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Shareware Files (55)

Filename       Length Short description

Pscan          430480 Pscan Slow Scan TV  for the RISC PC
fontmgr2zp     126520 !FontMGR2 v1.00 by Andrew Lindesay and Tom Tanner
jm2/bin        238047 JunkMail2 v2.32 by Mike Williams - Shareware
freeze         128864 Freeze V1.00 and 1.00-27(dev) by "GUS"
mpeg3_arc      245617 RISC AMP by Malcolm Boura MPEG3 player
upgrade        209501 Upgrades Delerium Version 2.10 to 2.20 by Kulture
deliri220       80913 Delerium Version 2.20 by Kulture
LockOutIIB      11660 LKIIBUGFIX - A Great Security Program - WORKING
Tran8/zip      403915 !Translator, Version 8.oo by John Kortink
jm2.bin        297974 Junkmail2 v2.16 by Mike Williams
jm2.bin        280443 !Junkmail2 v2.14 by Mike Williams
srch3/zip      227816 !SearchCD, by Jochen Lueg
planet/zip      76489 !Planets, by Jochen Lueg
jm2.bin        174472 !Junkmail2 v2.08 by Mike Williams
delirium        91157 New Shareware screen Blanker
PBase7_02      275571 Powerbase 7_02 Feb 7 THE database by Derek Haslam
PbasDoxImp     323124 Documentation for Powerbase v7 in Impression/Style/Publisher
PBaseDoxTx     116278 Documentation for Powerbase v7 as set of text files
PbaseTut        35809 Powerbase tutorial file and two example databases
Filo285        288399 Filo version 2.85 by me
CASE2case       28069 File name tidier
Calendars       39349 Calendar for each month til 2001
BiblePlan      205202 Bookmark Bible reading for each month til 2001
Filo213        257659 Filo version 2.13 by me.
demo/arc       395978 HardBack Demo V1.10 by Theo Markettos
GreyEdit        44292 GreyEdit 1.35 by John Kortink
Creator        332630 Creator 3.21 by John Kortink
SpellTest      865735 Spelling tester by Mike Smith - Shareware
Filo212        252115 Filo version 2.12, by me.
poly.arc        40015 Artworks !Polygon module - v1.16 (5th-Apr-97)..
Filo            88740 Filo (version 2.11) by Keith Theobald, That's me!
fcfs110.arc     70840 FCFS - FileCore disc image creator, restorer & filing system
at120/zip       92014 !Atlanta v1.20 - Advanced font manager for RISC OS
Wimptar116     424225 !Wimptar Version 1.16 by Chris Corbett
VBP            108490 VBP (106K) Patch for !VideoBase to create v2.17 from v2.xx
VBASE217       152561 VideoBase v2.17 (149K) A video tape database by Paul Hobbs
ToDo            10953 To Do lists 0.01 by Bernhard Veasey
Filo            56100 FiloFax 2.07 by Keith Theobald
Family          97912 A Geneology program 2.15 by Denis Howe
!Run              113 Run file for Filo to work on the RiscPC
Intersect      297240 Artworks Intersect module tutorial pages
Polygon         36807 Artworks Polygon module v1.11
FiloManual     168558 Manual for Filo, in Impression format
!Filo           84132 DeskTop Filo Fax. Version 2.07 by Keith Theobald.
DEMOSP~1.Z     234795 Speak Demo - additional files to support Spelling Checker
DEMO2.ZIP      256257 SPEAK - Text Reader & Editor
StoryStore      41004 StoryStore v0.15 (Unregistered) - Door by GTHS
HardBack       406608 Powerful disc backup system - release 1.10
CREAT200/B     193676 Creator 2.00 graphic viewer/creator SHAREWARE!
WAVEFORM        22534 BlueWave mail reader v1.01, by Richard Sargeant
DiscEdit        70937 !DiscEdit v2.23 by Chris Poole. Can edit all Filecore discs.
NhanceFYEO      22992 UPDATE. New templates & banner for FYEO2 (2.02)
fyeo202        187823 Updated Version of this popular viewer 2.02 (15th March 96)
WIMPTAR        364288 Backup, restore and archive utility 1.14, uses tar format
PickApick      343939 PickaPic version 1.15 by Hugh Eagle
iHTML           43348 HTML tools for Impression by Ben Summers (v1.04)
SWI             99828 SWI StrongHelp manual updated
LjDuplex.arc    26863  Program for Laser Jet duplex unit
ArcQv112        61237 ArcQuoter v1.12 (ARCbbs killing bug found/removed)
DIYScrolly      47576 DIYScrolly V1.00 - Your owen ARMcode scrollies in BASIC!
glossary        81932 StrongHelp Manual -Glossary
Stationer       71558 Business Stationary Desinger. J Robbins. NEW. see long desc
fsck_arc        99918 A disc fixer from Italy (version 1.22)
simnet          76435 !SimNet V1.03 - a Level 4 network manager
Backdrops       44670 A great backdrop prog down load this it's the best!
LockIt_130      67005 v1.30 of Lockit; to stop piracy
TF201u          56390 TypeFind v2.01ur - Can find many filetypes from file content
TF200u_arc      34551 TypeFind 2.00 - finds filetypes of d/led files. 800% faster!
CC045           45733 CyberCost, version 0.45 - (c) Silicon Software 1994
Lrn003          65127 Learn, version 0.03 - (c) Silicon Software 1994
FYEO201U.arc   125635 FYEO 2.01U - JPEG, GIF, PPM & TARGA viewer
EMAIL           51912 
UnCFS120       162074 Speed up CFS filing system, by Cy Booker
fineart.arm    188216 24bpp Art package V. 1.0 by Barry Alcock
Thumbnail      208340 File to put those sprites in
back008        185422 Backdrop v0.08. by me. Download this one, its wonderful...
back008        185410 Very good backdrop proggy. v0.08. By Andrew Hunter
YW2008.arc      18135 YouWhat2 version 0.08 - (c) Silicon Software 1994
DistrSRarc      48889 Student Administration package for use with PowerBase
Uni175          62731 Universal, version 1.75 - (c) Silicon Software 1994
Einstein12     116583 A superb Digital Symphony Tune With A Rave Feel
apply.fhq        1808 Credit Card facilities via BBS for shareware authors!
Transla721     207962 Latest version of Translator v.7.21 
pov2.arc       247360 POVray V2.0 (Command Line only)
EPSobject       26419 EPSobject V3.00 EPS -> Draw Converter
Creator141.arc 116668 JK's Creator v1.41 - Shareware
-menus.arc       1135 Updated MenuMod - now works with RISC OS 3
DarkHorse       99176 New Screensaver program v0.99 (SHAREWARE)
almanac9       147534  1,000,001 Fascinating facts!
Trynth019       99033 Desktop Space Strategy Game (like Risk?)
Atomix         206997 Atomix game by Terje Folmo (Norway)
lifeguar        73567 Lifeguard 1.14 - Desktop screensaver
ZAnsi199c.arc   72312 Shareware comms program from Australia
RAP             84992 A very good communications package.
SciApp.arc     124345 Suite of scientific apps.
SalCheat          871 Allows you to edit saloon cars 1 players
Larger134       68660 Virtual Desktop version 1.34
Model           85280 Model, a scene editor for PVray
NetGuard        26496 Stop notifys and watches other messages on Econet
Dissi           80460 ARM source list generator - latest version.
Time            14336 World Time and Present Time Keeper
HangFire        99491 Really Excellent Screen Saver from New Zealand.
Shell_arc        4557 Window-based CLI-Shell.
keys_arc        69644 !Keys (V1.1) Function Key handler by P.R.Tuson
Addr->labl       1462 Label printer
3DGrph_Arc      78671 !3D-Graph. Icon Driven Graph manipulator thing.
ShortCut        12427 !ShortCut (V1.00) by Martin Wurthner
PowerList        2986 Powerbase extn. Converts file to internal Powerbase format 
PowerFDiff       5771 Powerbase extension, converts FDiff4DnLd -> Powerbase script
SlotSize!        9560 
DComp_arc       17024 Disc compactor(V1.24) by Martyn Lovell
STD_Trace       68349 Telephone Exchange locator
DESIGNMA        17532 Match the pair....using designs
AddBookD        37430 Very latest version of my Desktop Address Book
Addr->Filo       2133 Prints !Address files for your filofax
FontFix         28018 Fixes fonts
-MENUS.ARC       9239 Updated MenuMod
diction         11922 Desktop dictionary - for arcade users
App_help         8148 Apps Help by Alex Hopkins V. I 1.00
Calendar        13717 Desktop Calendar by Alex Hopkins V. I 1.00
Reversi         26571 Reversi game by Alex Hopkins (V i 1.01)
IconMatch       15704 Nice "Match the pair" game by Alex Hopkins (V i 1.00)
!RAP_084        87296 A multitasking Terminal program with Xmodem (V0.84)
cardindex       41747 Desktop Address Book
!Menus          28672 !Menus with a major bug fixed (Version 4.25)
ChartDraw       32810 Produces various charts fron entered data
!Forth          25740 Complete FORTH language compiler 
Z88utils        14208 Integrate your Z88 with the Arc!
PrinterTx!      13184 Text only printer driver by Nigel Gent.
PPAD_arc        48640 A Phone Pad Utility
PCB_arc        197507 A Printed Circuit Board design program
L_Bird          76416 LadyBird A game with turnstyles!
chart1          47230 A Program that displays data in bar chart form.
simon            3679 Remember that Simon game??
Hangman        209130 The best Hangman game for the Archimedes!

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