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Games (43)

Filename       Length Short description       9239 Sudoku game solver with C source.
ChuckieEgg     154323 CHUCKIE EGG V1.00 For RiscOS converted by Michael Foot
RuneS/zip      425843 Rune Seeker v1.07 by Paul Vigay
freecell       118386 RISC OS Freecell game v1.10 by Paul Irwin
patience       115899 RISC OS Patience game v1.10 by Paul Irwin     41129 Release II of Chris Bazley's RPC/SA/ROS4 patch for SF3000
SwivPtch        56490 SWIV games patch for RO4 SA by Theo Boogaert
sheep260       385024 Sheep Racing...
happytown        2943 A MAP for use with RailPro
easytown         2675 An Easy MAP for use with RailPro
railedpro       23011 Railpro Editor V1.0   by Alasdair Bailey
railup          18207 Upgrades Railpro V1.0 or 1.2 to 1.4  by Jos Keijzers
railpro        160513 Railpro V1.4 by Jos Keijzers
sfe            351447 Super Foul Egg by Visions of the impossible (VOTI)
caves/zip      148395 Caves Ver.2 by Matthew Willson      53197 Acorn port of Digger (similar to Dig Out)
DeHackEd.arc   181120 A stand alone version of DeHackEd for Doom
CENTURY.ZI     163080 Century - a platform game by Darren Green
dkiller          7980 2 new Stunt Racer killer tracks by Tom Harrison
Orpington       21576 RailPro Files - Orpington, Kent
NorwichPro      21609 RailPro Files - Norwich - Version 2
CHISLEHURS      21632 RailPro Files - Chislehurst - South East London
mq110.spk      625589 Marsquake v1.10 - you'll need at least this for the upgrade
NORWICH         21610 Norwich Station and Environs for !RailPro
Mann'tree       21570 Manningtree for !RailPro
LondonBrdg      21686 Layout for London Bridge Station for !RailPro
World_Cup       17265 World Cup Football on the desktop
MQ110_111       98658 Update Marsquake v1.10 to v1.11
elite/SA         1416 Bits required to make File No. 87929 work on StrongARM 
ArcElite       382446 Acorn 32-bit version of Elite     22819 Info and example on how to create/merge SR2000 rec files        6816 Replacement Rec file for SR2000. See Readme file
SRED.ZIP       143866 SR2000 Editor
RoadRage       178176 Unfinished (very early version) racing game by me.
thrust_zip     290650 !Thrust, as reviewed in April 98's Acorn User
SONIC1.SMS     262144 Sonic the Hedehog for the Sega Master System Emulator
Miracle.ff8     59476 Miracle Sega Master System emulator (v0.01)
Kalaha          88299 Desktop game by Graham Jones
lineof5          5582  Desktop game (bit like Connect4) by Graham Jones
mame030ug      1092181 MAME 0.27 to 0.30 upgrade (not official release)
1943mame       400235 1943 for M.A.M.E.
Marsquake      598837 Marsquake - Shareware game
BETA0301.ZIP   709786 ARM MAME v0.30.1, ported by Gareth S. Long
elite          382446 Elite - The RISC OS version of the BBC game
Lunar          118740 Lunar Escape (0.01), 3D walking/shooting game     516376 Bunny Racing (part 2/2)     339862 Bunny Racing (part 1/2)
abuse.txt       13537 Abuse information
abuse-b.zi     1574344 Abuse data files
abuse-a.zi     246989 Abuse - Acorn port of a PC shoot-em-up game, Part A
HorsesRPC       12218 Horses (Desktop Gambling) RiscPC Enhanced
HogDemo        197318 Demo of time travelling game
monkey          22344 solution to Monkey Island II       3651 Updated Exodus Cheatmod (bugfixed version only)
cavern_zip     159813 Cavern Duel Game and editor
arcquake       313143 !ARCQUAKE from Peter Tecichmann
Z-life           6656 'Life' for the Z-Machine. (Infocom format, requires Zip2000)
Freefall         3584 An amusing Z-Machine game (Infocom format, requires Zip2000)
shutbox        204494 Shut The Box desktop game.  Supports Acorn help.  Good luck
Mario           50475 Super Mario for the Gameboy Emulator
HypeLode        28727 A Gameboy Game
Tetrislike      60739 2 Tetris-type games from New Zealand by Daniel Mark Johnson
bombz/zip       89549 Bombz - A puzzle game (new version with more levels)   314496 Quake for Arc. Requires an SA and the original PAK files/
marsed          48046 MarsEd - a level editor for MarsQuake - v1.02
Plantation     108810 Another SIMCITY 2000 file...
beta0271       349737 MAME 0.27.1, emulates 200 classic arcade machines
DK-Jnr          37625 Donkey Kong Junior arcade roms - For MAME.
CANYON_SC2      97482 SimCity2000 DECENT city
Marsquake        2172 Cheat module for AU's Marsquake
Colony         106325 A town for Risc PC Sim City 2000
WorldRacing_Demo161792 Overhead car racing game by Scott Boham (DEMO)
PlayMod         61412 desktop tracker v1.12. Read the long description
golf_demo       42852 A (not exactly playable) demo of a golf game
beta0251       285760 ARM MAME 0.25.1, emulates 150 Arcade Machines
Spr>Rebnd       23193 Converts 16 colour sprite files to Rebound game files
IntrestElt      23420 Some Interesting elite piccys. Archive
zaxxon          63512 Zaxxon for Acorn MAME
Pacman          16935 Pacman for Acorn MAME
MrDo.arc        40756 MrDo for use with MAME
MAME.arc       368625 The MAME Emulator
Galaxian.arc    11278 Galaxians for the MAME Emulator
DKong.arc       23429 Donkey Kong for use with M.A.M.E
AuEliteCht       2304 Cheat Module For Elite v1.14. Includes V Powerful Lasers!
CLUMP           31190 GOOD GAME      297453 Zelda for GameBoy emulator
JungleStri     262144 Jungle Strike for the Gameboy Emulator !
Wheel           47258 Wheel of Fortune, version 1.7, by me.
Maths           50002 Maths, version 1.9. by Me.
NYDK            97283 New Year Duk Kwest- v1.00 Stupid seaonal skiing game
where          101966 WhereDuk - v1.00 by Dukware. Stupid Backdrop generator/game
WORMS          262144 Worms for he gameboy emulator
LEMMS.ZIP      348836 Lemmings 1 + 2 for the GameBoy emulator
MM.ZIP         332966 Micro Machines for the GameBoy Emulator
KgLd12.Zip     772779 Donkey Kong Land 1 + 2 for GameBoy Emulator
GBEm.Zip        61079 Multitasking Desktop GameBoy Emulator
Level9          31901 Utility to play Level 9 adventures on an Arc
FakePratt      152139 Fake Pratt by M. Randall
mode/arc        23432 !Mode? v2.13 by Simon Foster - RiscPC Mode selector for 3.1
hopper/arc     440492 !Hopper v1.00 by Simon Foster - Classic game now for RISC OS      22406 Popcorn v0.01 -- a games programming library       416420 Hive v0.01 -- an unfinished monstrosity
xmastanx       272811 Tanx - a game of explosions and, er, tanx.
TwinRPC          2870 Twinworld fix for RISC PC
Zebulon         87955 TADS i/f game
Undo            40175 TADS i/f game
Undertow       114982 TADS i/f game
TheOne          70550 TADS i/f game
SmallWorld     135148 TADS i/f game
Museum          71715 TADS i/f game
Maiden         133009 TADS i/f game
Legend         393550 TADS i/f game
Kissing        134882 TADS i/f game
CCR            105218 Colossal Cave Revisited. TADS i/f game.
BrokenStr      123826 TADS i/f game. See long description.
Abduction      103203 TADS i/f game
Aayela          68738 TADS i/f game
TADS           825238 Tr 0.01 allows TADS games to be played on Acorns.
Wedding        101436 inform i/f game
Vindaloo        41531 inform i/f game
Tube            39839 inform i/f game
Tatctae        277363 inform i/f game
Tapestry       138242 inform i/f game
Stargazer       49218 inform i/f game
Stalker         59568 inform i/f game
SpiritWrak     213676 inform i/f game
Sherbet        123739 inform i/f game
RipFlesh        65966 inform i/f game
Reverb          79768 inform i/f game
Ralph           50962 inform i/f game
Piece           83160 inform i/f game
Phlegm          57318 inform i/f game
NinePts         58540 inform i/f game
Night           58922 inform i/f game
MST3k1          79986 inform i/f game
MhpQuest        40955 inform i/f game
Lists           79964 inform i/f game
Liquid          52987 inform i/f game
Library         57970 inform i/f game
Karn           122016 inform i/f game
InTheEnd        84350 inform i/f game
Inhumane        54003 inform i/f game
Gumshoe        111934 inform i/f game
Godot           38707 inform i/f game
Frozen          50221 inform i/f game
Forms           66002 inform i/f game
Fear            80654 inform i/f game
Claw            97202 inform i/f game
Cheater         38056 inform i/f game
BSE             71852 inform i/f game
KONG-GBzip     267643 Kong for the GBemulator
!TicTacToe      21581 O's & X's game, Version 1, by Keith Theobald
Moto            30394 Motocross for the Gameboy
RasterBind      19302 Mastermind game by Alan Fraser
Magnate         30002 An archive of information about a game I have designed.
CQuest          20008 Crystal Quest! for the GameBoy... Swarm's better though :-)
Vortex          25420 Simple shoot 'em up
Brix            91690 A puzzle game where blocks fall in from all sides.
SoFar/Zip      168985 An Inform v8 text adventure by Andrew Plotkin
Blobby2        263496 Platform game by ARM'd & Dangerous
Cycling        290453 Re-live the Tour de France in this great game.
APTITUDE        34984 An RAF pilot aptitude tester
Gravity        252880 A brand new version of a classic game - Gravity Wars
Civ/man         50708 Civilisation manual for developers of the game :-)
Countdown        5588 VERY simple progs to play Countdown.     345165 Pushy II - the sequel with 24 bit gfx + ooo it's lurvely
christminZ     228352 Christminster - Infocom Z-code Version 5 Game.
Bloxed111      443020 Bloxed v1.11 (zipped) Now features 3-player option
marpc2/zip      56833 !MARPC v1.10  game by Dave Thomas and Justin Fletcher
civ/zip         31523 Civilisation demo - by Justin Fletcher
Swarm103       558906 Swarm V1.03 - Huge improvement over Acorn User Release (zip)     301197 A platform game starring Mr Miser by ARM'd & dangerous
GunShip83      199637 "GunShip" : Two player scroller. (v0.83 by PH)
mindtrap        11745 Mindtrap by Darren Salt: Desktop puzzle
PatchFor82      53515 "PatchGS" : Updates GunShip 0.82 into GunShip 0.83. (by Paul
DungeonDuo     204944 "Dungeon Duo" Dungeon style game (v1.0) by Paul Hallam
Pest           154894 Exterminate the infestation of troublesome vermin
Chess          108607 A simple two player Chess game
Rat             25589 RatAttack 1.1 by James Newcomb
Goop           107555 Collection game with a difference by ARM'd & dangerous
BlobbyDemo     177040 Brilliant game by a member of ARM'd & dangerous
Flood          118689 Cataclysm style PD game by ARM'd & dangerous
Lost            89783 Mouse contolled game of skill by ARM'd & dangerous
BombaMan       251478 One player Bomberman clone by ARM'd & dangerous
KrytenTXT       60284 Your Kryten from Rad Dwarf. Can you find your crew?
Zip2000/sp     213748 Zip2000 Infocom Interpreter v1.19 (28-Jan-96)
Bombz           66672 A nice little puzzle game by Tony Houghton.
shutbox        138853 Shut the Box game, writ with EasyC++/Vista/Desklib
Bumper          96989 Bumper (1.0) by Andrew Titman (of ARM'd & D)
Repair          65201 Pest control on your desktop - from the authors of !Locomo
SnakeGame        9131 Snake game. Good
!Blocks         17029 Brilliant tetris game
RE_Update        1657 Update for non-Risc PCs for Advanced RE Coursework Simulator
Clumps          16896 Clumps by   Alan Trewartha (v0.2)
Planet4          7170 An improved planetary program
PLANET3          8104 A program for predicting the position of the sun moon and pl
BBust           28682 Blockbusters type game board (needs mode 66 and ARM 3)
Blackout         4887 A patch for the latest version of BlakHole2 v.3.74
Zip2000n       207895 Zip2000 - by Kevin Bracey. Interpreter for Infocom games.
cheatarc       193935 Latest compendium of cheats from Doggysoft V(See date)
Windhall       326656 Windhall pt 1 - text adventure by C. E. Forman/Jeff Cassidy
Jigsaw         303616 Jigsaw (release 2) - a text adventure by Graham Nelson
Claustroph      52224 Claustrophobia - text adventure by Sam Hulick
!PlantEat      175130 "Man-Eating Plants" (v1.12 by PH)
Cypher          48363 Code Cracking Game
appchm.arc     206119 The latest version of the dHacker CheatMods- over 200 cheats
ARECS          285767 Advanced RE Coursework Simulator from GTHS!
SnakeDemo      167837 A demo version of my Shareware SuperSnake game (addictive)
DungeonD        72731 DungeonD (Version 0.6) by Paul Hallam (2 plyr maze game)
ArchiFight     189672 Manga KickBoxing game (a bit like StreetFighter)
Park            27894 A Nightmare Park game I wrote years ago - addictive though!
Toolbox         82944 ToolBox Modules for Angband 2.7.8 Relase 2
ang2782        445440 Angband 2.7.8 Relase (19-Sep-95) By Ben Harrison      29740 Spectrum snapshot - Starquake (remember?)   33416 Spectrum game snapshot - Head over Heels (v. good)
Dune_Saves      87648 Dune_II Saved games (Final Mission)
CellWarVI        4849 Kill the bad cells before the time runs out. By me.
Scotty         125204 Jet Set Willy style game, set in some school somewhere..
Sokoban_sp      80602 Addictive puzzle game by Jason Howat of New Zealand (v. 1)
HoverBlob       58695 Preview of my new game..         146171 Early demo of Crystal Quest for the Arc
CursesSol       21959 Solution to "Curses"
PROPOSAL       650032 An early demo of Proposal(?), one to watch out in 96'
F1 CAR           2495 The fastest ever car for Saloon Cars Deluxe and more!!!
Weather         92672 Text adventure
Theatre        192000 Text adventure
Odieus          50176 Text adventure
MindElectric    70144 Text adventure
MagicToyshop    71680 Text adventure
Curses         257536 Text adventure
ChristMin      217600 Text adventure
Busted          78848 Text adventure
Balances        55296 Text adventure
Adventure       82432 Text adventure. The original, in fact.
EliteEdit       10085 Edit your Elite commander files
Games          350102 Several different PD Gamess.
FootBall         5343 The ultimate football simulator
PetesASWAP     571004 Wolfenstein ASWAP file featuring lots of pretty faces
Dinosaw.arc    581632 DinoSaw... A simple everyday story of a caveman and his chai
Pinball          1064 Pinball wizard cheat
speccyt        196882 oooh looky, more spectrum snapshots
Shanghi         29876 a great desktop game to play when your bored
WolfenPac       21556 Add a Proper Pac-Man enemy to Wolfenstein-3D!
hoopla           9216 a very sad game which i wrote-chris meighan #1249
Penguin         19515 Add a large Penguin to your games of Wolfenstein-3D!
ED-209          11262 Add ED-209 to your games of Wolfenstein-3D!
AswapUtils      35209 Aswap Utils - Import/Export Graphics and Sounds in Wolf-3D
dunegame       259960 
StockCar       238868 release 1 of Stock Car by Chris Davis
WarJet         281877 Flying in Scotland and dodging the jumbos. Latest vs for Pim
WOLFED.DAT      53678 A Program to Edit and Patch the Wolfenstein ASWAP file
Castles         39170 Game from Mike J Williams
Bumpers         91184 Asteroids that bounce by Mike J Williams
Brix            12712 Breakout type game by Mike J Williams
WolfAudio        5909 Wolfenstein 3D Audio Patch
Mercanery      804087 Tank sim demo. Read LD
CannonF          6257 Cannon fodder levels
Autofire         2067 Simulates 'autofire' behaviour on the keyboard
MZXiface        19609 MZXiface (1.01) - by Andrew Clover
Coco           359070 CoCoPiano  By Ledi Tommaso
MV2             70866 Game starring the Mindless Brothers, by David Fletcher.
SFcodes          2186 The codes for StarFighter 3000
StyleW3D       418806 "Escape from the House of Style!" - Wolf 3D
Newton            414 Stunt Racer2000 saved position. League 2, Track3
SimCity_2K        918 My (A5000) Sim City 2000 cheat - loads of cash, By Stimpy.
MZX_4          186324 MZX files for Spectrum Emulator
Wolf3DEp1       15494 Ten whole new levels for Wolfenstein 3D!
Wolf-VSwap     872837 Alternative Graphics file for Wolfenstein 3D
Shanghai        51947 Just a great addictive game I just dug out 
apocalyp         1496 Apocalypse cheat
alieninv         1124 Alien invasion cheat
alienatt         1208 Alien attack
alerion          1216 Alerion cheat
aldebara         1864 Alderbaren cheat
airsupre         1364 Airsupremacy cheat
2067bc2          1108 2067bc cheat V2
2067bc           1248 2067bc cheat
techno           1088 
stuntrac         1952 Cheat for Stunt racer 2000
scarsdel         1144 Cheat for sallon cars delux
guile            1076 Cheat for Guile
crystlma         1060 Cheat for Crystal maze
blitz            1288 Cheat for Blitz
axis             1416 Axis cheat
Can Games        4283 Cannon Fodder saved games (about the first 16 missions)
GolfBits        27174 Misc bits for Golf players...
Connect4         7471 !Connect4
Can Fodder       1160 Cannon Fodder cheat
Odieus          50176 Odieus's... (release 1 beta) - Teo Kwang Liak. Adventure.
Busted          78848 Busted (release 2), Scumbag software. Adventure.
Wolf3D-US      402896 Wolfenstein patch, conversion by N.Bennett, V 1.00
Wolf3DXmas     396892 Wolfenstein 3D patch, converted by N.Bennett V 1.00
SpecGames      188993 Six GREAT Spectrum snapshot files. Including JETPAC!!!!
N_Ireland        6912 A map file for !Risk
HexIsle          8576 A map for !Risk
Tiles.spk       13333 !Tiles an addictive desktop game.
Spiders         38849 Five Level Game, Collect The Fruit
AIChat          17084 Another Chat program
Witters         71552 The game with the muxed ip title.  See LD
StarCheat         508 Cheat Module for StarFigher Demoversion
SF3000_2         1462 Star3000 - missions 1 & 2
Star3000       518571 Star Fighter 3000 Demo
Chopforce         407 how to get ChopperForce to work on a RISC PC
BIATetris_arc  121382 BIATetris Demo/Games - Patched for the Risc PC
AcornJoyEm       1928 erm.. Acorn Joystick Emulator (opp. of RTFMEm)
Othello         12659 Othello. Non-desktop game.
FB0810          27955 Flashback (10/08/94) Fixes level 7 'brain' room bug
MZX             53600 MZX 1.10 path for Risc PC
Aldebaran_RiscPC  1172 Fix Aldebaran for the Risc PC
flashbck        30067 Flashback passes
xconfig          6255 
Bang1_10       115976 MineSweeper implementation by Cy Booker
FBdemoRO2       21913 Fixes to Flashback demo for RISCOS 2
RTFM112          3589 
RTFM110          2182 RTFM Emulator V1.10
skyplt           6666 Port of a Beeb game.
NevEdit          5705 Cheat for !Nevryon. By Andy Piper.
met_arc         19677 Meteors for the Arc.
Impact2        167877 Snazzy bat'n'ball game with many options. By Andy Piper.
CavEdit         16584 Cheat for !Caverns. By Andy Piper.
Nigel             694 Set of passwords for Nigel Mansell's World Championship 
MigEnhance       4120 Module to allow use of 3rd mouse button in Mig29. V1
CheatsArc_165   39452 CheatsArc - 165 modules
PIGEON         162071 A New fun game by Quintin Parker V 1.12
SpaceBase      328675 On NO Account run this unless you have disarmed it (!)
Tron             2631 Another Tron game. 2-3 players.
mon_new          1483 new sprites for Monopoly
monopoly        27868 !Monopoly
merrills        20238 !Merrills a two player game
hextris         31438 !Hextris
dominoes2       13152 !Dominoes2
DefBef          19198 !DefBef...An astroid type game
KeyEmulate       1792 Keypress emulator for joysticks
Xross~100.arc    5866 2 player, cross the board type game
Market~165.arc  11677 Stock Market Simulation (Can you make money ?)
DogF~100.arc    37762 Up to 6 player Dogfight game ** GREAT LAUGH **
5STAR          1678215 GAMES
Games_gz_arm   288904 Chess Games
TankAttack     113760 Wife of PM to head new Arc S/W House
BurstPFix       11646 
Billion         31162 A billion text adventures on your desktop (v1.01)
SIMCHEAT        13157 Multi-Tasking Sim City Cheat
Lemings        435008 Lemings by Tom Cooper...
DinoSaw        292225 Prehistoric platform game by Tom Cooper. PD vers 1.0
MagicPockt        202 Magic Pockets Level Codes
Mis4            11176 begin mission4 - Carnage inc. saved file!
Mis3            10963 Begin mission three, Carnage inc saved file.
Mis2             9224 Begin Mission three - Carnage Inc. Saved file. 
korc_arc       253819 4 visits to The Kingdom Of Relative Concepts
Minehunt        40458 A _very_ good implementation of Minesweeper
!Triang          6163 A solitaire type game.
Descent         17985 Non-desktop bomber game
Hatris          45814 Tetris with Hats...strangely strange :-)
Sanghai         43346 ..or Shanghai...or MahJong.
angband        420148 Umoria/NetHack type game (but better)
Killer           4853 New killer track 1 for Stunt Racer
Sweeper          9026 A 20by20 Mine Hunt game
Wartime           895 Gives infinite time in the Warloks demo
PocMod            965 Modules that gives you *loads* of points for Magi Pocs demo
PhaethonPasses   1183 All the passwords for Phaethon
JoyOff.arc       1308 Kill your VT Joystick Interface module from the Desktop
ZIP             37101 Infocom adventure player
Aggresso         1011 Extra lives
Break147         1037 Add points to your score when you are playing the computer
Mstrbrk2         1137 Add points to your score in the 2 player mode
Mstrbrk4         1256 Add points to your score, in the 4 player version
Yaigv2            945 Yaig cheat module now with extra score option
BlackMonk       69512 The Black Monks lair. Dungeon savedgame arced file. Read LD
Yaig              900 A few extra lives to this old game
MoonQuake.arm     914 A cheat for the PD game Moonquake - made with Hacker
WillyCheat        983 Jet Set Willy cheat
JetSetWill      80015 Jet Set Willy
ManicMiner      43025 Manic Miner
ManicCheat        925 Manic Miner Cheat
SR2000L2          183 Player File for Stunt Racer 2000 League 2 Race 3
Glassmaze       69116 An arced Dungeon saved-game-file at the Glass maze...(oohh!)
NetHack31      824394 NetHack 3.1.3 Requires *2Mb* and Hard Disk
TRON4             842 Tron for four people!
PassWord        44617 Password finding application
taipei.ARC      21804 2,500 year old Chinese game using 144 tiles.
Lander0_02      48913 Lunar Lander Game Version 0.02
BombScare       11290 Quite good puzzle game for Beeb
Pontoon          7286 Quite fun Beeb game
SML              8478 A matheboring adventure
ReptonInf       13416 Wonderful BBC Repton Infinity game and a utility
BennyBunny       8355 Tres bad Beeb game
Bang!            9623 Beeb game
Bouncer         34529 Bad game with bouncy ball and yoyos.
Rain              228 Very addictive 'Dodge the falling blocks' game.
UmorSaves       52390 Umoria characters
ladybird        70381 LadyBird Game..Very simular to Bumble Bee on the Beeb
GodsDoshAr       1492 Loadsamoney in !Gods. Arm yourself to the teeth...
ZoolMapsPart1  373504 Maps and details of Zool words 1 and 2
!Battleshi      13238 Battleship Game
WimpZarch       22273 Multi-tasking Zarch!! (Need original disk...)
connect4         5548 Simple version of Connect 4 impossible to beat
Cheats           4579 Cheats for Aldebaran, Blitz and HeroQuest - done on !Hacker
AxisCheats      41728 CheatMod + Passwords for Axis, with !Haxis for Hacker + GW.
Wire            19073 !Wire...a "follow the wire with a hoop" game
Witch            2522 Some enhancement for Elite
w3demo2         52911 Wolfstein 3D - another level! Still a demo though.
w3demo          82572 Wolfstein 3D - very early demo.
!MathQuiz       22841 Maths Quiz for learning Times tables and sums
tertisch          747 Cheat module for Tertis
Pairs           19699 Desktop Pairs Game
War_Arc         16066 Desktop game for 2 players.
Super_Pat       90076 Super Patience - totally ace.
Danish           7990 Two shape-manipulation puzzles
interdick        2204 Interdictor colour code in a draw file.
Adrian16          834 Aldebaran saved game on verge of completion
Adrian12          889 Aldebaran savedgame where u can get to algol. 30 rockets
MineHunt       152547 Very good version of Mine Sweeper
Domain         175203 Sorcerer's Domain - By AMFSoft
Neb_Cht          1201 Cheat mod for Nebulus
hangman2        17321 Colourful game of Hangman
Aargh           42673 You need a steady hand and patience!
Tank            31319 3D wireframe tank shoot em up
StarMath        90163 Test your maths skills
Snake           30045 chase the mouse, worm type game
Quizland        84955 Desktop quiz game
Plumber          9171 Pipemamia type game, good
BlackJack       10746 Desktop card game
Risk           138851 The game of Risk
ClockPat         5760 A simple version of clock patience.
swerve          13713 Desktop TRON game
3DIcons          2609 My RISC OS 3.xx 3D icons
humpy           48588 Hunchback type game
Swiv             1330 Good Cheat Module
PacMania         1090 Cheat Module
MadProf          1170 Health, Lives & Money cheat
ArcSoccer        1090 Cheat module
Caverns          1090 Good cheat module
Elite            1230 Good Elite cheat module
!Hexatoms       59775 Infamous Game
lemcheat         2323 Lemmings Cheat - v1.03 - Have 99 of each activity etc...
ShadowRun.arc   35705 ShadowRun roleplaying game character creator
elitist          1908 Infinite lasers and shields for Elite
NotSpinv?       42285 Yet another Space invaders game...
Surround       226748 You are a worm (Fred) who was to surround a garden.
Scrabble        12396 Desktop Scrabble.
OhNoPaswrd       1041 Passwords for Oh No More Lemmings!
towers          30653 A (difficult) patience variant
filler          12731 Strange game from Russia
bang            30838 !Bang! - Desktop game, like Chain/Domination/etc, v.good
Simon2           4442 Another version of Simon
Sen_wrang       13923 A game of patience
Pypes           70176 Another pipeline type game, not bad
BurstPipe       92823 A Pipemania type game
quintet!       125016 Two player, 18 shapes TETRIS by me.
Snake133        29988 Desktop Snake game, v1.33
FiveDice09      22276 Desktop dice game, v0.90
Os_and_Xs       22337 3D Os and Xs
Infection       13210 Strategy desktop game.
Horses          12272 Desktop Gambling...
staka_arc      126222 3D tetris game
NIGEL            2560 Saloon cars player file
PaulD_arc        7899 Flight Simulator Toolkit shapes - Paul Doumer Bridge
Cheat             284 Good Elite commander, by James Rand
SpaceBall_      54154 A breakout Andrew Cawte
Lemcode          1230 Lemmings passwords
OilRig_arc       1503 An Oil Rig for Flight Sim Toolkit
CHEAT_arc       29478 14 various game cheats (most/all by The Fox)
FutureArc      215115 !Future (Author unknown!)
SpaceLnch       96580 Push rockets into launching pads.
HouseMyst       67736 olect dimonds ia ladder puzzle
fractgame         512 Silly little one line game.
CoreWarArc      44404 Multi-tasking CoreWars simulator
InertiaEd       43780 Inertia Screen Editor
mines           12618 Mines desktop game
FSTpiggy          962 The impossible FlightSimToolkit design!
Jameson+          284 This is a fully equiped commander ready to start mission 1
TwinCheatArc      896 TwinWorld editor and saved file.
PandoraArc        384 Shows ending to Pandora's Box
Lillies           298 Course for Superior Golf
Cons             5382 Pics of the 'Constrictor' on ArcElite
LongRange       23949 A great Manchester Utd europe goal. VERY long range.
Intd2Game         290 A saved interd2 game, on the verge of completion.
Spider           1751 A screem image of the 'spider' from Inerdictor 2
BlackAngel      17484 New game from 4th Dimension - Black Angel
Wizard          38466 Collect the fruit / avoid the baddies
EliteMis         6522 All 3 missions
D0_Bustup       11985 Dreadnoughts with Yamato by P.H.
UMoria         261618 !UMoria ported by Edouard Poor
CHEAT_arc       29790 15 Game cheats
StarTrek        49536 THE GAME! This one's been around the world...
scrap             284 My Elite commander! Scrap??!! How did it get to be called it
!TrekGame       20480 Two player Star Trek game
!Oppose         46208 Two player battle
elite_jimbo       384 My own elite file. Plenty of money/equipment.
Worms           14302 A kind of "worm eats the apple" game
ZarchT           2059 Alternative landscapes for Zarch
RecMem1         44355 Recognition Memory
PAL             40801 Paired Associate Learning
Clash           56201 Simple Game
CTetris         14240 Tetris game - actually from CIS (Russia)!
CompZarch        1947 Zarch Competition Cheat.
PlanetLand      21262 Classic Lunar Lander game - speedy or wot!
WHOPPER          4830 A kind of adventure game (text only)
Cribbage        28556 Card Game - Non Desktop.
tictac_arc      13473 Have a guess what I was watching today.. TIC TAC TOE
Commanders       7837 Elite Commander Files for those in difficulties
36st0             892 Karma Image File The search for the Hopper
4st               892 Karma file start of stage 4 for VMS
GardenMaze      32645 Get Lost! this desktop 3D Hampden Court style maze!
ShootEmUp        7003 Space Invaders on the Icon Bar.
DeskZCode       44020 Desktop Infocom adventure player (with Frank's ZIP)
FastCar          2495 The best possible car (I think) for Saloon Cars
YATG_Arc        85482 Yet Another Tetris Game - this one's from Canada.
Skimbard        32973 Skimbard Desktop Adventure - Demo.
Williams          384 Commander Williams for Elite,
Automation      43328 Automation Wars by Peter Hartley
elitefnt.arc     1736 Elite System Font
elitecht.arc    33455 Elite Cheat version i1.08
Hermit (Elite)  10240 Hermit - finally caught on screensave
OLFDEMO        180288 VGood Golf Demo.
TURNIT           4327 Tactical counters game.
Elite_FdL?       5376 Is this a Python or a Fer-de-Lance? (ScreenSaved Elite ship)
Commander!        284 A useless commander! No lasers!!
Brick_Arc        5806 Catch the bricks
AirDuelArc     125046 2 Player Combat game.
Piers             284 My commander who is Competent - without cheating!
JIM               284 My Hacked Elite commander
EliteHack       15903 Cheat for Archy Elite - [Mal]
jameson           284 Elite Commander at Lave, with 46 MILLION credits!
NewTeams         1049 Some new teams for 4D's Arcade Soccer
Maze_arc        16427 Middlin' maze game
El_what         10880 Unkown objects found in space (Elite the game of course)
RockCheat        1280 Cheat program for Rockfall (Eterna)
ELITE_J           612 Elite Joystick Files (For Serial Port Joystick)
Alex              284 - ELITE - Commander - 1st Mission!!!!
Illavia           284 Yet another Elite file
Piers             284 My Elite commander!
Olly_Elite        362 An Elite commander called 'Olly'
GARRARD           231 Commander file for U.I.M
Fred              384 An Elite Commander with a Docking Computer!
MM_ARC           3016 A simple "MasterMind" type game (V1.00)
ArchieMan       15825 Desktop "Pacman"!!!
TileTrial        8378 !TileTrial by Graham West
Battle_arc      37096 Space Battle by Beard Technology
DARTS_arc       17913 !Darts (V0.05) By Nagpal Hoysal
tetrisArc      354198 Really Nice version of Tetris by SICK
TETRIS          23883 Tetris! (V1.00) By Tiggr & Sleepy
Nev Level         384 File which tells you how to jump levels on Nevryon.
gravspr           256 New sprite for Gravity Wars
DROPSHIP_A      25864 DropShip Cheat
Solitare        97522 Solitaire/Colotaire (V5.03) by R.I.D.Macfarlane
Loshang         18887 A type of Patience game by D.A.Pedder
-Ghouls         49043 Ghouls (with music)
!Quartet        14532 MultiTasking Tetris (brill!)
NoEx_hack        2176 Cheat for NoExcuses
UIMCheat        10240 cheat for U.I.M
RockHack         1570 Silly cheat for the Rockfall demo on the arcworld disc
Pinball           817 How to get ARCPINBALL to run from hard Disk
E_TYPE            512 A replacement sprite for the E-Type game application
PinBallTxt        814 
STARFIGH        71808 A shoot 'um up game
Mig29_hack       1024 Complete cheat for mig29 fulcrum
SOYSTA          11901 A game by Gus Proitsakis
ROLLER1          5760 Looks like an old BBC game
CASTLE           4240 A SIMPLE R
aliens_arc       4608 shot the aliens
puzzle.arc      47463 Like !Puzzle from Acorn, but with pictures.
ballgame.arc     5571 IconBar Breakout Game!
ArchieMan       15664 Desktop ArchieMan !
Blaston          1915 Cheat for Blaston By The FOX!
Ubiq2_00       105257 Gravitational shoot'em up.
EOR             46216 A desktop maze game.
Ubiquetus      129066 A game of shooting each other with gravity effects.
BASICgames      12289 2 games, Yellow River Kingdom and HeliWarII
NightShot        2304 A Nice simple game! (Clay Pigion shoot)
shanghai        54556 A kind of match the pair game...good!
WIMPSOL          4135 A solution to "The Wimp Game"
EliteSlideMod   51840 The Elite screen shots in a module
ConnectX        15086 A "Connect 4" type game from New Zealand
Slide-Elte      20882 Slide Show of pictures for elite type game (arced)
fastdem        271104 Car Rallying Demo Game
FarBeyond      100160 FarBeyond game
DSCENT          17890 Shoot the building before you crash into them!
WordMatch       14527 Memory Match for Words
ObMatch         17875 Memory Match for Objects
ColourMat       15310 Memory Match for Colours
SPGLFXarc       46449 Extra course for Superior Golf - "Magrathea"!
ARCBAL_arc      12224 Breakout game with screen designer.
!Madlib          6272 
cludeo_arc        650 prints sheets for the board game.
cards_arc       10448 2 card games
CheatE            432 2 cheats for "E-Type" (Text file)
saloonc         10880 screen shot for Saloon Cars
ULarn          150709 The Caverns of Ularn 
VIEWSWAP          787 For use with "Chocks Away" Blackbox files
000188D5        13208 New version of the game of Dominoes.
qsound_arc      90368 sound for pdquest
SnakeGame        4839 A Tron style game ..
GravityWar       3492 An extremely simple, but VERY addictive 2 player game !
Chain           18463 A Game for 2 to 4 players (V0.01)
JIMS              427 The passwords for Ballarena.
Wormkill         1920 A corewars warrior
QUAD_ZIP        74565 very good EGA droid game; decontaminate the spaceship
elevator_zip    25560 elevator shuffling game
3DOXO            6205 The classic game of noughts and crosses
Sniper            512 A CoreWars Fighter program. pd.
!stars           1792 A Simple Proggy that produces a Starfield From Left To Right
TwinCheat         128 This is a cheat for twin world this gives you quite a few li
CoreWars        76108 A Game played by two programs within your Computer
Pysanki!         1792 The 'NEW' Cheat for Pysanki By THE FOX!
ALERION          1351 Cheat for Alerion by The FOX!
AMoria_arc     252628 Latest version of AMoria...with help 
BALLARENA        1536 Cheat for Ballarena By THE FOX!
!CHOCKS!         1395 NEW cheat for Chocks Away By THE FOX!
ChocksHack        425 Cheat for chocks away
HANGMAN          3028 A very simple version of hangman
KONFLIKT          872 A text file on how to cheat in Kaptain Konflikt By The FOX!
fruitmch_arc    14058 a fruit machine simulator
dquest_arc      68864 Dungeon Quest Game (like Gauntlet)
!LINEOF5         6763 You and the computer battle to get 5 squares in a line
!XRUN          318872 X-Run...Version 1.2 (c) H.Rogers
!MADDASH       108297 An environmental Game/demo
MadProfHck        768 Cheat for 'mad professor mariarti'
SPLAT!         299194 !Splat
INERTIAC         2432 Cheat for Inertia by Fox!
NEVCHEAT         4480 Cheat for Nevryon by !Fox (255 lives + all weapons)
SpaceInv        42739 An excellent game of Space Invaders !!!
Galaxy_collider  4096 Galaxy collision simulator
InterDHack       1408 Interdictor II hack
WWC_ARC          6699 Wandering Wizard's Castle
Meteor_arc        896 Simple BASIC game...canyou beat 20secs??
!Dream_ARC      60341 Adventure game written using ALPS
3dtanks         50432 A 3D Tank battle game
DeskTaiPei      23126 DeskTop version of TaiPei
NEVRYONpw         564 All the Passwords for Nevryon (from Fox! #718)
ho_golf1        87439 Course for Holed Out designer
!ArchPat        57125 Mouse Patience (Requires 16K Sprite size)
Pipehack         1792 Cheat for pipemania
!BG              5564 A breakout game...on the Icon bar!
Man_At_Arms!     1664 Cheat! program.
E_Type!          1532 Cheat! program.
Apocalypse       2142 Cheat Program
Rotorhack3!_arc  2432 Hack program for rotor (works!)
rotpass           236 All the passwords for the game "Rotor"
connect4         5161 A BASIC version of the game
pelmanism       44457 A nice "match the pair" game in MODE 15
Battle          16760 Desktop Battleships
REVERSI          8747 The game of Reversi
BOWLS!           3359 The game of Bowls (BASIC)
Games_Arc      252563 A suite of many (38!)  pd games 
fish_snap       16815 Match the pair
SIMON            3106 A Version of the game "Simon" (BASIC)
z_cheat           750 A BASIC cheat program for Zarch
!GOLF           27026 A Golf Game (Application)
!ZARCH          20592 Desktop Zarch
cav_pass          485 All the passwords for "Caverns"
THUNDER          1442 A cheat for "ThunderMonk"
ROLLER           6272 A ball bouncing game
startrek!       47949 !StarTrek...The Game
SOLIT_ARC        7680 Another version of Solitaire
SOLITAIRE        5760 A version of Solitaire
ETYPE_LAB       23552 This file contains a label for your backup copy of E-type
!YAHTZEE        11824 The game of Yahtzee
!Pelmanism       6745 A Find the Pair type Game
new_yaig       154501 Improved version of YAIG
C4              19968 4 in a row Game
INVADE           9856 A Fair game of Space Invaders
ASTEROIDS        5760 A Game of Asteroids (BASIC)
!PENTO          12834 A Game requiring shapes to be rearranged
!MAXGAMMON      54408 A Version of Backgammon
!OTHELLO        42894 A Fair version of the board game
!DDDOXO          5037 A TicTacToe game
!ADASTRA        64173 A Asteroids clone..
!GOLF           33473 A Golf Game
noid_ARC        11375 !Archanoid
!ADVENTURE      50560 Collosal Cave Adventure

Size of area 56288k

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