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Filename       Length Short description

HowCome         14593 humour
HorrorFilm      14395 humour
HistMedicin       389 humour
Him+HerATM       1401 humour
HellTripTo       1484 
Headlines       11177 humour
Halleys          9572 humour
Haircuts         1038 humour
<1945            2391 befote 1945
Time             1867 about time......
NewMATHS.txt     2585 The true state of modern maths teaching :-)
WPerfect         2739 Script of an aledged call to theWordperfect help desk  :-)))
Virus            1110 Some info about Viruses :-)))
BLFRY10        297668 Gutenberg 'Blue Fairy Book' - Lots of fairy tales (ZIP).
Foundation       1654 Info from RISCOS Ltd about the "Foundation"
BTfree           4068 BT Press release... free internet service
PumpkinRec       3279 Some Pumpkin Recipes for Hallowe'en
easter           4866 Some Micro$loth Easter Eggs
womenl_1.arc     4464 womenl_1 - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
WhyChicken.arc   4668 WhyChicken - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
Virgin.arc       1012 Virgin - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
usc_ap_1.arc     2472 usc_ap_1 - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
stupid_1.arc     4664 stupid_1 - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
student.arc      7240 student - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
Signs.arc        3956 Signs - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
shit_1.arc       2296 shit_1 - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
Schools.arc      2556 Schools - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
SayNo.arc        4076 SayNo - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
roomie_1.arc    10080 roomie_1 - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
psyvoice.arc     1596 psyvoice - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
prof_1.arc       4764 prof_1 - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
profs_2.arc      4180 profs_2 - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
paper_1.arc      3156 paper_1 - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
modest_1.arc     2980 modest_1 - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
men_wo_1.arc     2468 men_wo_1 - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
litebulb.arc     8120 litebulb - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
letters.arc      2052 letters - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
HumourSmil.arc  14092 HumourSmil - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
GrowingOld.arc   3332 GrowingOld - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
GlassMilk.arc    2036 GlassMilk - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
GeogWomen.arc    1220 GeogWomen - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
GenerGap.arc     2464 GenerGap - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
Gasms.arc        1400 Gasms - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
FruitCake.arc    1788 FruitCake - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
FlyPig.arc       1020 FlyPig - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
FirstAid.arc     2952 FirstAid - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
Fire!.arc        1112 Fire! - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
FINAL.arc        4680 FINAL - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
FaxHumour.arc    1912 FaxHumour - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
FamilyFort.arc   1920 FamilyFort - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
FalseTeeth.arc   1560 FalseTeeth - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
ExamBloom.arc    3028 ExamBloom - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
exam.arc         3024 exam - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
EveClasses.arc   2036 EveClasses - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
Evaluation.arc   2192 Evaluation - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
EuroEnglis.arc   1996 EuroEnglis - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
EngSigns.arc     3212 EngSigns - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
Elephants.arc    4704 Elephants - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
EAST.arc         2228 EAST - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
DiningOut.arc    4228 DiningOut - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
DigiChick.arc    2276 DigiChick - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
DeerHunter.arc   2104 DeerHunter - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
DaysOfCtms.arc   3948 DaysOfCtms - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
DayOff.arc       1508 DayOff - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
DarkSuck.arc     4232 DarkSuck - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
Daffynitio.arc   1732 Daffynitio - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
compsci.arc      2840 compsci - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
com.arc          2556 com - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
Classified.arc   2204 Classified - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
ChainEmail.arc   2288 ChainEmail - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
CatPill.arc      2192 CatPill - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
CatManual.arc    3192 CatManual - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
CatBathing.arc   3480 CatBathing - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
CarBumper.arc    2496 CarBumper - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
Cake.arc         3780 Cake - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
BoneHead.arc     3128 BoneHead - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
BogusNames.arc   3024 BogusNames - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
Bloopers.arc     3568 Bloopers - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
BiblErr.arc      7328 BiblErr - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
BibleQuote.arc   1804 BibleQuote - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
BeerTroubl.arc   3376 BeerTroubl - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
BeerOS.arc       3124 BeerOS - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
Beer.Women.arc   1612 Beer/Women - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
AnsaPhone.arc   23288 AnsaPhone - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
accident.arc     2584 accident - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
acc.arc          3096 acc - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
300Modem.arc     3500 300Modem - a funny text file.  (Sparked)
Win98News.arc    3964 True but funny news about the release of Windoze 98.
Win95dirt.arc    8304 15 questions to ask about Windoze 95.
EasterEggs.arc   4768 Easter eggs in Windoze programs.
Choose.arc       1388 Want a PC?  Here are Harry Parker's views.
BillsHouse.arc   2944 The house that Bill [Gates] built.
descarte        70656 Descartes discourse on method
theGTMHH       123352 Have fun with Win95 - highlights 'great' microsoft 'features
bbc               429 Info on BBC documentation on the internet
EpsonInfo        8870 Info on cleaning Epson Stylus 600 print heads
DarkWheel       45770 "Dark Wheel" The Novella from the Game "Elite"
MicroSatan       2617 Exclusive...Bill Gates sells his soul to Satan. (Text)
FaveThings        567 Alternative lyrics for 'My favourite things'
Robber           3042 Rules for robbers...
138_arc        222888 Archive of last messages from area 138 -Future of Comms echo
8bit_arc         2064 Info on a new ROM for BBC Masters to fix year 2000 bug
MT-Maxims        9214 Mark Twain maxims - HTML
MT-Quotes        5231 Mark Twain quations - HTML
fanclu.txt       3438 Info about the British Starfleet Confederacy (Star Trek Fan 
Aliens          30976 Star Trek meets Aliens (Film) - Very interesting!
quanleap        14699 A complete episode list for Quantum Leap
Oasis            2444 Be Here Now (Oasis) New lyrics from Quintin Parker
helpejit         1583 Help the Eejit (Stephen Song) by Pulp Remix by Chris Park
TaraFriend      15376 A Quentin Tarantino Episode of Friends
phoebe.wri       2720 All of Phoebes' (from Friends) songs.
Review97        14367 Collection of messages from '97
robber           7023 Tips for robbers
FaveThings        738 Sound of Music (Not quite!)
PrgrsPvrty     576834 Prgress & Poverty by Henry George condensed ed. Sparkive
NF_arc          77692 All messages from the now closed Newsflash Echo
Ireland         21727 The 'Troubles' - the solution - HTML
StoryStore      65867 The complete Story from Digibank BBS, with hall of fame!
Choose            700 Choose Intel. Choose a PC. Choose Microsoft. (etc :))      22118 Infrequently Asked Questions in comp.lang.c
CDBurnMan_      12786 The Manual for CDBurn by Warm Silence Software
Cows            41421 Vampirc Cows From Mars (in zip format) off Usenet!
WorldList      148688 Complete list of birds of the World
xfiles          67318 X Files in-jokes series 1 to 5
LVT-PICS        48606 Archive of diagrams to go with some of the above files.
WhatIsLVT        6059 LVT - HTML format
UNUSED           4167 LVT - HTML format
TRANSPORT        9829 LVT - HTML format
PLANNING         5992 LVT - HTML format
P-Politics      19013 LVT - HTML format
NOPASSON         5239 LVT - HTML format
NEWECON          6273 LVT - HTML format
LVTC-Home        4494 LVT - HTML format
HOUSING         16677 LVT - HTML format
GOODTAX          5480 LVT - HTML format
ETHICS-01        9376 LVT - HTML format
ENVIRONMNT       6031 LVT - HTML format
ECONRENT        19105 LVT - HTML format
CREATVALUE       9963 LVT - HTML format
COMMUNITY       17944 LVT - HTML format
CITZCHAR         2571 LVT - HTML format
Brisbane         5571 LVT - HTML format
BOOM-SLUMP      28378 LVT - HTML format
BadTaxes        13304 LVT - HTML format
AboutLVT         3967 LVT HTML format
1939Bill         4318 LVT - HTML format
ARCHSAL         11258 stuff for sale. Contact user 2070 if you wish to buy!
SCI.arc        179204 Economics! HTML format
A106_arc       443738 Archive of the Green Echo (Area 106)
a165_arc       206552 Messages from area 165 (Acorn BBS Doors/Utils Echo)
a163_arc        90730 Messages from area 163 (Acorns on Fidonet Echo)
A149_arc       102468 Messages from ara 149 (Acorn Music Echo)
A144_arc       170473 Messages from ara 144 (Risc PC info Echo)
a142_arc        82222 Messages from area 142 (Archimedes Virus Echo)
a141_arc        88040 Messages from area 141 (Acorn Show Echo)
A137_arc       270637 Messages from area 137 (Acorn BBS info Echo)
A135_arc        24437 Messages from area 135 (Archimedes Games Echo)
LVT.arc        255349 Land Value Taxation: Info. on in HTML format
ForSale          1276 RISCPC for 800 (33k6+ANT modem/26mbRAM/CDrom), A3010 + PC
A130_arc        90914 Messages from ArcNet  Echo (Area 130)
A127_arc       126486 Messages from Acorn Buy Echo (Area 127)
A124_arc       117174 Messages from Archimedes Binkley Echo (Area 124)
A109_arc        39453 Messages from Archimedes Comms Echo (Area 109)
A101_arc       204364 All the messages from the now replaced Archimedes Prog. Echo
A100_arc       206700 All the messages from the now replaced Archimedes Echo
                 4224 Oxymorons
UNIXFun          1087 Fun things to type in on UNIX :)
PGG-UReal      249611 PGG Archives (4/4) -- UnReal articles
PGG-SReal      212908 PGG Archives (3/4) -- SemiReal articles
PGG-Real2      446078 PGG Archives (2/4) -- Real articles
PGG-Real1      451359 PGG Archives (1/4) -- Real articles
Incohol          1587 The affluence of Incohol!
OsPlane          3200 What If your Os was a plane (includes RISC OS!!!)
Frob_12b       155194 Frobnicate issue 13^H^H 12b, Ovation format
AntiStress       6124 Stress releaser
IE2205           1394 FREE identity cards - special edition design
NB050497          938 News about the DELAY in the launch of the FREE MODEM SERVICE
Signs            6058 Some humourous signs spotted in America...
riddles         18064 Various riddles (+answers!)
EngSigns         3647 Some humourous translations of foreign signs into English...
ItsJustRid       3291 A bit of the late great comic Bill Hicks
Comments         8995 Various humourous/funny comments/taglines... eNJoy!!
Sonnets        102467 Shakespeare's 164 sonnets all together - use em as taglines!
PulpFict         1801 ever wondered what's in the briefcase in pulp fiction?
BBSposting       4998 Guide to BBS posting -- does this remind you of anyone? :-)
Review96        31089 Collection of humerous/happy/sad messages from 1996
Medea           75550 Coleridge's translation of Euripides' Medea
AppForm          1114 Application form to join Brainwave software
Bigdummy        55350 The big dummies guide to Fidonet
97BUDGET         2528 !Advantage file for simple budget
ITPOLICY         5555 A school's IT Policy
LemmingSol      39367 Solutions to (almost) all levels in Lemmings I
transcript      13081 Some EXTRACTS - Only from StarTrek:First Contact transcript
TxtDiary97      25357 1997 diary in text file format.
ImpDiary97      26483 Diary for 1997, in text file, with impression styles
BondarCox        5706 Text of P.Bondar and C.Cox's speeches at AU show
X Files InJokes List 33223 X Files Injokes list series 1-3
Phone           24267 Answerphone & phone messages with a hint of humour!
StayHealth       1609 Mother's views on a heathly lifestyle (funny)
Oxymorons        4348 Words that together are a contradiction
Languages        2936 How to choose a programming language (funny)
Calories         3350 How many calories sex takes ...
Cucumbers        5686 Why a cucumber is better than a man ...
beer.women       6574 Why a beer is better than a woman...
purity1500     101280 1500-question purity test, for the seriously bored (HTML)
purity500       53047 500-question purity test, for even more fun (HTML)
purity100        4299 100-question purity test, just for fun :-) (HTML format)
Red Dwarf       30267 Desc of Red Dwarf Episodes Series 1-6
MossoftFL      109154 Mossoft BBS filelist 19/10/96
klingon/z       30740 Introduction to the Klingon Language
genscrip/z      52950 Star Trek Generations Script (the preview version)
Lying            4324 How to tell if somebody is lying..!
CraftAdv/Z      40618 The Craft of Adventure, Graham Nelson. 2nd edition 1995
PremLeague      20602 Premier League fixtures 1996-97
TStory.ASC      27336 The WHOLE collection of Toy Story characters in ASCII Art!
RiscMag2        34037 This is the first release of the RiscNet Magazine
OuijaList      100969 OuijaBoard BBS file list as of 15 Jul 1996
UL_arc           9377 List of Arcade users who have email access via Arcade
FreWWW/txt        792 Do you want FREE World Wide Web Space? Here's how to get it.
WeHelp/txt       1098 Can you design graphics or program? Please download this
rotjscript      75962 Return of the JEDI script
E:ASYLUM.ZIP     3143 A$YLUM Joining forms....
draws.txt        1256 Complete list of lottery draws 25/06/96
Fire!             252 Sick(ish) joke
NATURofSOC.txt 326640 The reasons why land value taxation (LVT) is a good idea.
XYZZY4-7       122976 Interactive Fiction mag - issues 4 to 7
TAGInfo/arc     26968 TAG2 3D engine information. From TBA Software
Magnetic         1725 Magnetic Fields around UFOs -- Weird ---
Cyborg           5839 Cybernetics and UFOs and how they're linked!
b5_uk_newsLetterVII 20142 l8est b5 uk newsletter
B5OnlineI        4977 Offical B5 newsletter
image.txt        3208 Want to be a writer for a magazine or be a committee member?
Zxmag1.Arj      30838 The International ZX81 Magazine.
b5_uk_newsLetterVI 70421 more uk specfic B5 related stuff
Cake             5165 Textfile by me. How to write a good computer game! :)
b5_uk_newsLetterV 75263 more UK specfic B5 stuff (11/4/96)
FreEnergy       42574 My A-Level Physics R&A paper on Free Energy
image.txt        5882 Interested in writing for this new magazine? (see long)
b5_uk_newsLetterIV 34796 Newsletter of the UK B5 fanclub 
b5_uk_newsLetterIII 27228 Newsletter of the UK B5 fanclub 
b5_uk_newsLetterII 22792 Newsletter of the UK B5 fanclub 
b5_uk_newsLetter 36468 Newsletter of the UK B5 fanclub
buying           5493 Advice on buying a computer
Meat.txt         2635 What would Alien Invaders think of us? (Humour)
CW_Songs.txt     2520 Unbelievable but true C&W song titles (Humour)
BeforeXMAS.txt   3075 The night before Christmas as told by Mr Spock (Humour)
b5.techupdate.txt 10968 l8est update to the babylon 5 technical manual.
DeweyClass       8225 A part of the Dewey Library Book Classification.
Hedgehog         5028 The Hedgehog Song! From Discworld :-)
TAOS            27192 TAOS fairly briefly explained
RTF_Docs       133311 RTF technical documents
BasLibs         48827 Another set of basic libs of all sorts.
TEKWAR_1        52436 TEKWAR The Series episode guide (Publisher format)
TEKWAR_2         9768 TEKWAR The Series episode guide (plain ASCII format)
cropcir.uf      36847 All about crop circles.... 
weirdexptx      12124 Weird experiences people have had...
fbi             63132 FBI concealments of UFO sitings... now revealed.. :-)
xfilestran      22980 Questions and answers on the X-Files series...
X-FilePLst      17488 The X-Files Playlist for this season
XNITPICK         9515 The Nit-Pickers guide to the X-Files
Season 2        17715 X-Files Episode Guide (Season 2)
Season 1        16931 X-Files: Season 1 Episode Guide (HTML format)
HumourSmil      25262 A HUGE collection of Humourous Smilies from the net
Emotions         3599 A set of 'emotion' Smilies for your collection..
threat            990 R25 BackBone Echoes under threat for Julian 031 [ZIP-defl'd]
echostat         9699 R25 EchoMail Traffic Report for Julian 031 [ZIP-deflated]
300Modem         4653 99 things to do with a 300bps modem!
FromPaddy        3419 A funny ditty
ufo_guide       40704 Fairly definitive UFO Guide in HTML format (Edit-readable)
WorldList      148688 Complete List of Birds of the World
Review95       119542 It's finally here... Review95.. the best public messages    152349 
poems            8704 Some simple poems written by John Ward: various topics
DNAQuotes       24960 Quotes from the WWW from Douglas Adams books!
NMPRIN.ZIP      63735 Zipped text file of The Prince, by Machiavelli
B5.TechUpdateF.TXT 17064 l8est ver of update to babylon5 technical manual.
ChainEmail       2348 An email chain letter - oddly amusing.      29652 Loada text files on antigravity. :-)       3407 Plot lines for Star Trek 8: The next generation
Bitter           5732 A bitter and twisted archived text file!
Buying          12328 Buying a computer - Pendown and Ascii
PrinCable.txt     444 Wiring diagram for Parallel printer cable
Moooo!          27819 Lots and lots and lots and lots of cows!
Lyrics.WhatIsLove.tx   181 Lyrics to 'What Is Love' by Jarre
lyrics.SaleOfCentury   422 Lyrics to 'Sale Of The Century' by Jarre
Lyrics.Revolution.tx  1109 Lyrcis to 'Revolution, Revolutions' by Jarre
Lyrics.RetInnocence.   632 Lyrics to 'Return To Innoucence' by Enigma
Lyrics.LFC.txt   2213 Lyrics to 'Little Fluffy Clouds' by Orb
Lyrics.HowOld.txt   202 Lyrics to 'How Old R U' by Jarre
Lyrics.AlteredState.  1751 The lyrics to Altered State by Oldfield
B5.TechUpdateF.TXT 16791 Latest update to manual.
VoyCharInf       1028 Very brief info on ST:Voy characters, to go with GIFs
IanBell         10089 An Interview with Elite co-author Ian Bell
Galaxy9         12939 Short humourous story
SatanBit         3196 A little bit about satanism
The_Dong!        3965 The Dong with the Luminous Nose - my favourite poem! :-)
B5.TechUpdateE.TXT 16651 Latest version of the update to the b5 technical manual.
b5_song          2214 A song about B5 season 2
b5_humor_ftpsite  2088 Address for b5 humor on the Web.
b5meetsST.Story.TXT 50114 Babylon 5 meets Star Trek in this humours story.
DavidCAnag       8262 Anagrams of the word - 'David Coleman' (hehe) See LongDesc.
ArcadeAnag       1153 Anagrams created of the word - Arcade BBS (hehe) See LongD.
Directives       3391 Space Corps Directives
AnonEmail       11721 Archived (ArcFS) help file from the remailer
smileystxt      23814 Textfile of literally.. hundreds of smileys!!! ;-) hehe
Jokes3          23424 Even more of the best jokes from the fido punch area
Jokes2          49664 More jokes from the fidonet punch area
Jokes1          37888 Collection of some of the best jokes from fido punch area
B5.TechUpdateB.TXT 13059 update to b5.techmanual (29/8/95).
OasisLyrc       31908 Noel strikes back! Full Oasis lyrics (minus Roll With It EP)
Win95dirt       14629 A few little things Microsoft didn't mention ;-)
Viscspec         6377 review of future acorn machine
reddwarf.lzh   487055 RedDwarf Scripts Series 1-6
B5.TechUpdateA.TXT 12332 Latest (1/8/95) ver. of Update to Babylon5 tech. manual
wash            28103 Everyday guide to brainwashing
WALKER.TXT      11102 Quotes from the Grand Prix Guru
NewAcornMD       6079 New MD at Acorn Computer Group plc and Acorn Computers Ltd
indy25           8663 Story: Indiana Joel and the Mind-Thieves of Hull
indy22          11163 Story: Indiana Joel and the Night At The Opera
indy21          14144 Story: Indiana Joel and the Effeminite Confectioner
indy20           8592 Story: Indiana Joel - Lo!
indy19           8033 Story: Indiana Joel and the Mythological Hack
indy18           4297 Story: Indiana Joel and Satan's Own Breadbuns
indy17           6359 Story: Indiana Joel and the Mortal Tour
indy16           5595 Story: Indiana Joel and the Visit from Southport
indy15           6306 Story: Indiana Joel and the Technical Support from Hell
indy12           2838 Story: Indiana Joel and the Glyphs of Khoros
indy11           4306 Story: Indiana Joel and the Metal Box Bungee Jump
indy09           3808 Story: Indiana Joel and the Last Can of Beer
Police           3523 LIST OF US POLICE RUN BBS'S
Assessment      15071 Textfile of assessment in IT
Lola             2885 Complete Song + Chords
AcornLists       9955 Listing of Acorn-related Mailing-Lists (C) Maurice Hendrix
aquisis_tx       5140 Press Release: Boca Reasearch & Hayes issue letter of intent        24688 Complete list of *all* UK Internet points of presence
Smart_Cat       13153 My SmartCD+ Catalogue (16/7/95)
Comps            6076 Latest Acorn News Update. New Machines !!!      8923 Unofficial (& FALSE) plot synopis for Star Trek VIII!
Singles         18373 Hit Singles 1952 to 1986
tempad2.ans      2468 ANSI advert for BBS
Wolf3DMap        4899 Wolfenstein 3D map file format - from E.E. himself (arc'ed)
press.txt        5379 Information on Escom / New Amiga (2/2)
ppcamiga.txt     8010 Information on Escom / New amiga ( 1/2)
JMJ-EIC_Info.txt  1737 Information about Jarre's EIC video
b5.Ency.txt     35722 This is the *proper* babylon 5 encylopedia. Ignore others.
HACKER4.ARJ     81682 Hacker book 4
HACKER3.ARJ     66431 hack stroy3
WrightJoke      20350 Steven Wright jokes... Not the real ones, just replicas
CUD750          28492 Computer Underground Digest Volume 7 Issue 50 (Sparked)
taosinfo        28665 Some info I found on TAOS
HACKER2.ARJ     94787 Part two of the 'Hacker Crackdown' . Read It. You,ll
HACKER.ARJ      43229 Part one of the 'Haker Crackdown'
B5.TechUpdate9.TXT 11410 Update to the babaloyn 5 technicial manual
B5.TechManuel.TXT 11700 Full Technicial Manual for Babalyon 5 TV program
TLE.TXT         39217 Latest version of NASA two line elements 15/6/95.
fbi-con1.txt    29838 CLASSIFIED INFO on UFOs, NOT A JOKE, from FBI records
EmailList        4312 Complete itemised list of Email names.
Opera            6588 Text file discussing Opera's current popularity
EPDoc            4368 Epilepsy Booklet
OLMspecs        90435 Bluewave and QWK mail packet formats (archived w/ Spark)
WormText        38268 Description of the "Internet Worm"
GoodTimes       13556 Text file about the HOAX e-mail internet virus Good Times
VaxTrek         54976 VaxTrek - Episodes 1 to 16.
StarTrek7       79383 Script for American version of S.T. Generations
WarDocs         28789 World War Two surrender documents
Scsihlpzip     161762 Info on SCSI
QueenMag         1082 Information about the Queen (group) newsletter I produce Its
Seek           1494336 Electronic Bible - King James Version
CUD728          23041 Computer Underground Digest Volume 7 Issue 28 (Sparked)
svvn40           7915 Silicon Village Village News 40 (April 1995) Text format
svvn40_arc     169294 Silicon Village Village News 39 (April 95) Publisher II
Tragedies.arm  626418 The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Tragedies
ABBATracks      18111 Full List of ABBA tracks based on current Polygram releases
Ren+Stimpy      62650 Ren & Stimpy: The Encyclopedia and the F.A.Q. :-)
Poetry.arm     126296 The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Poetry
poems            1024 some poems by chris meighan #1249
Spoo             4736 For Babylon5 fans
Histories.arm  655306 The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: The Histories
Thanks           3456 Experiences with a corrupt hard-disc on a RiscPC
Comedies.arm   861806 The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: The Comedies
GLOSSARY.txt    24577 Glossary of Shakespearean words
Decency         10273 Campaign to stop the US Communications Decency Act (S.314)
BOFH            44784 B*****d Operator From Hell. (Humourous)
Sonnets.arc     43134 The Sonnets
ShareWare        3282 Explains ShareWare.
HandBook.Doc    66038 What you should know if you're arrested by NYPD (& others).
Q2v110Prev        859 Q2Track v1.10 preview
BUYING           9889 IT Coordinators advice on buying a computer
TextFile         3647 Funny foreign english signs
svvn39           8818 Silicon Village Village News 39 (March 1995) Text format
svvn39_arc      44708 Silicon Village Village News 39 (March 95) Publisher format
HAL9K+P5.arm     3928 HAL 9000 from 2001 used a Pentium...Humour
Avatar           3258 23/2/95 Press. Now play œ10pm, 1p/min. Direct scrolling too!
ferengi          2012 Ferengi rules of acquisition
CUD710          33257 Computer Underground Digest Vol. 7 Issue 10
CUD709          23022 Computer Underground Digest Vol. 7 Issue 9
CUD708          24531 Computer Underground Digest Vol. 7 Issue 8
VM_Info.arm      4952 Information on the Virtual Man pictures in area 44
CUD706          21268 Computer Underground Digest Vol. 7 Issue 6
US-CONST        51637 The US Constitution and Amendments
DANCING         53326 Adventure of the Dancing Men
5PIPS           40476 Five Orange Pips
Programers       9075 Humorous file about programmers
mzx110bugf       1445 MZX 1.10 snapshot load bug fix
CSvsAGENCY        643 Cost of 'Agencies' as against the Civil Service.
Review94        50167 Arcade review of 1994.
SantaWho         8866 A humourous file about how Santa can't exist
Quotes1          3960 Some interesting quotes for you
NiteBefore       2727 Ascii text of The Night Before Christmas  from Gerry#1026
Windows95       23957 Some info from M'Soft about Windows 95
VaxTrek         41038 StarTrek Story
SpectKeys       24576 Spectrum Key format
SpecSnaps        6144 Spectrum Snapshot formats
ResCodes         2154 Local Codes
outsamp         36236 Sampler info!
InitList        17960 Internet Node List
FileTypes       17319 A List of FileTypes
Pentium.arc      6606 Pentimum problems
RavenBok        66396 Description of the Asatru religion today.
edge             2475 Letter from this month's "Edge" about Risc PC's
NC_Sc1           3539 Nat Curriculum;Sc1
Quotations       3778 A few quotations I have made a note of over the years
list            32653 List of internet sevices
Alien3          16357 The other Alien3 script.
VGame            4996 A viking board game.
make_mead       10438 Mead, it's religious significance and how to brew it.
DemPurity        4063 Demon user purity test
Maghelp          1046 SOUNDS IN MAGPIE
Who             13050 Misc Doctor Who files
Nerdtest        12048 A test of Nerdishness!!
Woman            1302 COSHH regulations (Wo)
Chicago          9816 Chicago's real name, and why.
Automatic       13577 REM "Automatic for the people" lyrics
Story           21288 Silicon Dreams Story
SVNews33        45324 Silicon Village September News - Publisher format
Press18          2030 Recent Arcon Press relase
Press17          1643 Recent Acorn Press relase
Press19          2607 Recent Acorn press relase
Press20          3172 Recent Acorn press release
Press21          1808 RecentAcorn Press release
ReeferMad       31694 Reefer Madness.. article appeared on alt.hemp
TAOS             7045 
CUD673          21249 Computer Underground Digest, Vol 6, Issue 73. See long desc.
forfeiture     157447 US use of civil forfeiture in drugs cases
TNG             24672 Episode listing for Star Trek:TNG seasons 1-7
CUD672          21543 Computer Underground Digest Vol. 6, Issue 72. See long desc.
Macaulay          716 Thoughts on Innovation
AliceWon       134845 Imp Publisher version of Alice In Wonderland
OldTimRelg      41763 Gimme that old time religion (Hundreds of verses, all sorted
App_Zero       199536 All about hackers and there underworld.
Puff!            1431 Puff the Magic Dragon lyrics...
pccard          14190 Acorn Q&A re: new PC card
smilies.tx      20155 Lots os smillies, and there meanings (200)
Hound          321235 The Hound of the Baskervilles by A.C.Doyle
Soft_Eng         1711 A funny text file about Software Engineering terms
phone            3093 Script music for your touch-tone telephone!
Sioux.arc       37567 Sioux City DC-10 crash
BigDumImp      316226 Impression version of Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet
SaveDesk          847 Desktop boot file saving automatically
AcornPC511       2180 ACORN Vs PC 5.1
RFA2text         2728 GP computer systems requirements version 2 (RFA2)
TrekTxt         10917 A selection of jottings on Star Trek TNG
RapDict         21457 The unofficial rap dictionary.
2DailyMail       4708 Please read long description. Amended version!
Macbeth_ar      58575 Sparked text file of Macbeth
H940425_1_      39817 HOTT (Hot Off The Tree), Issue 940425 Part 1 of 3
SVNews29         5223 Silicon Village May 1994 newsletter
DWSeason9        5569 Doctor Who season 9 info
DWSeason8        5448 Doctor Who Season 8 info
German          11961 Impression II format of German-English car terms
spaclink.arj     2937 How to access NASAs BBS
GIF89A          28925 Graphics Interchange Format specification - GIF89
cu-d6_31        20102 Cu Digest 6.31. Re:Is US sysop responsible for files on bbs?
PsionList        8288 Latest (Apr 94) Psion Series 3(a) files on Cix
NBCS191          6967 The Natural Bears Classification System V1.9.1
HCrackdown     305574 'The Hacker Crackdown' by Bruce Sterling.
HarrogtB+B        841 Bed + Breakfast list for Harrogate
BOr601-625      15815 Best of Usenet Oracularities #601-625
FINAL            3834 A list of 50 *very* funny things to do in your final exam!
cargo10/4        5176 explosive-cargo. Weekly column of humor and commentary.
Soap             4293 Supposedly true story. Quite amusing. Clean. :)
ModelRels        4864 Photographic Model Release Form
FootShoot        3988 !Squash'ed text file of all of the Shoot-Foot jokes
ZEN_arc        193551 Impression II version of ZEN and the Art of Internet
ProcessArc      57428 Impression II version of PROCESS (256 Col image processing)
INUK_arc        83327 Impression II version of UK Internet List (Aug. '93)
AVRD_arc       123999 Impression II version of Archimedes Virus Reference Doument
5000TURarc      84152 Impression II version of How to speed up A5000s
JO'SC'MA.ZIP     8960 Another one of my scripts - this time for Christmas
MoreMaj         10216 Yet more Operation Majestic stuff
MajInfo         26140 Some more Operation Majority (UFO) info....
ftp-sites         629 a small list of some ftp sites
internet.txt     3264 List of in-print publications related to Internet
sex              1342 An rather funny story.
HackTalk         5154 A talk I gave on Hacking today
ShuttleARC      18558 Useful info on photographing the Space Shuttle launches
Selection        3717 An amusing tale of what 'Technical Support' means!
AgeOfConse       2317 Ages of Consent in Europe
LastWords       31499 RPG Characters last words
Cats            17738 advice for cats with a busy house to run.
Forrin           2650 Translations into English that don't quite work.
IHaveDream       4856 Martin Luther King's famous "I Have a Dream" speech.
RvsdTchNts      10597 Revised Tech-notes file for Worlock's story
RVSDHSTRY        7844 Revised history file for Worlock's story
RTNV7N2         27504 Ray Tracing News Vol.7 No.2
RTNV7N1         34383 Ray Tracing News Vol. 7 No.1
Smileys         13076 The latest list of Smilies off the Internet
Cows             6345 You've seen Unix faces (smilies)? Now meet the Unix Cows!!
Bonehead         2284 The Standardized Bonehead Reply Form
RTNV6N3_ZI      48187 Raytracing news 1993. From Raytech BBS
RAYBOOK3_Z      12130 Zipped text file listing computer graphics books
SayNo            3229 "I'd love to, but..." 101 times
boards2          4276 List of all the BBSes in London (071/081 numbers)
NewkyClose       1591 The end of the Newcastle Information Server. (from
HackerTest.arc  10530 Test to see whether you're a 'True' Hacker!
commsgui         1604 Beginner's Guide to Communications. version 1.0
Bondage          3355 Funny story about a guy chained to his workbench.
mosaic           5271 Pippin's Mosaic ideas for adventure games
snowdon          2629 A real life quest for lots of money
SNEScheats      72364 Super Nintendo Cheats & Info file
About            1529 All about Silicon Software :-)
Story            8990 Chapter 1 of Worlocks story
DWSeason7        4614 Doctor Who season 7 info
DWSeason6        8420 Doctor Who season 6 info
Naming           8377 rfc 1178 - choosing a name for your computer
WotWorlds      144521 H.G. Wells: War Of The Worlds
Hamlet          80986 Shakespeare: Hamlet
Floyd           30452 Some Pink Floyd stuff.
WizStaff         1481 A Wizards staff... From the discworld books.
HHogSong          665 The Hedgehog song by the people in
I1THEEND        14898 Red Dwarf Series 1 Episode 1 'The End'
pqf_arc         38891 Pratchett Quote File
MrOnion_ar      11078 Rules for Cripple Mr Onion (Diskworld)
SpicyCcnt         480 Biscuit Recipe
Shrewsbry         520 Biscuit Recipe
Shortbread        392 Biscuit Recipe
Sadlets           624 Biscuit Recipe
PeantBut          489 Biscuit Recipe
MltShrtBr         430 Biscuit Recipe
LemnSugr          634 Biscuite Recipe
LemnShrt          476 Biscuit Recipe
LemnNut           521 Biscuit Recipe
JamSand           565 Biscuit Recipe
Ginger            571 Biscuit Recipe
Flapjack          439 Biscuit Recipe
Easter            612 Biscuit Recipe
DateNut           479 Biscuit Recipe
ChseWalnt         512 Biscuit Recipe
ChseStrw          457 Biscuit Recipe
ChochSand         699 Biscuit Recipe
BrndySnp          802 Biscuit Recipe
APF6-0arc      135657 APF v6
FAXHUMOR_T       1067 A Guide to safe Fax
QUOTES_RD       23576 Red Dwarf quotes
Psirens         11359 Red Dwarf script.
Pratchett       20825 Details of Pratchett server.
jarg300i.gz    591656 Jargon File 3.0.0 - info format
DWSeason5        6759 Doctor Who season 5 info
DWSeason4        9062 Doctor Who season 4 info
jarg300t.gz    148252 Jargon File 3.0.0 - text format      1144 readme for Jargon File 3.0.0
cf7             48295 "general" cookie file, for use with Cookies
cf6             13889 "RiscBBS" cookie file, for use with Cookies
cf5             23233 "4Tune" cookie file, for use with Cookies
cf4              2568 "minicookie" cookie file, for use with cookies
cf3             36210 "qleap" cookie file, for use with Cookies
cf2            321662 "yow" cookie file, for use with Cookies
cf1            128458 "wisdom" cookie file, for use with Cookies
bigdummy_z     136170 Yet Another Internet Guide 
FibreOptic      56786 Essay on Fibre Optic Technology (IMPRESSION FORMAT)
coshh             886 A tongue in cheek COSHH assessment of the substance Woman
DWSeason3       11192 Doctor Who season 3 info
DWSeason2        9102 Doctor Who season 2 info
TWConsult        2422 Teamwork Consultation Document
mppart2         99253  File 2/2 - Monty Python transcripts
mppart1        112733  File 1/2 - Monty Python Xscripts - includes HG and LoB
rocky           26863  Transcript of Rocky Horror Show (including songs!)
TNG_DissT       37237 My ST:TNG dissertation again.
TNG_Diss       392478 Dissertation on ST:TNG
TNG_Drink       12971 Star Trek The Next Generation Drinking Game
Real_Thing        809 How to make Coca Cola...allegedly
DWSeason1        8093 Doctor Who season 1 infomation
BBCcanoe         1054 A race between the BBC and the Japs
Ansphone        22440 Some funny answer 'phone messages
19never_zip      2237 What they never show you in StarTrek
apf_v5          84122 Annotated Pratchett File V.5
Astronaut       12105 How to become an astronaut...
Pascal          23366 Why Pascal is Not My Favorite Programming Language
blondejoke      24910 Some blonde jokes...
riscos3          1538 why you should upgrade to RISC OS 3!
TrackForm        2126 SoundTracker file formats
Dwcompan         1495 DW WHO COMPANIONS
HeadJobDes       2734 Job description for Head/Deputy Headteacher
Yachties         7017 Some navigation & marine progs.
MontyGrail      30826 Script from Monty Python and the holy Grail
TeachComms       1711 Teachers' comments
Coastguard       3226 Coastguard tales
Hermann          9445 Hermann Hauser interview in PCW... Ziped
VAXorcist.arc    9143 The VAXorcist - the ultimate VAX horror story
UnixWars.arc    13449 Unix Wars
DecWars.arc     17147 Dec Wars - The Adventures of Luke Vaxhacker
UnixWars        11424 Funny Story (Star Wars .... Computer Words)
Dr_Who_1         2730 Doctor Who episode list
TooSexy          2452 Amusing text file
BeerGuide        2031 Beer Drinkers Guide!
glass2          12164 Revised Proposal for Glass file format
ChocPate         1357 Chocolate orgasms
AlphabetWh       2464 Surprise announcement from Apple
CmillaGate       5151 THAT phone call!
Crackpot         1818 Crackpot Index
chunks           1696 Desc of the Acorn Chunk File format
ST_DS9Info      14492 StarTrek Deep Space 9:In depth info.
elspa1_txt       3007 **IMPORTANT** This is about the closure of *ALL* BBS's
FCallSigns       9400 International Radio Callsig for use with !Finder
BlindDate        3078 More than 50 ways to get rid of blind dates
dbs-4            4071 tHE TECHNOLOGY BEHIND ASTRA
dbs-3            4014 will Murdoch take the SAT honours?
dbs-2            4672 MORE ON DBS
dbs              3462 THE REALITIES
0000A446        37849 ARC'd Impression file - Direct banking
grim             1302 A Grim fairy tale
Suprai           3912 SupraModem eprom upgrade info
SATradio         3608 German digital satellite radio
ChiefSeatl       5110 Chief Seattles testimony at the signing of the indian treaty
LANGDIF2.ZIP     2926 Humorous text file on programming languages
CompAddict       3691 The onus of online addiction.
Women,Huh!        945 The scientific analysis of a Woman.
NoExcuses!       1181 How a boss clamps down on employees bunking off!!
Devorce          2382 How a computer can break up a marriage.
SQuiz_arc        3231 A Polish Sex Quiz (Draw file) (Funny!)
rd_txt            665 Bit of a script from Red Dwarf, V. funny if you've seen it
CScientist       1995 Computer scientists dos and donts... (Funny)
Proper            652 10 short rules on how to write proper - (funny)
results          3255 My comparison of the R260 versus Sun Sparc IPC
Compdict         7257 Computer Dictionary (Funny!)
CIA-WrldBk     811786 CIA World Fact Book - 1990
DrawFiles        9118 Information on Draw file format
news_arc        19134 Someone's diary of event's in 1990
TNG_EncPt2      51405 All you ever wanted to know about Star Trek TNG (Part Two)
TNG_EncPt1      33508 All you ever wanted to know about Star Trek TNG (Part One)
MemoryMap        2754 Memory Map of an Archimedes
50things2        3157 50 things to do when the system is down!
truths.arj       1494 A few 'truths' about women.  Read.
rushjob           814 A rushjob Calendar for the office wall
EltHntsArc       1144 Hints on completing the Elite missions
ARM600_arc      11791 The ARM600 - RISC Goes OOP - Info on the ARM600 chip
bulbjoke.arj     6886 How many ***'s does it take to change a lightbulb?...
st-ds9           1608 Deep Space 9 - A new Star Trek programme
BT15way          2057 BT 15-way plug (as on Datel 1200 modem) explained
how.arj          1867 Short text file about BBS stuff etc
ARM_LEG          2626 BIG NEWS! ARM's next highly innovative project - LEG.
troubchart        755 Trouble shooting flowchart
warranty         2851 Funny warranty card for a McDonnel Douglas Aircraft
cookie           1659 A very expensive cookie recipe!
HARDY            1969 Explanation of Hard Discs
TrueStorys       7689 a Brilliant collection of True stories.
Accidents!       2254 A few of the stranger car insurance claims!
Physics           861 An Acme physics supply stor shopping list. Funny.
successful       1770 A summary of planetary probes.
STmeetsST       19257 Star Trek meets Star Trek TNG (humour)
st-4            62372 Season 4 of Star Trek:TNG synopses
st-3            44907 Season 3 of Star Trek:TNG synopses
st-2            29314 Season 2 of Star Trek:TNG synopses
st-1            31856 Season 1 of Star Trek:TNG synopses
CallSign         8638 Listing of Amateur Radio International Callsign prefixes
Postcodes       36268 A list of British Postcodes
MercOrBT         3259 Pros and Cons of BT via Mercury for phone service
Jokes            1024 A few jokes to while away those dreary seconds.
FTPSites_A       6758 List of Acorn FTP sites.
puzzle2           542 Work out the proverbs.
puzzle1          4379 Text puzzle.  Fill in the blanks?
faultreport.txt  2385 Form for reporting bugs to Acorn
ansi             6656 ANSI and VT100 codes
comms           15554 A text file of comms related terms/info.
DES              1536 Info on the Data Encryption Standard
coopr5_arc      37233 UFO Expo 1990.
IDE_arc          2752 Text file by Mike Tubby IDE or SCSI?
Wright_arc      10682 Jokes used by Steve Wright
Cassini          5527 NASA file on planned Cassini probe to Saturn from Starbase 1
VideoMess        5127 Some hints on programming the video hardware
REDTREK         31682 Star Trek meets Red Dwarf
Prayer            364 A Prayer
Webster.arc    607900 Quarter of a million words
LightBulbs       9472 Lightbulb jokes (ARCED)
PolyNomial       2176 ARCED story (funny)
JARGON         320955 Hacker's jargon
Chaos?          38144 Mathematical Artifact
AstraV1_01       2460 Astra satellite channel allocations v1.01
footquizt         940 Good but different football quiz
ASTRA_SA         1905 What's on the transponders of Astra 1A & 1B Satellites
Cheats!          3235 A list of passwords and cheats for many games
Comp_Terms       1179 Humourous list of Computer terms
PRAY              346 A version of "The Lord's Prayer" for programmers
fsiinfo         24448 a text file from Roger Wilsons Changefsi, 
10COM            1535 10 commandments for component level engineers!
DRWHO            1689 List of Dr.Who programs
RO3-arc          6337 ARCed EDIT text description of Risc OS 3 and all updates ..
STARTREK        25216 Humourous "script" from Star Trek 2nd Gen.
NEWS            17920 Humourous review of 1990
Blake_List        642 List of all episodes of Blake's Seven
HDfloppies       8064 An arced text file of implementing HD on an ST (1772)
Murphy           2248 Murphy's Laws on Sex
Morris           5259 Description of the trial of Robert Morris Jnr.
Sex              4189 *very* funny description about sex education in general ..
Letter           1300 Letter from an Irishwoman to her son ....
Doggies          1067 What NOT to call your doggie ....
TheHosptal        751 Hospital joke .... quit funny really I suppose ....
MPParrot         2173 Yet another classic Monty Python sketch - "The Parrot"
MPCheese         2911 Another classic Monty Python sketch - "Cheese"
MPargue          2363 Classic Monty Python "Argument" sketch
bloopers         2138 Classic exam bloopers ... some of them are *very* funny !
MsgTrans_        4897 Info about the Message Trans module
Modems_A_Z      16675 Everything you wanted to know about MODEMS....
abomb            3477 How to build an Atom Bomb. The ultimate DIY project!
Tubes            1056 Disused stations
nharc          104306 NetHack Spoiler (from the UseNet)
Jokes_arc        6286 Collection of eight jokes on various subjects.
IraqOrdBat       3280 Iraqi Order Of Battle - an estimate
AskOracle       10968 Questions asked of "The Oracle"...and its replies
CowsII_arc      15257 The Complete guide to Cows...Part Two
CALEN            1024 IRAQI 1991 CALENDER
smileys_ar       5248 Comprehensive file of SMILEY's and meanings.
TCP-IPinfo      43640 Introduction to Internet Protocols
CET_arc         22707 Text file explaining structure of CET encoding
HAL_arc          2192 How to convert a HAL computer into a IBM (Funny)
Elect_arc        1052 The sex life of an electron (funny!)
ERRORS          19682 A Text list of all (we think!) Errors currently known.
fido_arc         8664 Old text file describing the history of fidonet (1985 !).
SCSI_SWIs       12344 A 'Guide' to programming for SCSI......problems involved
ufo_arc         14639 More info on UFOs
Notice_arc        862 of those notices you see on office walls
STVids           1608 An episode/video list for Star Trek
STNovels         7413 A complete list of Star Trek Novels (To Nov 1990)
STNextGen        3916 Star Trek The Next Generation Episode List
aliens3          1921 LATEST NEWS: Live alien captured in Washington by CIA!
CompanyMemo      2944 Company Memo
BoardWords      15920 Someone's Dictionary of common Bulletin Board words.
ET              30931 Very, Very interesting text file about U.F.O.s
WcrcXmodem      25546 Specification for XMODEM/CRC XMODEM File Transfer Protocols
ZMODEM          41151 Specification for ZMODEM File Transfer Protocol
modem_cabl       1173 Info on wiring up a modem lead
HUMOUR          53788 14 Humorous textfiles for your enjoyment!
Uform_arc        5985 Info on "Uniform" by the BBC
Star2            4775 2 TEXT files about Space
MODEM_REV        4352 Review of Hi-Tech EC2400 modem
pod_info        24090 Text file on connection of podules
Comp_Apps        3004 A NASA text file on Computers
Nasa            11686 A Text file from NASA
wimpicon          397 How to edit the Desktop Sprites
Future           3721 Someone's idea of the future
arm3info         4210 Information on ARM3

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