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Maestro & Misc Music (50)

Filename       Length Short description

MyHeart          4337 Maestro file: My Heart Will Go On
Zzzep.arc       78648 Zzzep - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
XCENTRIC.arc   163748 XCENTRIC - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
WhatIsLove.arc 664936 WhatIsLove - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
Voyager.arc     48680 Voyager - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
Trance.arc      99516 Trance - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
ThunderBrd.arc  77904 ThunderBrd - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
SweetDrms.arc   12936 SweetDrms - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
Sub-Sonic.arc  107280 Sub-Sonic - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
STARWARS.arc    45660 STARWARS - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
Splemage.arc    91660 Splemage - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
spacewave.arc   26572 spacewave - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
Sonicdream.arc  49108 Sonicdream - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
SlightlyTi.arc  78728 SlightlyTi - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
Six2.arc        56440 Six2 - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
Shorthouse.arc 105688 Shorthouse - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
Sheeps.arc      75716 Sheeps - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
Oberheim.arc    78632 Oberheim - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
NightJazz.arc  119372 NightJazz - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
Nicole.arc     221996 Nicole - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
Metal+.arc      95844 Metal+ - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
Klisje.arc     120036 Klisje - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
JustThBeat.arc 107320 JustThBeat - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
JIMIHENDRX.arc 207860 JIMIHENDRX - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
HardKore.arc    58768 HardKore - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
GrimSmash.arc   27388 GrimSmash - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
GimmeBass.arc  265536 GimmeBass - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
ElectroLtd.arc  86148 ElectroLtd - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
DistantCal.arc 115364 DistantCal - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
DemonSong.arc   79141 DemonSong - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
DasBoot.arc    287188 DasBoot - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
Dance.arc      126004 Dance - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
Crusade.arc     35856 Crusade - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
CounterAct.arc  23782 CounterAct - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
ColdCoffee.arc  79096 ColdCoffee - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
Climax2.arc     35820 Climax2 - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
China.arc       58552 China - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
Blade.arc       57632 Blade - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
Bambuzle.arc    31636 Bambuzle - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
AxelF.arc       59932 AxelF - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
AUMarsQuak.arc  83256 AUMarsQuak - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
Anthem.arc      34556 Anthem - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
ANewJackTh.arc 106796 ANewJackTh - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
70's Shake.arc 165780 70's Shake - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
60SciFi.arc     26132 60SciFi - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
11thComman.arc  12136 11thComman - a sparked Digital Symphony track.
Monolith        53276 Background MIDI file player (re-released v2.22)
timidity.z     1128947 Play MIDI files on machines with no MIDI hardware
SpaceWalk      576680 Brilliant Drum & Bass type Digital Symphony file
TrackInfo       13180 Tracker Info - v2.02 - by Matthew Hambley
MissImp          9069 Zipped Midi File of Mission Impossible Movie Theme.
ChopinMidi     123571 Complete Chopin waltzes
djf-jrfZip      23684 djf-jrfZip music player for Justin Fletcher programs.
voyage_mid       4239 St:Voyager Theme music (Midi)
ds9gs_mid        5399 DS9 theme music (midi format)
BohemRhaps      45226 Bohemian rhapsody midi file...
Manuprint       14289 Manuprint 1.00 by Steve Smale. Prints manuscript paper.
MIDI.ZIP       122169 A few MIDI files
SoundCon160    136140 Excellent sound convertor app. By Rick Hudson, v1.60
MusicBase       60071 Music Base V0.56
GEMWS1           2427 GEM WS1 Midi list for use with Rhapsody 3
ShadesBlue      32899 Rhapsody Music
sortie_Bb       43893 Sortie in Bb
TBII            14233 First two movements from Tubular Bells 2 in Sibelius 7 Forma
NotFlux          3476 Not Flux!! Cheap immitation version by me!!!
AlbatrArc       12424 Sibelius7 version of Albatross by Fleetwood Mac
RockMIDI       281615 A few 'rock' MIDI files. All in GM format.
PopMIDI        229356 A few 'pop' tunes in MIDI format. In GM format.
MidiPlay        45247 Midi file player (single-tasking but has wimp frontend)
RockMedley      45019 MIDIfile of a medley of rocksongs
Iglesias        21282 MIDIfile of an Iglesias song
TEENSPIRIT     437652 teenspirit symphony file
NoelCoward      12802 Maestro Files  -  4 songs by Noel Coward
LABAMBA/SO      43884 MIDI song in an Atari format
DJFJRF          48292 Maestro to DJF convertor and DJF player by Justin Fletcher
Zappa           21758 A couple of Zappa MIDI files
Marillion      340344 Some MIDI files of Marillion
LedZep          70281 Some MIDI files of Led Zeppelin
PlayMIDI        57459 A MIDI file player.
DJF1             9968 David's Jingle Format version 1 player/editor.
Things           3900 Things are seldom what they seem  -  H.M.S. Pinafore
Ruler            5281 The ruler of the Queen's Navy  -  From H.M.S. Pinafore
Mapleleaf        3991 Joplin's Mapleleaf Rag (Bloomin' good!) Maestro
ZIPI            61907 Docs for a replacement for MIDI.
BEET5TH_dat     61456 Beethoven's 5th in midi format
RhapsodyFl      16618 Some good rock numbers - Dire Straights, Queen etc.
pms_arc        239471 A music Typsetting program.
Sacrifice      387803 Latest DS mod from The Minotaur (10/02/95)
Morse           13575 A complete version of the Morse theme that I uploaded earlie
HaydnChaos      41303 Sibelius file of 'Overture' to Haydn's 'The Creation'.
117Maestro     289807 Archived suite of 117 Maestro files
PentiumO_arm   115256 Pentium Overload - DS Mod by The Minotaur (02/02/95)
Morse            8775 Sibelius File of Inspector Morse theme
Parrot          80755 Sibelius 7 (v.2.50) file of choral piece by Alkan.
Psalm150        45651 Sibelius 7 (v.2.50) file of hebrew prayer setting by Alkan
EytzChayim      37969 Sibelius 7 (v.2.50) file of hebrew prayer setting by Alkan
Beatus_Vir     101952 Sibelius file of the motet by Monteverdi, arranged for 8vv.
WITA             4080 Walking in the Air - Rhapsody 2
Muskrat          3405 The famous Muskrat Ramble - Rhapsody 2 format
Michelle         2829 Rhapsody 2 file of Beatles song
General          5795 The Model of a Modern Major General - Rhapsody 2 format
Dire_Strai       7422 Rhapsody file of three Dire Straits tunes. ArcFS.
Carmen           4166 Entracte from 'Carmen' in Rhapsody 2 format
A_Team           4024 Theme tune from the A Team in Rhapsody 2 format
MOONLM3          6736 Maestro file. Beethovens Moonlight sonata, 3rd movt.
QTMGFX           5376 
MidiSound       26866 !MidiSound. Desktop control of Midi instrument voices.
YourWindow       1978 Maestro File
walhfmf          1730 Maestro File
Virgina          2451 Maestro File
victory          1510 Maestro File
uniform          3177 Maestro File
treashunt        3034 Maestro File
touchy!          4088 Maestro File
toccata          4364 Maestro File
swoutthrer       2220 Maestro File
swingbell        1570 Maestro File
sussudio         3440 Maestro File
Sullivan         2044 Maestro File
suburbia         2297 Maestro File
stranger         2308 Maestro File
stop!            2176 Maestro File
stay             2550 Maestro File
ShinanikDa       2968 Maestro File
Sentimenti       3012 Maestro File
Rally            1570 Maestro File
ragtime1         4424 Maestro File
r-vous1          1730 Maestro File
oxygene4         2209 Maestro File
oxygene2         2110 Maestro File
oloneHeart       4052 Maestro File
musicbox         1113 Maestro File
music            1690 Maestro File
MumForYou        2671 Maestro File
litRespect       3704 Maestro File
lConfusion       4604 Maestro File
lastDomino       4268 Maestro File
labonita         2011 Maestro File
Harlech          1059 Maestro File
gladiator        3536 Maestro File
Giovanni         2792 Maestro File
From_Now         2891 Maestro File
firstTime        2979 Maestro File
Felici           1945 Maestro File
faire            1967 Maestro File
Equinoxe5        2429 Maestro File
Entertain        4400 Maestro File
DslowDown        4088 Maestro File
dizzy            3452 Maestro File
DDancing         3644 Maestro File
coventry         1430 Maestro File
corelli          1550 Maestro File
Columbia         1430 Maestro File
Boogie           1150 Maestro File
BigPotsDo        2979 Maestro File
Bach              132 Maestro File
AxelF             996 Maestro File
ATune            1160 Maestro File
Aquarius         1700 Maestro File
A-O-M_Mind       2880 Maestro File
50'sBar          1640 MaestroFile
Paranoid         2162 Paranoid by Black Sabbath tabbed for guitar.
Nirvana          6393 Most of Nirvana's Nevrmind CD tabbed for guitar.
jazz_zip       140097 10 Jazz MIDI files.
Beatles        432149 An analysis of about 70+ Beatles tunes.
fairyWaltz       2374 Archieved Maestro File
chantriste       2451 Archieved Maestro File
bridlMarch       2088 Archieved Maestro File
adieu            2484 Archieved Maestro File
wandstundr       3284 Archieved Maestro File
WaltzDMin        1580 Archieved Maestro File
Waltz            1122 Archieved Maestro File
traumerel        1791 Archieved Maestro File
thunt            3034 Archieved Maestro File
SOFBook4        38734 Archieved Maestro File
shostf1          2440 Archieved Maestro File
Rudolph          1750 Archieved Maestro File
rondo            3188 Archieved Maestro File
romiosynh9       2517 Archieved Maestro File
romiosynh8       3740 Archieved Maestro File
romiosynh7       2451 Archieved Maestro File
romiosynh6       2330 Archieved Maestro File
romiosynh5       2374 Archieved Maestro File
romiosynh4       2649 Archieved Maestro File
romiosynh3       2220 Archieved Maestro File
romiosynh2       2066 Archieved Maestro File
romiosynh1       2220 Archieved Maestro File
polon40no1       5708 Archieved Maestro File
poinAis53b       5696 Archieved Maestro File
poinAis53a       5504 Archieved Maestro File
pastorale        1520 Archieved Maestro File
noon_hush        1824 Archieved Maestro File
nachtmusik       5468 Archieved Maestro File
mozart           2044 Archieved Maestro File
mntypython       1340 Archieved Maestro File
missmarple       2176 Archieved Maestro File
minuet           1340 Archieved Maestro File
Mendelijah       2044 Archieved Maestro File
March            3001 Archieved Maestro File
magicvioln       2011 Archieved Maestro File
laserenate       2407 Archieved Maestro File
largetto         2429 Archieved Maestro File
jsBachPrel       1846 Archieved Maestro File
ItsASin          1370 Archieved Maestro File
inmyheart        2363 Archieved Maestro File
iamonfire        2385 Archieved Maestro File
Haydnconc3       7310 Archieved Maestro File
Haydnconc2       2891 Archieved Maestro File
Haydnconc1       7200 Archieved Maestro File
HandlMes1b       3023 Archieved Maestro File
HandlMes1a       1802 Archieved Maestro File
Handel           4064 Archieved Maestro File
halleluja        3620 Archieved Maestro File
girlodream       2407 Archieved Maestro File
Gigue            1400 Archieved Maestro File
Fugue_b          2385 Archieved Maestro File
Fugue_A          5024 Archieved Maestro File 
FlistPrel3      17121 Archieved Maestro File
flameolove       2407 Archieved Maestro File
fanfare          1430 Archieved Maestro File
et-theme         1710 Archieved Maestro File
DeadAlive        2220 Archieved Maestro File
cney+Lcey        2825 Archieved Maestro File
Chopin           1540 Archieved Maestro File
butlove          3045 Archieved Maestro File
BrotherSin       1901 Archieved Maestro File
BornInUsa        3089 Archieved Maestro File
berceuse         1945 Archieved Maestro File
BachTocFug       3260 Archieved Maestro File
BachStart        1023 Archieved Maestro File
BachFXVI         2352 Archieved Maestro File
BachFuga         7190 Archieved Maestro File
a_la_valse       2275 Archieved Maestro File
Andante          1791 Archieved Maestro File
AllScherz        3692 Archieved Maestro File
AllegroGM        3620 Archieved Maestro File
AllegroFM        3584 Archieved Maestro File
AllegroCM        2913 Archieved Maestro File
AllaPolaca       3368 Archieved Maestro File
Akissbefdn       2990 Archieved Maestro File
Adaglo           2077 Archieved Maestro File
1stNowell        1350 Archieved Maestro File
XMaesTunes       7472 Some Chrismassy maestro tunes :#1026 GerryTurpin
Starwars        51174 
HotelCalif      36078 A MIDI file of Hotael California by the Eagles.
ELP + Yes       75979 Some ELP & YEs MIDI files.
MT32b            5640 Roland MT32 MIDI voice selector
MT32             5640 Roland MT32 voice selector (MIDI)
Abba            65988 Flash Dance by Quintin Parker
WorldOPlas      34824 World Of Plastic. 8 track DS
NotateTune.txt    618 
NotateTune.arc  25351 Lots of tunes for Notate by me.
rjp_tunes       20638 !Spark file of !Rhapsody (folk dance) tunes
Always          16000 Always on my mind. DS
ZappaTAB         2592 Three Frank Zappa songs partialy tabbed. King Kong, Zoot All
PunkRock         2658 Buzzcocks Ever Fallen in love and SLF's Wasted life Tabbed f
NeilYoung       22994 Harvest Moon and Unplugged by Neil Young Tabbed for guitar.
CyberMus01.arc  74968 2 Cybermusic ("Corto", "Orcone") CocoMod Autoplay
MAGMUSIC.       10462 11 arced maestro files
TrackConv      113045 TrackConv 3. SHAREWARE version.
FootTapper        338 Foottapper - Maestro File
Equinoxe5        5045 Equinox - maestro file
Aquarius         1196 Aquarius Maestro File - 
AllPlay         75758 Multi-format tracker player (version 5.00)     128022 midi    13079 midi     113553 midi      13996 midi       6985 midi     100533 midi     260712 midi      73500 midi     109090 midi      45894 midi      49423 midi      81816 midi     103793 midi      14585 midi      62787 midi      21161 midi      94900 midi      74663 midi      93792      74078 midi files     107398 midi files     127130 A series of Midi file (see midi_b desc)     213108 A Series of MIDI Files
rachel           2518 Maestro Music File
TrackConv       82018 !TrackConv V2.25. Like V2.21 but better.
MultiMIDI        2471 Simple util. to play Multifiles using MIDI.
TrackConv       75713 !TrackConv V2.21 . Converts between various music formats.
Oscillisco       1177 Full screen oscilliscope for EcoSampler (no module needed)
DigitalCD       44016 Oregan Softwares Syphony play modual front end v1.10 May 93
DigitalCD       43744 Desktop Digital Symphony module player
RedDwarf        63599 Digital Symphony tune - Red Dwarf theme
SmartCD         26621 Enhanced CD player thing for use with CDFS+CDROM drive
Forests         56811 Digital Symphony tune - "Forests of Durenor"
ConvWAVarc      11913 !ConvWAV (V1.00) by APA Software
FPlay            5545 Sample player
CheatHeart       2174 Rhapsody 3 file squashed Hank Williams song
trans          221995 DSymphony Tune Trans. Trans Atlantic feel worth downloading
Pugwash          8408 Music under 6502Host emulation
MaestroOut       1210 Spooky Wood Tune
Octalyser1     153135 Octalyser tune - 5Falcons+B
FormatBits      10063 Various S/tracker format info
MidiFiles.arc  435984 Standard MIDI files for Windoze or ST or midiplay
midiplay_arc    30545 Play type 0/1 midi files from your arc + midi.
HellRunner      75762 Protracker tune
Coca Cola       63083 Protracker tune
Godzilla        44315 Protracker tune
Firstshot       64267 Protracker tune
Agony          100987 Protracker tune
ChinaGirl       57119 Digital Symphony tune
-VuMod           4048 SoundView in a Module (Now fixed for RISC OS3 too)
-STSpeedP         532 Module that updates sample rate automatically ....
PDTracker       46257 Tracker player
Au2Snd200       12932 Converts Sun .au sound files to Armadeus format. v2.00
impdream         1590 The Impossible Dream - Not the Carter version :-(
copybars         1786 Copy bars in a Maestro file - Useful for repetitions
Away              305 Away in the mainger
JSBachPrel       1038 Maestro tune
MapleLeaf         962 Maestro tune
Aquarius          884 Maestro tune
Cney+Lcey        2011 Cagney & Lacey
Apache           2088 Spaghetti western type tune
midi             7560 4 short BASIC/MIDI utilities by Denis Howe
Coco           122236 New Coco player
ECHO            13937 real time echo system
STracker        92928 STracker v4.22
Meters           5262 Display current Sound levels
STmodmake       51597 !STmodmake V1.01
VuModArc         4062 Soundview in a module!
STDocs4_08      23265 Docs for!S/Tracker V4.08
S_Tracker       20554 !S/Tracker V4.08
RedDwarf         3679 The theme tune in Rhapsody format
AlterNativ      24079 !Rhapsody files of a Christmas musical - really topical!
S_Tracker       17773 !S/Tracker (V4.07) by Matthew Farrow
SampConv        31066 !SampConv (V2.12) by Matthew Farrow
GetSTMod        19860 !GetSTMod (V2.08) by Matthew Farrow
AlterNativ      24527 Christmas Musical for !Rhapsody
Sledge            276 Maestro theme tune from Sledgehammer.
Hart2hart         629 The Maestro theme tune for Hart to Hart
Entertain        3610 The Maestro tune for the Entertainer.
A-Team           1432 The Maestro theme tune for the A-Team.
PowerSlave      24183 PowerSlave a music file for !ProTracker
ProTrack        64477 !Protrack (V1.00) by BASS
Howards          1928 A Maestro theme tune of Howard's Way.
Batman           1375 A maestro version of Batman.
Frogsong         1440 A maestro version of the frog song
Neighbours       1623 The neighbours theme tune.
Crazy_Like       1250 Theme tune of "Crazy like a fox"
Wogan            1626 The wogan theme tune.
Star-Trek        1426 the tune at the star-trek intro.
Sultans of Swing  1664 Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits
STracker        74893 STracker/Tracker Player v4.13
S_Tracker       16697 V4.07 (Development version) slight revison from V4.06
Metro            4739 A simple Maestro format tune player
STrackTest       1004 Speed tests of STracker 4 against the Krisalis Lemmings plyr
FilmMusic        7102 Five Film/TV titles in Maestro format
STracker        65580 STracker V4.00 - Plays STracker & Tracker from Desktop
WarOfThe        20475 Rhapsody file - War of the Worlds
ThunderB        11907 Rhapsody file - Thunderbirds theme
NightB          32208 Rhapsody file - NightBird
Bare             1664 Baloo the Bear's favourite song - Maestro file
MUSICBOX          512 Maestro file
ETUDE             512 Classical Maestro file
LINSTEAD          896 Linstead Market Maestro File
bond             2688 James Bond Maestro file
stereo           3072 Change the stereo positions of maestro files as they play
Key              3072 Change the key of maestro files as they play
Halve            1280 A few programs to halve the sound sample rate
Film91           1664 A Maestro tune - the Film 91 theme tune
YelBrickRd       4860 Yellow Brick Road
LAvirgin         1920 Like a Virgin (Madonna)
Wall             1399 Floyd classic in Meastro form.
Flock            2254 Aria from Handel's Messiah for all classical buffs.
HBTY_ARC          811 "Holding Back the Years"
Jersey           1531 Maestro tune, Theme of Bergerac
SoundView        4096 Graphical display of sound output
America          1664 ARCed file of America
!VUBars          4619 Another great App from Warner Hepping !
!Spectre         9973 Another great App from Warner Hepping !
!PlayerMod      64926 Version 1.25 (02-Mar-91) of !PlayerMod, Nick.
S-Tracker       18283 New tracker/soundtracker playmodule
VUBars           4608 Shows sound volume from all eight channels (from desktop)
Spanish           247 SpanishOde - for Maestro
Zadoc            3530 Zadoc the Priest (from the Corenation Anthems) - Maestro
Grenadiers        984 British Grenadiers - Maestro file
GodOurHelp        391 God Our Help In Ages Past - Maestro file
Camptown         1087 Camptown Races - Maestro file
Britannia        1093 Rule Britannia - Maestro file
!Guitar          3941 I think this helps with playing chords on a guitar
IllNever         1152 I'll never fall in love again (<sick>!) Maestro file
STConv           6528 Converts Armadeus and soundtracker samples both ways
Vivaldi          2688 ARCed Maestro file.
Sonatina         1024 ARCed Maestro file Sonatina in C
rondo            1536 ARCed Maestro file
Prelude5         1280 ARCed maestro file, Bach's 5th Prelude
Always           1792 ARCed Maestro file "Always on my Mind"
Ghostbusters     1664 Maestro file Ghostbusters
Holding          1152 Meastro music file
Player           1024 A simple Playback for testing sound modules.
Pops            22016 some more sound effect modules
Lightsynth       2432 MIDI controlled light synthesiser
On-Off           1695 Neat and nifty way of controling the speaker from the DeskT
Bars             2187 Dancing bars for Maestro in the desktop
branden_5       54567 An Electro Music Research file
ARMSAMPS3       26496 4 more Sound samples from Armadeus
ARMSAMPS2       60672 8 more Sound samples from Armadeus
ARMSAMPS        37376 6 Sound samples from Armadeus
maestro15        9014 5 Maestro tunes.. all by Handel
TUNES_ARC        3456 3 Maestro tunes
TUNES1           7301 2 Maestro tunes
M_popPlus       32971 Maestro Tunes
M_ClassPlus    205520 Maestro Tunes
M_tunes1         2404 4 more Maestro tunes
M_tunes         19811 20 Maestro tunes
UPDOWM           1324 Maestro file of Theme from "Upstairs Downstairs"
TUNES            2304 3 Maestro tunes
starwars          792 A MAESTRO file
mash_theme       1499 Maestro Tune
hawaii           1615 Maestro Tune
pop             54134 Some POP tunes in Maestro format
entertain         852 Maestro music file
CHARIOT          1048 Maestro Music file
BACHBWV147       3486 A music file for Maestro, Metro or Elevator
RAIDERS          1762 Maestro file "Raiders"
RENDEVOUS         922 Maestro file "Rendevous"
JOSEPH          41472 A suit of Maestro files of music from....
!ELEVATOR        8734 A Program that plays Maestro files in background
TVTUNES         17536 Some Maestro format TV tunes

Size of area 16841k

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