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Applications (53)

Filename       Length Short description

cornishcalibre   1069 Cornish language file for !Calibre calendar creator
Z80Tube        176475 JGH: Z80Tube        v1.10  ZIP Archive
shineSA100      20383 Shine SA V1.00 Mp3 Encoder
DrawP250       208755 DrawPlus V2.50
Printers       366723 Printers 1.64 (Public release)
corpus/spk     122682 Corpus (Courier) templates for !STRing
french/spk     322086 French usage templates for !STRing
STRing12       324288 !String v1.014 by M R Beerling
Stocks/Zip      34357 !Stocks v1.23 by Pete Rockell      468328 StrongEd release v4.62     58587 Thumbnail Creator
Anagrams         9424 !Wordfind anagram tool
HADFSFiler      80010 JGH: HADFS Filer    v1.21  ZIP Archive
SH270.ZIP       64227 Strong Help 2.70. Probably the last version
SE460B6.ZI     388536 StrongEd 4.60 Beta6. May be the last version
SigGen         110781 An Audio signal generator Application
riscpcb031     135552 !RiscPCB v0.31 (December 1998) by T.Swanborough
Planner          4704 Planner drawfile creater, now works for 2000
Spectrum       398450 DJL: Speculator     v1.03  ArcFS Archive
MZX            134223 GW:  MZX Emulator   v1.10  ArcFS Archive
BasConv         15116 JGH: Basic Convert  v1.10  ArcFS Archive     112000 !Zap 1.40 release; some additional resources     168275 !Zap 1.40 release; some other extensions/modes     560022 !Zap 1.40 release; the primary modes/extensions     648939 !Zap 1.40 release; main archive, alone.
SE455.ZIP      339609 StrongEd v4.55 by Guttorm Vik
RTRACK.ZIP     355992 RiscTracker v3.44 - a multi-format tracker player
Latin            3200 Simple Latin translator
se453/zip      329149 Strong Ed 4.53
sntest3        192852 ARM SNES9X test 3, with sound, compression etc
roma33b71      1199383 ARM MAME 0.33b7.1, supporting 628 arcade machines
roma33b61      1159491 ARM MAME 0.33beta6, supporting 604 arcade machines
rome01r01      382480 MESS 0.01, Multi console/computer emulator
sntest/zip     157741 SNES9X - SNES Emulator for RISC OS, ported by Gareth S. Long
SWI_Demo        20704 A SWI finder program (Like tekkie CD)
riscpcb029     168718 RiscPCB v0.29 (May 1998)
sh253/zip       64973 StrongHelp 2.53 - Hyperlink manual system by Guttorm Vik
pdf072b        143843 !pdf 0.72b - by Leo Smiers and Derek Noonburg
rafs112a/z       1003 Patch A for raFS 1.12
AcornLife      320078 Conway's Life with lots of examples by Graham Jones
ICAP            25321 Interactive Circuit Analysis Programme 0.02 by Dave Higton
ICAP            33526 Interactive Circuit Analysis Programme 0.02 by Dave Higton
xearth001.     170710 Xearth - world view backdrop generator
ig603.arc       71553 Intergif 6.03 
lfiles.arc      23358 LongFiles 2 
Thump110        53132 Thump v1.10, JPEG and Sprite thumbnail viewer
WHExtras        28999 Wordhound add ons
WH125           68938 Wordhound Upgrade
rasmol_arc     325212 Port by Martin Wurthner of a molecular drawing prog.
Spaced.arc       9497 Trailing space editor
LeyFinder.arc   24602 Ley line finder
GW2QBasic.arc   13286 GW to Q Basic convertor
Frac5.arc       54134 Five fractal programs
BBC2C.arc      101224 BBC Basic to C 
fontedpatc.arc   1065 Strong ARM patch for FontEd 0.32
pdf071b        122955 PDF 0.71b viewer
validator       24397 HTML Validator
treesave        39365 Treesave Win95 like file saving.
Lottery203      87920 Latest version of my National Lottery analyser/predictor
RTFtoHTML       53125 RTF to HTML v1.1      245830 Frodo -- a C64 emulator converted by Andreas Dehmel
TESTMAT        341136 Last of four parts of RLab2. All are ZIPped files.
RLAB2          859789 RLab2 by Maurizio Ferrari. Maths language for matrix calcs.
DOCS            86141 Second of four parts of RISC OS port of RLab2
CONTROLS       106396 One of four parts of RLab2 by Maurizio Ferrari
PackDir         33683 PackDir 2.04 by John Kortink (Freeware)
FileAct         17443 FileAct 2.20 by John Kortink (Freeware)
TMVIEWER.dat   682051 !TMViewer:a PD VRML browser and TopModel files viewer
Lottery2       131744 Version 2 of my National Lottery predictor - at long last!
RepWriter       78204 School Report Writer for secondary schools
pdf062a.zi      90795 !pdf 0.62a (displays Adobe Portable document format files) 
drawplus       188255 Drawplus 2.37
layout         246961 !Layout - a PCB design program.
fotoCD          50754 PhotoCD processing
photocd05a/zip 281061 Updated version of HPCDTOPPM for reading photoCDs
ARCWEB173      622700 Arcweb 1.73 - Web package
TemplEd132      93898 TemplEd 1.32
PackDir         34836 !PackDir 2.03 by John Kortink
Diary          180620 !Dairy - v. 4 by Keith THEOBALD
TGarden        312689 Texture Garden, for making and breeding repeating textures
Lottery117      82312 Version 1.17 of my Shareware National Lottery predictor
Notepad         39831 Yet another <groan> desktop Notepad - only this ones good!
Text2App.arc    19306 Allows apps to type files - comms programs perhaps...
DOSFormat.arc   23827 Fancy DOS format discs from the desktop
Pal.arc         19955 RISC OS Palette application for RISC OS 3.50 and greater
packdir200      84068 Packdir 2.00 by John Kortink. Super fast archiver
creator        152068 Creator 2.01 by John Kortink. Converts image formats
qtm110         299652 My QTM music player. Nice graphics, loadsa features.
PowerRom         6316 Generates your ... ROMImage for the PowerTec SCSI-2
qtm103         287737 v1.03 of my ProTracker player. See LD
QTMPlay        219666 The ultimate omnitracker interface (March96 Acorn User)
Jonix           34302 Text formatting utility to rewrap broken lines of text
banker          51287 Banker Version 2.12 by Ken Jolley
BANKER          48356 Banker V2.05 by Ken Jolley
STArc           23527 SorText - indexes, sorts and selects text
Bank            49096 Banker V2.02
Int_Var          3858 Integration (Variable-width Simpson)
Int_Romb         4940 Integration (Romberg) of a function
SPRICH.arc     511540 Speaking German Language Tutor.
Gong-che.arc   579495 Speaking Chinese (Cantonese) Language Tutor
DILO.arc       581398 Speaking Spanish Language Tutor.  Author M. Smith
vortex         228075 Some Amstrad CPC Games for the emulator
roms            33035 ROM files for the Amstrad CPC emulator
cpc             31300 Amstrad CPC Emulator (oh dear)
a/calendar      36992 Calendar making programme by Michael Rozdoba
Banker          47418 Bank Account Program
figlet          36762 RiscOS port of the unix Figlet, large ASCII text producer
NatLottery      74482 Latest version (v1.15) of my National Lottery predictor
Vicinity        98721 Vicinity (1.22) - Superlative address book application.
Periodic        22436 Periodic (1.11) - Useful desktop display of Periodic Table
PC_Launch       23463 Multiple boot sequences for !PCx86 software
NatLottery      70138 Version 1.14a of my 'definitve' National Lottery predictor
MacroLife      258601 MacroLife 1.80 by Chris Taylor, THE desktop Life program
BSquash         53479 !BSquasher version 1.18 by Mohsen Alshayef - squash B.files
PDTracker.arc  144757 v4.40 - A multi purpose music player
analysis       232661 Textual analysis, FOG, thesaurus, etc.
QTMPlay         48218 QTMPlay 1.03a - a QTM music carousel with 'floaty' windows
sparkSP          5374 Sprites for !SparkFS !Spark and !Sparkplug
ScannerSP         593 !Scanner sprites for CC !Scanner
FormedSP        26198 Sprites and Templates for !Formed
sysmergeSP       1193 Updated Sprites and Templates
NN_0/01          9097 NN NetNews Full NetWork News Package PD Version 0.01
BBfight        207231 Bevis Anf Butthead Fighting
SAMPLECD_A      54028 Utility to Sample Audio CDs (direct to disc), Wilkinson 1.12
!DiscBox        34935 !DiscBox, a useful disc cataloger.
MAILLABEL       51068 A Label Making Application
zap_zip.arc    676007 Zap 1.30
tpledsrc_a.arc  94757 TemplEd 1.31 source
tpled131_a.arc 119976 TemplEd 1.31
cardpatch        4030 !PC486 card patch for better colour support
new_arc        706845 VARIOUS UTILS
Vicinity        82271 Vicinity (1.16) - by CircusSoft
Condenser       71003 Condenser (1.06) - by CircusSoft
Source_arc      92716 Source code for TemplEd 1.30
!TemplEd13     114841 A window template editor 
Scroll          12752 Scrolls text along screen for videos, for WildVision genlock
Period          29440 Desktop Periodic table Element info By Ian Watson. Ver. 0.04
Period          28725 Desktop Periodic table Element info By Ian Watson. Ver. 0.03
EcoSayIt         2846 Sayit/Econet extention to a RAM disc
NatLottery      67629 Latest version (1.12) of my National Lottery predictor
digitiser       11648 frontend for watford digitiser
ffact_arc        2760 Small program to find all the factors of a number
!Imerge         16000 A mail merge for impression (junior) by Chris Meighan #1249
MPG              3764 M.P.G. calculator by Zorro.
NatLottery      61137 Latest (v1.10) of my National Lottery predictor
Labels          59998 Version 2.9 of address labels mangement application
DataBase        98885 Version 2.3 of a personalizedd database maker
CLOCK_fli      135705 FLI animation
fleet           43688 Star Trek Fan Club Database v2.03 by Captain Bibble
Lottery         26480 National Lottery Predictor v0.02 by Captain Bibble
TextView100     24960 TextView 1.00 by Mike Curnow. Text file viewer
SameName         7133 Renames 1st sprite in a sprite file V1.03 E Brunavs
FormEd2         88833 FormEd2 version 3.04 by Acorn/The RISC Squad/Paul Hobbs
fam210          97352 Version 2.10 of Denis Howe's family tree program
TLE             37729 NASA two line elements, updated 4/11/94.
Zap120         460081 Zap..Version 1.20 by Dominic Symes
BeSafe         765158 Road Safety for 7-9 year olds Author: Edward Crosby
InfoBar         15191 Info on the icon bar 0.04
DrawPlus       143820 DrawPlus  2.24
DrawCat         37591 Catalogues drawfiles OqOnOqOp
CopyAll         12555 SCSI utility 1.04
iconz2-a        22126 Animates the Taskmanager Icon
sprclear        34103 Turn 16bit Sprites into 32 bit
moreibar        20971 Iconbar extension App
resrom-a        17179 ResRom- Put any file into the Resources Filing system
protrack.5h    294312 Latest Version of Protracker
makeapp2        19816 Turns Basic files into Absolute files
coconize.102   134099 Coconizer Version 1.02
blkhole.222     95593 BlackHole Version 2.22
HELLOWORLD2       128 bytes adventures ch2
ColorGram2      14284 Version 2:Faster (in C),differant approach, weirder
povfront        52820 Front End for PoVRay2. V1.12 by Brian Ruth.
TEd_Source      92518 A non-squashed copy of !RunImage from TemplEd 1.29
TemplEd        121737 TemplEd 1.29 (4/7/94) by Dick Alstein
BigBen          35707 Version 1.00 by E Brunavs
ColourGram      36503 Plots really weird shapes using simple formulas.
Launcher        35640 Simple Application Execution for complex directory structure
LboxII          31092 Address transfer database
Addresses       15664 PowerBase Address file.
list'em         21134 New more complex version DOWNLOAD NOW !
CDSDemo         37881 CDSampler 1.06 DEMO version from Uniqueway
ARMovie        453334 Replay file player. Works in 16 bit modes.
Formula         31451 A err.. really good spectrum game...
DBaseUp13       38907 DataBase upgrade (version 1.3)
SMCDV113        43461 Smart CD v1.13 by Ian Giblin ALT-itude
DataBase        66396 Personalized database maker (Raffaele Ferrigno) Version 1.00
gsfonts-3      204793 These are the missing helvetica fonts from GhostScript
MakeGraph        6592 Make CSV files from equations for use with !Advance Graph.
SampConv        42677 !SampConv 2.13
watways210      63000 !Waterways version 2.10 - Canal mapping app.
Wombat026       30947 Latin 1 text <-> Mac, PC or Windows 3.0 text
ProcessCD      110553 PhotoCD extracter
Chaos            1378 Demonstration of chaos theory using a population graph.
Graph            1956 Draws graph shapes from a given formula
Linguist29     446595 Linguist Human Language Dictionary.
DLib            61864 DeskLib object file archived
HP Calc         44955 HP-type reverse polish scientific calculator
StampCalc       25645 Postage Stamp Calculator 1.7 for 1 Nov 93
POVincs.arc    374851 POVray2 include files
pov2imag.arc   269430 POVray 2 images
pov2scen.arc   529781 POVray 2 Scene files
pov2docs.arc   128133 POVray 2 documentation
Video_Log       67516 Video Catalogue Utility
VirtSrc037     113033 Virtual version 0.37 - Application and souce code
VirtBin037      39715 Virtual version 0.37 - Application, no source code
ArmSI_346       87067 Benchmarks    Zip deflated
!Pointer         8543 Blanks out the mouse pointer
BrainBrk.arc    15764 BrainBreaker, Crosswords meet numbers
MoonTool.arc    29634 Moontool
read           283655 A program to teach early reading vocabulary - uses speech.
APTracker      174326 !APTracker version 2
!SeeClear.arm    8558 COnvert Clear files to sprites
!FracScape.arm 114931 Fractal landscapes
!FracCloud.arm  30465 Fractal cloud generator
SparkEm.arc     53513 Laetst SparkEm
Demo.arc       203967 Demo of FracScape programs
DeskZoom.arc    12387 Desktop zoom
Welcome.arc     38704 Replacement Welcome screen
!MemoryPie.arc  24173 Memory monitor
!trash.arc      24400 Trash
Catalogue.arc   89041 Disc cataloguer
Talk.arc        34024 A.I. Response system (have a chat with your computer)
Distances.arc   16419 Driving test coming up?  Test yourself on your distances!
NotePad         16531 Desktop Notepad
PolyShapes        746 Data to load into PolyNet
PolyNet          8312 Draws nets for polyhedra, outputs to DrawFile
bbcCharDes      23279 Another character designer
ghostnew       139592 new executable & !help for ghostscript
TuringSim       34745 Turing Machine simulator
!Sprich        661848 Speaking German Language Tutor
Spotter100.arc  83435 Predicts satellite positions, v1.00
OneLiner.arc     1609 A one-line multitasking Wimp app.
scrab            1784 Screen grabbing util. Inc docs (I think)
GreyEdit        52236 !GreyEdit (V1.28) by John Kortink
DiscInfo        21182 !DiscInfo (V1.05) by John Kortink
Monitor         30283 !monitor. Utility for Taxan 795 owners. (Makes life easier)
Invoicer        22091 Simple Invoice preparer - Multi tasking under RISC OS.
35mipsARM3.txt    351 35 MIPS on an Arc
27mipsARM3       3515 get 27 mips from an arm3!
Font'em         24325 !Font'em  Organize your fonts  Risc_os 3.10  only
YowRunImg        4120 Fixed !RunImage file for !Yow
Yow            264496 !Yow v1.05 by Denis Howe - Fortune Cookie program
KeyStage3      113947 Key Stage 3 Assessment - A !Genup Application
sunclock        37860 !Sunclock version 1.00, by Steve Loft.
sputil_arc      30992 File management utility for SPICE 3A6
spnutm_arc     172161 Output plotter for SPICE 3A6
spdocs_arc     163288 Docs and examples for SPICE 3A6
spsim_arc      188287 SPICE circuit simulator version 3A6
Icon8.arc      693832 Icon 8 programming language
RiksClock        5230 Desktop clock with messages
Logga            6073 Logs computer usage
SectCopy         8698 Disc sector copier
POVdoc.arc     129638 POVray V1.0 documentation
povscene       692458 Scene files for POVray version 1
dat2pov         30784 Converts PVray dat files to POVray pov files.
IconInfo         5163 Shows Icon information &flags pointed at
ZoomerBox        2542 Zooms the windows when opening them
FontPath         7698 Outline Fomt Organizer.
ue311_arc       99210 uEmacs v3.11B Text Editor
AppInfo          7264 Packdir compressed app to keep info on applications
WimpPoly.arc   340816 3D polygons in FORTRAN
DiscCat308      65312 DiscCat v3.08
ScResizer       20242 Resizes your screen
Pointer         12879 A pointer application with a few pointers
PassWord        45496 Password protection of files version 1.10
Letter           5104 Text reader
Aidon            9188 Free space utility
GS-Fonts2      569428 2nd set of fonts for use with GhostScript
GS-Fonts1      573467 1st set of fonts for use with GhostScript
PlaceIt207     230419 PlaceIt v2.07
BinClk010        3094 "Binary" Desktop clock, v0.10. Odd.
WordHound5     646231 WordHound5 - Data file. Containing 3rd part of dictionary.
WordHound4     655360 WordHound4 - Data file. Containing 2nd part of dictionary.
WordHound3     655360 WordHound3 - Data file. Containing 1st part of dictionary.
Wordhound2     827760 Part 2 of Worhound Thesaurus Prog
wordhound1     710785 part one of A PD Thesaurus called worhound
Cmp1_04Arc      39107 V1.04 of my front end for John Kortinks LZW modules
Print            5650 multitasking text-only-printer-application
ArcFSExtra.arc  43172 ArcFS 2 extras
Organise         5715 Application loader from Iconbar
!WasteBin       21247 Macintosh style Dustbin
SetType         14333 A further File Type setter
Filer+           3261 Serial/Parallel filer
Warfarin        11528 Point and click with the keyboard
BETWEEN1         6772 An APP to do gradual fills in DRAW files
tim            132906 A Desktop Speaking Clock
DSedit500       57390 A version of !DSEdit for A5000 owners
FileUtils       62475 !FileUtils (V4.05) By Ben Summers
Contents        37652 !Contents (V1.00) By Ben Summers
HelpGen         67146 !HelpGen (V3.01) By Ben Summers
EcEdit          86403 Alternative Risc-OS text editor.
Windows3         3527 !Windows3 <Author unknown> Gives RISC OS 3 users a new look!
RMLock           2839 Module locker... see description
MouseCtrl2      24704 The ultimate mouse speed controller for the arc (Latest Vsn)
msync_24         1174 For the PCATS Enhancer 
Clr>12bpp        5233 A program for the PCATS enhancer
Convert         31759 Miscellaneous conversions
PROTRACKER      65260 Latest fersion of Protracker from BASS
NEWDESK          2407 Allows Anti-aliased fonts to be used within desktop filers.
FileSys          8644 !FileSys (V2.00) by Brothers in ARM
Scaler           5451 !Scaler (V1.00) by Nick Jarman
SCSIman          7073 !SCSIman (V1.00) by Atle Mjelde Bardholt in Norway
ShowRAW          2844 A very crude image raw file view for the PCATS Gfx card
ShowClear        2886 A very crude Clear file viewer for the PCATS Gfx Enhancer
PRINTERDJ       68480 A modified version of Acorn's !PrinterLJ for DeskJet Printer
!GuessType      17352 !GuessType v1.02
SlideShow       15651 !SlideShow (V1.02) By John Kortink
ModeInfo        13302 !ModeInfo (V1.04) By John Kortink
FileAct         20974 !FileAct (V2.03) By John Kortink
Whatthre         1050 This basic program takes all the filenames from a specified 
Scaler           7150 Sprite size change utility
NewSet-Ty       17170 Excellent file-typer utility.
mover            3692 Mover 0.03   by Jon Ribbens    Speeds up file moves
PVScenes_arc   117829 70 sample scenes for PVray
PVDoc_arc       90570 Documentation for PVray
Elements        11307 An example Elements database for Powerbase v4.22 dbms
Bugs            14111 Evolution emulator (Originally from Starbase 1 BBS)
PVray          274197 PVray 1.7.2 public domain Raytracer
DiskCat         56448 Discs catalogues database
StartUp004      10992 Executes *commands in idle wimp polls
!Devices       168553 ARCHWAY APP
hourglas         5001 !HourGlass (version 3.06) by Jon Ribbens (*NEW*)
roughtim.arc     3814 !RoughTime (version 2.03) By Jon Ribbens
INTMOD          10706 An Aplication that loads an interupt Module
!FindDir        37272 Nice filefinder
ARMstate         2996 !ARMState (V1.00) by Paul Denize
2Evaluate       16899 2 Expression evaluators for you to try
BenchMode        3401 !BenchMode (V1.00) by Chris Eason
SetType          9066 A File SetType util (V1.40) by STW & Natasha K
Mouse_KB         4002 Operate your mouse via the Keyboard. By Tibor Dornbash
YELLOW          24986 !YelloPage
GS-System      354609 ghostscript
move             6477 !Move (V1.12) by J.Roling Moves files by renaming them.
HDBENCH          4658 Tests you Harddisc's speed etc.
SysUtil         28440 !SysUtil (V2.30) by Jonathan Marten
KXP1081         42695 Text only Printer Driver for Panasonic KXP1081
bigbuf_arc      10724 Extend arbitrary RISC OS Buffers
HDTest           3200 Test the speed of your hard disc.
STtoRhap        35354 !STtoRhap (V1.00) by Mark George
SuperCopy       43137 !SuperCopy (V2.10) by Stuart Marshall
Disable          9370 !Disable (V1.00a) by Garf
Xinu_arc        56962 Xinu
LABELLER        10798 Prints labels for your discs (V1.00) by Andrew Webb
SILLY_arc        9710 Converts your icon bar to a moveable window...and more!
seticons       138695 Roger Wilson's 3-D icons for RISC OS 3
DeskUtils       15744 DeskUtils (V1.00) by Sam Chalmers
!DeluxePai      30738 A deluxe paint package (!)
Ed101_arc      122463 Ed a desktop Editor v 1.01
SprPlay_Ar      13935 Sprite Player.
Keys_arc        10215 !Keys (V1.01) by AMFsoft
TTOST           13229 !TtoST Tracker to SoundTracker converter
BBStempl         3081 !BBS- BBS files template for !Powerbase
RSAAbbr          2944 RSA I Standard Abbreviation Help By M Smith
PrintLbls       24053 Anti-aliased labels (?)
Crossword       36299 RISC OS task to design Crosswords and print them (sort of)
MAST_arc         1946 !MAST (V1.01) 
DANCE           21400 !Dance (V1.0) by Lee McGinty
ue39f           97200 Arc'd desktop micro emacs (not latest?)
CFSreadARC      18932 !CfsReader (V1.10) by Computer Concepts
Bark             3825 BASIC dearcer for Spark compatible archives
PC-GATE         19395 !PC-Gate (V1.06) by Carl Declerck
Mandel_arc     126600 !Mandel (V1.03) by Martin Wurther
reverseArc        900 Reverses all mouse movement
compact          2993 !Compact (V1.00) By Richard Kirby
AddressD25      54261 Latest Address Book (Demo Only)
DANCENI        529739 !DanceNit - A cross between a demo and a Sound player
SpinTask         4789 Modified version of FunkyA and Rotata
YAMU            26752 Yet another make utility!
Snapshot        10185 !Snapshot (V1.00) by Richard Reeves
Gatekeeper       6017 !Gatekeeper (V1.01)
Design2         43770 A 32000 colour art program by Hamid.S.Aziz
VATcalcarc      26811 VAT Calculator by Alexander Buckley
Sys_Beep        43001 Allows control of system beep (V.1.28)
FLASHER          6114 !Flasher (V1.00) by Merlyn Kline
fdates_arc      12510 Division football dates.
diskli_arc      28994 New version (3.2) of disk/dir library !
Open_Dir        23602 Opens directorys & applications
WimpDebug       32653 WimpDebug v1.21
DClock           3129 A Simple clock program
Max              3362 !Max by Chris Eason. Gives Max free memory possible.
SSS             74121 A desktop spreadsheet
WAGES           16448 !Wages
MonitSave       14938 Monitor Screen Blanker By Richard Bates
AIM            550811 AIM2 (Desktop) "Another Image Manager"
BUFFSTUF         4170 Stuffs pathnames to Keyboard (V0.03) by Roland Cleaver
Librarian!      73471 DrawPlus library reader
FreeSpace       23383 Shows free space on all your drives (and RAM disc)(V1.11)
videobase       50446 A vidio indexing prog.
TINYOBJ          9633 Allows all filing system objects to be on Icon bar (V1.00)
B_&_Q            1417 Prices so low, you just have to tell someone about them.
LCrypt          25241 File Encrypter (V1.00) by Guido Thater
BugView         49498 Helps debug other WIMP applications (V0.65)
ModeUtil        19585 Gives names to screen modes (V0.11)
DrawStrip       14255 Makes a Draw file Keystrip from your input
go_arc           2419 Directory Changer (V1.01) by Andrew Young
Telephone       22865 A Telephone directory by Simon Jones(V1.01)
RUNNER          22654 Application runner (V1.00) by Steve Loft
Calendar        17152 Desktop Calendar (V1.03) by Elite
Coord            4385 Give the X and Y co-ordinates of your Mouse(V1.00)
Travel           4273 A Odometer for your mouse!(V1.01)
!ChangeDir       4992 DeskTop application to set CSD.
WaveGen         14642 Generates Voice modules (V2.0A) By Felix Andrew
Cat             10361 Disc catalogue program by J.C.Abels (V1.13)
C_Front         30129 Desktop front end for "C" (V3.00)
Stamp            5126 A File type stamper (V1.00)
AlterFile2       8572 Lets you alter a file's atributes (V1.00)
AlterFile        7558 Lets you alter a file's atributes (V1.13)
DISCLABE        51456 A Disc label printer by Nigel Gent (V3.00)
CirfitARC       25109 Circle fit app. (V1.0) by Graham Kemp
RM?_arc         22506 Module version finder (V1.0) by Graham Kemp
ADDIMAGE        15627 Modifed version off !Address runimage, sorts on surname
SPYGLAS          5944 !SpyGlass by David Spencer.
servesyou       21376 interactive magpie story
Perspect        60032 Exploration of perspective
DISASSE         20480 ARM Code disassembler(V1.22) by Henrik Pedersen
Roman            4625 Converts Decimal to Roman numerals
Hex             25404 Converts Hex to Binery (V1.00)
Coder            7006 Disc file encrypter by AMF soft (V2.00)
QRT_arc         88255 Quick Ray Trace Program (Version 1.5c)
ANSISHOw        45932 Displays ANSI files (Filetype &120) (V1.13)
BOUNCYPtr        2048 Makes the pointer bounce from side to side!
COOKY           53855 Fortune Cookie Generator (V1.12) by W.Schoonenberg
Squeeze!         9600 A desktop front end for squeeze
DrawPlus_Docs  130663 Docs and Examples for ARC DRAW+ (Version 2.11)
!settype        25856 Settype utility (Yet another one) this time one that works.
DustBin          8134 A Desktop waste paper bin.
Format           7683 !Formatter that is now Multi Tasking(DOS ADFS etc)
Alt-Mouse        8320 Use the mouse with Alt and Cursor keys!!!
SPECTRAL        11098 A fractal landscape generator
RMCOMPAR        21948 Compares Module versions (V1.00) by David Wilkins
MakeApp          8001 Converts BASIC files to Absolute files (V1.00) by Stuart
Compendium     190336 A compendium of some exceedingly helpful applications!!
!CHECKTE         4419 Checks your templates (V1.0) By Joris Roling
FORMATT          5749 Formats L, D, E and MS DOS Discs (V1.1_
PrintSetV2      24552 !PrintSet version 2.01 Set-up utility for Epson printers.
Trash           61647 Latest version (1.40) of Richard K.Lloyd's trashcan
break             524 Desktop Hard reset utility
BarBounce        5970 Bouncing balls on your Icon Bar!
DuckPlus        24208 Desktop Duck....Now dives and sleeps!!
MouseStep       21832 Mouse sensitivity editor
speedyrom        5167 Installs on Iconbar and allows you to accelerate roms
phonecode      124383 give it the phone No. It gives the exchange
LOG             31360 Logs computer switchon time
SpeedUp           648 !Speed up, Speeds up your roms.
MailLabel       26130 Mailling Label application (V2.01)
BACKUP          16034 Another backup program
diary_arc        9853 A program to enter a daily diary
DeskBug         67354 !DeskBug by Ran Mokady..An Active backdrop
SSHEET          23966 Simple Archimedes Spreadsheet program
Fred             4973 A friendly face for the desktop!
Limerick         5632 !Azumith, Limerick generator (Version unknown)
Clip             5960 A clipboard for writable icons. (V1.06)
funkya           3398 Funky motion-icons for the desktop!
!Zarch           7282 Wow, Zarch running in a Window !!!!!!
!ACS_Demo       77308 Another great App from Warner Hepping !
!Watch           5059 Another great App from Warner Hepping !
!Life           10115 Another great App from Warner Hepping !
!Hodge          11296 Another great App from Warner Hepping !
!Drop           24836 Another great App from Warner Hepping !
Distort         22771 Melts the in any desktop screen mode.
!LissaJoux      35698 Brilliant Desktop LissaJoux forms by Warner Hepping
varEdit          9866 System Veriable Editor/Display (V1.10) by Joris Roling
guess            7659 Has a guess at the filetype of a file (V0.25)
Find            15186 File finder by Joris Roling (V1.09)
Italic          13044 Slants the contents of DRAW files (V1.0)
!Crazee_3        9066 Version (3.10, Jan-91) of 'Crazee writer' text writer/reader
phonebook        6628 Telephone Directory (v0.50) by Mark Johnson
Wrapper          5003 Makes the desktop pointer wrap around the screen (V1.00)
Wibble           2195 !Wibble...does strange things to your screen!
Mod_Read         3421 !ModRead, by Stuart Halliday (V1.00)
Deskeys         10621 Desktop Keyboard (Version 1.02)
Snoop           22656 Snoop on the WIMP...By Paul Vigay V1.00
RAMCRAMM        10041 A Util to adjust the size of your RAMdisc (V1.00+)
!BACKUP1        14336 !AI_Backup Disc backup program. (Will backup most discs)
MODE_arc        27067 Screen Mode manager (V0.70) by Joe Watson
MakBitMap       10819 Version 0.90 by Mark Bright
BasCrunch       36180 Version 1.03 by Stuart Hickinbottom
PALETTE         17288 !Palette+ Useful extension to the normal Palette Util.
PLANNER          3968 Produces an A4 Year Planner for any year (Drawfile)
CASHBOOK         6946 !CashBook...For your Home Accounts
CRAZY31          9088 Latest version of Crazy Writer (V3.10)
Azumith          5625 A Random Limerick generator...easy to adapt.
CctSym          11244 Drawfile of electronic circuit symbols
Download        14524 Laptop to ARC file Xfer Version 1.02 by Emmet Spier
WordWrap        16517 WordWrap Version 1.00 by Emmet Spier
Print_Buf        2202 Printer Buffer using specified memory
CLOSEUP          9308 A screen magnifier (V1.03)
MakGif205       15860 Latest version (2.05) of MakeGIFF
Plotter          8320 Desktop Function Plotter
WRONGWAY         1188 This Application inverts the text on your screen.
INTEREST!        6415 General Application for working out interest on loans.
!RFS_arc        21238 MTasking front end for CCs RAM/ROM podule
WASP_arc        37209 Wimp Application Support Program demo (V1.00)
Aidon_arc        8319 Shows Room left on disc drives (both Hard & floppy)
Resistor        28310 Resistor value finder...very handy!!
woman           18176 Sex change for !Man
SOUNDBAR        14376 Two Sound applications..A VDU meter + Spectrum Analyzer
!SIMPLE         48896 A Simple Database program
!MODES           7040 Lets you change to any mode from the desktop!
Sparks          22528 New Runfile for spark
EAlarm_ARC       9436 Simple Alarm clock
CASS_arc        30392 Audio Cassette tape label writer by Mark Bright (V2.90)
ROTATA           9211 Produces a rotating Task manager icon on your desktop!
ARCTREE        105902 DISCTREE(SPARKED)multiple windows,load files etc etc
!Sprayer        13516 A desktop silly. Takes over the mouse. Every now and then
Restart          1664 CMOS loader/saver
!bedit           4136 A BASIC editor 
csd_arc          7928 Set CSD application written by ME !!!
!Quiz           19576 A Program that generates and runs quizes
IL_arc           5860 !Interlace Let's you display Multiscan pics on monitor
useage2          4716 New vesion of !Useage...Shows average & instant useage
icons            2916 Change the default icons of your System 
star            47104 A configurable iconbar menu system
!Cmos           23808 CMOS RAM saver and loader
Premier3       190457 Demo Version of Premier3 Information Processor
help             3968 Universal help application from Anonymouse
PreSet_ARC      38236 This provides a new 3D set of System Icons
read            72804 A first attempt at OCR
RTREE_ARC      101616 RTree (Version 1.0) by Jon Vowel (User No.104)
!Options        17454 RiscOS Utility for Copy, Wipe and Count version 0.10
!PrtSetv23      19811 RiscOS Printer Set Up utility. Version 0.23
TwinMod          5632 Turns Twin into a Relocatable Module
Viewsheet       35200 Viewsheet on the Iconbar
View            38144 View on the Icon bar
Iword            1920 Interword from the desktop (well almost)
!Acorns          1318 Download it! You don't know what you're missing.
!Trash          54552 Latest version of TrashCan (V1.30)
!Cset            5565 Shows ASCII code for given character and vice versa
ZoneClock2      12534 DeskTop International Clock Mk II
IChing2         57600 The I Ching (or Book of Changes). *** Auto casting buglet fi
ST               4555 Reads ST discs
IKHG_ARC       320896 Acorn's keyboard handler generator. 313k, needs 2Mb to run
SB_arc          74406 Latest version (1.80) of Sticky Backdrop
hotkeys          4074 Hotkeys - A short cut for operations
S_KEYS          23614 On-screen access to keyboard shortcuts
Mback_arc       17434 Multitasking Hard Disc Backup Program
access           5585 A File access control application by Majid Anwar
shutdown         4605 This does all the housekeeping for you before you switch off
p_buffer        15591 A printer buffer (from 16K upwards in size)
DISPLAY         47143 This application displays !DRAW files.
st_watch         3641 A centisecond desktop stopwatch
DUSTBINplus      7579 D.SPENCER'S Dustbin with improvements by Emmet Spier
ChkSpr_ARC       2280 Lets Impression doc Dirs be renamed keeping same sprite
!S_TYPE         17168 Latest Set_Type Utility by Emmet Spier
bbcrun           9841 Starts BBC programs under !65Host
View            31494 Converts BBC ROM version of "VIEW" into an application

Size of area 47435k

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