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Data Security Keys (58)

Filename       Length Short description

SteveSmale       2253 PGP Public Key for Steve Smale <>
Morg.asc          353 Public key for Scott Morgan 
QP_PGP            353 Quintin Parker's PGP public key
PGP1890           507 PGP Public Key for Joseph Kelleher (user #1890)
Jugglr.asc        276 Juggler (ASCII) - PGP Public Key for your key ring
TCPGPPubKey.txt   322 PGP Public key for Thomas Chiverton (#2076)
IoriW/pgp         187 My (Iori Wallaces) PGP Key.
JimFarrand_PGP.asc   311 PGP Key for Jim Farrand - 2:255/66.1@FidoNet
PublicKey.pgp     226 PGP for Jim Farrand, 2:255/66.1@FidoNet
VanceB.pgp        267 Vance Burton's public key
pgp138/asc        429 PGP key for Adil Khan (User #138)
pgp943_asc.txt    384 PGP key for Peter Burwood (#943)
MyKey/asc         596 My PGP key.
pgp280/asc       1247 Andrew Ellam's public key.
pgp730/asc        404 My PGP key
pgp322            514 Andy Mell's PGP Public key
Piers632          383 My public key
bigrng_pgp     266083 Collection of 720 PGP public keys
JMKEY             408 John Meers PGP Public Key
pgp498_asc        647 Paul Allen's PGP public key
rjkey.asc         636 My public key
khall/asc         639 Public key of Keith Hall (2:250/219.0)
pgp415            391 Steve Loft's public key
pgp985            499 My public key
PGP617            582 Updated version of my PGP Public Key (with new ID added)
ChrisG            493 My Public Key

Size of area 272k

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