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PocketBook/Psion Files (56)

Filename       Length Short description

sheepxtr/z      38360 SheepExtras V1.51 by Graham parks (Shareware)
psifs/zip      234742 !PsiFS V 1.10 by Alexander Thoukydides
Snrail11/z     124594 Rail UK 1.1 -  a reference type app giving info about trains
Railuk22/z     184640 RailUK2.2 -  a reference type app giving info about trains
Fsim.arm         3409 Primitive flight sim only 3k though
JUMPY!P3        83624 Jumpy V3.00f by Jon Read For Series 3 machines
JotPad          37776 Version 2 by Colin Shearing for Psion5 Machines (Shareware)
ARTILLRY.Z       3757 Artillary for the PB's
jwin150f/z      36365 Just What I Need (Version 1.50f) by Phil Spencer
XNes            86107 nes emulator
JUMPYC/ZIP      24952 Jumpy, by John Read
monop3a_zi      42385 Psionopoly...a game where you pass go... 
s3abank9/z     247451 Personal accounts s/w by Alan Richey
s3ahome5/z      42434 Home inventory program by Alan Richey (V15) 
rshell/zip      46883 File Managerfor Psion Computers by Konstantin Saliy
monop3a/zi      35758 Psionopoly by Neil Roberts
vactrac         10912 Vacation tracker V1.3.13 by Ronald Queloz
psi-on          16384 Psion Password manager V1.4 by Paul Hargreaves
agntidy         13197 Removes dead data from Psion Agends files, by David Kurtz
s3atask2/z      63002 s3aTask by Al Richey. A Extender task (ToDo) manager (V1.2)
s3acoll2/z      47739 s3acoll2 by Al Richey. A Collection manager (V1.2)
s3abank9/z     247141 S3ABank V1.9 by Al Richey. Home accounts program
txt2agnA/z      15100 Txt2agn by Martin Dunstan. Import text to Agenda
plan/zip       103976 Plan Version 4.2 by Andy Clarkson. Project Planner
psi-on/zip      12067 PsiOn V1.3 by Paul Hargreaves. System password controller    25120 Quick note taking program for the 3a/PB II. Pimlico Software     26689 MonthVu by Pimlico Software (shareware). V-1.01w    40139 Fuel Consumption Monitor v1.6 for 3a/PB II. Shareware.    11806 Timer Assistant v1.2 by Willem Smouter, Freeware.
mapc46/zip     168441 Mapper Version 4.6 by Steve Litchfield (part 3)
mapb46/zip     161147 Mapper Version 4.6 by Steve Litchfield (part 2)
mapa46/zip     103779 Mapper Version 4.6 by Steve Litchfield (part 1)
ARMDB/ZIP       10220 ARM assembler code data base in Psion DBF format
UPOKER2.ZIP     86321 Ultimate Poker. Shareware by Ian Pinkard.
OPP16F         198713 OPL preprocessor by Andy Clarkson - shareware
Siena/2         68892 Another Psion Siena picture from PsionInc WWW site. 
Siena/1         58839 Psion Siena picture from PsionInc WWW site. 
3c/JPEG        107136 Psion 3c picture from PsionInc WWW site. 
3c/arc          62540 Psion 3c description page from PsionInc's US web site. 
siena/arc       55334 Psion Siena description page from PsionInc's US web site. 
TOPIX.ZIP       43757 Topix "ideas processor" for S3a/PBII - Shareware
UNDELETE.ZIP     6310 Undelete utility for S3a and Flash SSDs - Shareware
KBDMAP.ZIP      29560 Keyboard remapper for Psion S3 or S3a - Shareware
3t_126           9858 File manager, quick and easy to use
JBData          67260 Version 1.4.1 Excellent alternative database    23918 OPL debugging application         9056 Hex file viewer for Psion 3a Pocket Book
3link-co/t        996 Making a serial lead for the psion/pocketbook
vt122           40041 VT100 Terminal Emulator 
v-html           8783 HTML Viewer v1.05
termit11        24541 VT52/VT100 Terminal Emulator v1.1
Opp1.4F         94888 OPL Preprocessor by Andy Clarkson, V1.4F      16199 Ten Pin Bowling, a card game for the 3/3a/PB/PB II.     6417 World time manager, by Steve Godfrey    48702 Beta test demo of rockyII game by Steve Godfrey
PLAN.ZIP        83897 Superb Shareware project planner from Andy Clarkson.PBII/S3a
PROC116L.ZIP   205451 v1.16 of Procyon. Astronomical Almanac for PBII/S3a
CONV300.ZIP     14583 PD unit converter for S3a/PBII
MAPL17.ZIP     125517 Mapper for London. Shareware by Steve Litchfield
DUNGN12.ZIP     47379 Doom-type maze game for PBII/S3a - by N.Dawkins
Psionics        86937 OS-call documentation and file formats for Psion 3(a)     27617 Send faxes from your 3a/PB II using class 2/2.0 modems
TETRM203.ZIP    11007 Tetris and Columns game v2.03 by Steve Godfrey
FONT172.ZIP     17345 Fonteditor for Psion 3a/Pocketbook. Version 1.72
OH-YES/WVE      10272 WVE sample from Mark Radcliffe's Radio 1 programme
OH-DEAR/WV       8224 WVE sample from Mark Radcliffe's Radio 1 programme
CALC3A.ZIP      50557 Shareware calculator from R Schmidt. For S3a/PBII    18301 A Video Utility Program for Series 3a/Pocket BkII,V1.20     56046 Game "The Lords of Midnight" for Pocket BkII and S3a       41906 Backgammon, version 1.47, for Series 3a and Pocket BkII
3T_5D           10436 Alternative filer for Psion 3a & Pocket Book     25728 More 3a Printer drivers
Patience         9783 A game of Patience for the Series 3
SeraPara        84527 Allows printing from Psion/PB documents through the A-link
ROCKY142.ZIP    30843 Rockfall game v1.42, by Steve Godfrey. 50 levels.
TCReader        84614 Acorn version of compressor for Reader. By Tony van der Hoff
WWW/ZIP         24756 S3a World Wide Web database of interesting places
FTRIS/ZIP        8084 S3a Tetris game
MAZE3A/ZIP      33602 S3a Maze game
3AHEXX_S/ZIP    25726 S3a Strategy game
CLOCK/ZIP        7771 Turns your 3a into an alarm clock with daily alarms
ROULET12/ZIP    52837 Roulette game for S3a
TCREADER/ZIP    20298 Compressor for Reader22.ZIP
READER22/ZIP    56064 Text reader, noe handles compressed text.
WLDINF11/ZIP    17012 World Information for the frequent traveller
LOGIT51/ZIP     51836 Latest version of the S3a multiple timer/logger
PSTUNER2/ZIP    18862 S3a  Musical Instrument Tuner
CHORD10/ZIP     32726 S3a guitar chord database/tuner/logger
READCIS/ZIP     65918 Compuserve off-line-reader      7666 Latest version of Lottery for the Series 3a/Pocket Book II.
PICCONV.ZIP      7086 PIC > Sprite? converter
READDEMO.ZIP    56064 Reader 2.2 by Barry Childress. Ultimate in text viewers.    15033 JBFind v2.4c by JBSoft. Excellent search utility.    57076 A database application v1.3 by JBSoft    33807 JBTree by JBSoft version 4.2.4a 
PjfKMAC          7168 DJF player using KMAC for 3a/II, Version 0, Ian Ford
OPLrefDoc      163756 OPLREF/ZIP in Publisher/Style format
PsionConv        8334 Psion 3a WVE <-> Armadeus format sound file converter
FORTH124_zip    11090 Forth v1.24 for psion 3a/pocketbook II
Programs        10692 Some useful(ish) programs for use with Psion3 or PB
PITCH+P         15621 Full version of Pitch & Put (Golf)
PsionConv        6362 Arc<->Psion converter (non-functional)
JBData1-2       50107 v 1.2 of Database by J Boyce for the Psion 3a
WHISKY_zip      11659 Malt whisky database by John Hawkins - for S3a/PBII
ANTHEM.ZIP      46285 More tunes and National Anthems for MusiPoc
MUSI3A_zip      52383 Music editor for S3a/PBII by Berthold Daum
ASTRO3A_zip     23700 Astronomical Almanac for the Series 3a/PBII
SPY_A_zip       12296 Sort ofTask Manager for 3a or PBII
OPLREF_zip      58875 A Data file of opl command from the opl programmers book
oplcomp_zip     45578 Opl File Compressor. Runs on a pc not Arc
LIB24_zip       26368 SysLib 2.45 Application framwork for OPL 12 Jul 1994
install_zip      6426 AutoInstall v1.3 (C) Psion GmbH '93 restores cfg after reset
frame_zip       16440 Application framwork for Psion S 3 by John Hind 17/1/93
BEAMV1_zip       6964 makes PBII or 3a click to each other to send messages
Sheet101.Z      10308 NewSheet replacement
sheet_zip        9952 3a .spr year planner
s3c111_zip      43881 v1.11b of C compiler for psion 3/3a. Even better ...!
GScore203       32714 A golfers scorecard for the Psion S3a
INFO17C         29116 Infocom adventure player, by Bryan Scattergood. Version 1.7c
8086_opl         7480 8086 Reference Guide in OPL
Assembler       37888 8086 assembler for the Psion. Runs on the Psion
P3AEMU         783164 Psion's Psion 3a emulator for the PC. Untested on !PCEm.
Dialler         10789 Telephone dialler for PocketBook, by Gavin Sallery (V1.01)
Dx               4844 Dice program for PocketBook, by Gavin Sallery (V1.00)
PsionLink_Arc   17536 Transfers files between Psion Organiser II and RISC OS
KMAC            55627 Brill macros for S3a (+PBII)   Sparked     11757 Version 1.24 of columns for psion 3a.
COLS216.ZIP     34261 Version 2.16 of columns+ for psion 3a.
PPT_zip         26561 Official Psion PhoneDay kit.
WAVE09           7154 Sound sample editor for 3a
VR3A10_zip      48752 Use your 3a as a book!
Panic_zip       16872 Don't Panic! for psion 3a. Now works if password is set
menubug_zi       1940 OPL code to fix a bug in Series 3 menu system. See long..
ibox22_zip      40493 Version 2.02 to ass Icons to Lists and Groups on Series 3a
ibox100_zi      15795 Version 1.00 to add Icons to lists and groups on 3a
agformat_z      12339 Series 3a Agenda format Text file with sample C structures     115067 FAIRWAY 2.2 golf game for Psion 3a    31132 AstroCal v1.12 for the Psion 3a
PHONEDAY         2146 VERSION 2 PhONEday phone number convertor. Now converts Inte
rcom102d_z     167681 Maps Psion drives as PC drives, works under emulator
LANDER_zip      27442 Lander for Series3a. Fantastic!
VEGAS_zip       47175 Simple poker game for S3/PB.
STWATC_exe      21426 Stopwatch/Countdown timer for S3/PB.
SOLPEG_zip      10698 Solitaire game for S3/PB.
QUADRI_zip       6810 
killapp_zi       3072 Kill applications that are p*****g you off. PB/P3/P3a
tree202_zi       8067 File tree display for the PB/P3/P3a.
ynot100_zi      24172 A very slick implementation of Yachtzee for PB/P3/P3a
yatz_zip        10978 A good GNU Yachtzee game for PB/P3/P3a
psolve_zip       1282 Solve ploynomials to any degree. For PB/P3/P3a      89472 Fairway 2.1 golf game for Psion 3a
UNDERGND        12016 PIC of the UNDERGROUND map.
PIPE3A_zip       5391 Pipemania style game (zip file)
PIPE3A_txt        679 Pipemania style game (documentation)
PIC2PS           4378 C source to turn .PICs into postscript.
agendax_zi       1834 Agenda alarm fix for the P3.
kall610          8104 Latest version of the rather excellent 3/3a callcoster.
Flutils         27364 Lots of different utils for the P3.
Stereo           1088 A stereogram image type thing for the P3
Solun23         38886 A Psion 3 size planetairium! :)
S3Flash        207241 The internals of a flash card (GIF)
WsPCX           26754 Convert from PCX to PIC (PC application).
Tonedial          669 A program to tonedial from OPL.
Scroll3a         1760 Look at large images on your 3a.
Screen          97297 Screenshots from the S3.
S3Frame         11814 A framework program that handles events etc.
PrntNmb          7970 Mathmatical calc. program.
juliaset         1543 The Julia set on your s3!
IPComms          4215 IPC communtications exapmle.
Format           4307 Control your S3 with MCLINK...
elements        33814 Table of elements on your S3.
DIAL             1066 A text on how to prodce tones from OPL.
CTRLHelp         3310 How to access the help key in dialogs.
CountryCm        8866 Compare countries numerically on your s3(?)
Barcode         13818 Create barcodes on your s3.
AGNForm          2739 The format of the S3 aggenda file.
3aCharmp         4708 A character mapper for the 3a
DIF-CSV          2167 Converts DIF files, from SHEET, to CSV
graph            9466 S3 - 2D and 3D graph plotting
resistor1        2432 S3 - Resistor calculator
mouse            7446 Psion - OPL to access a mouse via S3 Link
softdev          7162 Text - Psion OPL/C Development for S3/S3a
pltpic10        70784 PC - Convert AUTOCAD format to Psion PIC
glider           4387 Series 3 - Paper Aeroplane Game
s3tris          56320 S3 - Customisable Tetris
textvw11         7861 Series 3 - Reads Text files
jblnch2          8147 Series 3 - Version 2 of OPA/OPO launcher
alias            2601 Series 3 - Aliasing Text Editor on S3/S3a
Mailer           4489 Send internet email from your PSION/PB (well sort of).
macro10_zip     13717 Macros for Psion's
A_3-link         1110 An overview of the A-Link and the 3-Link.
rvtrn23         20402 OPO to OPL converter     23334 Astronomy Software for the PSION 3a Only      9692 CallMap.  Place orders with the Psion 3a See LD
Font>MkFSC      12239 Turn BBC fonts into Psion 3 fonts.... read long desc.
ARCp3Fon         2475 A program make P3 font files from sprites.. read long des.
fonts_zip       45213 A PC program to make P3 fonts from script files.
!PSION          14001 Psion Series 2 Transfer utility
UNZIP.arc       45771 UNZIPPER
BOM.arc         18811 PUZZLE GAME
faqpsi3         15610 Psion 3/3a overview and faq responses
FAQserial        3390 Brief guide to Psion 3/3a serial comms
MONT1A/ZIP.arc  11032 A Shareware Patience by Ian Heath for 3a. V1.0
FAIR20/ZIP.arc 104283 3a version of Golf Shareware by S Litchfield V2.0        45956 
Puzzle/opa       3615 Sliding Puzzle for Series 3
VT100.arc       26028 VT100 Emulator for a Psion 3a
MINESWP          8995 Version 1.32 of minesweep for psion 3a.       4001 Patch for battery predictor bug on S3a       6187 Some Routines for pilots
QUADRIS/ZIP      6810 Version of Tetris. One of the better ones.
OXO/ZIP          6068 Noughts and Crosses on your S3/PB
ACCT2_22/ZIP    64024 Accounts for the Psion 3A.
ACCOUNTS/OPA    24427 Accounts V.1.3 for the S3/PB Shareware .... GOOD *
Mod19200         1362 Talk to your 3a at 19200 baud!  by John Reid V1.00
sortda_zip       1594 OPL file which will sort address.dbf files alphabetically.
business_z       7260 Game - run a computer company & pay off bank loan ! Okish
s3tank11_z      14643 Tank - Shareware game for the Psion3/Pocket Book
maze_zip         9032 Maze game for Psion3/Pocketbook
accounts_z      19108 Shareware Accounts program for Psion3/Pocket book Zipped
rfm110a         39939 Remote File Manager for Psion/Pocket book
tube10_zip       6281 Tube guide for PB/Psion3
Jumpy           16718 Jumpy excellent platform game for PB/Psion3O
Fairway         48350 Fairway - Shareware golf for Psion3/Pocketbook --- V.Good
psiman_zip      10305 Talk to the Psion man!
Convertor        6784 Convert area,length,speed,temp,volume,weight for psion 3/3a
MineSweep        3584 Minesweep game for the Psion3/Pocketbook.
TETRIS.ZIP       3456 Another version of Tetris for S3
QUADRI.ZIP       7040 A version of Tetris for S3
NP451.ZIP       48768 New version of NotePad
Batball          7424 Bat and ball game for the S3 or PB. In ArcFS format.       19342 Assembler for S3      31766 Yes Pacman for the PSION S3        6307 Blackjack
HANG11.ZIP       6182 Hangman/Word-find game    26120 Expanded To-do organiser      3044 Game ??      24170 an outliner for projects     3311 light cycles    15514 Graph plotting program    10709    36270 Unzip for the s3         3244 Logic Games for S3       9482 Picture/Icon Viewer and Editor - V Good !       2880 Petrol Consumption Calculator for S3      2312 General Conversion Program for S3.
SERV21/ZIP      23095 Notepad 4.5 alarm server
PLUG6/ZIP        1707 Calendar plugin for Notepad
NPDOCS/ZIP      24684 Docs for NP45/ZIP
s3poker_zi       5818 Poker game for P3
WIT+WIS_ZIP     11587 Wit and Wisdom
STIK_ZIP         2960 Stick-it notes for the Series 3...
S3VGIF_ZIP      13828 View GIFs/convert to PIC on S3
S3PICS_ZIP      22398 Assorted S3 PIC files
S3INFO_ZIP       1846 One screen Disk information
PS3-PS_ZIP       7963 PostScript driver
PLUG4_ZIP        1411 Text finder Notepad plug in
PLUG3_ZIP        1986 Upload files from Notepad to PC
PITCHDMO_ZIP    19163 Playable demo of Pitch & Putt Golf
PAY_ZIP          2771 Simple weekley pay check checker!
NPDRV_ZIP        3608 Drivers for Notepad
ML3_ZIP          3695 Personal/Business Mileage Database
KAPARA10_ZIP     3624 Logic game...frustrating!
BITMEIST_ZIP    17182 Bitmap/Icon Editor
BANK_ZIP         9754 Good bank account/Personal Finance Manager
S3EMUL_ZIP     327368 PSION 3 Emulator for IBM PC 
findfile_z       2917 Find file util for P3.
batchk_zip        954 Battery status monitor for P3.    54976 s3 banker demo (runs out 1.3.93)
treelife_o       1024 Simple fractal tree for P3.
oplhelp_zi      17981 Online OPL/w help for P3.
sheet_zip       13973 Simple Spread sheet for P3.
rpncalc_zi      15276 RPN Calc for P3
s3view_zip      11436 PIC file viewer for Psion 3
powerchk_z       7146 Graphic battery meter for P3
3dos_zip        12560 DOS Like command line for P3
megadeth_z       3533 Another Space Invaders for P3.
aswarm_zip       7818 Space invaders for P3.
Money.DAT         682 Replacement data file for Alan Richey's currency converter       5522 Memory Analyser      4731 Another Currency Converter !
tetri_s3         7645 Tetris again!     1643 sliding block puzzle on the Series3
psTetris         4282 Tetris for the P3!      3521 good game for series3
lzmaze_arc       5120 A maze game for the LZ
lzmaster_a       2432 Mastermind for the LZ
lzhang_arc       3712 Hangman for the LZ64    32192 Space shuttle anin (*BIG*)        21546 File manager for series 3       34976 Painting application on series 3       30866 animation of woman (11 frames)
base.opo         2048 Number base converter for series 3 (hex, bin etc)
biorythm.opo     1087 Have a guess :-))       10144 Spy for series 3 - see whats going on under the surface
boating.opo      1943 boat game for series 3
reverse.opo      1245 Number game for series 3     7978 battery life predicter (may not work)
pontoon.opo      4734 Pontoon for the series 3
ngrll.opo        1534 Co-ords converter
mmind.opo        1355 Master Mind    12537 UUcode and Decode on your Series 3
Bom             15220 Bom...a Game for Psion 3 users.
alias1           3917 .ZIP format Psion 3 util. Put files under Icon on screen.
chars11_zi       3671 Shows available Character set, with hex & dec codes
bistro3p_o       1136 Restaurant Who-pays-what Calculator
convert_zi       6691 Currency conversion for Series3
mines32_zi      13823 Minesweeper for Series3

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