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Data Security Files (57)

Filename       Length Short description

Lottery         28767 Lottery Nubber Checker        33702 funny way to hide messages in text files  28817 nice way to hide texts in fractal graphics        36870 Blowfish; a free data encryption module converted by...
pgp2_6_2.i     633718 PGP version 2.62i. Can now create 2048 bit keys.
MaSK            58515 pseudo subliminal data amalgamator ... :-)
crypter         14551 utility for pgp encoding/decoding
dave/pgp          149 My PGP Public Key - someone mail me!
IoriW/pgp         187 My pgp  key
800_Keys/Z     264481 800 public keys for PGP - Just about all they keys you need!
PGP_xtra         2973 New templates for PGPWimp.
pgp730/asc        406 My *new* PGP key.
Pgp23a_OS/2.Zip331200 PGP message encryption for OS/2 - vsn 2.3.
ArcPGP23a      251567 PGP version 2.3a for the Archimedes
pgp23a_pc      221332 PGP version 2.3a for the PC
pgp23a_src     547178 Sources for PGP 2.3a
lang_uk         14898 UK English language file for PGP
PGReadNews       5407 ReadNews scripts for PGP
WhyUsePGP        6925 Reasons for using PGP
PGPwimp012      18657 Version 0.12 of my wimp front end for PGP (** RO3.10+ only**
PGPhints         5281 Hints for new users of PGP
pgp22_mac      287139 Mac PGP version 2.2
Sci-Am           4303 Text of Scientific American article on public key S/W
SignPol          3435 One person's view on signing policies for public keys
hammill         14721 Transcript of talk on public-key cryptography
Intro-1-0        4644 Introduction to this file area

Size of area 2753k

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