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Acorn Networking (72)

Filename       Length Short description

samba005/z     688441 RISC OS Samba Server V 0.05 ported by David Merddin
RemDesp         32512 JGH: Remote Despool v1.94  ZIP Archive
Y2KLvl3FS        5120 JGH: Y2KLvl3FS      v1.00  Black Archive
Y2KLvl2FS        4224 JGH: Y2KLvl2FS      v1.00  Black Archive
Talker          15872 JGH: *Talk          v5.22  Black Archive
lpd/zip          8014 lpd V1.07 by Reuben Thomas. Line printer daemon
Net_mouse        1580 Control another station's pointer
AppMan.SPK       3508 ApplicationManager 0.04 + (sort of) docs
EyeBallArc      38144 Quite a nice screen view prog
NetUtils        31616 4 Network Utilities by Mike Smith (Shareware)
NetSpeed        24320 Simple network speed testing program
machines        22036 Displays logged on users and their machine types
awSpooler       15780 Econet Spooling Printer server for Archimedes
awServer        54305 PD Econet Fileserver by Alan Williams
TestNet          3584 Tests communication between stations
NetMon           4378 Full screen RISC OS network monitor 
Netchat         20191 Simple network chat facility for RISC OS
passwalk.spk     1888 Skeleton prog to scan password files

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