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PC files (51)

Filename       Length Short description     64512 Fonts for NetTerm (OEM and Truetype)       1432576 NetTerm version 4.2 - ANSI terminal/telnet client    878080 HyperTerminal Private Edition upgrade    28800 A simple DOS ANSI file viewer
brandy105      530235 BASIC V for DOS V1.05
RSquirrel      108079 RedSquirrel Archimedes emulator V0.2
archie9        133754 Archimedes emulator V0.9 for fast PCs
DUKECITY.ZIP   441455 Five extra levels for Duke Nukem 3D
DESTROY.ZIP     37527 An extra level for Duke Nukem 3D
Maxdir22        33713 Good replacement for the DIR command in DOS
cool150.RAR    710190 CoolEdit v1.50 - Shareware sound editor for windows.   2107838 A Penthouse addition to Duke Nukem ;-)) (zipped)     8197 EasyMenu Version 1.00   526336 Big Bang By Psycore. For the PC?    424346 An asteroids type game....Very good but quite hard       4544 A zip full of setups for Grand Prix 2    27877 S3 dos speed up programs     61952 CD covers for Grand Prix 2
t13_beta.exe   193479 Easy and Powerfull comms software for DOS and Windows95    26544 Formats DOS floppys to MS's 1.7Mb variation.
syn_ch~1.txt      591 Syndicate Plus cheats
sc1_ch~1.txt      488 Screamer 1 cheats       94092      17201 A windows background copier/formatter      3262    11983 How to build your own UFO :)
vboy           194422 Nintendo Virtual Gameboy emulator
snes           245433 Nintendo Super NES emulator
sega           391149 Sega Master System and GameGear emulator
nes            191215 Nintendo NES emulator   289200 Binkley-Term (2.60) - documentation only    595179 [ASP] Hex Workshop v2.20, Hex Editor (for Windows 3.1)     33100 A FOSSIL driver for DOS
DOOMWADS.ZIP    96884 Extra Doom 2 wad files
skyglb36.ZIP   362215 SkyGlobe version 3.6 - Excellent on a RISC PC        98372 A silly little game
control.exe    2456841 Control by COMA   407795 Patch Quake 0.91 to 0.92   436366 QUAKE v0.91 - Shareware from id Software Inc.   1434092 QUAKE v0.91 - Shareware from id Software Inc.   1434092 QUAKE v0.91 - Shareware from id Software Inc.   1434092 QUAKE v0.91 - Shareware from id Software Inc.   1434223 QUAKE v0.91 - Shareware from id Software Inc.   1434093 QUAKE v0.91 - Shareware from id Software Inc.   1427235 QUAKE v0.91 - Shareware from id Software Inc.    34168 FOSSIL Driver for Win32 systems
wz16v61.exe    433115 Winzip 6.1 for Windows 3.0/3.1/3.11
wnzp9561.exe   499900 Winzip 6.1 for Windows 95    281282 Pretty Good Privacy, version 2.6.2i for DOS
x00v500.arj    105671 Ray Gwinn's Double Aught Buckshot Driver v5.00
RAR200.EXE     267248 Just the >best< archiver for DOS
pcfree.arc       5469 0.40 of PCFree, now works OK with Aleph One software :-)
PCfree/arc       5473  Allows machine recovery after PC card software crash       5984 VM comms driver
400ter.exe     1440564 Communications package    290910 Amiga emulator for the PC      75467 Online Game ... For SYSOPS
LW2/ZIP        527156 LineWars - A 3D multiplayer game which works on the PC card!     281855 Crystal Quest for the PC - compare to Swarm ;-)     567201 Wall Street Raider
Stm2Mod.Zip      7194 DOS program to convert Screamtracker files To MOD files
Dream1.Zip     106319 Example Scream Tracker Song: " Dream #1 "   208626 Animated Jukebox which plays MIDI, Wave, MS Video etc.
RAWIN100.EXE   311983 Real Audio v1.00
zipexplr.exe   768453 The ultimate Zip Archiver/dearchiver for windows
winzip95.exe   367969 Win Zip for Windows 95 & Windows NT    197938 TI-99/4A Emulator for RiscPC Card (Zipped)
modsta18       213625 Status lights for internal PC modems. S/Ware by T.Johnsson
WinCap/zip     133626 Professional Capture System
psp301         1862392 Paint Shop Pro 3.01 zipped     2772 PC Remote Control Software   251441 Super Sprint Clone For PC (little racing cars !)
PFE61/ZIP      409937 Programmers File Editor for Windows 3.1      45414 AAPLAY (FLI Player And GIF Loader)       9516      210169 
zcp300_zip     105133 ZIP Chunker Pro 3.00
psycho.wad      51074 Excellent WAD file for deathmatch doom 2
dft.exe        163840 dBase exploration tools        55963 A Worm game from Hill Road Sixth Form in Cambridge
DISP181A       662329 Display 1.81a Graphics file viewer (still+FMV), *very* capab
Winsock        179015 Winsock   257658 A Graphic Family Tree and a Graphic ledger
gds31f_zip     383947 Multi-format Graphics viewer/converter version 3.1f
UNRAR101.EXE    31069 UNRAR version 1.01, (SFX archive - run to extract)
Netscape       707584 Netscape's Navigator
FISHY_lzh        9105 VGA Fishtank - uncompress with !sparkplug or lharc.exe
pencheck.exe    22972 Proggy wot I wrote for checking for the Pentium FDIV Bug!
FMTMAS.ZIP      65792 Advanced disk formatter. 360k disks to 800k ERROR FREE!
ex51_zip        87396 File/Dir util for PC.  This is all you need.  (DOS mode only
DDF               659 DDF Printer Driver
PTEST101.ZIP    25811 P-TEST v1.01 (Check your Pentium for the dreaded bug!)
CINDY1.MPG     121290 mpeg of cindy doing exercise!
MOUSDM_zip       2168 A demo of the INTs required read a mouse on a PC
ZM_STUFF       313143 Z-Modem protocol source and Explanation files
CEXYZ_zip       56778 X-Modem, Y-Modem and Z-Modem protocols
VFAST_zip       58124 VFast Protocol
DSZ_zip         79667 Zmodem protocol
CWIND_zip      138904 C Windowing libraries for the PC
CTASK_zip       88570 Multitasking Libraries for C on the PC       1665836 Wacky Races
Ftype.ARC      309202 Fastype - PC Typing Tutor. SHAREWARE
ND_com          10429 new directory lister for pc's
t320-4_arj     182139 TELIX part 4 of 4.
t320-3_arj     199872 TELIX part 3 of 4.
t320-2_arj      81291 TELIX part 2 of 4.
t320-1_arj     157631 TELIX, a reasonable pc comms program. Part 1 of 4.    26650 Hexagonal Minesweeper!
altram.exe      12288 Creates a RAM drive on PC using PC Emulator   194198 New shareware Fruit Machine Simulator. Lots of features!    53547 CDF Add-ons for DataEase DOS. Ver 0.04   266353 Excellent .MOD player, 32bit, very high quality!
bgfax130_arj   136862 PC Fax send/receive utility BGFAX, Class 1, 2, 2.0, ZyXEL
the-wave.txt   143616 The-Wave, V.42bis compression tester
1klingon       158661 Klingon/English interpretor
RDSDRAW!       176785 BR*> This is one for thoughs who have PCs or PC emulators
autodex_ar      33276 Autodex - useful prog
abcfile_ar      87529 File manager. Easy as ABC
2kmod_arj        2370 Dos 3.x 2k clustrer on 10-meg disks. Text file
2format_ar       1217 Format 2 floppys without hassles
speak2.arj       9460 Speaker driver for Windows 3.1     188281 Paint Shop Pro v2.01 for Windows. PartA     283190 Paint Shop Pro v2.01 for Windows PartB
qmodem_arj     464095 QMODEM Communication program for PCs.
qpeg13f_exe    328806 JPEG file viewer for PeaCees [Spit]
bbctime         46946 PC .ZIP file to set your clock via phone call to BEEB clock
dump_com         1223 Dos version of *Dump by me Type Dump /h for help
speak_exe       22312 Microsoft's PC speaker driver (plays .wav files)   272931 Virus Remover.  Detector is called SCANV108.ZIP.   252954 PC Virus Scanner
MAILMAS         97883 Mailmaster, PC mailreader for ArcBBS, danish docs.
WINARC         101887 WinArc Xpress, PC mailreader for ArcBBS, danish docs
SUPJACK        199606 Supjack Xpress PC mailreader for ArcBBS, danish docs
Lamers         279542 Kill the Lemming-like creatures.
arj.exe         75658 file opner
flipper.arj      6144 OO
KermitPC       238884 Kermit PC V.3 in PackDir Format (5 files)
vgaart.arj      48631 Nice SVGA displays    27127 Very nice psychedelic displays        71735  Multi-function file util program *download now!*
TNGDIS_txt      37454 ST:TNG Dissertation.
DRINK_txt       13057 ST:TNG Drinking game
unp310arj       24214 New version of executable file expander
CDFS_Bug        16220 Archived screenshot showing bug in CDFS 2.10
MacRead        115278 Read/Write/ormat Mac Discs.
fcopy101.arj     9507 New Version of Fcopy for PC - bug fixed
tetra110.arj    59299 A great Tetris door for the PC!
tetris_zip      43690 another version of tetris
soko_zip        30682 Windows Game! Addictive
GWS            305305 !Creator/!Translator for the DOS PC
pkz204g.exe    202574 The lastest version of PKWares PK-ZIP suite.
DUMP_zip        29443 DOS file View/Edit utility
bannermk.arj   156408 three banner programs
SUDS11_zip     154624 WINE & BEER RECIPES
4os232_zip     116196 OS2 Command Processor replacement
MURPHY_LZH      25550 Prints one of 300 amusing comments when run. Great!
scanv99.arj    152122 SCAN 9.0 V99 Virus scanner
vgac0212.arj    11727 VGA FONTS FOR PC'S WITH A VGA CARD
CALVIN.LZH     120647 Calvin & Hobbs Pictures (PCX Format)
ELEVHELL        38999 Elevators from Hell, a Shareware game
jive.arj        11541 Turn text files into jive talk.
play.arj        75198 Edit and play sound samples thru PC speaker
SKYGLB_zip     254238 SkyGlobe 3.1
ODYINST.EXE     17318 Use to extract and install ODY150SH.LZH
ODY150SH.LZH   344728 ODYSSEY v1.50 - PC communications package
modemjargon      2188 Text File explaining Modem terms
DEATH_ARJ        9681 Work out when you're going to die (seriously!).
3d_arj           6391 3D DEMO thingy
PKLTE114_E      50712 Version 1.14 of PKLITE
PCRAMDisc2      21781 Automatically sets up RAM disc for use by PC emulator
PC_PROLOG      102982 PD PROLOG for PC
WORDFIND.ZIP    16384 Wordsquare generator proggy.
PFM309_zip      97316 File manager for DOS
chem_v31.LZH   161230 a chemistry program
atlantis.arj   122398 Superb version of Risk, VGA needed
CADDY_ARJ      122655 Mail list manager inc label printer    40941 "Dark Night" .MOD file (file is a .ZIP)         46604 "AFL" .MOD file (file is a .ZIP)      112791  DOOM .MOD file (file is a .ZIP - use Spark[Plug]2)
DBWRENDR.ARJ   123392 PC ray-tracing + examples. Ported from the Amiga.
checkfor.arc     4788 Batch file utility     5001 Batch file utility program
checkfor.arj     4122 Batch file utility
checkfor.lzh     3942 Batch file utility program
ant21_zip       83687 Electronic ant farm by Rudy Rucker
disccat.arj     45236 My computing project MkII!        9216 Archive file viewer v1.37 For PC archives V.Good      44032 Lharc v2.13 File Archiver V.Good
clock-com         512 TSR CLOCK FOR PC     160666 New PC Comms package from Australia
death.arj        8508 Morbid program which calculates your death date. Clong desc
uksingle.arj    18451 DBF file.  See long description
listdbf.arj     13500 A util to list DBase files without DBase!  Excellent
aldo.arj        17237 A superb ladders and levels game.  DOWNLOAD NOW!
mole.lzh         3069 A little silly for WIndows (2?)
cube.lzh         5258 A little silly for WIndows (2?)
cardac_zip      66304 Can you revive a heart attack victim? Have a go!
bab200_zip     160768 BRILLIANT nonsense generator! BABBLE ver 2 (Shareware)
crs80.arj        5628  Another depression prog.  Needs BASIC
crs40.arj        5643  Test yourself for depression V1.  Needs BASIC
brick.arj       10014  Breakout game.  OKish
EDWILLY.ARJ     14544  A screen editor for Willy.  DOWNLOAD NOW!!!
willy.arj       34944 Superbly addictive game.  DOWNLOAD NOW!!!
SLOTVGA.ARJ     41949 EXCELLENT slot machine for VGA PC
digdug.arj      18816 A poor but playable version of DigDug
tasm_zip        50579 Cross assembler to produce code for 6502, 8048 & 8051 micros
PERSONA.ARJ      3898  Assess your personality... BASIC needed.
age.arj         10251  Determine your medical age.....
domin10.arj     33472 
hotboot.arj     30091  Collection of harmless silly jokes
lhsrc.arj       38060  Source for LHarc in ARJ format
myers.arj       19547 Psychoanalyse yourself.  It's quite good re
packdisk.arj     3429 Pack your pre-DOS4 hard disk so that there are no fragmented
listfrag.arj     2238 Lists all fragmented files on your pre-DOS4 hard disk
eliza.arj       13300 For all you paranoid people out there
diskopt.arj     26970 Optimises the interleave of your pre-DOS4 hard disk
dosmap.arj       6651 Lists memory breakdown in first 640K         5248 A little silly
april.arc        2048 A little silly      8687 A little silly
arj230bt.arj    86073 ARJ version 2.30 - in ARJ format
arj230beta_arc 116032 ARJ version 2.30 - in Arc Compress-12 format     23296 Virus Information Package
TREESII        142108 Geneology Program Prints trees etc.
PCMig29arc     250202 PC mig 29 game. Needs VGA        32031 For A.T.P.  a Flight Plan Editor       26590 For Flight Sim A.T.P. Prints airways,nodes,frequencies      15089 Plays SOUNDTRACKER ON ANY IBM!!
dosform         13184 MSDos Disc formatter
pcem_patch       1110 Patch program for PCEm ROM
StarTrekVd     174097 StarTrek....The video Library
PATIENCE.ZIP    18048 PC Card Game 'wot I wrote'
TAP53DOC       132224 Documentation for Tapcis Program (PC Emulator)
TAPCIS         172032 PC Emulator program to access Compuserve
DOSSUM_zip      70468 DOS Summary Version 1.0: Brief details of all DOS commands.
flopper_zip      3671 SPEED UP YOUR FLOPPY DRIVES BY ABOUT 30%
ST-ZIP         231581 IBM-PC Program for Precis' of Start Trek Series
SuperBBS       394404 SuperBBS Shareware PC Bulletin Board Software
PCmusic2        31488 Play Soundtracker music in PC emulator
readst3_zip     23627 MS-DOS utility to read ST-format pics & convert to GIF
PC_UTILS_arc    22604 3 Utility files for running under the PC emulator.

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