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Filename       Length Short description

ZModem         101959 JGH: ZModem Specifications Text
XYModem         55641 JGH: XYModem Specification Text
XYModemPrg       8683 JGH: XYModem programming   Text
vercheck          322 RISC OS 4 version checker from RISC OS Ltd.
RO4Patch4r     223607 RISC OS 4.01/4.02 Patch 4 relese 3 from RISC OS Ltd.
RO4Patch3r     223827 Patch for RISC OS 4.01 & 4.02 from RISC OS Ltd.
riscos4_c        1656 RISC OS 4 - Millennium Compliance Statement
riscOS4          5000 Technical Briefing on RISC OS 4 dated 19/3/99
Advert           1779 Details of a special Accomodation offer for the WAUG Show
FreeFree         2903 Extra help with FreeServe Internet with an Acorn. Get this!
!EasyMode       82225 An easy mode selector for RO 3.5 and Above, v1.11
!ndFS           20167 a packdir archive of a disc organisation package from Silly   559851 [ERULSERV] Echo rule server archive for day 360
65OpList        19712 JGH: Full 65x02 Opcode lis Text   249800 Independent Counsel's Report to US House of Representatives
Z80UnDocOps     10624 JGH: Undoc. Z80 opcodes    Text
Z80OpList       18944 JGH: Full Z80 Opcode list  Text
e_arc            7818 An Acorn doc giving useful info about e format discs (ARCed)
Routemaps       28105 Road and Rail maps for Acorn SouthEast Show
AcornCode       42116 Acorn Code v1.02. By Quintin Parker - show your identity
Stuttgart       18687 List of Acorn files at
index           78191 HENSA/micros index of Archimedes RISC OS software (18/06/97)
TableDemo      265380 Ascii Nos / Codes in Tablemate format
revrules         1966 Rules for the Acorn Demo Competition
Hindex          76343 Hensa Index of Archimedes RISC OS Software  at 15/03/97
access/txt      18294 Access/txt - Accessing the Higher National Software Archive
mask33/wav      30920 Sample from The Mask
mask32/wav      26836 Sample from The Mask
mask30/wav      37040 Sample from The Mask
FTA-1001        13660 FTSC Operations (20 February 1997)
FTA-1000         3270 FTSC Charter (20 February 1997)
ImageClub       23506 How to join the Image Club - get a cool membership card too!
SAlist           6710 Copy of message giving StrongARM Compatiblity for s/w
ExhibMap       122552 Map of Earl's Court and Olympia - location of Acorn World 96
15<>9Mon          687 Wiring Diagram from Acorn FAQ for 9<>15pin monitor leads.
WOW!!             843 33k6 US Robotics Voice Modems. VERY SPECIAL OFFER! LIMITED!!
echorule.z36   135323 FidoNet echo rules archive for day number 236
contact          1148 How to contact ART and/or Xemplar
PCA.arc        445760 Clares Plug-In-Compliant Application (PCA) standard
MIDISpecs       39633 MIDI specifications
Sa110          153051 WHOOPEEEEEE! Pictures and details of the first StrongARM RPC
SCSI1/17b      187041 SCSI Version 1 Revision 17B WordStar Files
Area2PoPs       40993 "Nearest Internet Service Providers to your location"
AcornPrice      15135 Acorn July Price list - includes risc PC700 & A7000
EchoList        28576 Full list of UK backboned echos as of 23rd June 1995
dig-dex.txt    341055 Disability Information Group files list from USS Bear BBS
UserList        14328 Arcade BBS users with email addresses
NewNatCurr     292198 Text of New National Curriculum
BLT47           41758 info on ftp www archie by e-mail
arcfsdata        3222 ArcFS file format
gif-update       1802 Update on Unisys's licensing policy for GIFs
gif-patent       9326 Unisys explanation of how their LZW patent applies to gifs
A4_Info_3        3504 More ramblings about the Acorn A4.
Surround         3388 How to get superb surround sound, fairly cheap
Parallel3       45000 Drawfile of parallel port interface.
inet            86953 Internet info
Errata3_zip      9975 Errata and omissions for RISC OS 3 PRM
Parallel2        5212 Replaces ParallelOp which contains an error. Has additions.
ParallelOp       2037 Info on parallel printer port SWIs/pins/access etc.
IntConnect      34765 Latest 'Yanoff' Internet List
Idek             3089 Idek/A3xx/A4xx compatibility
Idek.txt         3689 Idek monitor definition file
AVRD191t        53600 Latest Archimedes Virus reference document v1.91h
HrdWrAlarm       6814 A Hardware based Alarm for your Risc PC (And Others)
outsamp         36236 DIY sound sampler.
HD_times         2028 Some performance notes for IDE drives
Importerz2       2849 Who imports what echos, and from where...
VOICECMD.T      85894 Rockwell class 8 voice commands
PDial           68428 The Public Dialup Internet Access List (PDIAL)
KA9QStyle       56077 Using KA9Q in Style/Publisher format
RiscPC           9183 All about this new wonderful Risc PC
610.SI            751 ARMSI file of RISC PC 610
RiscPCTEC        3124 An advert from TEC 15ht April on the Acorn Risc PC 600
zoom_man       108162 Old version of manual for Zoom v32bis modems
rfc1149_tx       1855 Standard for Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers
idittext_z      31109 Idiots guide to the Internet
CCemail           772 Email addresses at Computer Concepts Ltd.
developer        2067 Info on what is involved in becoming an Acorn developer
Anon             5734 Short description of
tiff_form       23025 Tagged Input File Format (TIFF) details
OracleInfo       5326 Info on the Usenet Oracle.
clipboard        5669 Acorn app note - selection model and clipboard
dragddrop        5982 Acorn Application Note - drag & drop
irc             68122 introduction / tutorial to Internet Relay Chat.
usingKA9Q       27629 Guide to installing and using ka8q (aka !TCPIP)
RISCDefini       3846 David Seal's definition of RISC processors
Modula2ARX       6750 Whatever happened to Acorn Modula 2 and ARX?
ARCHMAIL         5578 How to use a archie server.
AW_Guide.txt     4071 The Arc World style Guide
InterZen        94811 Zen and the art of the Internet
PC_arc           2872 Some tips from Phil Colmer on Comp.Sys.Acorn
do_arc            533 Unsupported "do" utility from Acorn to fix Echo >> file bug
flex_arc       182621 Flex (FSF Lex clone) Compiled with UnixLib. Version 2.3pl8
ReplaySnd        5864 How to use Replay Sound files
syquesterr.txt   1175 SyQuest Error Codes
ReadSysInf       1323 Extensions to SWI OS_ReadSysInfo in RISC OS 3.0 and above
MonLead          2147 Automatic detection of monitor type from monitor lead ID pin
A540Extend       1720 Additions to the mode extension system for A540 and similar 
5thColumn        5985 Manual for 5th column system of extension ROMs
RiscOSGCC        1001 Progress report on RiscOS Gcc/G++
MTaskCLI         3642 How to multitask CLI programs easily
ValStrings       1615 RO3 extra validation strings - more comprehensive
Parallel          730 Doc for Parallel_HardwareAddress SWI
CTransDoc       14763 Documentation for ColourTrans in RO3
DevFSDocs       13241 Documentation for DeviceFS
TransDoc         1660 Documentation for BasicTrans module
PodSWI_3          480 Docs for SWI Podule_ReturnNumber (new in RO3)
PipeBlock        1646 PipeFS blocking - how it works - via a Sleep upcall
04versus05       3448 Differences between BBC BASIC 1.04 and 1.05
FontFormat       9694 Format of Intmetrics/Outline files
ARM7             1342 ARM 7 info...
TurboA5000.arc  21121 How to speed up your A5000, by Nick Smith
HDInfo          72168 Comprehensive list of Hard disks & specs.
Help            22734 Every HELP message from RO3 in one text file
DeviceClaim.arc  1304 RISC OS 3 Device claim protocol
help_arc        42082 Latest Arcade Help file
sfx225          86468 Self extracting version of !Sparkplug (V2.25) by D.Pilling
T1ToFont.arc     2254 Discussion of !T1ToFont program from c.s.a
ThrowBack.arc    1690 DDE_Utils Throwback SWI details
ExtEdit102      80583 External Data Editing Protocol
MenuHelp          959 Getting interactive help on menu choices
FontMenus        2733 RO3.1: getting the FontManager to create font menus for you
TaskManZIP       1183 How to enumerate tasks and get task names with RiscOS 3
dragsZIP         1039 Text file describing how to obtain solid sprite drags, RO3.1
RO3FreeArc       2112 RISC OS 3.1 Free module SWI details
Julian_ARC       7530 Julian Day <-> Dates
unknownSWI.arc   1741 Assembler listing for out-of-range SWI numbers
Iconise.arc      1056 RISC OS 3 iconise messages
PSFonts.arc      4359 Downloading fonts to PS printers with RO3
CDINFO          11900 CD drive specs, explanations etc.
HD_INFOTX       14539 Loads of Useful Hard Disk Info
ARM3Cache.arc    4303 ARM3 cache low-level control
BasicNew        13368 New/changed features of BASIC for RISC OS 3
ANSI             6647 Complete set of ANSI codes (Text file)
VIDC             3199 Reprogramming the VIDC
DragASprit       1291 RO3 DragASprite module - SWI details.
FreeSpace        1036 Description and SWI details of RO3 FreeSpace module
TerritSWIs       8098 RO3 Territory manager SWI details
Sprite256        2638 Description and Explanation of 256 colour sprite format
FilterSWIs       1351 RO3 Filter Manager SWIs
BufferMan        5729 RO3 Buffer Manager SWIs
VidcEnhanc       4906 Defining new modes on an A540 (or A5000?)
TrapHandle       1934 Trap handling in C
TaskWindow       5332 Message protocol used by TaskWindow
SWP              1972 Description of ARM3 SWP instruction
SwiVeneer        4524 Optimised SWI veneer for C
SwapMouse        1473 Left-handed mouse
SpritePlot       1192 Hints for fast Sprite plotting
ServiceMemory    1023 Error in PRM description of Service_Memory
RO3ScreenBlank   1687 RISC OS 3 screen blanker
RO3AdfsSwi       2388 RISC OS 3 new ADFS SWIs
OSChangeRedirection  1071 New SWI OS_ChangeRedirection
Memc1aTest        734 Test for MEMC1a presence
Machines         4044 Unofficial list of computers Acorn have made
DrawExport       2751 Exporting PostScript from RISC OS
Colours          5412 Assemble macros by Roger Wilson
IRQHandler       2637 IRQ handler veneer for C
CanonBJ10e       2064 Modifying printer drivers for Canon BJ10e
Arm3Swis         4171 Acorn ARM3 support SWIs
Validation        989 RISC OS 3 border validation strings
RO3WimpInit      1297 Some RISC OS 3 WimpInit details
RO3SpriteOp      3307 Some new RISC OS 3 SpriteOps
RO3PDriver       5296 Overview of RISC OS 3 printer drivers
RO3Canonical     1463 RISC OS 3 canonical file name details
ReplayFile       3888 Acorn Replay file format
MsgTrans         5597 MsgTrans SWI details
Joystick         1736 Acorn joystick SWI interface
FileTypes       15544 Unofficial list of filetypes
DiscErrors       1018 ADFS disc errors and their meanings
InterApp         8834 Inter-application data transfer protocol explained
AppGuide         9042 Unofficial application writer's guide
JstickSWIs       1169 Documentation for Acorn Joystick SWIs
RO3SWIS          8219 List of the SWIs available from RO3
BBCArc          18986 BBC ROM Arc and XArc
cpane            6243 handling panes in C
BAU9092_AR      17316 Index to BBC Acorn User in Pipedream format `90-`92
BAU8289_AR      36496 Index to BBC Acorn User in Pipedream format `82-`89
A5000QnA        21469 Risc OS 3 and A5000 bits and pieces
Minitel          6678 Minitel spec
TstResults       2176 Benchmark results - with/out ARM3
RODIME            809 List of error messages for Rodime and Pyxis hard discs
EXTRAINF_arc     7870 Extra info file.
PCeCOMPAT        9984 PC Emulator compatibility list by John Eden.
ARMinfo          9123 Important Rules for ARM code Writers from Acorn
new_arc          9161 Great Font menu Module & Docs. PD writers please down load
task_msg         1905 Extra Task Message
ISVfiles5       88860 Useful information from Acorn
ISVfiles4      116068 Useful information from Acorn
ISVfiles2       69101 Useful information from Acorn
ISVfiles        35232 Useful information from Acorn
arc_doc          7597 pd ARC/deARC program (By David Pilling) DOCUMENTATION
arc             33759 pd ARC/deARC program (By David Pilling)
ISV_4           74439 Useful Information from Acorn (Part 4)
ISV_3           39201 Useful Information from Acorn (Part 3)
ISV_2           93777 Useful Information from Acorn (Part 2)
WS_UPGRADE       3393 How to upgrade a WS3000/4000 V21/23 modem to V22bis
TEXT_ARC         5541 Some tips for various programs
RISC_65         87295 !65Host Application from Acorn's RISC OS Extras disc
RISC_Mods       39398 All the MODULES from Acorn's RISC OS Extras disc
arcscanii       84901 Data on Archive Vols 1 & 2 for use with ArcscanII
prmpages        11904 The missing pages from the PRM
SPELLMASTR       1723 Info on SpellMaster SWIs
SWIS             2561 Info on WIMP & HourGlass SWIs
WIMPSWIS2        3584 List of WIMP SWIs
RISCADTP        35622 Acorn's rules for writing RISC OS Applications in ADTP form
Risc_apps       32370 The correct way to write Applications
HDRIVELIST      15360 Parameter details for most Hard disc drives
!System         68443 New !System Application

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