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Filename       Length Short description     104634 !Attacher v1.04 (Jan 2002) by John Allen   39936 Manage your mobile phone phonebook
attach/zip      84927 !Attacher 1.03b by John Allen - UUcode/Base64 encode/decoder
FMail203       286054 FidoMail version 2.03, dated 13th September 1999 59612 Attacher 1.03 code/decode uucode & base64
tb/arc         302984 Toolbox Modules for!PSIfs
PSIfsARC       251035 !PSIfs - Lets your Acorn communicate with a Psion
SSMS110         85712 SendSMS 1.10 - A number of improvements and bug fixes
XmasOffer      155452 Info on (legally) getting FREE LOCAL CALLS from BT lines
SerDevR12       21277 Release 12 of the !SerialDev block drivers
MultiHear       21898 Multiple configurations easily selected for hearsay 212609 Connector v1.03 by Andreas Zieringer. BBSMouse compatible!
MailCheck.       8339 Checks number of messages in upload file
CandW           11600 Cable and Wireless call charges sheet - produced by TJM '98
Retouq           7269 Types your sigs and a cookie for you. 218622 Connector v1.02 by Andreas Zieringer. BBSMouse compatible!
ArcadeMail        829 Auto Download mail using !Connector
Zetnet           2712 Information on Zetnet (I.S.P) for Acornet
UplHome114      23744 !UplHome v1.14 FTP script creation for ka9q sFTP & freenet
UUcoder124.spk  67378 UUcoder v1.24 e-mail attachment handler
TRUEANSI       141331 Latest version of Trueansi. Version 1.26 by Gareth Boden
ArcWeb190      777896 ArcWeb Version 1.90
OLRead60       133115 OLRead 0.60 --- ArcBBS message reader.
FileGrab        19142 Latest version of FileGrab, see long description
SerialDev       31992 The *New* Seriall Device Driver Manager
Arcade.Con       1440 Auto download mail from Arcade.  For use with !Connector
x2crsdl.exe    291178 x2 FLASH for USR Courier V.Everything MODEMs
EMAIL           51912 Econet based E-Mail      10112 Ringer 0.04 -- flashes the screen when the phone rings
osclid100       60645 by Chris Rutter; allows * commands to be executed remotely
SDLINFO          2684 Instructions for SDL FLASH upgrade for USR Courier Modems
Sdl_7778ZP     456124 SDL_7778 - FLASH upgrade for USR Courier V.Everything Modems
zlink200        71151 ZeriLink V2.0 by John Kortink
CommsIcons      10265 Nice hi-res, 'improved' icons for various comms progs! by me
OnLineMod        3052 Logs modem usage to a file
Update206        4307 Updates earlier versions of Taglines to 2.06
TagLine206       7794 Taglines version 2.06
Tag-Lines        7691 TagLines vers 2.05 creates random taglines (bugfixed)
Turnip001       28876 ARCbbs offline message reader
ConnScript        608 Arcade BBS Dialling Scripts for !Connector
revision12      21277 Revision12 of Hugo's Block drivers
sptrtrfzip      36206 USR Sportster Technical Reference Manual- from USR BBS
modemutil       88119 ModemUtil (2.15) with prices as of July 1996
64coder100.spk  54830 64coder 1.00 - codes & decodes MIME base64 attachments
jfshared       116115 jfshared (absolute)  Library for Justin Fletcher programs.
jfaddressZ      19030 !JFAddress by Justin Fletcher. Address Book for !ReadMail.
readmailZp     195383 !ReadMail v2.24 - Justin Fletcher. ARCbbs Offline reader.
Switcher         5531 Loads scratchpads into OLRead
RingBack        22080 Ver1.01 -Steve Smale. Ring once, hangup. Ring, modem answers
CDT              2496 Really useless alternative to UUcoding stuff..
Arcdoor         14607 !ArcDoor by Carl Declerck - Answers ring and calls comms
autouud.spk     76881 AutoUUD v1.01b - Automatic Base64/UUDecoder for Newsbase
Nynex            3836 Nynex call charges (Draw)
Z88Link102      20503 Z88Link 1.02 by John Allen
SETspecs       142514 Credit card SET Specifications
IIDual           3370 Intelligent Interfaces IIDual Modules
box             33202 Phone dialler 
phonedir       117802 Version 1.07 of !PhoneDir. Convert STD codes to/from area
FaxFriend       22377 Extras for Arcfax (Spindown, new modem driver, port fixer)
phone           39854 Multi-tone phone dialler.
Dialer-1v5      14972 !Dialer (sic) v1.5 -  adds dialling directory functions.
Ringer103        6982 V1.03 of Ringer - flashes screen when the phone rings
0003             4735 Sportster 28800 Arcterm VII driver
FAX             64526 Fax v0.03 - by Steven Kramer
Base64          17587 !Base64 - v0.03  Base64 decoder.
Comlnk_arc     144812 PD version  of Comlink Packet driver by G7ALN.
7Plus_arc      277587 7+ coder/decoder for files.
Tnc_arc         59577 Yet Another Packet Driver program.
Stream_arc      64351 Another packet Driver prog.
Term93zip      114968 Kam TNC driver by G4RQN - Multitasking - V.Good.
Packet           7257 Packet Driver
FeedBack        29627 Latest version..
SPtoASC100      20944 Strip ANSI and other control codes from ARCBBS spools.
ThinxShots      19851 New Multi-Player Virtual Community - Graphical
Wire_BBS       230205 Wire BBS information. Download it NOW!!!!!
NCOMM3         125440 COMMS PROGRAM
ANSIcodes        8202 The list of ANSI codes you have been looking for!
modemhack/      54159 Desktop macros for making the internet connections easy
AutoUUE         29577 Util for UUDecoding Mail
arcterm7SP        477 !Sprite for ARCterm7
serialSP          739 A new !Sprites22 file for !SerialDev
ZADialHk1       31772 Hacked version of !ZansiDial 1.20
EasyMail       421083 EasyMail v0.5
PKTProc         12777 Redirect fidonet mail packets and get info on them
RamDiscHSY       3872 Ammends Hearsay to use RamDisc. OS3.1+ 2Mb Req'd
AnsiIt           1331 AnsiIt. Convert 640*192 MODE 12 sprites to ANSI files.
RockwellDPI/AT7  2432 AT7 driver for Rockwel/Escom modem. By Andrew Fawcett
FeedBack        29520 !FeedBack Comms package by Chris Davis - version 0.10
SPD041RPC       23336 New ROM images for SP_Dual Cards when used in Risc PC
FeedBack        25898 Feed comms package
NetSend          4228 Program to run programs on remote Econet stations
ConvNews1.2     51501 Read Arcade & Fidonet messages with !TTFN & !Newsbase
TrueANSI.arc    99857 °² TrueANSI 1.23 by Gareth Boden þ ANSI editor Û±
TinyType        12402 *Tiny* program for guessing filetypes
Conv100.arm       264 Basic program to convert old TrueANSI files so they work
Examples        60780 Fonts and other files for TrueANSI
TAMovie         91163 °² TAMovie 1.00 by Gareth Boden þ ANSI animation editor Û
ANSIFont        11181 °² ANSI font 1.20 þ Needed for TrueANSI and TAFontEd Û±
TAFontEd        27073 °² TAFontEd 1.01 by Gareth Boden þ ANSI font editor Û±
ZAnsi             799 Patch file to patch !ZAnsi with Acorn's !Patch utility.
TellNum          1127 (c) Laurence Tratt of DoggySoft - counts msgs. in areas
USRtechref      56373 Technical Reference file for USR Sportster modems
PhoneDay_arc     3167 Phone day conversion for ArcFax/Hearsay
MIMEutils       81562 Utilities for encoding and decoding MIME'd mail messages
Sportster1.arm   6208 Hearsay File for Sportster
AHydra101       26042 Hydra FTP
SupraBink        1301 For help with Supras and !Binkley
SDM010           6995 Serial Driver Manager (V.Early version)
RPCZansi         1119 Sets serial port on RPC to 56k/s and puts FIFO on for !Zansi
EasyMail       399534 EasyMail (0.4)
OIATerm130      19640 OIATerm Version 1.30
class_2_tx      55806 FAX Class 2, everything you want to know about it...
Points           9495 B0800000000022d
serbuf_arc        750 Serial Buffer module for Internal Ports By David Pilling
ImpHeader        6518 Impression Header for file list
sparkplug       79647 Internet Starter Pack
Trash80.arm    118717 TRS80 emulator vsn0.1 - by Benoit Gilon (author of !Woz)
CallCalc         1033 Works out the total cost for ArcTerm7 CallLog files
OIATerm         16890 Multi-User Game Interface
NewZAnDial      32002 The new version of !ZAnsiDial
phonebillU      35799 PhoneBill (1.63) Henry Morgan - Calculates Phonecall cost
USR-V32bis.arm   8716 Version 1.03 of New USR Sporster HSAYII driver
BlckUpdFix        806 A FIX for Update Block driver programs
EnhanceAT7      31300 Newlook OS3 Arcterm 7 (read long description.. hmm..)
MirageDial      24333 Mirage Dialler for 14.4k modems - its ok, honest!
!ZLink           8564 Z88 to Arch link, needs cable and PC rom  by John Allen
TA_Patch         3072 TA_Patch - v1, patch TransArc to thread replies.  By Stimpy!
TA_threads       1433 Thread following for TransArc
TA_quote         2862 ReaderS style quoting for TransArc
CallNPL          3187 ARCTerm7 script to set the CMOS clock
ZoomInfo         8385 AT Commands and S-Register functions for Zoom 14k4 Modems
ZAnsiDial       12641 ZAnsi dialler
AT7S144Drv       4473 ArcTerm7 driver for Supra144LC
rs232stat       26312 !RS232Stat v1.00 by Colin Smale - Displays port status
FileGr~138      37216 Input the files to download and it does, so while online
Templates.arm   10079 Templates for Risc PC users of ReadNews
AT7_Templ         551 ARCterm7 ANSI template with timer icon fixed for RISC OS 3.5
!Runimage       55887 Patched !ZAnsi !RunImage file.
!ZAnsiHack       1043 This is a hack by Tim Gladding tofor Zansi
arcqwk16        77596 ArcQWK is a QWK Mail reader for the Arc!!! Not sure of autht
k0-21bDIFF      28607 Changes between kit0-2b and kit0-21b. See previous file.
a269_arc         6873 Read only file server prog
idir102         80622 IconDir 1.02 - Hard Disc application laucher type thing
kmsg100         54519 KillMsg 1.00 - ARCbbs online killfile processor
AFscripts        2768 Pair of scripts for ArcFax 1.10
makeACF          1755 Utility to make ACF files for Unicom
WimpKey         12470 Like fkeys but windowed, v.1.00 by Garry, for use w Demon
config           2336 New config file for Unicom 4.3.94 I A Jones
Shades          12201 Shades fighting aid v0.02
WimpKey         12470 v. 1.00 by Garry
SerialPtch       2666 Freeware patch to fix bug in Serial module on RISC OS 3.1
HSYDow~201.arc  18537 Converts !Cat Arcterm7 script into HSYII script.
RIPscrpt.TXT    58486 script commands for the [R]emote [I]maging [P]rotocol
28800usrZP       4831 The last modem you'll ever need to buy?
zansi199        72560 Quite a nice PD ANSI terminal, with ZMODEM transfers
BBCDial           326 BBC Tone dialer
VFAST            2379 News on the VFAST recommendations (24/2/94)
Coster140       23434 Call cost monitor version 1.40, by Steve Loft
TNCarc          62342 Radio ham.   Easy-to-use packet terminal
RiscyTNC        57706 A simple AX25 TNC Driver (Block Drivers) G.Rowlands V0.17
AceexDrv         4654 Modem Driver for Hearsay Users
HSYscripts       6734 Yord's Hearsay Scripts version 1
HSY_14400        4099 Hearsay II modem driver for 14400 modem like Zoltrix 1414
ibmfont          2240 IBM PC system font
ansiview         7339 ANSIview. ANSI file view version 1.0 by David Croft
Broad~180.arc   19720 Sends messages between two serial linked computers
Hayes_Tech_Ref_Zip 98041 Hayes technical reference manual ver P2.0 (15 Sep 1992)
ARCTIC_arc     106431 !Arctic v2.31 App dir-use with #034875
!RunImage      177354 !Arctic v2.31 runimage -uncompressed -Compuserve access
riscmail       406910 My mail reader (0.2) - Encrypted
arctic.ro2      23516 !Arctic RO2 template files
runimg.arc     172730 !Arctic runimage v2.3
arctic.arc      99977 !Arctic app - Compuserve access with !runimg
arctcinf         6019 !Arctic info - read all about it
vhost112       120787 VHost 1.12 multi-user Viewdata Host
ReaderSTem       5621 Replacement ReaderS templates
EZDial           6751 EaziDialler: use modem to dial on voice line
Charges          1005 New charges file for ModemUtil, prices as of July 1993
SupraAT         22026 List of AT commands recognised by Supra modems
Coster          25839 Call Coster
Postman_arm      1945 Your own Postman (uploads/downloads/sorts mail for you)
STest.arc       17053 Tests serial link up cable between two computers
RS232.arc        9564 Discription on how to link two computers up using the RS232
HS2Cost.arc     20081 Like ARCTERM 7 cost this works out the bill for HSYII users
HSYDownld.arc   18017 Converts !Catlogs Arcterm7 script file to Hearsay script
AA_Utils_arc     3175 Auto-Answer utilities - initialises/kills auto-answer (hays)
ansi_z07_z.arc  23306 ANSI
ansijean_z.arc  51669 ANSI
ansi_z20_z.arc  29347 ANSI 
NWayPix.SPK     31867 Sprites of NetWay windows (0.95ái)
ansi_mad_z.arc  66886 ANSI Animations
cartel_zip.arc  34116 ANSI Animation
SetZAnsi         4123 Front end for ZAnsi 1.99c provides a simple multi # dialer
call_demon       4648 Dialler for Demon
Sportster.arc    5145 Upgrade your USR Sportster to 16K8 (well maybe...)
PhoneBox        27170 Multi use phone box. >:->
BB_ListARC      13568 Arcade and Artic BB list with call rates from London. Db/CSV
MsgStat051      13357 Multitasking ReaderS message counter, version 0.51
HayesArc       147848 Hayes Modem Manual (PC Text format)
microlin2        2498 modem driver for microlin fx
microlin1        2186 modem driver for microlinfx
Arctic218      106097 Sparked, Arctic application directory v2.18 WITHOUT !runimag
RunImg218      156090 Arctic v2.18 !runimage, SHAREWARE (needs Arctic218)
nettime110       6863 Get time from a unix time daemon via tcp/ip and set RO clock
SerialTest       7293 test your serial port, is it up to standard
Demon_7          3300 Mod. of Arcterm7 script to start ka9q/tcpip
SupraKit        55963 Arcterm 7 driver and info files for SupraFaxModem.
ModemUtil       70454 The latest version of ModemUtil (2.12)
FixMail         17703 Crude file de-mangler for ReaderS
AHydra101       26042 Hydra 1.01-Archimedes. Bidirectional file transfer protocol.
RS168_3        178531 Encrypted ReaderS. Fixes the BST bug.
SupraInfo       11820 Three text files from the Supra BBS
Term7Cost        9315 Utility to calculate phone bill from Arcterm7 CallLog
RunImg213      149994 New !RunImage file for !Arctic - V2.12 had a bug!
SPlug225.arc    79647 SparkPlug 2.25
scan.spk          896 scans directories for wildcarded filenames
9_TO_9_DPIN      3712 9 TO 9 DCONECTOR LEAD
TA+Sprites       4132 Replacement sprites for keypad on TASKansi+
NoPhone!         1492 Draw file for people with 1 phone line, a modem and a family
ArcadeScrp        270 Arcade script file for arcComm2
ANSI_EDIT       75574 Alpha test version of Darran Hillerby's ANSI screen editor
ComLink        134405 Script driven Packet Radio program
NewSupra         4348 New Arcterm VII driver for SupraFAXModem
Phonecost.txt     696 Phone price list
0035             2066 Arcterm 7 driver for Mistral FX24s Modem (no FAX)
ArcticInfo       6019 Sparked text file about Arctic (CIS access prog)
ARCbbs          21376 Replacement "ARCbbs" Module for !ReaderS
readnews024.arc206977 Unix newsreader v0.24. Needs RUCP.
RUCP.arc       126115 Archimedes UUCP v0.11
!ModemSet         186 Allows you to set SM2400 time-out in secsk.
Class2Doc       23721 Supra Class 2 Fax Interface Doc
Class1Doc       12547 Supra Doc - Class 1 Fax Interface.
isdninfo        26721 some isdn info from BT
fixit_arc        1861 Fixit file for older versions of TASkansi+
newsgroups      63125 Listing of Usenet newsgroups
UpdateList       7803 Updates ArcBBS filelists with the difference files
Serial_arc       1721 OS 3 Serial buffer
DIS_Bits        14865 A couple of files for ka9q software
deboo_arc       25562 De-BOOer. Someone may find it useful.
SM2400_det       1891 A complete rundown of the Amstrad SM2400.
cba_arc         16800 Jason Williams' application for decoding acorn binaries
RS_Mods         32859 ReaderS Modules format
EMSIDef.arc       792 EMSI Defeat
HsayBill_1      14999 !HsayBill v1.00 (29-Jul-92) Calc bill from HearsayII Log
SupraDrvr        4437 SupraFaxModem Arcterm 7 driver script.
Coster130       26563 Online Cost Monitor v1.30
HsyScrp.arc      1336 Some Hearsay II script files
BillAT7002       5983 !BillAT7 v0.02 (12-May-92) Calculate phone bill from CallLog
HsyDrv.arc      15666 New Hearsay II modem drivers
AT7Nums          1465 converts new version ArcTerm7 Phone files to ascii text
HSYCADE101       2679 Hearsay II script for down/uploading messages V1.01
GRAPEVIN.E     108342 Grapevine Multitasking Comms (sort of)...
new_arc         61585 Text file about mail gateways
Dialler          7480 The ultimate telephone tone dialler.
Yellow2!        27158 Decodes viewdata Electronic Yellow Pages
Hsay2_Keys       7775 Function key strips for Hearsay II.
DTIMECALCA       4958 Download Time Calculator
Script           5206 Example script for a future version of TASKansi+
CSV_arc           835 AT7 Script for calling Silicon Village
ReaderZIP        1990 A utility to make Zips of ReaderS packets - needs Zip q.v.
FastArcade      12114 Latest version of Arcterm7/Arcade script
ReaderSIG       18023 ReaderS utility, for signature lines
ReaderMBX        7044 ReaderS utility, for reading private mail
CorrectTA         719 Corrections for bugs in !TransArc v3.07
HsII_SM24        2476 Tips using HearsayII and Amstrad SM2400 on Mercury
RSbuffer_a       8576 Extends the RS423 serial receive buffer to 2k
Aarrggh          6664 Convert private mail files from new ArcBBS for old !Reader
ARCT7KEY         5861 Some function keys for ArcTerm 7 by R.J.Chubb
!terms079       27213 Elk/BBC ANSI/TTY terminals 0.79
sz-rz_arc       36466 Two CLI programs for Zmodem uploading/downloading
DialList        12010 A little program to automate dialling.
StringVar        1987 Dynamic signature lines!
TRANSARC        42302 Latest version of !TransARC (V3.10 {I think!}) 
Wiring            256 Wiring for Inmac Micro 300 modem.
Tone Dialler     8448 Another tone dialler program. Stores numbers.
ANSItoo          3747 Replacement character set for !Tansi_sm+
Strip            4888 Keystrip for !TASKansi+
OfflineA       115067 My choice for a carrier drop/hangup ARCTerm sample
T_arc307plus   123937 TransArc 3.07+
newansi          3847 New ansisprite for TASKansi+
Canaries        25837 Randomly set your signature in Reader[S]
Sample          11902 Revolution sample nice for end of upload for arcterm7
Mercury           760 How to use mercury wihin Arcterm7
2click_AT7       3829 A slightly improved version of the 7Script Arcade files!
AutoDial         2048 A dialler
Reader0A1       51066 Latest (12 Jun 1991) version of Reader
MODEM_arc        9251 Text file of verious MODEM terms
MultiTalk        2560 A basic comms program
ACFexample        790 Example ACF files for TASKansi+ and TASKdata+
!OnTime         24147 Warn you of your time online.
DEMON4           1689 Latest Demon 4 Driver for ArcTerm 7 (No.10)
RS232             930 How to wire a RS232 lead for a MODEM
EC2400Dr         1594 Demon IV modem driver for ArcTerm 7 version 1.22
AT7Samples      96427 Two sound samples for AT7 (Offline and Online)
CALLTWOC         4978 Script file for ArcTerm7 users, for calling World of Cryton
Log_arc         19479 List of Work done to Arcterm7 by Hugo (Up to 17/1/91)
smiles          24931 !Smile for people like me who forget their Smileys :-) 
Demon4V          1692 Latest Script file for EC2400 Modems and ArcTerm7
AutoType         5108 An Auto text file typer for prepared mail messages
Call_Band          73 Upgrade for Hearsay valid from 2 April 1991
BBCread045       8192 Elk/BBC ArcBBs mail reader. Archived.
QGTFTP           4990 Quick guide to file transfer protocols
ec2400mk3        2904 Yet another  version of the EC2400 driver for ArcTerm.
CALLCRYT         2151 ArcTerm 7 Script file for calling Cryton
missing          1033 Text file of missing info from ArcTerm 7 Manual
ARC100          31747 !Arc100 A pd VT100 Terminal Emulator program
!GRAPEVI       111104 A NON multitasking terminal with Xmodem (V1.32)
ReaderMan       28153 Impression document manual for !Reader 0.90
AnsiText2        6016 Slightly altered version of Ansi2Text.
Hayes_arc         251 Info on Modem lead connections fpr Hayes Modem
ANSITEXT         6272 ANSI to TEXT converter
ReaderPlus       6400 Fixes (I hope!) the problem of blank lines in !Reader files
!Termv           8832 Development ANSI terminal
!DIALIT1        27264 A Call dialer..can cope with Mercury calls.
!rs423           8439 Lets you monitor the signals on your RS423 Serial Port
NEWTONE          5358 A New Tone dialer
RISCOSterm      13952 Installing multiple RISCOS terminals
ReadSprite        512 New desktop sprite for !reader 
temp_arc         3348 New Template file for ARCterm 7 (Fixes major bug)
HSayCB            109 Call-band upgrade for Hearsay
File_1A0          896 New autodial sprite for !TASKansi  (Arc file)
unzip           14025 UnZIP version 1.00 (Port of ToolBox v3.00)
!TONEPAD         3718 Desktop Touch Tone Dialling Pad
MODEMDRIVE       3286 3 modem drivers
HsaymodPlus      4074 Latest mod to Hearsay by David Pilling (Author)
!Task           39647 A multitasking Videotext (PRESTEL) terminal
VIEWSPOOL2       3840 New Spool viewer for offline browsing
ARCTERM3!         836 Application !RUN & !Sprite files for ArcTerm 3.xx
AT311           32256 ArcTerm Version 3.11 (pd version)
PRINTFRAME       2176 Prints 3 Hearsay Viewdata screens per width of paper
NEWHSAYMOD        896 An Alternative fix file for Hearsay
HEARSAYMOD       1024 Fix file for Hearsay

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