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Gerbilsoft PD (74)

Filename       Length Short description

telit           50585 TellIt - Telnet + BBS script program
reflext         10738 Reflext - Reverse your text files
polly           58781 Polly - My dog in a window.
shootup          8070 Shootup - Desktop silly
redit           41841 RiscEdit.
putd            10553 PutDir - Put pathnames to the cursor.
kript2          10585 Kript v2.00 - Encrypt *any* file.
cdfs            16183 CDFS - Funky CDFS player
bug05           11222 Bug - Desktop Floating Clock - v0.05
kkjoke           1907 Tll all your sad 'knock knock' jokes to your Acorn!
SplSpl         298958 Two ace speaking clocks...
floppylok        2698 Utility to lock your floppy drive from unwanted access.
kript           46336 Excellent encrytion utility for ANY acorn file.
superb           2991 Telephone directory.
lzwend          51627 Front end for the LZW module.
kamra            6806 Quick desktop piks with only 20k.
gloss          140121 Scrolling starfield demo.
deform           9510 Desktop doodler
cli+            89002 Command Line Interpreter enchancer.
bug              6073 A desktop floating clock
appsbr           6432 Put the 'apps' at your finger tips.

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