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Tracker Music (49)

Filename       Length Short description

Kill67.Arc      64272 t.k.g ingame 4 a sparked tracker file by ray norrish.
Kent.Arc        52520 The kent song a sparked tracker file.
Kefrensv.Arc    82236 Kefrens Vector a sparked tracker file.
Kefrens2.Arc    55860 Kefrens tune 2 a sparked tracker file.
Kefrens1.Arc    92156 Kefrens tune 1 a sparked tracker file.
Kefrens.Arc     80680 Kefrens funky a sparked tracker file.
Kefmania.Arc   145052 Kefmania-theme a sparked tracker file by ?? of cult.
Kawai-K1.Arc    90344 KAWAI-K1 a sparked tracker file.
Jwx1.Arc        91064 JWX1 a sparked tracker file.
Justice.Arc     58084 The justice of (b) a sparked tracker file.
Jupellup.Arc    35604 JUPELLUP a sparked tracker file.
Jordanja.Arc   116864 Jordan Jazz a sparked tracker file by nuke of anarchy.
Jonas.Arc       39692 Jonas the barbarian a sparked tracker file by Leinad.
Johnwatr.Arc    78108 John Waters a sparked tracker file by beethoven/nogroup.
John1.Arc       53948 John 1 a sparked tracker file.
Johansen.Arc    88376 Johansen a sparked tracker file.
Jingle.Arc      19592 Jimacorn (bizarre strangeness?) by Sketch a sparked tracker 
Jimacorn.Arc   178500 Jingle 5 a sparked tracker file.
Jesus.Arc      114404 Choose Jesus a sparked tracker file.
Japrock.Arc     46008 Japanese Rock by rsi a sparked tracker file.
Jamboree.Arc    85996 Jamboree a sparked tracker file.
Jam.Arc        192592 Jam-Session a sparked tracker file.
Jagtitle.Arc    50360 Jag Title a sparked tracker file.
Jagfunk.Arc     35272 Jag funk by nuke of Anarchy a sparked tracker file.
Iwmc.Arc       123548 IWMC a sparked tracker file.
Itsacid.Arc     30084 It's acid a sparked tracker file.
Italohs.Arc     56656 Italohouse 2 a sparked tracker file.
Irontear.Arc    89116 Iron tear a sparked tracker file.
Inversem.Arc   206628 Inversement by Marc Brown a sparked tracker file.
Intro_Tu.Arc    44908 Intro Tune by Axel of Brainstorm a sparked tracker file.
Intrmusb.Arc    25600 Intro Music 6b a sparked tracker file.
Intrghst.Arc     7360 Introghost a sparked tracker file by Dezecrator of classic.
Interfer.Arc   114784 Interference a sparked tracker file by Virgil/Masque.
Insofar.Arc    164452 Insofar a sparked tracker file by Swampfox.
Insanity.Arc   156292 2 Insanity dance a sparked tracker file ripped by Panzer Boy
Infra.Arc       82204 Infra-beat a sparked tracker file by Marc Brown.
Infectio.Arc   217372 Infectious by Andemar a sparked tracker file.
Infanita.Arc   137808 Infanta a sparked tracker file by Bj0rn a. Lynne.
Industry.Arc    62628 Ashes to Ashes a sparked tracker file by Chrome.
Indust.Arc     129672 Industry a sparked tracker file.
Indi.Arc        38956 Indi-drums a sparked tracker file.
Imponert.Arc    63944 Imponert 3 a sparked tracker file.
Impact.Arc      77304 Impact 7 a sparked tracker file.
Igelkott.Arc    77452 Igelkottarnas rike a sparked tracker file by Leinad.
Ifeelmuc.Arc   318552 I feel much better a sparked tracker file by Techno Jake.
Idea2.Arc       79756 Idea 2 a good sparked tracker file.
Idea.Arc        84868 Idea a *really good* sparked tracker file.
I.Arc           55324 I a sparked tracker file.
Hysteria.Arc    70600 Hysteria by audiomonster a sparked tracker file.
Hystbaby.Arc   147000 Hysterical Baby an interesting sparked tracker file.
Hypno_1.Arc     34004 Hypno 1 a sparked tracker file by James Kelly.
Hymn.Arc        47168 Hymn to Yezz a sparked tracker file.
Husjourn.Arc   149816 House Journey a sparked tracker file.
Hunter.Arc      25920 Hunter's moon a sparked tracker file.
Hunger.Arc      96576 Hunger after dinner by delta X of fraxion a sparked tracker 
Humbug.Arc     153364 Humbug a sparked tracker file.
Hulky.Arc       90600 Hulky a sparked tracker file by Static of Rebels.
Hubbard5.Arc   119600 Hubbard's upper 5 a sparked tracker file.
Hubaluba.Arc    89776 Huba luba 2 a funny sparked tracker file.
Hqc-Beat.Arc    68720 HQC-BEAT a sparked tracker file.
Hello.Arc       28028 Hello a sparked tracker file.  (Beware of Clive Andersen!)
Giga.Arc        37508 Gigibyte 01 a sparked tracker file.
Gauntlet.Arc   105848 Run The Gauntlet a great sparked tracker file.
Final.Arc       45272 Finalfdmix a sparked tracker file.
Zombi.arc       32500 Zombi a sparked tracker file.
VoyagerOpe.arc  12892 VoyagerOpe a sparked tracker file.
Vice-Versa.arc  81048 Vice-Versa a sparked tracker file.
Undulation.arc  91296 Undulation a sparked tracker file.
Tracker4.arc    37856 Running out of time a sparked tracker file.
Tracker2.arc    38724 Tracker2 by VCC+GIGICAR a good sparked tracker file.
Tocatta.arc     72064 Tocatta Boogie (!) a sparked tracker file.
Tennis.arc      54608 Tennis a good sparked tracker file.
SweetDreams.arc 62608 Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This a sparked tracker file.
steeve_b.arc    56936 steeve_b a sparked tracker file.
Steel.arc       95052 Steel a sparked tracker file.  (PetShopBoysesque)
sonywarko.arc   89204 *BRILLIANT* (and long) sparked tracker file by alien freak f
Sensuality.arc 619692 Bjorks Big Time Sensuality a sparked tracker file by ISO of 
Reverberation.arc153312 Reverberation by Simon Forrest a nice sparked tracker file.
Pretend.arc     18720 Pretend a sparked tracker file.
PowerCarol.arc 291196 PowerCarol by James Coates a *BRILLIANT* sparked tracker fil
Pirazy.arc      66104 Pirazy a sparked tracker file.
petshop.arc     86688 petshop boys (mix?) a very good sparked tracker file.
Pat.arc         70456 Pat a sparked tracker file.
PaethonInt.arc  96308 PaethonInt an excellent sparked tracker file by D Wilson.
oxygene2.arc    51360 oxygene2 a sparked tracker file by JMJarre.
OccSanGeen.arc 143524 OccSanGeen a sparked tracker file.
NoiseHunter.arc 57860 NoiseHunter 2.01 a sparked tracker file by Weird Science.
myway.arc       78656 myway to the stars a good sparked tracker file.
MERRY3.arc      11120 MERRY3 a sparked chrismassy tracker file.
MERRY2.arc       9076 MERRY2 a sparked chrismassy tracker file.
MEGAMIX.arc    109180 MEGAMIX a sparked (house) tracker file.
MegaFor.arc     20812 MegaForce 2 a sparked tracker file.
MegaBlast.arc   86220 MegaBlast music from Xenon2.
ManUTitleM.arc  47496 ManUTitleM a sparked tracker file.
LonelyN.arc    148000 Lonely Nights (by Excel of Quantum) a sparked tracker file.
krelomatik.arc  88692 krelomatik a sparked tracker file by Spacehopper.
jmj_china.arc   93480 Souvenir of China (Jarre) a very good sparked tracker file.
Jarre.arc      117856 Jarre a good sparked tracker file.  (If you're a fan!)
IntroZak.arc    36792 IntroZak a sparked tracker file.
igarun.arc      49576 igarun (good) a sparked tracker file.
humanoid.arc    86688 humanoid a (good) sparked tracker file.
GoForIt.arc     49068 GoForIt a sparked tracker file.
GM-Vietnam.arc 136644 Good Morning Vietnam a *BRILLIANT* sparked tracker file.
de-core.arc     99956 de-core a sparked tracker file by Jellyhead.
CreamOfEar.arc 103864 Cream of the earth a sparked tracker file by Romeo Knight.
Clutching.arc   44260 Clutching at life a *BRILLIANT* sparked tracker file.
cheers.arc      51392 cheers a sparked tracker file.
BugSquash.arc   49648 BugSquash (solution) a *BRILLIANT* sparked tracker file.
Brainy.arc      56148 Brainy a sparked tracker file.
Beams.arc       41784 Beams of light a sparked tracker file.
Bananas.arc     78680 Bananas a sparked tracker file.
Atmosphere.arc  69536 Atmosphere a sparked tracker file.
angie_s.arc    105104 angie_s a sparked tracker file.
AMAZE.arc       42520 AMAZE a sparked tracker file.
AlphaOmega.arc  46344 AlphaOmega a sparked tracker file.
AcornRave.arc  165604 AcornRave a sparked tracker file.
Leeds          186555 "Leeds Crew" - An amusing ArcFSed Tracker.
pm/zip          29963 A Soundtracker/Tracker Module
Project_x       93352 Cool Symphony file
SEADOG         200382 Sea Shanty medly - very good.
FreshHouse     222926 Acid House music - quite good really.
FlutePan       266846 Woody flute sort of thing - hard to describe but pleasant.
Lardcore        78448 Flappy Lardcore - 8 track DSym by Cakebread
Guitar         406354 Guitar Slinger - brilliant accoustic/ambient tracker
BRhapsody      153820 Tracker module of Bohemian Rhapsody
FurElise       101308 Beethoven's Fur Elise in SoundTracker Format (sparked).
BlkWhite       104856 Excellent Dig Symphony of the Black and White rag.
TrueFaith       88060 Trua Faith by New Order.  QTM compatible!
Subculture      50996 SubCulture by New Order.  QTM compatible!
WhiteP          49465 A whiter shade of pale. Art Garfunkel's haunting medley.
Witness        204532 Witness - Digital Symphony with LIVE guitars & drums, 8Track
BladeRun95     428928 Bladerunner 1995 - by Vangelis 8 channel DTT SPARKed
AxelF2         312064 Axel F, the remix. 8 channel DTT SPARKed
Aztec          292736 New DTT MOD by Alex Armstrong - 6 Channels SPARKed.
Scatter         82160 Unusual graphic display of music. A Tune is included.
CapPower2      452352 Captain Power (dreamzone Mix) - Alex Party - 8 Ch. DTT Spked
at              34296 Quicky 4 track DS
TestMatch       36054 Excellent elevator music from BBC Test Match
Short-Dick-Mx  300380 Short dick man (DigSym)
LSI             87880 Love, Sex, Intelligence (DigSym)
KindOfLove     188836 A secret kind of love - Jungle/techno anthem (DigSym)
Ode2Love       206208 "Ode To Love" - Alex Armstrong. 8 Channel DTT. SPARKed.
RaggaRaver     386816 The Raggamuffin Raver - Alex Armstrong - 8 Channel DTT File.
ATS_tunes      528175 A collection of 4 tunes by the talented author known as ATS.
KT_Remix2      320183 Kinky Time: Alex's Underground mix (Desktop Tracker)
KT_Remix1      430959 Kinky Time: Ode to Flavia remix (Desktop Tracker)
PuffTheMD       72058 Puff the Magic Dragon, the Dig. Symphony file!
P_Carols_3     119170 DTT: Power Carols 3 : "Rudolph's Dance Party"
Xtc             87244 DS: X.T.C. original mix of abient, techno & house. Ace.
Xs             279140 DS: Xs, Italian techno by Blaster Xs
Whispering     189932 DS: Whispering Silence
WATERII        133032 DS: Double Dragon III theme toon
Wanda          210240 DS: Great house mod by The Problem
TUBULAR         52908 Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells
Sensuality     524388 DS: Big Time with Bj”rk
OutOfSpace     227872 DS: Prodigy, Out of Space
Jungle         182688 DS: Jungle Blaze by 'The Problem'
Huckle         288796 DS: Huckleberry Jam by Doop van Doop! 
FunkyMan       238724 Well, it's kinda funky acid jazz stuff..
DASBOOT        286312 DS: Das Boot (Tremors)
Corruption     187268 DS: Condom Corruption - Techno/house 
Aladdin        237276 DS; Aladdin Disney feel-good music
KinkyTime      349964 "KinkyTime" - Dance track featuring Frankie Howerd (DTT)
MagicSweat     520448 Magic Sweat (Classic Edit) - Alex Party
Cannon Fodder  237404 Cannon Fodder music - Symphony
SwanLake        78630 Dance of the Swans From Swan Lake
TheWayItIs      67000 The Way it is By Bruce Hornsby & The Range
Chanson         18068 Chanson for Caroline - another DS mod from The Minotaur
Carolgate       28840 Carolgate Rag - Latest DS mod from The Minotaur(23/10/94)
Reel2Real      138368 "I Like to Move it" by Reel2Real (Alex Party Remix)
IsItTrue        41736 6 track DS
Learning       146770 Learning to fly!!
Kojak          189366 Kojak sucks lollies!!
KeepIt         178058 Kewl!!
JmjChina       130492 Another Oriental tune
Japanese       127746 Fast Oriental tune
RDWARF         108324 Tacky version of the Red dwarf theme tune!
EuroTrax3      374144 The third in the series. 
Hotblooded.arm  71776 6 track Tracker of Roxette's Hotblooded. by Gareth Boden
Alahla!        120432 Digital Symphony tune
2Unlimited     290816 A Megamix of 2 Untalented's 'Get Ready...' & 'Workaholic'
EuroTrax2      348928 EuroTrax 2 - The Alex Party Theme. 2nd tune in the series.
Paradox2        45447 'Only Paradox' part 2...5 tracks
OnlyParadx      34039 'Only Paradox' part 1. 7 track DS
EmptyThout      15323 Empty Thoughts..a much better conversion
Eloise         111119 'Eloise'...from the 70's????
NewReality      40763 'New Reality'. 4 track Tracker tune.
ForgotMem       85119 Forgotten Memories. 8 track Tracker by Entity
CocoDemo        89923 Coconizer Demo tune in Tracker format
DreamAlone      55366 Dreaming Alone. 6 track Tracker tune by Chris Davis
Crystals         7775 8 track symphony
Lament         140928 This is a slow, yet moody and wonderfully melodic tune.
MaterialDr      86516 8 Track Tracker tune : Material Dreams
KillSoftly      47639 Killing me softly with his song. (Symphony)
TommDawn        41512 Tommorow's Dawn
Can'tSee        32136 4 track Tracker
ByeKK           93876 Short, slow, rather sad Desktop Tracker Tune, by Malcolm Pig
Smile           37868 4 track Tracker 'Smile'
Poisoned        25192 4-Track tracker: 'You poisoned me'
SummerMix      438144 After weeks of work, it's finally there...See long descrip..
PlastikMan     200704 One I dug up from my archives. Alex Party's early days...
NiceLove        63300 Slow 8 Track Tracker tune.
QUANTUM         19332 
INDIANAJ        70494 
Burning        273037 "Burning like fire" - my latest DTT offering! DEAD SEXY....
Yet             36296 Yet Another Monday.
EuroTrax       399104 EuroTrax - Burning like fire. 10 channel DTT File. SPARKed.
FeelGood       249088 The last tune (snif!) on Tracker by Alex Party. Tracker.
DTTControl      13833 DTT control - use it with !DTTJuke and multisync monitors
Mirages_2      131558 "Voyages in Time" - second DTT in the Mirages Suite. By JC
immortal       156937 Immortal - !Cat - This one is an 8 channel wonder
Mellow_94      284806 JC's first tune of 1994. Dead funky it is too... very Enigma
GrooveFeel     208128 Another tune by Alex Party. Very Good House on Tracker.
Gypsy          173312 Alex Party produces some Spanish House music. Tracker File
TheNewDawn     209408 More of the same from Alex Party. 8 channels of CHOON!!
Club_Mello     219264 More melodic house from Alex Party. 8 channels of happiness.
DTTJukeBox      52684 Desktop Tracker Jukebox - Now with wings!
Cleaners       306104 "See you in Sketchley's" - my *latest* tune! (6 track DTT)
Mirages        214376 A "meaningful" tune with funky drum beat! (Desktop Tracker)
Omofobage      114640 A funky, typical 'plinky' Desktop Tracker tune!
Jupiter        170240 Funky Jupiter. An 8 channel Tracker file by Alex Party.
TrumptARM      447390 A Trip to Trumpton (ARM and a leg mix) Desktop Tracker
P_Carols_2     255573 A seasonal offering from James Coates....
Lilypink        57242 Lily The Pink. Song from the sixties (I think!)
MiracleMan     203008 Alex Party produces another good tune. More to follow.
ColdTea_ar      95952 Probably what Cold tea sounds like!
NoLimit        140032 2 Unlimited's 'No Limit'. Computer version by Alex Party.
Digi_Dance     159488 8 channel dance tune. Bassline nicked from Ninja. SPARKed.
LostChrds       49059 the-lost-chords-87k-59ptns-7/10.1,2 samples corrupted
mf_trklist       1709 Matt Farrow's complete Tracker filelist
-XTheme        156051 "XTheme" - 211k - 40 patterns
-SiempreSi     113226 55 pattern 8 channel Tracker tune
-TeEspero      138642 Tracker 8 channel tune (~40 patterns)
POPCORN1        42428 Dtttune requires Dttjuke Archived
DTTJUKE         49946 Dttjuke a PD player for dtttunes
BICHAL          39627 Dtttune requires Dttjuke Archived
BADMUSIC        18124 Dtttune requires Dttjuke Archived
ACIDBAT2        29802 Dtttune requires Dttjuke Archived
Monix           27091 Tracker
AGLOW          128940 TRACKER TUNE
ABACAB         144785 TRACKER TUNE
-smooth         71580 8 Channel Tracker tune
-MetalMoon     162180 4 Channel Tracker tune (also by me!)
-Xtheme2       133958 Longish 8 Channel Tracker tune (by me!)
rattle          93116 Tracker tune
jarre          117310 Tracker tune
PARADOX         89176 A Tracker tune
BADSTATE       144643 A Tracker tune
Jwx1            91884 Tracker tune
FrogMix         38338 Yet another tracker tune
BlueMonday      44247 Another tracker tune
Alien           76454 Tracker tune
AirWolf        131468 Tracker tune
FunkyCold      154680 Funky Cold Medina - remixed by someone
petshop         86860 Tracker tune, guess who ?
Judge           47809 Tracker tune  ?\
IntroZak        37321 31 instrument ProTracker tune - "introzak.cpr"
Choir           17864 31 instrument Tracker tune - Choir
EchoFunk        68790 31 Instrument Tracker Tune called "EchoFunk"
DEAD            41961 Tracker tune
stsampler_arc    1618 extracts samples from Tracker files
StrackerD       73702 Another S/Tracker Player.
View           156481 View - 8 Track Tracker music file "A View to a Kill" 
smooth          71264 Smooth - 8 Track Tracker music file called "Smooth" 
Touch_arc      300081 "Touch me more"! Nice voice samples!
SpaceMan_a      27567 "A Spaceman came Travelling" converted by Steve Loft
STM_Arc         88240 STracker Player. (12/09/91)
O_S_G          149628 "Occ-San-Geen"
NEWDANCE_       98557 "Dance Tones Plus Two"
JukeBox2        53242 !JukeBox2 - enchanced Tracker Player - queues files, control
TOCCATA         67468 Tracker Tune called 'Toccata'
CROK            91141 Tracker Tune called 'Crok'
CRIMINAL       108226 TRacker Module of Smooth Criminal by Micheal Jackson
AXELF           76805 Tracker Module called 'Axelf'
Ghosts          58496 File for Arc Tracker - quite fun
HardStuff       85537 Tracker tune called "The Hard Stuff!!"
Chocks         119543 Tracker tune called "Chocks Away!"
Technocra      117805 Tracker tune called "Technocrat"
Cambod          46208 Tracker Tune called 'Cambod'
Dirt            77312 Tracker tune called 'Dirt@
POPCORN         41344 Tracker Tune called 'Popcorn'
Money4Noth     112664 Tune 'Money for Nothing' by Dire Straits
WKOFLIFE        37695 from the Dire Straits tune....
SOL_arc         51435 Tracker tune called "Solution"
SLL3_arc        67081 Tracker tune called "SLL3NEWM"
Setrox_arc      63244 Tracker tune called "Setrox-Dance"
RSI_arc        190115 Tracker tune called "7RSI RISE UP"
EGAY_arc        58350 Tracker tune called "Enola Gay"
Cop2_arc       106977 Tracker tune called "BH-COP2"
Harvey_arc      84844 A 4 track Heavey Metal music tune
Breath_arc      33152 Breathe (reprise) !Tracker 8 channel song
JUKEBOX         28408 pd Tracker music player
canon           38032 Pachelbel's canon
STInfoV2_00      8576 Updated STInfo
SunReMix        87505 4 Track Tracker module "Sun ReMix"
ELTON           79232 Song "Song for Guy" 
VIENNA         130784 !Tracker Module : Ultravox's 'Vienna'
SLEEPWALK       57124 !Tracker Module : Ultravox's 'Sleepwalk'
VISIONS         86844 !Tracker Module : Ultravox's  'Visions in Blue'
ACIDHOUS       121608 AcidHouse2 for Tracker
ACIDBAT         32587 Acidbat2 for Tracker
SIX             65383 An 8 track music file for Tracker users

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