_          81062 Nice Mode 15 Sprite of a sceen from Elite!
Cheetah_        98625 Nice Mode 15 Sprite of a Cheetah
AstraGTE_       83160 Nice Mode 15 Sprite of an Astra GTE
gasket            768 Sierpinski Gasket Animator (unARCed)
JuliaAnim        1664 Julia Set Animator (NB Basic program - not ARCed)
XMAS3           53575 XMAS DRAW FILES
paint_3D         5561 3D Icons for !Paint (Mode 20)
Pixar          109237 Pixar, pre-release. Pixel-paint program!
Piano           25106 ACE Film
OKS            278046 ACE Film
mandel_ani      71954 ACE Film
landflight     190684 Fractal animation....
Globe            9817 ACE Film
Flight         186674 ACE Film
Dancelegs       40177 ACe Film
Columns        188226 ACE Film
BBC1           206024 ACE Film
RAY2_arc       334037 A group of ray traced pics/animations from DVS
3DSPITROT        6912 Rotate a spitfire today..
3DsprM12        46570 3D desktop sprites, converted to mode 12
Triangle         5376 A fast fractal triangle genorator
3DSpr_Arc       46668 Some RISC OS 2 3D Icon Sprites.
SLIMER           1792 Sprite of Slimer from GhostBusters
alien_arc       95345 Very nice sprite of an alien
Madonna1        50670 Madonna Sprites animated.
xmas2           61214 Seasonal sprites
xmas1           58811 Seasonal sprites
Pod_Draw        82048 Drawings to go with A-Series Podule Document
popcorn_ar       3449 More fractals - wallpaper and mandalas
m_set_trcd      15665 The Mandelbrot Set in the form of a DrawFile!
FracVisit       79034 Fractal prog.:Mandelbrot, Julia, Dragon, Cubic, Phoenix, etc
Rotating       117298 A collection of nice BASIC graphic programs in an App. 
girlsarc        63104 Some girls I met at a party
wilycoyo         9006 Sparked sprite of Wily Coyote
swimmer        170326 Sparked sprite of a lovely girl in a blue swimsuit
squirrel        15187 Sparked sprite of a squirrel
rose             3492 Sparked sprite of a white rose
roadrun          6295 Sparked sprite of RoadRunner
bugs             7999 Sparked sprite of Bugs Bunny
backimag         4550 Gives an Archimedes logo floating around the desktop
parrot          53147 Sprite of a parrot
Me_Arc          34882 A picture of me...
MuskHounds     302456 4 MODE 15 sprites
badges_arc      60402 Two Arcade Badge designs for use at the BAU Show 
DECLogo         26961 Ray traced 'digital' logo
SSHIP_arc       81469 Spaceship - Euclid Film
PLANE_arc      161524 Plane - Euclid Film
GOLF_arc        95893 Golf - Euclid Film
GLOBE_arc       10361 Globe - Euclid Film
Chop_arc        16186 Chopper - Euclid Film
Plane3D          2176 Displays a plane in 3D
Rocket_arc      44072 The Rocketeer
scrnsq.arc      14966 Compresses scrnsaved sprites mainly for use with !Carousel.
carousel.arc     6869 Slideshow program for use with !ScrSquash nearby.
YUPS_arc       120995 Draw files of some Yuppy people doing things in the office.
Rose_arc        28069 ACE film
Boats            7078 draw files of sailing boats
SpaceARC        10766 Sprite of Child's idea of a spaceman
rayshade_a     287747 RayShade
SteveSpr         7384 This is me....Sprite File Picture
Snails          91716 A falling Snail demo
DOGPIC           7763 Sprite of a shaggy dog!
Ray_Shade       76800 Ray Shade - A sophisticated ray tracing proggy
DoRS              512 Obey file for Ray Shade
Try_it            635 Ray Shade input file describing -- Try it and see!
Pooltable        1953 Ray Shade input file describing a pool table
planet            906 Ray Shade input file describing a planetry surface
Squish         124658 !Squish and 6 example pictures
planet           1250 Input file for Ray Shade
RS_Doc          17687 Documentation for Ray Shade
Colours          2280 Text on colour range available to Ray Shade
Toilet           8960 Draw file of Toilet Joke
System_sp        4864 New System !sprites file
flasher           619 Hopefully a fixed version of the flasher program alredy here
Archive_g1      13116 A suite of BASIC graphic demos (originally from Archive)
5BASIC           5097 Five misc BASIC graphic programs
notposs          3781 Draw file of a impossible object!
cathwhee.arc     4714 Nice Fireworks!
Sport_ARC        4023 Draw files of various sports objects
Trafficarc       3319 Draw files of various traffic signs
PGaunt-Arc      22848 Mode 15 (b&w) pic of ME with a tie on...
DebHarrya      145790 Mode 21 sprite of Debby Harry 
DisplayR       119345 Compacted screen displayer by Adrian Look (BASIC)
Pics           102465 An application giving views of 10 pictures
Frak           110469 An application producing animated fractal images
Thing_15        28752 Mode 15 sprite example of OAK PDT/Clares Pro Artisan
Girl_15         80111 Mode 15 sprite of a girl's face
Dragon_9        18844 Mode 9 Sprite of a fire breathing dragon
Africa_D        42495 Draw file of the outline of Africa
3D!            178366 Some nice Solid 3D graphics files
Blakes7         61789 The Blakes 7 logo
KATIE           14720 Balloon Picture    
BAS_PATT         8059 A group of 6 BASIC graphic programs
GRAPHICS        20203 A line drawing algorithm for 8 bpp MODES
Botham          42224 Mode 15 sprite of this cricketer
TUNNEL            896 A simple BASIC program
basicWaves       3019 A couple of *nice* Waves - in 2D and 3D.
Sim7           102390 Mode 15 sprite from "The Simpsons"
Sim6           108431 Mode 15 sprite from "The Simpsons"
Sim5            48871 Mode 15 sprite from "The Simpsons"
Sim4           105903 Mode 15 sprite from "The Simpsons"
Sim3           106994 Mode 15 sprite from "The Simpsons"
Sim2            67747 Mode 15 sprite from "The Simpsons"
Sim1            86967 Mode 15 sprite from "The Simpsons"
BOAT             8892 An Ace film of a Sail Boat
BIPLANE         10358 An Ace film of a Bi-Plane
KB              11199 Ken Barlow Live!!!
!MakeTiff & Gif 32128 Makes TIFF and GIF files
CH_4a            4224 Mode 15 sprite of Channel 4 logo
FilterMod        6016 An arced DRAWFILE of a new filter for the sound OP on the AR
twocars         38826 Couple of b&w pics of cars racing
3ddemos_ar      12544 5 BASIC programs demoing 3D animation
GRAB_ARC         6455 Desktop app to save full size sprite for Watford scanner
MotorGirl      132682 Mode 21 Sprite of a girl with sunglasses
StringPat        1408 Draws pretty patterns
MasterDraw      11872 Draw files of Acorn BBC Master
BeebDraw         9748 Draw files of Acorn BBC B
Toon_arc        42414 A cartoon for people who can't stop smoking!
Falcon          34664 Mode 15 sprite of a falcon
TURTLEPIC        6120 Mode 13 Sprite of The Turtle logo
CHICK-EGG        1173 BASIC program
twins          209262 Mode 21 sprite. Lovely bikini clad twins.
BATMANplus      12725 Mode 15 Sprites of Batman, Welephant and No dragons
3dDesk          28803 Some great mode 20 3d filetype icons AND Manual by DataStore
PointerHR        1629 Hires mode 19 pointer for Multisych monitor
FastBrot3        4640 Fast Mode 21 MandelBrot Program in Basic Assembler
LOTUS            5605 Mode 12 Sprite of Lotus Car emblem
SPEM(Frac)     204988 A Fractal display program from SPEM in Italy
FracTrace      183902 FracTrace (V2.28) A Raytracer for fractals
LORENZ           9517 Lorenz Attractor
CGirl15         16777 Mode 15 sprite of a Girls face and hands
Pic15_arc       83102 Mode 15 Sprite of a erm....well, not sure!
Swim15_arc      76297 Mode 15 Sprite of a girl in a swimsuit
MRTUT_ARC       39221 Mode 15 Sprite off King Tut's Death Mask
SR15_arc        23640 Mode 15 Sprite file of a Sexy Robot!
Pussy15ARC      69465 Mode 15 Sprite file of a Pussy Cat.
MASK21arc       55791 Mode 21 Sprite file of a mask.
FFCdraw         10400 DRAW file of Fat Freddy's Cat
MARBLEDI       117205 MarbleDice Sprite (Mode 21)
YELLOWS        209817 Yellow Submarine animation
LB_ARC          25878 Nice Mode 12 Sprite  of Computer related Cartoon.
Moebius15       10103 Mode15 Sprite of erm...Strange man in seat! (Full screen)
Mickey20         8997 Mode20 Sprite of Mickey Mouse (Full screen)
Goofy15          4975 Mode15 Sprite of Goofy (Full screen)
PIGPROG          8320 Great animation sequence of a pig puking.
VIZSPRITES      19456 3 Mode 12 Sprites of Characters from VIZ magazine 
STARS2           2176 A starfield Program (BASIC)
ASTRONAU        56524 Mode 12 Sprite of a Man on the moon.
MOON            12924 Mode 12 Sprite of a full moon.
SAM_ARC         79380 Mode 15 Sprite of Sam Fox
font2           22351 A larger font in mode 13
font1            2905 A small coloured font in Mode 13
PALETTES         2831 Twenty different palette files
GARPICS         20224 Five MODE 15 sprites of Garfield and friends.
RAINBOW        508859 Nice "film" of Zippy from Rainbow
Maze_Arc        22026 Mode 20 Sprite of a Piraro cartoon 
Trek_arc       274708 Ace film of USS Enterprise in action (Star Trek)
NewSprites       3576 Desktop Impression-like sprite icons.
4PICS          174963 A Mode 21 Sprite of...erm..4 young ladies....
Gym_arc        502828 An Application giving a TV view of a sport event.
BewareDog       20992 Need never worry about burglar's agian , with this pic.
Hip_arc           240 Look into my eyes!...You are feeling sleepy!
XMAS            16256 A Drawfile of Santa Claus
night_arc         142 A Desktop palette file for night time use!
ARC_CAT         40155 Mode 15 Sprite of Garfield...he uses an Archimedes!
3dshapes_arc     1202 3d shapes revolving
BasketBall     322004 An Ace Film of A man playing BasketBall
DDD_arc         33845 Another set of Desktop Icons (in an application)
Tri_Arc           419 Fractal Triangle generator
Spark_arc         666 Alternative !Sprite file for version 1.xx of !Spark
Snow_arc         1902 BASIC - Shows effects of snow
Grub_arc         4386 Mode 12 Sprite of Grub eating a Tomato
SpyPlane_arc    64384 Sprite of a spyplane (lockheed blackbird i think?)
NEWSPRIT        16128 Another alternative set of System Sprites
SURF_arc          286 A small BASIC graphic program...
ScBetBlu21      86697 GIF mode 21 - Betty Blue poster
ScBetBlu15      44349 GIF mode 15 of Betty Blue poster  Irlam scanner
Freddy_arc     189836 Animation of Freddy from Elm Street!
Sqid_arc         2205 !Squiggly Fractal image maker?
Tiger_arc      256495 Shortened version of a animation....of a Tiger on the run!
SinLoiVC_1      30622 Lock and load. For those fans of Rock 'n Roll not music.
HanoiJane       54980 For Ms Fonda's fans. Bit old
Dino_ARC        78276 Demo of Chromium Dinosaurs
ARCTISTplus    144653 Pd Art package
Irq1            99471 A little demo a customer broughtint to me... press escape to
collegea       131213 Superb Mode28 pic of Cambridge College
Uni_arc        341706 Very nice "ACE" film of a unicycle and car.
AngPoise        56273 An Ace film of a moving Anglepoise lamp
AceWaver_A      52584 Ace film of a lady waving an Ace!
Meteosat1       57243 Meteosat Weather Satellite Image #1
Croquet          1624 Croquet mallet, hoop an ball !Draw file
Wolf            44563 Scaned image of a pair of Wolves.
flyover        190720 Flight over a Fractal landscape
VGA28          141056 Superb Mode 28 piccy from the AU show
CARTOON         48384 The Dog (from the Oracle advert) on a Donkey!
GirlSpr1        55168 Mode 15 sprite of Girl ( Slightly Rude )
lamp           406525 Nice "Film" of two animated Angle poise lamps!!
FF_arc          11245 Sprite of Fat Freddy and friends (Mode 13)
FFCat_ARC        3246 Sprite of Fat Freddy's Cat (Mode 13)
MODEPOSTER       1339 A DRAW file showing all available Modes
!BEAUTY         44124 Fractal Demo
crowd             850 An amusing application by Derek (User 1024)
Wink            67384 Girl winking. XXX
C4_logo         20890 Ace Computing film of Channel 4 Logo
FILMarc        154468 An Ace "film" + pd Film player (V1.06)
mandel!         19129 Another Mandelbrot program...Nice colours!
!Pyramid       121355 Nice Animated display
clingon         21084 Three Starships in battle
MIDNIGHT        68608 3 Demo DRAW files from Midnight Graphics
Arcscape         4011 BASIC Fractal landscape program
FRACTALS         8061 3 BASIC Fractal generator programs
CONTOUR2         2193 A Graphic program (BASIC + MODULE)
SELECTOR!        8443 256 Colour MODE selector
MANDEL3D         6378 2 BASIC programs +
TUBE            21448 Multicoloured tubes
ZOOMER          62344 Real time screen sprite rescaling
WALK             6528 Walk around a wire frame city!
GRAPHIC3         3872 A Graphic demo & Colour blender
GRAPHIC1         2040 3 BASIC Graphic demos
!jack           21144 Animated Union Jack Flag
ARC_Bank4      458572 15 more Screen dumps!
ARC_Bank3      757868 17 more Screen dumps!
ARC_Bank1      596080 46 Screen dumps!
PICT_ARC       104684 Six Sprite pictures (including Sam Fox)
TriAngles         562 Some moving Triangles
M15support      24222 MODE 15 Screen
M15speaker      30877 MODE 15 Screen
M15Spanner      30206 MODE 15 Screen
SID_DEMO       147638 An Euclid "film" about SID 
BLACKADDER       9342 Digital picture of Blackadder
ug              50010 An application to show the London Underground map.
bbc1           175157 BBC1 logo
MELTER          35755 A Program that "Melts" one image into another
rtmirror        50225 Ray Traced picture (Mode 15)
Red_Spot        28160 Jupiter's big red spot (MODE 13)
BRITAIN         14336 Outline of Great Britain (MODE 15)
BEACHBALL       16640 Animated Beachball (Mode 13)
COUNTACH         7168 Sprite file of a fast car (MODE 15)
DIAMONDS         6602 Animated Diamonds (BASIC - MODE9)
gina_ARC        11455 Mode 15 picture of a girl's face
IMPORT_NEO       2304 A program for importing Atari Neochrome pictures
DESKBALLS       88130 Some bouncing balls for your MODE15 Desktop
demo_15         29257 A Group of BASIC graphics demos + Fractal stuff
DEMON            2176 Cellular Automation
SCROOGE         29624 A Sprite file of Scrooge!
FLINTS          31552 A Sprite of the Flintstones

Size of area 70358k

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