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Virus Detectors (52)

Filename       Length Short description    12803 Installs VProtect 3.00 - from
Commander/     198152 Commander 1.32    12450 Installs VProtect 2.80 - from
VZap124        117420 Latest (v1.24) version of !VZap (Dicottery archive)
JestrClean       4966 Programs to clean up and innoculate against the Jester virus
DSVCheck         6427 A small program to check for possible existence of viri
new_arc          7196 Virus detector
vend067        100736 VEnd 0.67 beta (16-Jun-1993)  (c) Jon Ribbens of DoggySoft
Scanner156.arc  91816 Virus scanner v1.56 by Tor Houghton
StopT2           1144 Stops 'T2' virus from loading itself
AntiVirus        6784 A Virus protection system.
protct_arc      15960 Protection against Viruses and 'Theft'.
AccessL         26802 !AccessL (V1.80) by Tijmen v Gulik - A Virus protector
2ModKill_A       7962 2 Module virus scanner/killers.
MODVIR           1432 A BASIC program for hunting out the "Module Virus"
INTER208         8133 !Interferon (V1.08)
VKILLER         53117 Richard K Lloyd's Virus Killer (V2.30)

Size of area 657k

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