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Software7 PD files (73)

Filename       Length Short description

Sshot          162255 The first public release of a King & Country screen shot.
WEBPAGES.ZIP   103476 Mirror of the King & Country WWW site.
FileCost         7499 A SEA containing a utility to work out the price of uploads
Acceltron       51468 A 4 player game by Samuel Fernando
Dissolve         5793 A simple graphic thingie by Samuel Fernando
MultiChars      16904 Demo of MultiChars by Gareth Edmondson
Quest           42793 An adventure game by Steve Purchase
Psych           97789 A colour cycling demo by Samuel Fernando
MusicPlay       18461 A sound tracker player program by Russell Tarbox
Sphere           6853 A 3D dot shpere demo by Steve Purchase
Utils           33082 Desktop utilities by Gareth Edmondson
WimpUtils      125030 A set of desktop enhancers. Volume 1 by Software7
WimpRes        210107 A set of tools to simplify programming desktop applications
TARDIS           4424 A replacement hourglass module by Software7
Catalogue      352132  Software7 catalogue in Impression format
ScreenSave      34603 A simple screen saver for the RiscPC
RiscPC         137498 A basic RiscPC demo
RISCOSity       12399 An extension to the Style Guide by Software7
RiscMag3        21704 A flyer for issue 3 of RiscMag, in sprite format
RiscMag2       1151846 Issue two of RiscMag, the definitive RISC OS disc magazine
RicMag1        406285 Issue one of the superb disc based magazine by Software7
Horses          73264 A simple but addictive betting game. v1.0 by Software7
FontPaint       67008 A program for converting outline fonts to sprites
FileMake        49127 A utility for joining files together. v1.00 by Software7

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