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Acorn News Releases (62)

Filename       Length Short description

ClanAnnce        2049 How to join Clan 
Stocks            338 Update on Risc PC stocks
TQ                456 Acorn RISC PC Technical Queries..via internet
Tech             4896 Technical info about new Acorn RISC PC
pr29             1957 A Wealth of applications available today for the Risc PC
pr28             1760 Acorn Computers Launches the Risc PC Range
pr1              1220 Acorn extends Pocketbook promotion
prm3             1008 Acorn news of PRMs for RISC OS 3
pr3              3190 ARM launch the ARM7 series of processors
pr1              2599 Press Releases (3) about CD ROM used over Networks
pr2              1285 Special Offer - Advance and Pocket Book for 249.95 + VAT 
2                1232 Official Acorn news on price cuts
1                1690 Official Acorn news on new products (New A5000 etc)
Msg0298302        996 How to contact Acorn
Msg0298369       1456 How to request a filetype from Acorn
FPA              1806 Acorn launch FPA (Floating point Accelerator)
Pocketbook       1483 New Diary for Pocketbook....and 50 quid off price!
A5000_HD+        1029 Acorn A5000 gets a bigger Hard Disc (No price increase)
XC_arc           1564 Acorn Exchange Scheme
AUN              1863 Acorn Universal Networking
Launch           3912 Acorn Product Launch
NEWA5000_S       1741 New Acorn A5000 range
Newa4000         1313 New Acorn 4000 system
NEWA3000_S       3210 New Acorn A3000 range
POCKETB_OK       1066 New Acorn Pocketbook computer
RISCOS31_0       1645 RISC OS 3.1 upgrades at last!
A4               2308 Acorn announce the Portable!
FASA_arc        76914 Two Draw files...a chart & Map of Bulletin Boards
Riscos3q_A      21100 RISC OS 3 Questions and Answers
RISCOS3          2017 New operating system supplied with the A5000 - RISC OS 3
BLC              2404 A5000 Learning Curve
A5000            2257 Acorn Unveils new computer - A5000
SIDclosure       1500 Acorn News Release - SID Closure
Fidonet          1879 Acorn expands its Support Activities

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