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The Acorn software on this server is provided "as is"; Acorn Computers Limited ("Acorn") makes no warranty, express or implied, of the merchantability of this software or its fitness for any particular purpose. In no circumstances shall Acorn or Arcade BBS be liable for any damage, loss of profits, or any indirect or consequential loss arising out of the use of this software or inability to use this software, even if Acorn or Arcade BBS have been advised of the possibility of such loss.

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The Acorn software and documentation ("software") on this server is available for download via ftp or connection via the World Wide Web. Unless explicitly stated alongside any individual software item(s), downloading any software item(s) does not grant any right of ownership nor any right to subsequently distribute any of the software; a Software Distribution Agreement is required to distribute any item(s) of the software, available on application to Acorn grants to each person ("User") who downloads software from this server a personal non-transferable non-exclusive limited licence to the User to use the software solely for their own purpose on an Acorn computer running the appropriate Acorn Operating System. The full conditions of the software licence are included elsewhere on this server. IT IS A CONDITION OF DOWNLOADING SOFTWARE DIRECTLY FROM THIS SERVER OR VIA ITS MIRROR SITES THAT YOU COMPLY WITH THE SOFTWARE LICENCE CONDITIONS: BY ACT OF DOWNLOADING ANY SOFTWARE, EACH USER IS DEEMED TO HAVE ACCEPTED THESE LICENCE CONDITIONS.

Filename       Length Short description

unibootzip     2786684 RISC OS 3 Universal Boot Sequence
TBox980915     326456 Acorn's installer for new Toolbox modules from
299c/arc        32676 Appnote 299 - Connecting Acorn machines to Novell NetWare
tbsyst/zip     186203 Toolbox modules - the complete set.
system/arc     242410 !System - contains new Internet module 4.10
internet/a     119897 !Internet - For use with Internet module 4.10
Riscos37_2       9704 RISC OS ROMPatch v2.02
print153        30826 Update kit for !Printers 1.53, 06-Nov-1996
stylus500       15991 New printer bits for Stylus 500 Printer users
hformbeta/      20400 HFORM beta version for formatting large ADFS discs.
advancesa/        852 Patch for RISC OS 3.7 and StrongARM users
riscos370s       8128 Patch for RISC OS 3.7 and StrongARM users
273c/arc        17184 Appnote 273 - CD ROM Drives and Handling under RO Explained
262c/arc         9606 Appnote 262 - Risc PC Screen Resolutions and Colour Comb'ns
261c/arc         3720 Appnote 261 - Using AUN with the TCP/IP Protocol Suite
259c/arc        16065 Appnote 259 - Choosing SIMMs for the Risc PC
254c/arc        21870 Appnote 254 - Risc PC Monitor Definition Files Explained
253c/arc       372947 Appnote 253 - Risc PC; Diffs between RO 3.1 and RO 3.5
251c/arc       516900 Appnote 251 - Advanced Risc PC Config. for H Disc or Network
SCSI201/ar     234023 Cumana SCSI Code version 2.01
index            5221 Index to Appnotes
296/ps          98501 296 Using Access+ on A7000 Net Machines - PostScript Format
295c/arc        15679 Introduction to StrongARM and Programming Guidelines (Text)
295/ps         161634 Introduction to StrongARM and Programming Guidelines (PS)
SAInfo/spk      16165 StrongARM information.
canon/arc       48023 Canon PDFs from the !Printers 1.53 archive
changefsi      368235 ChangeFSI - v1.15 by Acorn Computers. Image mastering prog
spriteexte      53152 RISC OS SpriteExtend vn0.99 module
printers/a     684212 RISC OS 3 Printer Manager !Printers (1.53) Issue 1
293c/arc         5980 AppNote - CDFS Audio SWI calls
285c/arc        33823 AppNote - Installing Acorn SchoolServer
282c/arc        19714 AppNote - Writing Command Scripts for Acorn Intertalk.
BootUils         1981 BootUtils - utilities for setting up network boot sequences.
picture         35046 !Picture -low cost sprite display utility
pcx86          433849 PCx86 application to drive the RISC PC 486 PC card - v1.91
ReadMe1st        2832 Document about this release of !BootNet, !Internet & System
system         230172 Contains the modules which provide the protocol stacks.
internet       112732 A TCP/IP protocol stack, with a BSD Sockets interface.
bootnet         11321 Supplies an AUN programming interface to the TCP/IP stack.
ReadMe-icu       1560 i-cubed ltd - Readme file for Acorn FTP server.
flashupgrd     620086 FLASH ROM upgrade programs for all i-cubed  EtherLan cards.
ReadMe-ANT      37031 ANT's network device drivers for its ethernet cards
internatio       3328 Acorn International Distributor List - June 1995
uk              30669 UK distributor list, in CSV format
QA              20962 Questions and Answers for the re-structuring
Chairman         8414 Acorn Computer Group - Interim Statement
ARTCorp          2146 All about ART - Acorn's new Applied Risc Technologies
283c            18339 Appnote 283 - TCP/IP Addressing, Subnetworking ...
281c           123094 Application Note 281 - Writing Toolbox Gadgets
280c            78144 Application Note 280 - Writing Toolbox Object Modules
helpdata       787127 Helpdata for OSLib release 5.0
examples        32736 Examples for OSLib release 5.0
Cupdate1       695857 Update to Acorn C/C++ product - see licence conditions!
A7000            9961 Acorn A7000 Network-ready stations and the ARM7500
ethernet         2531 Acorn Risc PC/A7000 - Ethernet card
ARM710           5566 The heart of the Acorn Risc PC 700 - the ARM710
pcupdate         5717 Risc PC 486 card: Software upgrades - Public Statement
pcrelease        2366 Risc PC 486 card - Public Statement
pccard           3656 Risc PC 486 card - Software upgrades Q & A
oslib          1252631 OSlib release 5.0  - Functions and C headers for RISC OS
bdrops_arc      34688 Backdrop sprites from the 9-slice mega-Risc PC at AU '95
pccdq+a         16768 Question & Answer document about the Risc PC 486 card
PC600CD          2412 Information about the Risc PC600 CD System
#056010          5283 Errata and omissions for RISC OS 3 PRM
C/C++            5283 Information on C/C++
batthints        2635 Hints on optimising A4 battery life and performance
upgrade2ar     371033 RISC OS 3 Applications Upgrade Disc #2 
drawfile/a      32595 Drawfile 1.4. Archive contains Spec  etc for Drawfile module
MakeModes      121202 !MakeModes version 0.26 - unsupported Risc PC MonDef maker.
insidejpeg     103689 jpeg of the Risc PC 486 PC Card installed - use !ChangeFSI
cardjpeg       119118 jpeg picture of the Risc PC 486 PC Card - use !ChangeFSI
249carc         27458 Connection of Monitors to Acorn Computers - Appnote 249
247carc         11409 Sharing Acorn Monitors and TV Displays on a RISC OS Computer
234carc         40502 Peripheral Interfacing via the Serial Port - AppNote 234
modulesarc       5470 It's the SerialDev module that's the important one!
PB_Range         3616 Pocket Book Range of palmtop machines
PB_Links         2988 Pocket Book other machines..
PB_II            2623 Pocket Book II Information
PB_Apps          3927 Pocket Book Applications
AN_264          10721 Application Note No. 264
PR_33            3274 Press Release _ Online media
styluscol        2503 !Printers file for Epson Stylus Colour Printers
scsidm_arm      61530 SCSIDM version 1.10 - Acorn SCSI Utilities
Examples_A      31666 Examples using OSLib
ChngeFSI95     220534 Acorn's ChangeFSI, v0.95 (from Acorn's FTP site)
netutils         5797 !NetUtils patch Module for RISC OS 3.10 and 3.11
templates        8867 New template set to go with new Style guide.
fpe400          21332 Floating Point Emulator Module Version 4.03
fonted         152873 !FontEd Version 0.32
cddriver         4115 Revised Sony CD ROM driver version 1.06
RiscPCSpec      11673 Technical Specs and Overview of the Risc PC
TechNotes      160418 20 Datasheets as supplied in the Risc PC info pack
Clib375         42892 Clib 3.75 for pre-Risc OS 3.5 systems
System_arc      64208 Pre-RO3.5 version of !System.
Sysmerge        18238 Application to merge system directories

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