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Aleph One FTP site Mirror (69)

Filename       Length Short description

Rel1994l/a     440502 !PC beta-release v1.994l - Aleph1 PC card software
SBE/arc          2644 This file replaces SBE.inf in early releases of PCPro v2.02
Upg203Larc     145397 StrongARM upgrade for PCPro - upgrades v2.02 to v2.03
PCPro/txt        3434 Info text from Aleph One Web site on PCPro versions
Rel1995l/a     442235 !PC beta-release - full version 1.995l
Upg1995l/a     124032 !PC beta-release - upgrades to version 1.995l
Upg1994l/a     125754 !PC beta-release - upgrades to version 1.994l
ARMDRV          65168 New version of ARMDRV.DRV (v1.99) fixes win95 icon in 256p
Upg1993l       191035 !PC beta-release v1.993l - upgrades any version from v1.91on
Rel1993l       332839 !PC beta-release v1.993l - improved Windows95 support
ToolBox         89560 Toolbox modules, as in Risc PC !Boot app., for !PCConfig
Upg1991L       118427 Beta-test upgrade to 1.991L for Aleph One Risc PC 2nd Proc
Rel1991L       424736 Beta-testers version 1.991L for Aleph One Risc PC 2nd Proc
Upg192L        203844 Software upgrade to 1.92L for Aleph One Risc PC 2nd Proc
Rel172sf       458246 !PC software v1.72sf for Aleph One PC Card - Revision 1 only
ReadMe           1375 Read this file to find which archive you need...
Revisons         2518 List of Software revision numbers for Aleph 1 PC Cards

Size of area 3097k

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