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Sound Samples (47)

Filename       Length Short description

Sparky         254008 South Park - That;s it Sparky, kick his ass. He's doing ...
SalisSteak      54136 South Park - Oh come on children what can be so bad ...
PissedOff       59552 South Park - That's it ! Now I'm pissed off. Take that hippy
CheesyPoof      36500 South Park - You want some Cheesy Poofs too ? Yeah I want...
BigBoned        14900 South Park - I'm not fat I'm big boned
hh09.wav        47276 Hank Hill from 'King of the Hill'
hh05.wav        34348 Hank Hill from 'King of the Hill'
hh03.wav        87468 Hank Hill from 'King of the Hill'      65441 From Dexter's Laboratory      54250 From Dexter's Laboratory      11984 From Dexter's Laboratory      44872 From Dexter's Laboratory
madonna.w      1174362 The Pathelogical News : Maddonna (Cert. 15) (.WAV)
LARD.WAV        40588 some 'Lard' noises ...
guitar.w       254211 Lard describes the "Vox Organ Guitar" (?) (.WAV)
OurHouse.w      97153 "Set the controls for Our House" (jingle) (.WAV)
FarAsMind.      56203 "Set the controls for as far as the mind can think" (.WAV)
mizer_rate      54094 "Set the controls for Mizer Rate" (jingle) (.WAV)
tekno.w        913721 The Pathelogical News : Tekno
Theme.wav      303451 Radcliffe's theme music from Graveyard Shift show (.WAV)
ClasGas.wa     1157118 Scrawn & Lard present "Classical Gas" (.WAV)
ToastedMuf     144227 Set the controls for Lightly Toasted Muffins (.WAV)
SingleBlok     1043113 Single Bloke by Mark & Lard (.WAV)
CricketSng     1349420 Radcliffe & Lard - The Cricket Song
Unknown12      279753 A clip from a track that I don't know the name of !
scooby.wav      14985 Scooby Doo laughing
suffs.wav       22508 Sylvester the cat
dltree.wav      89276 Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory
dlimp.wav      129172 Dexter, from Dexter's Laboratory
doc.wav         34408 Bugs Bunny
bbwar.wav       32512 Bugs Bunny
fllook.wav      24250 Foghorn Leghorn
drat.wav        67380 Marvin the Martian (from Bugs Bunny cartoons)       77271 Clive Warren saying "hello" to me on Radio 1 ! :-)
SoundCon16     137272 SoundCon 1.61
FUSE.WAV       124716 Wallace (to Gromit) "The Fuse - you forgot to light the fuse
BoogyMan        12917 Waaaaa Boogyman (excellent error beep)
BeNice2Sis      36011 Be nice to your sister (simpsons)
AmITurning      11503 Am I turning you on? (simpsons)
3SimpleWrd      83435 Three simple words ... I am gay (simpsons)
llandad         53196 Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwymdrobwllllantysiliogogogoch!!
Weird!          80257 Armadeus Sample - The WEIRDEST!! sample YOU'LL EVER HEAR!!
Combo            9193 Armadeus Sample - A musical 'drring' (!)
Bubbles         16537 Armadeus Sample - Continual rising-note bubble-effect...
Bloop            5417 Armadeus Sample - A small bloopy dittie...!!?
UpLift          19787 Armadaeus Sample of a whoosh/fly-by fx..
Musical         21467 A chirpy musical sample (sounds like an ice cream van??!)
Sirens          19617 Police/Ambulance sirens (loud as well!) - Armadaeus Sample..
QuiSave/ar      26962 Quick Save to HardDisc Icons SCSI + ADFS
FatBottom      209622 Fat Bottomed Girls, you make the rocking world go round !
Welldone        24047 a sound sample - armadeus format
Amusing        639696 Red Dwarf - ever wonderend what was said in Backwards ?
Crappy2eac     140800 22khz Red Dwarf sound sample
CatWhatUDo     108544 22khz Red Dwarf sound sample
BunchTwonk      38912 22khz Red Dwarf sound sample
BrummieGit      22016 22khz Red Dwarf sound sample
BlatentClu      43264 22khz Red Dwarf sound sample
April          446464 22khz Red Dwarf sound sample
Working         23018 Star Trek computer saying Working
AccesDenid      22198 Star Trek computer saying Access Denied
BernieInn      182272 22 khz Red Dwarf sound sample
Alone          225280 22 khz Red Dwarf sound sample
Alarm          139904 22khz Red Dwarf sound sample
After8Mint     170112 22khz Red Dwarf sound sample
4691Hagis       87040 22K Sound sample from Red Dwarf
Another1        50076 Another one bites the dust - QUEEN      852372 Spock singing    102710 Sample taken from Orbital's 2nd (Brown) album
CypHill         99146 Sample loop of Cypress Hill:When the Shit goes down
PainLoops      120896 Good sample loops from House Of Pain:Jump Around
Amedeous       1286039 Various Amedeous Sound Samples + Player
ToyStory       627997 Loads of WAV files from the film Toy Story
Babe           642304 Babe sings jingle bells
jump           369806 File to make you jump
joke           261812 joke from pulp
BIGBEN          48386 big ben sample
Pearl+Dean     122474 The Pearl + Dean Theme music !
x_file2        774780 wave, version x-file sounds
YOOHOO.WAV     117018 A sample from 'young guns II' see long desc..
Royale          34833 pulp fiction. See long description       266919 From Pulp Fiction. Royale with Cheese. Contains swearing.       249600 Sample from pulp fiction see long desc. Contains swearing.
Simon           63284 me mentioned on radio 5
Funky          238540 Audio works loop. Really nice funky backing loop (ARCed)
Niceloop       211536 Audio works sample - Very nice drum loop (Arced)
Oh_Dear         16741 Blackadder error sample - "oh dear!"
TVPetShop      452906 Theme to Dr. Zitbag's Transylvania Pet Shop! :-)
Clanger         15160 A Clanger speaks...
Apollo13        43289 Tom Hanks quote "Er, Huston, We have a problem."
intro.wav      552332 Intro to Sapphire & Steel
HH_Eddie        57806 Eddie from HHGTTG
LilGhetBoy     125840 Sample unfortunately in wrong area
sampleCD        50406 SampleCD version 1.10
Jingle          11330 Jingle, jingle, jingle
DominoMan      183601 Sample from 'Domino Man' by the Beautiful South
carbon          30712 Greetings Carbon based Life forms
ThisIsIt       439265 Last few bars of 'This is It' - NOT the Danni Minogue vrsn.
Greening       296041 Start of Kevin Greening show - uncompressed Armadeus
Tamborine      727936 William Shatner 'sing's Hey Mr Tamborine Man
Lucy           396541 William Shatner 'sings' Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.
PinguCall       18634 My son's hero and mentor (Armadeus)
HancockHj      375903 Classic Tony Hancock ( The Radio Ham )
HancockHi      191622 Classic Tony Hancock ( The Radio Ham )
HancockHh      332033 Classic Tony Hancock ( The Radio Ham )
HancockHg      192293 
HancockHf      302783 
HancockHe      290731 Classic Tony Hancock ( The Radio Ham )
HancockHd      237522 Classic Tony Hancock ( The Radio Ham )
HancockHc      125532 Classic Tony Hancock ( The Radio Ham )
HancockHb      114951 Classic Tony Hancock ( The Radio Ham )
HancockHa      214961 Classic Tony Hancock ( The Radio Ham )
STV_Kate        40996 StarTrek Voyager: Kate Mulgrew/ Capt Janeway
STV_Fine        45100 Star Trek Voyager: Captain Janeway "Fine Officer"
yabbadabba      78545 Fred flintstone (aka Dan Goodman)
lala            20070 Dididilalala (Whigfield)
gwarn           78572 Gwarn (Pato Banton)
Mythatsawfulwhite  8192 titch McCooey from Moray Firth Radio
embarrased      16384 rikki lake saying "don't be embarrased"
beautiful        9216 rikki lake saying"thats beautiful"
Pulp_Gimp       71168 The famous scene from 'Pulp Fiction' with Zed, Bruce &....
Transcom        35512 "Transfer Complete" - Star Trek Computer
intruder       127068 Intruder Alert on the Enterprise - Armadeus Format
wind            24096 Umm...well - Armadeus Format
watch           24096 Hey, just watch it you - Armadeus Format
washer          24096 Get that washing up done - Armadeus Format
vic             24096 We are not amused. - Armadeus Format
tellyourm       24096 I'll tell your mum - Armadeus Format
tellmym         24096 I'll tell my mum - Armadeus Format
tea             24096 How about a cup of tea? - Armadeus Format
ready           24096 I'm ready when you are - Armadeus Format
probe           88242 Dr. McCoy describes a UFO - Armadeus Format
pause           24096 Just a minute! - Armadeus Format
out             24096 Get Out! - Armadeus Format
mule            24096 Eeaw Eeaw - Armadeus Format
enterprise      68828 Enterprise to Starfleet Command - Armadeus Format
disbelief       24096 I don't believe it - Armadeus Format
clunk           24096 Clunk-Click every trip - Armadeus Format
Guiness        863270 Theme from the Guiness advert
013             59277 Sound sample (44.1KHZ) from the Star Trek DS9 computer
012             56671 Sound sample (44.1KHZ) from the Star Trek DS9 computer
011             63026 Sound sample (44.1KHZ) from the Star Trek DS9 computer
010             49335 Sound sample (44.1KHZ) from the Star Trek DS9 computer
009             27741 Sound sample (44.1KHZ) from the Star Trek DS9 computer
008             20413 Sound sample (44.1KHZ) from the Star Trek DS9 computer
007             73644 Sound sample (44.1KHZ) from the Star Trek DS9 computer
006             56577 mputer
005             31754 Sound sample (44.1KHZ) from the Star Trek DS9 computer
004             82031 Sound sample (44.1KHZ) from the Star Trek DS9 computer
003              7953 Sound sample (44.1KHZ) from the Star Trek DS9 computer
002             35816 Sound sample (44.1KHZ) from the Star Trek DS9 computer, see 
HancockBp      223487 
HancockBo      225191 
HancockBn      289565 Classic Tony Hancock ( The Blood Donor) Part II
Clarissa       1122068 Clarissa Explains It All: The Title Music.
EndTheme       1050601 Ren & Stimpy: The end credits music.
FriendAd       559700 Ren & Stimpy: The famous 'Friend Ad' sample :-)
Printer         60177 Printer Error Samples (Spark'd)
R+S_Title      926549 Ren & Stimpy: The main intro/title music!
RS-UpNext      177032 Ren & Stimpy sample: Up next on Nick.
ToothBrush     268269 Tune taken from Don't Forget Your Toothbrush (Armadeus)
SailingBy      264715 Sailing By (from Radio 4) - Sparked Module for AjC
Charly          87014 Snippet from Prodigy's Charly (7 secs) can be put in loop.
MmmMmmMmm      123392 Main chorous from MMM MMM MMM MMM by the Crash Test Dummies
Kryten          51810 Kryten form Red Dwarf: "You are a cruddy little pus ball.."
AdamsFamly     176414 Cut down version of The Adams Family them tune (Armadeus)
HancockBm      726723 Classic Tony Hancock Compressed Sample - &350
HancockBl      313516 Classic Tony Hancock Compressed Sample - &350
HancockBk      412466 Classic Tony Hancock Compressed Sample - &350
HancockBj      118504 Classic Tony Hancock Compressed Sample - &350
HancockBi      273272 Classic Tony Hancock Compressed Sample - &350
HancockBh      106650 Classic Tony Hancock Compressed Sample - &350
HancockBg       75672 Classic Tony Hancock Compressed Sample - &350
HancockBf      310283 Classic Tony Hancock Compressed Sample - &350
HancockBe       88851 Classic Tony Hancock Compressed Sample - &350
HancockBd      257135 Classic Tony Hancock Compressed Sample - &350
HancockBc      109534 Classic Tony Hancock Compressed Sample - &350
HancockBb      202816 Classic Tony Hancock Compressed Sample - &350
HancockBa       63793 Classic Tony Hancock ( The Blood Donor)
Miauw          158926 Sample of Michelle Pheiffer's Miauw - Batman Returns
WuTangSwrd      40358 'Do you think your Wu-Tang Sword...' (ARC'ed Armadeus)
TurtleGo        62849 'Look at that Turtle Go, Bro' (RHCP) - Armadeus (ARC'ed)
Kipper1         21074 Audioworks file sound clip from Red Dwarf
PEPSI           80145 Pepsi advert sample for Piers 8-)  Armadeus format
MTL_1           16504 metallic sounding sample
KEYBASS          5684 keyboard bass sample
Cymbal2         13282 cymbal sample
Cymbal1         17809 sample of cymbal
Bass_2          14767 Sample of bass 
Wawaw           55447 Cartoon sound effect
AlwaysCoke     182452 Always Coca-Cola Armadeus sample
Himalayas      221032 audioworks sample by ???
NahToEasy       35658 Sample saying, "Nah... its too easy."
Kryten          66972 Armadues Sound Sample from Red Dwarf
FlintStone     184646 Armadues Sound Sample of the Flintstone Tune
DirtyHarry      47330 Armadues Sound Sample from Dirty Harry
Bogie2          94550 Armadues Sound Sample from Casablanca Part 2
Bogie1          55078 Armadues Sound Sample from Casablanca Part 1
hal_arc         76552  HAL audioworks
Socks_Samp      77354 "Ah.. your socks don't match" - From Nick's CEIA.
Thriller2      220860 Thriller Sample Part 2
Thriller1      961248 Thriller Sample Part 1
DataStrng      109044 A sample, which reminds me of the Acorn World 94 meet :-)
Convention_Corner 24022 Convention Corner jingle from the Big Breakfast
TheBigDecision  16394 The Big Decision - Sample from the Big Breakfast
SuperHints      76236 Super Hints jingle from the Big Breakfast
WhoseShoes      51483 Whoose Shoes jingle from the Big Breakfast
snap cackle and pop 41472 snap cackle and pop jingle from the Big Breakfast
Dom_wve         11206 Very short/quiet sound sample of dom talking...
Blind_Date      40960 A blind date - with Stimpy??? ;-)
OakFix         102002 !Inter V0.00.  Fixes Oak Recorder II samples so that modules
Music           61034 Sound Sample from an Ice T intro.. GOOD
PhoneBasil     189607 A Sample for your answering machine
PuffChorus     149779 Puff the Magic Dragon Chorus only...
rimmer         170172 Lister shouting at Rimmer, Red Dw
Handsome       147456 A handsome sample! Uploaded by Stimpy!
WordNormal      21504 Sample describing Loretta/Melissa - Upd by Stimpy!
BBTheme        153328 Big Breakfast theme tune
AlwaysCoke     151082 "Always Coca-Cola" advert... zipped.
KevAgain        12520 :-) KEVIN IS ONLINE - NOT AGAIN
Kevin_Samp      31744 This is a short sample saying ... long desc..
KevOnLine        8130 Kevin is On-Line
bootsample      21460 Plays a sample when you boot your Risc PC
ftroop.wav      56641 a wav file
fanfare.wav     35005 a wav file
sayit.wav       12908 a wav file
copies.wav      13179 a wav file
cmunicat.wav    60410 a wav file
certnly.wav      8689 a wav file
circus.wav      12380 a wav file
circle-k.wav    26986 a wav file
clock.wav       45211 a wav file
clint.wav       63904 a wav file
clap.wav         3172 a wav file
c3po.wav        10441 From StarWars
crushed.wav      8769 a wav file
creep.wav       14873 a wav file
crash.wav       32602 a wav file
churchld.wav    28803 a wav file
chord.wav       10204 a wav file
chip.wav          382 a wav file
chimes.wav      10124 a wav file
chime.wav        3909 a wav file
cheerup.wav     16769 a wav file
catcall.wav     78254 a wav file
car_horn_wav     4675 a wav file /s
car.wav         44686 a wav file
capnlog.wav     31599 a wav file
camera.wav      18328 A Wav File
aww.wav         17245 A wav file
alive.wav       29439 A Wav File (Not Sure what of)
adamsfam.wav   125135 Part of the Adams Family Theme Tune
aliens         386393 Ripley screams "Get away from her you BITCH!!"
shutdown       108672 Riker from Star Trek TNG
Access          45193 Star Trek TNG - Data says "Ah I have access"
Holodeck        47184 Star Trek TNG - Program complete, enter when ready....
Botterill      239078 Steve Botterill sample - almost! :-) See long description.
SallyOrg       390102 Archived WAV sample of that scene from When Harry Met Sally
FireAll.Wav    146649 ST:TNG Sample "Fire All Phasers..."
computer_a.arm   3569 from st-tng
compthng_a.arm  17778 from st-tng
compon_au.arm    6496 from st-tng
compon3_au.arm   8074 from st-tng
compon2_au.arm   7378 from st-tng
comply_au.arm    7898 "
comp9_au.arm    25783 "
comp8_au.arm    12658 "
comp7_au.arm     6837 "
comp6_au.arm     8524 "
comp5_au.arm     7234 "
comp4_au.arm     4708 "
comp3_au.arm     6663 "
comp3_2_au.arm   4675 ditto
comp3_1_au.arm   5579 ditto
comp2_au.arm     6527 ditto
comp2-9_au.arm   2868 from st-tng
comp2-8_au.arm   3510 from st-tng
comp2-7_au.arm  13342 from st-tng
comp2-6_au.arm   5287 from st-tng
comp2-5_au.arm   5146 from st-tng
comp2-4_au.arm  12236 from st-tng
comp2-3_au.arm  13529 from st-tng
comp2-2_au.arm   2335 from st-tng
comp2-1_au.arm   4330 from st-tng
comp2-15_a.arm   3310 from st-tng
comp2-14_a.arm   2662 from st-tng
comp2-13_a.arm   3850 from st-tng
comp2-12_a.arm   9702 from st-tng
comp2-11_a.arm   3187 from st0tng
comp2-10_a.arm   4042 from st-tng
comp1_au.arm     6991 from st-tng
comp16_au.arm    5829 from st-tng
comp15_au.arm    4366 from st-tng
comp14_au.arm    7524 from st-tng
comp13_au.arm    4956 from st-tng
comp12_au.arm    8390 from st-tng
comp11_au.arm    5717 from st-tng
comp10_au.arm   13906 from st-tng
Kiss_ZIP        36694 Freddie Mercury
witch          115627 The 'Well, she IS a witch' extract from Monty Python
timnice        287024 Tim ... Nice, but dim.  Something with a small C
spanners       259040 extract from a space adventure (Red Dwarf perhaps?)
rubber          88689 no, not QUITE what you think, although on the same theme!
ohdear          16624 a rather nicer 'you blew it, mate' message than lemmings!
maple          113914 What to do with maple syrup (and a large rubber sheet!)
macplus        161510 An introduction message to all you MAC Plus users!
job             58875 It's my job to do it ...
ifyoure         77452 iF YOU'RE INTERESTED ... What to do with Taramasalata.
GeekAudio.arc  380626 Internet Talk Radio file
-gnl           359381  SUPERB voice samples!  11/10!
Waffle           2602 The Art of Waffle (textfile)
Dragnet         33577 Armadeus sound sample
ST-srt_UP       45042 Sample of the transporter (frm 'Wrath of Karn'
Storm           13448 
Compress        24493 Good compressor for samples
STBorg7         38248 A borg sample
STBorg6        131703 A borg sample
STBorg5        140426 You guessed it!!! borg again
STBorg4        135527 And again another borg sample
STBorg3         66880 Yet another borg sample
STBorg2         47855 Another good sample
STBorg1         54928 Ace borg sound sample from startrek (Armadeus format)
inquis         272004 Monty Python's Spanish Inquisition (Armadeus)
beast           87494 Armadeus sample - Iron Maiden intro
Sample         115889 A MIDI format sample
sample-arc       5120 2 dx 11 sound samples
startrek        86739 Some short samples from Star Trek (Armadeus)
buychees.wav    19543 eav file
batman5.wav    306574 wav file
bass.wav         7313 wav file
bart5.wav       10030 wav file
bart4.wav       34749 wav file
bart3.wav       21392 wav file
bart2.wav       27414 wav file
bart.wav         2455 wav file
bad_feel.wav    16256 wav file
burp.wav         7495 wav file
bummer.wav       3184 wav file
bum.wav         15484 wav file
bullwink.wav    15195 wav file
bugs3.wav       64718 wav file
bugs1.wav       32899 wav file
bugs.wav        26755 wav file
bugle.wav        9950 wav file
bubbles.wav     43518 wav file
btnsnd2.wav     10357 wav file
brclna2.wav     51507 wav file
brclna1.wav    356139 wav file
bounce.wav       5230 wav file
bomb.wav        15963 wav file
boing1.wav       3277 wav file
boing.wav        4417 wav file
bloop.wav        2099 wav file
blocks.wav       6765 wav file
blink.wav        6668 wav file
billted2.wav   107405 wav file
billted1.wav    16581 wav file
beep1.wav        7125 wav file
beback.wav      10167 wav file
beam.wav        14070 wav file
batman4.wav     42575 wav file
batman3.wav    107597 wav file
batman2.wav     37561 wav file
batman1.wav     50231 Wav file (Can be used with DSEdit II and maybe I)      14753 A Sun audio file     52674 A Sun audio file
POPEY          621363 Compressed sample of Popey meets the beach boys
SoundComp       35328 A good Armadeus Sound Compressor and Player 50%!
spock           14551 Make Your own guess
DPank           11195 Don't Panic ! (In large friendly letters ?) (HHGTTG)
Spin            64806 Oh spin my nipple nuts and send me to Alaska (Red D)
Hanus           66136 That was non non hanus (Bill & Ted)
Pritty          46216 Hello Pritty (From HiLander)
Melvin          17327 They Melvined me (From bill and ted)
Melt            41306 My intelegance circuits have melted (Red dwarf)
Candy          163925 Hi I'm Candy (From Hilander)
BillTed        197282 Hi I'm Bill S Preston etc
Samples        442068 A multitude of samples as sent in by Lee Archer
OhNo             7952 Oh No! sample from Lemmings - to replace system beep!
highlander     140160 Sean Connery announcing Highlander in Arc'd Armadeus format
fudd4.wav      116824 
fudd3.wav       47192 
fudd2.wav       43096 
fudd1.wav       65624 
fogblast.wav    35986 another wav
fanfare1.wav    36012 another wav
failure.wav     63774 A wav file.
explosio.wav    31052 wav file
excuse.wav      69272 wav file
excelnt.wav     10880 wav file
elmers.wav      65624 wav file
attack.wav      38560 wav file
applause.wav   133460 wav file
and-now.wav     15938 wav file
allfolks.wav    34892 wav file
ahhhhh.wav      18904 WAV file
ahhh.wav        10766 Another wav file.
affair.wav      25290 A wav file as previous
space.wav      272428 Space WAV file - Windows but can be used with DSEdit II
SAMPLMRGE        3690 merge soundsamplefiles into big one
BigInJapan.arc 317988 Very good sample - Big In Japan
Sequence          224 Plays samples in a sequence
Player          11666 Sample player
PlaySong105    230825 Plays Armadeus songs (needs DataVox)
SysBeep149      98621 edit system beep (v1.49) WARNING: Needs DataVox
DSEditII042    163740 DSEdit II v0.42 sound sample editor
DataVox         72766 Suite of sound utilities
MachineG         4272 A voice RM of machine gun fire.
Creak           41480 Voice RM of a creaking door.
Boom            21284 Voice RM of an explosion.
Weasels         14238 weasels
KathTurner      20704 Was it as good for you as it was for me
Clint           63904 Go ahead.  Make my day 
Arnie-Term      11752 I'll be back
Bonking         72711 "It's bonking time again" - from Trap Door programme
UPITST          67997 Trap Door sound sample
Tarzan_oh       20920 Sound Sample Tarzan call, followed by signs of pain!
R-Biscuit       44131 Sound Sample "R-u-b-b-e-r Biscit"
Danger!         10401 Sound Sample "Danger!"
AutoPilot       11692 Sound Sample "Automatic Pilot now functioning!"
Hal_Error       16518 A voice RM of Hal saying : "I'm sorry, you can't do that"
Kboom_arc       58188 Sound Sample...."Ka_Boom!"
Glass_arc       14148 Sound breaking
EXCEL_arc       10884 Sound Sample "Excellent!"
Inquisitn2      31663 Another Monty Python sample.
Inquisitn1      17436 A Nice Monty Python sample.
DuckSplash      28663 A 'quacking' sample.
DogsGoBark      20070 A sample of some agitated dogs.
Bubbles         27114 An interesting 'glugging' bubbly sample.
Applause        33927 Sample of Applause.
Ayaaaaaaah      14445 Sound sample of a yell.
No_5            70350 Sample
StopIt_arc      26952 HHGTTG sample "Just stop it will you!"
Pig_arc         33370 HHGTTG sample "Go stick your head in a pig!"
Howl            10701 A Piercing howl.
Stars_ARC       53570 Sound Sample from 2001 "My God! It's full of Stars!!"
Logic_ARC       59586 Sound Sample from 2001 "This behavour is inconsistant..."
LeaveARC        91515 Sound Sample from 2001 "You see, something's going to ..."
HALWorry        33377 Sound Sample from 2001 "Quite honestly, I wouldn't worry.."
#011022         29253 Sound Sample from 2001 "I feel much better now..."
HALDAVE         29253 Sound Sample from 2001 "Just what to you think you're..."
CAT_arc         16579 Sample of a cat in pain!
ExtraSpec       39343 Sound Sample "Well isn't that...extra special!"
BURY_arc        20982 Sound Sample "We can bury her, burn her or dump her!"
9AM_arc          4437 Sound Sample "9am"
ToastRack_     143375 Sound Sample "We're training up a new executioner and...
DISPIC          36082 Sound Sample "You're despicable!"
LASER_arc        6299 Sound Sample of a laserbolt
WRONG_arc       16873 Sound Sample "You're wrong!!" (Male Voice)
Superman       102495 Sound Sample "Is it a it a plane......"
Missed!         16562 Sound Sample of Wimbledon crowd
FTroop          56553 Sound Sample of bugle call
JD_arc          93200 Sound Sample : "And now the sound of John Denver being..."
WelMac_arc      20400 Sound Sample "Welcome to Macintosh"
sobig_arc       24762 Sound Sample "So big!"
Notworkarc      19551 Sound Sample "Oops, this doesn't work yet!"
laugh_arc       20788 Sound Sample of Laughter
Hi_arc          10800 Sound Sample "Hi" (femail voice)
Attent_arc      20081 Sound Sample -  "Attention!"
Tbirds_arc      28706 Sound Sample from Thunderbirds "Thunderbirds are go!"
Flint_arc       72206 Sound Sample from the Flintstones "Yaba-daba-doooo!"
ST_arc         411817 About 40secs of the original Star Trek opening music
Marvin3a       184922 A longish speech on life from Marvin...
Marvin2a        40404 Some more thoughts ofn life from marvin.
Marvin1a        54414 Some thoughts on life from marvin the paranoid andriod
HotPizza!       49087 Sound Sample "Hot pizza - The food of Kings!"
BluesBros      283608 5 misc samples from "The Blues Brothers"
shoot_arc       10317 Sound Sample "I'm going to have to shoot you"
Oh_arc          27530 Sound Sample "Oh Bother!"
Massagearc      19272 Sound Sample "A Massage from the Swedish Prime minister"
OhDear          20347 A polite young lady. (Armadeus)
TooFar          36188 A little bit of Arnie (Armadeus)
Horn_2          10749 Sound Sample of a horn sound
cough_           8276 Sound Sample of someone coughing (male)
Come_in         12462 Sound Sample "Come in!"
chink           33714 Sound Sample (song) "I like chinese"
chime           18147 Sound Sample of a chime
cantdo          15964 Sound Sample "You can't do that!"
CLEESE         102670 Armadeus sample of JC talking about ignorance.
SD              81263 Sample..HAL says "I'm sory Dave..I can't do that."
Trick_ARC       12604 Sample..."He knew all the tricks!"
Hot_bum         17327 Sound Sample "Hot enough to boil a monkey's bum!" 
Hey!             5401 Sound Sample "Hey!" 
Error           41852 Sound Sample "Error!...Error!" 
energy         116373 Sample from Star Trek. Scotty says "...Unquestionably..."
Who            152080 Sample, 15sec of theme of Dr.Who
down_           35093 Sample from HHGTTG Marvin says.."I'm not getting you down.."
Thanks          20938 Sexy voice.."Thank you very much!!"
Jet            110265 Sound of a Jet flying overhead
MoodyBlues      61844 Sample from "Lovely to see you again my friend"
Start           28713 Sexy voice "Hello Master, What would you like to do today?"
TWINPEAK       234334 Approx 30sec sample of theam music from "Twinpeaks"
Needle          23354 Sound Sample "Put the needle on the record"
RedDwarf4      221245 2 More samples from Red Dwarf
RedDwarf2      171451 2 Red Dwarf samples - Pictures will follow
Start           15311 Femail voice..."here we go again!"
Rox             47071 Sample from Roxanne by the Police.
PumpUp          28717 Male Voice..."Pump up the volume!"
RichinP         70022 Sound Sample from Richard Paddle's radio show.
HesDead         23455 Sound Sample "He's dead Jim!" from Star Trek
sorry            7723 Sound Sample "I'm Sorry?" from Monty Python
BHerz           15988 Sound Sample "My brain hurts!" from Monty Python
YouAreProb      16234 Sound sample..."Bones" says...
Please          26762 Sound sample...Spok says...
NoBraindam      77017 Sound sample...Spok says...
FullEmrgCt      25800 Sample from Star Trek..."Kirk" says....
DocNotEng       43161 Sample from Star Trek..."Bones" says....
DocNotELV       59025 Sample from Star Trek..."Bones" says....
trek           157761 A collection of Star Trek voice samples.
BURP             2816 Linear signed sample of a burp!
FOREIGNA       574585 Sound Sample of Foreign Affair by Mike Oldfield
2010MGIFOS      23263 'My God, It's Full Of Stars'
GMV_arc         58317 Sample of "Good Morning Vietnam!"
Mush_arc       204880 Complete sample of a mushroom advert!
HAL             77492 An Application with a speech sample from HAL in 2001
Goodbye         10454 Sound Sample - Female voice saying "Goodbye"
siren2          58332 Sound Sample - Police car siren
Theory_arc      33175 Sound Sample
SpamSpam_       22935 Sound Sample
Spam_arc        11710 Sound Sample
FreqClear       39424 Sound Sample
Hand_Clap       55779 Sound Sample
comfy_arc       19410 Sound Sample
Bring_out       22024 Sound Sample
huff           121837 Sound Sample
Boss_Boss       76279 Sound Sample
Red_Alert       54224 Sound Sample
kirkent         25253 Sound Sample
Brdge_Kirk      52628 Sample

Size of area 56598k

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