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Miscellaneous (42)

Filename       Length Short description   84245 !Playit
wa165.arc       52578 !Wavedit
AcornSW00        8469 Acorn SW Show 2000 Draw format 46580 MP3 Track Indexer
!DiceRoll       53044 Simulatesdice (for AD&D). Does d3,d4,d6,d8,d10,d12,d20,d30,d
!40KClock       52435 Generates Timecodes for Warhammer 40,000 (Games Workshop)
TTrack.arc       1955 Tiletrack sheet maker 1.0 by P. Martin of PaleocrystiK
Spec128v13      63846 !Spec128 v0.13 - a ZX Spectrum emulator with 128k support       13227 CDFix 1.57 - fix bugs in CDFS
Ifel            34149 IFEL Newsletter Feb/March 99
rafs115_zi     153461 raFS by Richard Atterer v 1.15
bal-coca.exe    40416 a nice little demo for the amiga 
Issue17        209914 Frobnicate # 17 in Ovation format.
Issue16        245866 Frobnicate # 16 in Ovation format.
Issue15        310453 Frobnicate # 15 in Ovation format.    26152 Lattice Semi ISP PLD programming routines (RISC OS port)
KickBaby2      324340 The South Park baby being kicked - Replay format - MK II
WBModules       70549 WimpBasic runtime modules (v2.03) from Clares
ThinTool         7429 thin window furniture
id3001/zip       7584 !Id3Edit v0.01 ID3-tags editor for mpeg audio layer 3 files
pic02/jpg       48994 Is this the new Risc OS Portable? (JPEG)
ABS              2777 
RAFS            84623 ALTERNATIVE FILING SYSTEM     231327 Frobnicate 14 Ovation format
SetPass          7971 AUN password changer from Squirrel Networking
SilDir           4151 New version of SillyDirs.  Not a weird archive this time! :)
StrongEd42     326701 StrongEdit Version 4.20 26/5/97
NPLtime          5710 Sets clock from NPL (via modem).
Foil/Zip.arc   194449 Aerofoil design package
Frob12ovn      180460 Frobnicate Issue 12     228396 Zap Buttons (by Tim Tyler) -- toolbars for Zap
amRadio         46947 
zaphelp.arc    115062 Stylish HiperText help for !Zap
Lunchtime6     656635 Lunchtime Issue 6 - Disc Mag
NewsLetter      14248 The Optic productions NewsLetter (in !Style Format)..
Resetter         1771 A little module to reset your computer, new bug-fixed vsn.
Vortex         1039008 ARMmovie of the Doctors TARDIS travelling thu the Vortex
Frob11Ovn      197794 Frobnicate issue #11, Ovation format. Merry Christmas!
PC-CABLE         8801 Some pin outs for the DIY folk, best read in DOS Edit.     48288 Acorn to Casio graphic calculator interface.
SysTest1         8315 SysTest version 1.00 by Richard Murray...
FrobFonts        3893 MakeFFonts - fakes Frobnicate fonts.
Frob10_Ovn     236237 The TENTH issue of Frobnicate, Ovation format.
riscos370s       8128 Patches for RISC OS 3.7 when running on the StrongARM
EnigmaNa/u      92104 An enigma machine
BMBW_1-10       70400 Demo/BudgieWare version of Budgie Econet Manager v1.10
cdir             8251 cdir
IQTest           7773 Just an idea I got from UseNet... ;)
Frob9_Ovn      317493 Frobnicate issue 9 in Ovation format. THE BIGGEST ONE YET!!!
Coolyze         14769 Makes text files c00l :-)
Convert        187915 Attempts to get CFSI/Squash to do things from a basic file
Frob_8_TXT     147868 Frobnicate issue 8 in text&graphics format.
scanner          2488 Replacement ICON for CC !Scanlight
Helly            2259 A wonderful program written by me! :)
Frob8_Ovn      260037 The fun and frolics of Frobnicate issue 8 (Ovation format).
FAMILY212      127616 Family v2.12 by Denis Howe
Melanie          6356 Fancy a chat?  It's an AI proggy that tries to do just that
Rambler          6853 Rambler: Generates "Waffle" texts
WerewolfFL      40745 Latest filelist for The Werewolf BBS!
Join            10263 Join will join two or more text files
GAMESLIST.txt    4654 CPC Games list(1996-02-19) for use with !CPC_Demo
SENTINEL/Z.arc  21755 Sentinel        - CPC disk for use with !CPC_Demo
MANICMIN/Z.arc  15759 Manic Miner     - CPC disk for use with !CPC_Demo
KNIGHTLR/Z.arc  21992 Knight Lore     - CPC disk for use with !CPC_Demo
HOH/ZIP.arc     35413 Head Over Heels - CPC disk for use with !CPC_Demo
ARKANOID/Z.arc  24911 Arkanoid        - CPC disk for use with !CPC_Demo
CPCDEMO9/A.arc 164842 An Amstrad CPC emulator (C) 1996 Mark RISON.
CPC_EMU/ZI     795255 Amstrad CPC emulator v0.50 by Andreas Stroiczek
Family         176396 A geneolegy program by Denis Howe (Very Good!)
dates            6617 This program will tell you when Easter is... Pascal w/src
Xref            49528 Pascal Cross Reference Generator
TM0_01          19520 SWI for plotting texture mapped sprites....
Explosions     952716 A Relay file from Babylon 5 showing the Shadows attacking
Big_Ship       594912 Replay file from babylon 5 showing a big ship blowing up
Tools.arc       67638 A few different tool icon to choose from for older machienes
Pointers        13337 A few different pointers for you to hate! ;-)
OhShit.arc      19163 Different sound effect for error messages! ;-)
Frob_7_oVN     148648 Ovation version of Frobnicate #7
HP_Icons         1179 HP Deskjet icons
NETCONF1        28450 NetConference - Allows lots of users to talk over a Network
NETSCAN1        49204 Displays Users Logged on to a Network
UnCrunch         3615 UnCrunch v0.09 - Ben Ingram, William Gibbons / DWS.
Kochel_spk     106659 Kochel Catalogue of Mozart Works in CSV format
White           50248 Stone
GameBoyEm       25005 V0.24 Of The Gameboy Emulator
Splurgers       13034 An archive of 10 little Splurgers to re-arrange your desktop
BootUtils        6400 Simple boot file utility for RPC's By Tom Slatter v.1.00
Braille           232 Braille Alphabet
ArmBBSPagr       5394 This one works! Though not how I want it to.. read Long desc
Tinsel          16744 Patch your ROS3.5 pinboard to have Xmas tinsel...
Issue6-Tx      143078 Frobnicate issue #6 in text/graphics format.
Issue6-Ov      240957 Frobnicate issue #6 in Ovation format.
MorseCode        3347 Short Morse Code tuition program
AutoStereo     188301 Black/White/Grey AutoStereograms (the 3D squint makers)
Cow             62020 Advanced Cow Simulator V1.01 - New Update!
INLAY_ARC       49753 Audio cassette inlay data
Frob5.arc      303713 Frobnicate issue 5 Ovation format
Frob_5_Txt     250542 Frobnicate #5 in TEXT/GRAPHICS format.
Files22         63420 Filer 22 Sprites
Desk22          29140 Desktop 22 Sprites
Iconz           27528 Updated Iconz2 app - animate the switcher!
Cow              1608 Advanced Cow Simulator...
FUNBASIC        14681 FUNBASIC - BASIC interpreter. See long description.
PicToASC        40944 Creates ASCII files from MODE 0 sprites (version 2.1)
Frob4_Ovn      386108 Frobnicate issue 4 - Ovation. See long description.
Frob4_txt      241118 Frobnicate issue 4 - text. See long description.
STrekExhib      64428 Pic, Map and info on Science Museum's Star Trek Exhib.
RealApol13       9732 Real Report from NASA on Apollo 13 mission
BlackA            310 Very silly, but very funny bit from Black Adder
Phobias          2252 Phobias
Skiing          88572 A Drawfile for skiing addicts
CJackson        39238 Archive of a sprite of Chris Jackson, sysop of NA BBS.
WotsThis?        6442 Does anybody know what these things are in Elite?
Frob_3_FC       30725 RiscOS3 DrawFile of Frobnicate3's Front Cover.
Frob3          338619 Frobnicate issue 3, impression style/pub vers. by C Jackson
Morning          4615 The Morning After Simulator, from GTHS!!
WindowsNT       11622 WindowsNT simulator v 1.00 from GTHS
Frob_3_Tx      248503 Wow! 3rd issue of Frobnicate in TEXT & GRAPHICS.
Frob_3_Ov      357140 Wow! It's third sizzling issue!  [1]   OVATION VERSION
Specconv        80980 SPConv - v1.08 - Tim Moore
!CFS/!Boot        204 CFS
VTIAD.          57133 for mike
GAMESUITE      563054 Maillabel For Label and Gamesuite Collection of Modules for 
AudioMPEG      188238 Audio MPEG Player
mpegfast        93851 Fast MPEG Player
Issue_2        220511 Frobnicate issue 2 ; text & grpahics. See long description.
Frob_2         302712 The long awaited Frobnicate issue two; Ovation; see long.
DwarfLogo        6818 Puts a RedDwarf logo on your pinboard by Andrew Simm
NetPaint         8046 Multi user Network Paint program...
LottAid         81056 Lottery Selector - Different To Your Usual
RiscPCLogo       8271 Puts an Acorn and RISC PC logo on the pinboard Richard Halla
RiscPCLogo       8271 Updated RiscPclogo
Countdown       11004 Countdown Numbers Solver
Frob_1_Txt      29761 Frobnicate issue 1, in text format. **NO GRAPHICS**
Frob1_Text     233244 Frobnicate issue 1, textfile and graphics format.
Frob_1         317383 Frobnicate magazine, issue 1. Comments?
Warp             2275 plots out weird and wonderful shapes depending on paramaters
Sieve             198 VERY, VERY fast prime number generator
AutoRun         14882 Basic file incryption+turns it into arm By stephan Harrison
SGII            51851 A nice screensaver (Try it Please!!) v2.11a
Object?        445764 Something I caught on video one night. See long description.
NewSpeCD         7483 New sprites/temp's for SpeedyCD, by Andrew Buckingham. V2.
NewCDPlay       36312 New CDPlayer sprites/temp's, by Andrew Buckingham. V2.
Loto_Sim         2482 Simulates the national Lottery. Monotasking basic. Short
SWIRL            2652 Rather good changing pattern thing by David Fletcher
InfoZipBet     204374 InfoZip (Beta) - This is the new standard for ZIP
Draw+_lzh       11002 3D templates for DrawPlus! (by me, user #89)
Ant            396931 3 Gif's Of ANT ltd's Internet Suite.
Endeavour       56855 Easiest programmable screen-saver for the Arch (c)SWN 95
INSERT           4667 Insert text files into the keyboard buffer. Carried in AU 94
Plasma           1848 Random plamsa generator. Much faster version.
BBSSignc        16238 Arcade Flagpole Draw Format
Plasma           1898 Random Plamsa generator
CDlib_lzh        8475 My Powerbase CD librbrary template.
CRAZY261        25704 Crazy World - Lots of silly things on your desktop. :-]
PotLook          1306 New Task Manager icon
MUSIC_ARC      183332 Ver 2 of this CSV format Popular Music reference archive
BIRDLIST         9910 a list of british birds
Parallel4       56554 A to D circuit and progs for printer port. By NF, v0.3
SWIpatch         3710 SWIpatch 1.00 Allows SWI's to be patched. Author T. Godman
GenBrowser     507380 Browser program for viewing Genesis Apps
LaFrance        71805 Guide to the departements de France : Needs Genesis Browser
FileTypes       87360 Beginners Intro to Filetypes - Requires Genesis Browser
bink'bonk       16592 shows rewritten logwindow for Arc-Binkley + BT 2.50 licence
DeskIcons       24916 Enhanced icons for all (mode 15) based on NewLook
jterm           15239 Wizzo Terminal Emulator ROM for the BBC Micro
makewave        20048 Archive of !makewaves, which makes waves
corn              512 Draws a corn circle
xwing2         160056 Sprite of an X-WING fighter from Star wars
redtrek.txt     75736 Star Trek meets Red Dwarf
Buttons         42740 Buttons in Draw format
ProtoBoard     207791 Drawfiles of Maplin plugboards.
A4_Info_2        3984 Part 2 of misc tips for A4 users
OPlanner       224502 OPlanner - An orienteering package
A4_Info_1        9920 Useful tips for A4 buyers/owners
AIChatPTT        9713 Unprotected version of the Chat program.
Microcosm       23245 Physics Curve program
MatLab         108855 Mathematics base, ported
DisTill         12422 !Distill
AdventCal      701296 Advent Calendar (Genesis Appl) - Needs !Browser
BeatleData      37484 Database (CSV and Advance) of all Beatles Songs G Turpin
Lottery          4327 !Lottery (v1.10) - Let your Archimedes choose your numbers
Pointer           589 Great transparent pointer for use with !Newglass
PpLn94_arc      18108 Index to PipeLine DiskZine for 1994
CopyAll         18326 !CopyAll v1.02 by Joe Wildish. For use with SCSI Share
Bees_94_arm     14232 Bracknell Bees 94/95 fixtures
ADVWord.arc      2234 Keyboard Template for Acorns Advance Word processor App.
ADVSheet.arc     2254 Keyboard template for Acorns Advance Spreadsheet App
ADVData.arc      2339 Keyboard Template for Acorns Advance database Application
ZakZak           5963 For Zak Zak
zsh24_tgz      547268 Z shell for RiscIx (Acorn's version of Unix)
Cub1440.arm      1836 RiscPC Monitor definition file for MicroVitec CubScan1440
Secure307.arm   24760 Secure3 Fix for the RiscPC by Anthony Brion
SECURE3.arm      4060 New template file for !Secure3
SetUp.arm       38148 Setup version 1.02 by Anthony Brion (Freeware)     120881 V2 by Alex Fraser - gives info about day (Read LD)
SpecSnaps.arc    5204 ZX Spectrum snapshot formats.
SpectKeys.arc   24335 ZX Spectrum charset, keywords and colour key layout.
Deskbug         66499 A little bug that walks around the desktop(over windows)
StrwySolo        4060 Sibelius7 file of the solo from Stairway to heaven transcrib
PurplHaze        9856 Sibelius7 file of Purple Haze transcribed by me. Gary Booker
Fur_Elise        8568 Sibelius7 file of Beethovens' Fur Elise transcribed by me. G
npl_arm          3776 Sets the Arcs clock
gamemodes         783 correct ratio 'game modes' for AFK85's on the RISC PC
LaTeX            4709 TeX Front End (desktop) 
PhoneTones       1024 DTMF Phone Tones (By Tim Gladding) - as wanted in C.S.A..
Easy_RFS         6144 VERY Easy way to add files to Resources: + owner id
60Hz32KSVG.arc    990 fix to give 60Hz refresh rate in 32K col SVGA (RISC PC)
IntroSpr         2048 IntroSpr makes them startup boxes like !Impression...
1600x1200.arc     924 1600 x 1200 mode definiton file for RISC PC's
Turbo600         5605 Makes AKF60/85s work higher res. on RISC PC. By Steve Sims
RPCKeybdZ       13409 A Draw file of the Risc PC's keyboard.
BackMusic2      40437 Play selection of (S)Tracker tunes at random
ICO»Spr1        58877 Convert Windows .ICO to sprite file
A_rev          655872 A PackDir'dGenesis application for A-level physics revision 
MoreSnaps       42775 Two more snapshots for the MZX Speccy emulator
GraphV2          3796 Plots graph from given Y= formulV2 is mucbetter
RiscPCKeys       2207 Patch RiscPC keyboards for old Layout & Swap CapsLock & Ctrl
Bart            14155 An array of Bart's famous sayings
Dinosaur.arc   667772 Dinosaur 1.00 by Michael Cowgill using Genesis see long desc
!DIS-LE        718219 The Tutor - VERY GOOD - Shareware
SnapShots      222364 Some SnapShots
MZX110          83086 Spectrum Emulator v1.10b 17-Apr-94 (Can load SnapShots :-))
Lunchtime5     494054 Issue Five of our Disc Mag.   Even Better than Issue Four.
b166.arc        88889 !MZX - Spectrum Emulator 1.02
powurbar        22272 A tool bar for Data Power
ChocChip         6733 Receipe for choc chip cookies .. dedicated to Paul Allen ;>
Direct           1209 Direction courtesy of Doggysoft
pascal_arc      18489 Pascal programs
banned_92       10493 List of files banned on the Internet in '92
Lunchtime4     510995 A disc mag that is so funny, you may even laugh.
!ACOUNTS         9440 Monthly account manager
Craft_arc      274454 Craft, Design and Technology - Electronics
ncradle         41429 Newton's cradle.
PlotLine          434 Bounces a line off screen edges. v.0.1 N.Fazakerley.
a3000snd        41148 How to improve the sound quality of your A3000.
DayDiff           900 A SCHEMA macro to find the no. of days between two dates
Joke_Bios        1390 New Joke BIOS
Fancy           31473 Three Sprite files
BIOS              842 New version of Joke Bios. (RISC OS 4, etc.)
Impressive       2422 Impressive - boot-up-script implying you've got ROS4, ARM7..
doughnut         1674 The infamous DONGHNUTS sketch, courtesy of the !Cat.
Waves            8448 Waves on your Icon bar
anilemm          5607 Animated Leming on your iconbar by !Cat (ro2&3)
FilterMod        6016 Draw diagram for filter modification for A3000
b146_arc         2199 ZOOMBOXER
Arc_Joy         68691 ArcWeld Joystick Interface version II
Tester~584.arc  28523 WIMP version of !Tester (6.1.'94) Tests VOCAB
AstralProj      17035 Beginners guide to Astral Projection B-)
replay-Cir        284 MakeCircle for ArmMovie Replay - Happy New Year Piers...
uu              60705 UUE (uuencode) and UUD (uudecode) dated about 1988 :-(
wb_ww            2598 Shows difference between write-black and write-white printer
Neural_Net       4612 shows how a neural net learns.. simple 2 layer net
Bezier3D         4635 bezier patches... you'll need 2mb at least. animation!
Fergus          13311 Desktop Silly. A ribbitting frog on the iconbar
APPLE           14157 Apple Emulator
Particle         6280 Sand / Water sim
CRUNCH          17927 A Cruncher.!
export          22012 Multistore Export Utility
MEMCbash         9227 Swap screen banks 400% faster
FriedInsid       6499 Two ARCed Draw files..."Fried inside" and "intel outside"
intel_arc        8434 "Intel Outside" sticker
playavi        157850 Plays AVI files
haggis           1481 Secret life of the haggis.
court            3382 Courtroom gems.
SatChans         6512 Satellite Channels (Arc'd)
Chess            2516 Chess file and text file of Short v Kasparov Game 4
!MOV            65775 Moving words    32987 whereis useful utility    306865 GNU Zip for the Archie
KeyFix          22346 B0800000000022d
PhotoCD.arc    274964 Kodak Photo CD convertor (with examples)
tinycloc         3616 TinyClock 1.00 by David Croft (me!)
Fractals_arc    46782 Assorted Fractal/Chaos type programs
BasicConv.arc   67147 Programs for Converting BBC Basic to GW Basic etc.
WhizzyWelc       3638 Zooming animated welcome banner (module)
Smileys          1747 Smiley face  8-)  list (without mistakes this time)
4Theadq          9908 Effects commands and music file formats of some music progs
PrintProb        1582 Problem printing on A3020
Desktop Insulter!  5888 Insults you!
SourceCor        3562 Source battle code for use with Emmet Spier's !CoreWar prog
StayStill        4608 Desktop silly .. the mouse pointer won't stay still!
numbers         84591 Large Number Manipulation
CD-2           325270 Core Dump issue 2
CD-1           245886 Core Dump Issue 1
Temps.arc       12919 My attempt at a temp converter
borders          1530 Windows 3.1 style 3D borders
ArcMenu         15572 Arc Menuing System
gravbounce        323 basic problem
joylist           497 List of games that works with garrards' joystick interface
MURPHY           3775 Some laws in the style of "Murphy's Law"
joymod_arc       3353 Joystick interface on the parallel por
Mindbenda        4461 DRAW file ... some mind exercises!
!Kill'Em         6144 Desktop Silly, relieve anger, kill a Lemming !!!
para2000          770 New !Run for Paradriod 2000 on 1MByte
LateniteII       2534 Better Version of Latenite. Could almost be called good!
archiver        23468 File archiver (unfinished) - S-Base application
Video           74358 Video application - needs S-Exec
S-Exec         169839 S-Exec run time system, for compiled S-Base applications
DeskEdit          276 KeyDef description file for use with !FuncKeys
A310-2MEG        6718 DIY-2MEG FOR A310
lehrer            790 'The Elements" - A Tom Lehrer song
TheFace          3058 Very silly indeed - An animated face pointer.
MPEGPlay       782266 MPEG Film Player and example films
Drip              884 New version of Drip this time FULLY MULTI_TASKING
Meagres          6964 Amiga style pointers
Miscpnts        27553 More pointers
Gems             6799 Some Gem-type Pointers
Hands            4565 Some handy pointers
Splattered       9342 Some messy pointers
SMALLpnts        6624 SMALL pointers
BIGpnts          7100 Some BIG pointers
Flops            6599 Floppy oriented pointers
AcrnPnts        15836 Pointers with strong Acorn influences
bs5750           4057 An alternative view of QA
europe93          887 The changes in Europe 1992-3
!RedNose        11777 A red nose for your desktop!
Challenger      68122 Where were you on 28 Jan 1986?
sillies2       184092 More Desktop Sillies
sillies1       292557 Assorted Desktop Sillies
Archive           635 CLI utility to create/ammend Tar archive lists.
decode.c         4819 decode.c fixed for !AS
lha207          27917 LHA 2.07-Archimedes
Silly             875 The most useless silly yet
Pi               9572 Calculates pi to a given number of places
Bounce           3598 Useless demo of a ball bouncing round a screen.Pretty good!!
back_arc         7869 Backdrop pics
exist             163 The new version of exist - supports SparkFS pseudo dirs
MerFiles         3896 Mercury Savings examples
Mercury         28586 Mercury Saving Calculator
Strobe_arc        707 Strobe effect
CableLabel       5856 A Schema file for making lables for cable ends.
Clock.           1596 I wonder?
Mort_Calc        4775 Schema file to calculate mortgage interest payments
SMpalettes       9899 256 colour palette files for use with SM's or CC's graphcard
KXP1124          1778 RISCOS 3 printer driver for KXP1124 printer
Astro1_arc       4084 A simple BASIC tool for budding Astrologers!
S_INDEX         26180 Speed Indexing
!LeminDrop       4864 Another Wanda style backdrop.
BBSlistPB       22351 BBS powerbase fmt!
!Toasters        4864 Flying toasters on the desktop.
ArcWolf         43379 A rather eerie destop silly.
Boot            68536 RO3 Boot File
Borders          7597 Two modules to give flashy borders
OvnStyleJF       2962 An alternative style sheet for 'draft' printing with Ovation
Maastricht     148259 That Treaty...
words            8645 A Simple text/dtp app - in Genesis
French2         21614 Another part of a French revision Application - Genesis
French1         24750 A French Revision Application - in Genesis
NewMsgs2        21664 3D Windows/Sprites/New Banner for RISC OS 3
NewMessage        516 New Power-On Banner for RISC OS 3.
Viewtype         2353 Converts filetype to View type
Apple           14157 Apple ][ emulator (needs ROMs), no version no.
PiS            121576 !Landing by Dirk-Willem van Gulik
Candle           3505 !Candle (V1.00 B) by Dirk-Willem Van Gulik
KClock          15645 A Cuckoo clock for your desktop. Author unknown.
Santa            1975 Desktop silly
Swear          195589 Multi tasking swear box..
Z80Emulate      23403 Unfinished Z80 Emulator.
quotation_      34506 Some quotations that pop up randomly.
Berk             2420 Berk's eyes follow the pointer.
Insults          9737 Insult generator. Let the Arc do the slagging off for you!
Mod1ToTxt        8050 Convert 80x24 Mode1 Sprite to Text
BBSAd           17670 My BBS advert without so many errors
bass              925 BAss v2.01 - Basic assembler checker
BufModule        1032 Printer Buffer
Coke_arc         4347 A desktop silly - A coke can dances on your Iconbar
LemWalkARC       9129 A desktop silly - A leming walks on your Iconbar
Cookies        212650 Set of 4 lots of Fortune Cookie quotes etc
JIVE_arc        36768 Jive (V1.00) Author not known Converts plain English to Jive
Hello_arc       49313 A nice lady 
DuckHunt        28926 Tired of your DeskDuck?  Try this!!
Jumper           7936 A Woolly Jumper!
FollowTrap       8373 !Follow Desktop silly...traps your pointer
DrawplusKeys    12160 Function keystrip for DrawPlus.
1wp_print         658 First Word + printer driver for the Citizen swift range.
OnHold          20794 Desktop Silly.
Capella         18015 !Capella by Ken Webster - The Sky at night
Watch           10654 A man in your desktop
Hypercube        1463 A silly little hypercube drawing thingy.
BJ_Sprite         896 Replacement Sprite for !PrinterBJ application
ArcScanMU.arc  106547 list of files on the Micro User monthly Disks Aug89-April92 
Fly              1216 !Fly...Desktop silly...turns pointer into a mobile fly!
polyfit2-ARC     3429 Minmax and Least Squares polynomial approximations
NewIcons        42175 Changes the boring old sys sprites into 3D ones.
BiroPoint        2139 Changes your pointer into a biro pen.
Penpoint         2188 Changes your pointer into an ink pen
Penclpoint       2142 Canges your pointer into a pencil
PaintPoint       2175 Changes your pointer into a paintbrush
ap2              2283 Change your pointer into a different amiga style pointer.
ap1              2264 Change your pointer into an amiga style pointer.
XXXXXXXXXX       1998 Another desktop boobytrap.
Bigpoint         1264 Changes the old pointer into a much larger one
zap              4335 Run in mode 15 - zaps the pointer after a while
snore            2608 Zzzzzzs from your pointer when it is still
pipe             1964 Turns pointer into pipe with smoke ring when still
neko            10403 Charming little moggy on your desktop
hourglass        2246 Turns pointer into a noce hourglass when hasnt been moved
polyint.arc      1751 Calculates polynomial passing through given points
XWORD-ARC       38654 Version 0.21b of !Crossword, now with Draw file exporting
Fonter_arc      18197 Printouts examples of your fonts
realprgr_t       2068 Text file about programmers (humourous)
MerExample       1307 Sample of Mercury costs
12bppBpro         609 Graphics enhancer 12bpp example programs
Hedgehog         2176 Silly hedgehog demo by my son
Locomo          45240 !Locomo  (no Version number) Nice desktop silly!
Mode112           226 A large mode 12 for the desktop
Mode115           227 A large mode 15 for the desktop
OS_UpCall        1480 traps 'Please insert disc' messages
Interface3       4929 Interface Manager - to sort out problems with RISC OS 3
ArthurDesk      50333 Arthur 1.02 desktop on your RISC OS [2|3] desktop!
CLI_Utils        5235 Obey/CLI utilities (tell, ask, wimpmode & hourglass)
Marvin            675 Sillie - daft little words come up when f12 is pressed
ABCLib400       13412 ABCLibrary 4.00 (13 Dec 1990) - For Matthew, Piers etc...
StartFont        2230 Nice screen font
Metronome        3716 A timing device. Not Multi-tasking.
LZWSources      54721 LZW Sources in C org from Cryton
Wibbles          1866 Two Modules that do strange things to your desktop!
BouncPtr_A       2010 A bouncing Pointer!
Pips             1280 Radio 4 pips every hour!?!
NewToolIco       2332 RISC-OS 3 sprites for going inside windows; by Nigel Brown
MISC            24705 A collection of programs bt R.J.Chubb
WATCH           11434 Desktop silly! A man watches the pointer!
NO-GLUE          3906 Desktop silly! All your windows sink to the icon bar!
FROGS            2166  small green frog leaps along your Icon bar
YUKKY            3061 Gives you a multiicoloured pointer
SQMatrix         1698 To Matthew Israelsohn (A short routine to square a matrix)
Accounts         8180 Manage your bank accounts
Henon           10741 Chaos Chaos & More Chaos
Trick_arc        1206 Desktop Silly - Disrupts text editors
Border_arc       3031 Desktop Silly - Makes your Border colour change
funnybd_arc      6528 A rather cheeky Sprite backdrop, MODE12, DrawFile provided
MITES_arc        1135 A desktop silly that chews up your desktop!
JET_arc          2129 A desktop silly that flies a plane across your desktop
James_arc      226199 A desktop silly that plays a "James Bond" sample
CBdemo           2260 RiscOS CallBack demo (primarily for Peter Guant)
VATCalc         26952 Comprehensive, multi-tasking VAT Calculator
Cyclic            435 Makes circles of your screen
3BASIC           4055 Three misc BASIC programs
INT              4656 DISC I/O on interrupt,mainly for Jonny
BURPER           9994 Burper desktop app
CAT             20612 Cat demo. A cute cat that sleeps on your desktop...
MadProf          7808 A Mad Professor stalks your Icon Bar!
man-Ver2        24060 !man Version 2, can now be shot
CompDraw!        4736 A Genesis application to assist with competition draws.
PiCalc_Arc       5360 A program to calculate pi to any number of decimal places
SineStars        2304 Star field mapped over a sine wave. (Quite nice)
NewTempl         2496 New templates file for Spark 2.14
Wsprts_arc      11819 App. to view Wimp Sprites
ftball_arc      22887 Enters scores/tables for league football !
Mutant           5932 A warning comes from this application!
COCKTAIL       118912 Cocktail Mix Manager
SpriteDemo2      6400 Mainly for Matthew Israelsohn
PDRIVER_EX       7936 Library Procedure routines and example of printing by PDRIVE
START             768 Silly BASIC Menu prog
Col               773 A little prog
PERCEPT          1024 Examine your perception
Mark_V_Shaney    9728 A computer gibberish generator
MCback           3691 Multi Coloured Desktop background.
WHOOPS           1450 Rotates pointer when run
1WP_LC200        5778 1st Word Plus printer driver for the Star LC-200
RAMdrv           8366 How to get bigger RAMdrives under the PC Emulator
!BIORYTH         9216 Check out your BioRhythms!
Scroller         1280 Just run it and see. Causes interesting effects.
FANNOISE         4096 How to quieten your fan for less than a pound!
DIY4MEG         23040 DIY upgrade of A310 to 4Meg
Troll            3087 Download and see
1WP_LC10         5156 1st Word Plus printer driver for the Star LC10.
DJ_arc            322 A printer driver for Deskjet+ users with 1stWord+ (Rel 2)
SHARECALC       10083 !ShareCalc - to help you keep track of all those shares!
Bullets         11666 Bulletholes across the desktop.
FANOISE         24320 Group of Draw files about reducing fan noise
MazeGen           500 An interesting little thingumy bob.
!Beakers         3676 Measuring puzzle
!GrandPrix      52664 Keep tabs on all the drivers of the Grand Prix
soundex          1785 Soundex code generator
!Aquarium!       5772 !Wanda....With a variety of fish!
infobox         11776 A rather interesting Info box
BARICON_ARC      3258 De-bugged version of baricon (Acorn 'C' release 3)
Keystrips1       9403 Function key strips for Hearsay, Edit & View
aimapplic        2242 To turn aim into a RiscOs Application!
Satlist          3404 PipeDream file - list of TV Satellites
pointers         5050 3 new pointers
RandRun          2560 Creates code which runs files at random
!Sizzle         20421 Neat MC routine that cycles through a sprites RGB components
c_arc            3837 a few simple graphic demos as an intro to new C users...
Wrongway         1097 Confusing Text
keytnsar_arc     1859 Make the keyboard musical!
Door_arc        40306 A Nice creepy creaking door sound when a directory's opened
071or081         3106 071 or 081??
BullWinkl        4526 A frendly bull that winks at you!
greyscale         390 A desktop greyscale palette
BUTTON           1558 2 BASIC programs showing how to create 3D Button displays
ARMTEST0         2001 This BASIC program times ARM code instructions
iconclast        3546 This joke Application makes your Desktop look spherical!
CONQUEROR!        398 A !RUN & !Sprite file for your Conqueror game
BANK            16384 A program to help keep your Bank account in the Black!
NEW!MAN         17968 A little man who waves from the Icon Bar at random
chaos            1278 A picture of Chaos
ASTRO          257946 A collection of BASIC programs about Astronomy
!hypertxt      122067 Nick Van Someren's Hypertext Application
!INVADERS        4019 A Desktop UFO
!BBCRUN         10624 65Host Utility
!Arrange        32286 A program that re-arranges your screen
!SHARKS          4422 A modified version of !WANDA

Size of area 30977k

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