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Psion Series 5 files (59)

Filename       Length Short description

JUMPY!P5       113647 Jumpy V3.00f by Jon Read For Series 5 Machines
empire/zip      41608 Empire V2.8 by Daniel Landes (Shareware)
rockfall/z      50923 A version of "Bolderdash" for the Psion 5 by Julian Samphire      244670 John Sussenbach's Procyon - v0.36 Beta     7021 HTML tags Data file.     6297 Free game - hideously addictive!
poker4d5       139505 Ian Pinkard's Shareware Poker game.    136131 V5.1 of Andy Clarkson's project planner. Shareware.   22691 Ad Bosch's car expense tracker. Freeware. 53347 Russ Spooners HTML Editor - version 1.01    41114 Daniel Pfund's Bank account tracker. v.1.1
qv5_100/zip      7377 QuickView 5 for Psion Series 5 by Roger Muggleton
s5triv15/zip    50438 Trivia v1.5 for Psion Series 5 by Steve Litchfield
ptri113f/zip   151869 PsiTris v1.13f for Psion Series 5 by FatCatz software
e32zip/zip      53681 PsiZip v0.9 archiver and zip unpacker for Psion Series 5
5jwin105/zip    35719 JWIN for EPOC32 v1.05F by Phil Spencer - Shareware zipfile
porfo5/zip      39554 Porfolio for Psion 5 Machines by Guillaume Dupont

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