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BBS and Mailer stuff (64)

Filename       Length Short description       10882 Latest version of !MsgCheck v0.35. Checks arcade msg uploads        9510 !CheckMsg v0.30 (24/4/99). Avoid embaressing messages        7666 !MsgCheck v0.21 (small bugfix). Check Arcade upload messages        7456 Message Upload checker for use with Arcade
BBSG/zip       281001 Interneters Guide to BBSes and Fidonet v0.02 Matthew Hambley
BBSMouse/z      11718 !BBSMouse - beta v1.62 by Keith Mckillop
Armbbs069      408337 ArmBBS v0.69 - Award-winning BBS software by Keith Hall
ArmBBS069      408337 A LEGAL copy of ArmBBS 0.69, it is now on release ;)
FLAGTAGGER      17113 Puts random taglines in your Flags... or any other file...
BrAnsYeoD      369041 Gives you a taist of what there is on Bransyeo BBS!
Logoff           2032 A ANSI Logoff Screen for /all/ sysops.
ExSuite.01      22101 first release of the MUST GET package for acorn mail systems
TronDoor        44898 TronDoor 1.10 - and doesn't have a backdoor!
Torque          48705 Torque, IRC Client by Chris Johns (REALLY EXCELLENT!!!!)
ExSuite.01      22101 1st release of this MUST GET package for Acorn mail systems
FileGrab        29379 Filegrab 1.36, ArmBBS file grabber
NullMdmKit     146336 Allows ArmBBS to be used with a null modem cable
config/zip       1955 Configuration Commands used by NewsFlash BBS System
region25.z17    29395 Region25 (UK only) Nodelist for day 017 - 17th Jan 1997
BoardList       17744 ver 1.02 of THE online BBS database/advertiser!
PacMan          13113 BBS conversion of the classic PacMan game.. ARCbbs compat.
telnetin02      27494 !TelnetIn v.02 by Hugo Fiennes
Automail         6498 A simple automailer program
WebStore        12529 V1.01 ArcBBS compatable door that stores WWW URL's
Advertiser      16060 V1.01 ArcBBS compatable BBS Lister door
DownHill        11125 Downhill ski-ing game (for all ARCbbs compatible servers)
SysTasks        10301 version 1.02 of Systasks - very comprehensive tasklist door
WorldTime       10725 version 1.01 of ExactTime - world times door
FreqOut          9169 ArmBBS utility to strip areas from filelist
Release1        17967 Release 1 of the ArmBBs shortlister. Complete update.
NewsFlash/Zip  373694 NewsFlash HHE
Reg25NList      47861 FidoNet Region 25 Nodelist for Day 250
CAVlocal        44604 CastAVote Local - local version of CastAVote for SysOps.
WorldTime       11273 A door to show world times - for all ArcBBS compatibles
BBSstrs7a       17170 BBSstart: BBS timer, and rescuer, ESSENTIAL FOR ALL SYSOPS!
LastStat         9505 Last 20 + other stats ArmBBS door
Skritch10       11376 ArcBBS scratchpad door + mailbox script for NewsFlash BBS's
castavote      321742 Lastest !Castavote archive complete....(NO !NVP)
Listserv        12289 Updated !Listserv of Arcbbs Sysops - by Richard Murray
ArcWildPRE       7224 BRAND NEW REWRITE!!!!  Message editor, see long description!
FileMgr         22261 See long description...
HeyYou!         33844 ARMBBS door by D.Hart - Allows user to make sysops comp spea
Fidoarm100      64986 !FidoArm version 1.00 by Ben Brown _ Fido for ARMbbs
ftscprod.z90     7289 FTSC Product Codes (see also fsc-0090) [10-Dec-1995, ZIP]
ftsclist.z90     6898 ftsclist.z90 Directory of all FTSC files [10-Dec-1995, ZIP]
AddHeader        6900 Adds headers to ArmBBS filelists on-the-spot
Rescue          15058 File rescuer.
FileLister       7991 ArcBBS file lister
PARLEZ2         22865 Later version of Parlez (this works) :-)
ArcBBS          22510 ArcBBS BBS lister, new version!
yaLUD010        30570 Yet Another Last Users Door (NewsFlash/Arc/Arm BBS) V0.10
ArmGames        62162 RP's Games Pack converted from ARCbbs to ArmBBS style
DF_BBS_L        11245 Dreamflight's excellent BBS lister ported to ArcBBS. :-)
Fido2HEX03      21228 Renames files as a HEXadecimal fidonet address
LC_1-00          3074 ListCookie v1.00 by BudgieSoft.
DL_1-04         48327 BudgieSoft DoorLib v1.04. Object code for door writers.
yaLUD009        29935 !yaLUD 0.09 - last users door for Arc/Arm/NewsFlash sysops.
Auremia          6911 Auremia v1.02 by Richard Murray.
FM196I          92359 FidoMail 1.96i update archive for 1.96h users!
FidoMail.arm     8112 New Resources.!Sprites22 by me for FidoMail =^)
Binkley.arm      2744 New !Sprites22 for Binkley, by me
ArmBBS.arm       2676 New !Sprites22 by me for ArmBBS
HowToFax         1043 How to send a fax from any BBS
VF_2-01         40351 VoteFile utility version 2.01 (see long descr.)
HowToReg          459 How to register your email name on the nationwide database
AddrBook        11469 ArcBBS Address Book door, V0.5 by Tom Box
AcronymV1       13431 NewsFlash Acronym searcher, V1.0 Tom Box
Acronym         12907 ArcBBBS Acronym Searcher door V1.0 (1/1/96)
Tetris           8684 Update of Tetris.
BreakOut         7541 Update of BreakOut.
Acronym         13550 Update of Acronym door.
UserEdit        58920 ArcBBS UserEdit version 1.08 with even MORE features! :-)
SpeedyType      10966 SpeedyType - Conversion of a NewsFlash door.
BreakOut         5093 BreakOut - the wonderful RiscBBS game comes to ArcBBS
Acronym         13283 Acronym - Conversion of a NewsFlash door.
!Door_Fix         323 !Door_Fix - rescue door-hung ports.
space112        47571 Subspace 1.12, one-liner door (c) Jp
UserEdit        38307 Demonstration - ArcBBS 1.64 user editor.
DeAL             1432 Program to Decrypt Andrew Lobels Doors.  Works with Nat.Vot.
Region25a8      52382 Region 25 Zone Nodelist for 24th November 1995
VConf_109        9972 8 way chat door for bbs' Andy jones
OL_1-10         12016 Latest ONLINE, version 1.10...
LU_1-28         13861 Latest LastUsers, version 1.28...
Mgate0411      192600 !MailGate - BBS/Internet Gateway by DaviD Dade - RD04/11
NewsFlash        1310 Where to get your NewsFlash updates.
DoorDocs6       43308 DoorDocs 6 (ASCII text). See long description...
OuijaTool        7531 OuijaTool v0.04 - NewsFlash utility - By Alex Howarth -
ViewFile        15990 Demo of BudgieSoft's latest door - ViewFile.
TimWatts        55777 Demo about me - use it for your own demo (see long desc.)
NFdoorClib      24552 A door library for coders wishing to write NF doors in C
NFMake20         3564 !Make20 (c) CJ/AH 1995 - Lastusers door NEWSFLASH VERSION
BBSstats         5167 !BBSstats (c) CJ/AH 1995 - ARMbbs/NewsFlash door
NFUpdate       101372 Update for NewsFlash
!RunImage       33335 The correct CastAVote 2.50 !RunImage...
AR_Info         25430 ARMsRace Information Viewer  v1.00
NewsFlash      489073 NewsFlash..latest complete version
V2·50upd        79938 !CastAVote Updates v2.48 to v2.50.  UPDATE ONLY
net_areas       44647 !Net_Areas: FTN shared resources
NFFix           22218 New !RunImage for NF..fixes a bug.. <blush>
Cookie          14567 NewsFlash cookie door!
NewsFlash      442777 Latest *complete* version! With demo bbs
mpd015          69515 Millipede (0.15) - file-echo processor
ZipMail         51740 ZipMail / UnZipMail - uses LHA or ZIP for mail
ARCideal         7509 ARCbbs Ideal Door
NLM200Help       2669 NListmgr !Help file     71173 NListMgr: application vsn, module vsn 0.82
FiLsMan464      58658 FiListMan v4.64 by DaviD Dade
BBS-List        10346 Another BBS List
boards.asw       5924 BBSs
DoorLib          4551 NewsFlash door library!
RTOb1            4854 Real Time Online by Ben Ingram v0.10 BBS Door Written in C
RPCNList         6306 Templates for NListMgr v1.10 on a RiscPC.
DoorNumFix        892 Patch for !Linker, fixes bug where door is always #10.
Linker1-00     142901 Linker door, version 1. See long description.
sc_1-63b22     184802 Latest SysOpChat, v1.63beta22.
BugReport        2966 Script file for use with !NewsFlash BBS software @'95
Templates       13119 New templates for !ArcServer, version 1.64b32(ish)
sc_1-63b20     183370 Latest SysOpChat, beta 20... See long descr.
AreaStats       10832 !AreaStats v0.16 - DaviD Dade. Lists ARCbbs conf.area usage.
ArcBBS          37915 Help file for !ScrEdit (DDE). Help on ArcBBS menu commands.
waveform        20126 Waveform reads Blue Wave packets commonly found on PC BBS
DoorDocs_ASCIItext 14336 BudgieSoft DoorDocs (4) in ASCII text format.
MTermDemo       27984 MTermDemo. See long description.
RU_1-00         11648 ReadUsers version 1.00... Another great program by meeee! :)
DoorDocs       249212 This is the same as DoorDocs!, but with lots of reference.
SupraBink        1301 For help with Supras and !Binkley
Inetmail        18081 Echomail to Internet mail converter
MultiAddr       10078 Allows ARCbbs 1.63 to handle more than one address.
Vote_2-32       70014 CastAVote version 2.32
VEdit_2-26      91091 Vote Editor version 2.26
no_name!         2048 
ModemInits       5707 Text file describing Arcade BBS USR and Hayes modem Inits.
MakeReq100      16554 File Requester program; non interactive program (!) Good eh?
BlockUpd         7250 VERSION 1.00 Author Acorn/Me - Merge your BlockDrivers
orderdsk        23522 VERY old ARCbbs disk ordering program. No guarantees!
ArcBink219     153673 Arc-Binkley 2.19 archive
ArcB218219     109990 Upgrade archive from 2.18 to 2.19 of Arc-Binkley
SetDate           745 Sets a small env var used as a small improvement for Bink
FileXFer        29894 FileXFer 1.05 - now allows multiple nets, sends NetMail
Messager         6574 Sends an immediate message to the online user - for BBS's
DCheck011       10039 DupeCheck version 1.11 - Checks BBS filelists for duplicates
Zmodem_103      28927 new SHAREWARE Zmodem door for RiscBBS. Now V1.03
RB_Tetris        5012 RiscBBS Tetris door for RISC OS 3.1
RB_Breakou       3173 RiscBBS breakout door for RISC OS 3.1
mm_arc           7484 MM (Mailer Msg) utility
MsgTrace         9876 MsgTrace v 1.10 - Shows which nodes have seen a mail packet
UCharts211      10585 !UseCharts v2.11 by DaviD Dade - Daily stats for ARCbbs
wl098unr       260877 WimpLink 0.98 demo/shareware
Unpack101       15341 UnPack 1.01 XMail unpacker-essential for RiscBBS!
Fm187          168310 !Fidomail V1.87 by Thomas Olsson
BT217Img       139603 Arc-Binkley 2.17 Update archive
BBSV_142        13085 !BBS_View v.1.42 by DaviD Dade - displays ARCbbs {Screens}
detective       26179 !Detective v0.44 - ARCbbs userlist search utility
Wpkt200_SPK     42012 14 Jan 1994 version of !WritePKT ; from NW 2.00.gA.1
Nmgr095cSK      86565 !NListMgr by S.Haslam Version 0.95c
ngrps          117485 USENET newsgroups list 15/12/93
subsp           68351 Subspace v1.01 - allows messages to be sent between ports
FiListManE      42633 !FiListMan v.2.0E - fixes some bugs
InBoundMan       5490 ARCbbs Script to allow Sysops to examine Inbound Area.
Zmodem_100      37914 Zmodem download door for RiscBBS (SHAREWARE)
HangDoor        15409 Hangman online door game for ARCbbs DEMO v1.00
Wpkt200         39998 WritePKT, 07 Sep 1993, update
SM111b_arc      32188 !SparkMail 1.11b - FidoNet mailer packet archiver
OkFileGen       15261 OkFileGen V0.20 NetWay/Binkley/ARCbbs/RISCbbs compatible
areafix         15249 Area fixer for ARCbbs
NodeDoor        14268 Node list browser door 1.03b for RISC OS2 users
A4EndStrip       8255 Impression file for the edge of the arcbbs manual...
nlist205        23633 NodeList2 - Desktop St.Louis file browser for modem users
chatlist         8580 St.Louis style ChatNet file for use with NodeList
region25        35241 Region25 (UK) St.Louis style nodelist for the !NodeList2 app
TrivDoor        22140 Trivia Game Door SHAREWARE
SnakeDoor       13308 Snake Game Door SHAREWARE
BoxedDoor       13014 Boxed Game Door SHAREWARE
Robo270.EXE    105161 New generation is begin, (see long discription)
Atck121aAC      62200 Latest version (V1.21) of !ArchyTick
LUdoor_arc       9455 ARCbbs Door program to give instant Last 20 Users Display
BBU008arc       29347 Essential utilities for ARCbbs SysOps - version 0.08
mkdiff000        5082 NodeDiff creator
NWayPixZIP      30798 "Forthcoming release" note about NetWay
RbFlist104      20974 Latest version (1.04a - 12/12/92) of my RiscBBS filelistdoor
New_Parse       14346 most recent Nodelist parser (March 92) for Fido Sysops
NWayCfg?         6613 Possible NetWay configuration.... R.F.C.
cookie           9042 Riscbbs Cookies door
NxCh103         17826 NaixSChat 1.03
F4d005_Lzh      26064 Fake<>4D version 005 - at last! Fakenet packet utility
chts100         17048 RiscBBS charts 1.00 by Steven Haslam
Emsc-001a1      35023 EMSC-001 : describes the EMSI and IEMSI handshakes
Fts-0001a5      23527 FTS-0001 : the basic FidoNet technical standard, rev. 15
Htch109.ARC     24475 TickHatch 1.09
FXfr100D.ARC    24858 FileXfer 1.00D
F24D100.ARC     15745 FakeTo4D 1.00
ARCm130d.ARC    41380 ARCHmail 1.30[beta]d
NxC113          11596 NextCaller 1.13 (RiscBBS door) : leave message to next calle
Cht040          12872 Charts 0.40 (RiscBBS door) : produce various charts
AreaFix         22975 GIF file showing off AreaFix
Raul13          35101 FIDO filetransfer tool for Binkley
News_Door        5921 Newspaper Door for RiscBBS (Version 1.00 beta)
RiscBBS        341529 !RISCbbs (V1.01/beta) by Carl Declerck
NetBink10       34705 BBS-Econet Fido Packet transfer utility
WrtPKT100D      29859 WritePKT 1.00D : D=development
RNodes140B      20456 ReadNodes 1.40-beta - ReadNodes door for RiscBBS
NWyU103B        38816 NetWay_U 1.03-beta - FidoNet filetransfer
UseChrtarc       6716 Creates daily useage charts for an ARCbbs v1.61 system
TopUserarc      12035 Multitasking program to create Top40Users file - ARCbbs 1.61
BBSstats16      43093 Version 1.06 of !BBSstats
echorules        5113 Collected Echomail Rules (Sparked)
BBSdemo        268938 Demo Version of ARCbbs
!bbs_ARC       228956 pd Bulletin Board program (uploaded by Alpha #633)
BBSfix            569 Fix for John Kortniks BBS

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