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JPEG Picture Files (75)

Filename       Length Short description   651711 Piccies taken at Wakefield 2001 show
McLarenF1      202752 300dpi JPeg of Front end of a McLaren F1.
SunsetStreet.jpg 36071 Photo of sunset taken down our street - nice lens flare :)     348553 Pictures taken from the Wakefield 2000 show
noah           253845 Naughty Rabbit!
MENU/JPG.jpg    99205 The sort of menu ANY computer professional would like to see
WomansWish.jpg  46225 What a woman really wants.
OFFICE.jpg      38436 The ideal office for busy programmers.
MSKEYBRD.jpg   174980 The ideal Wintel Keyboard. Tee hee.
Squirl         248354 Drawing of a Squirel
Flush           28224 A Joke Picture...
ISaidSit        68260 A Joke Picture...
HandMe          17445 A Joke Picture...
471/jpg         49783 Picture of Steven Overall
notmyjob        55277 Download it and see!
LARD            28856 Lard sculpture
Sunset         125591 Picture of a nice sunset, from St. Cathrine's Point
PhoebeLogo      50077 A pencil sketch of the Phoebe logo (B&W) by K McKillop
Jeep            72138 A pencil sketch of a jeep (B&W) by K McKillop
DH-Mosq2       252649 A DH-Mosquito, part of a painting by K McKillop
DH-Mosq1       249345 A DH-Mosquito, Colour/Graphite pencil sketch by K McKillop
KMCKtango      549114 A scanned drawing of a distorted Tango can
KMCKsungla      97834 A scanned drawing of a reflection in sunglasses
KMCKpillow     209897 A scanned drawing of part of a Pillow
KMCKcross      192908 A scanned drawing of part of a Keltic cross
Glstnbry98     494403 Glastonbury '98 - Pics from the TV
BlurGlasto     109792 Some pics of Blur @ Glastonbury & a review of their set
TMackDCoro      22774 Toby Mackenzie and David Coronel, and a RISC PC.
STproblem       22182 Steve Turnbull (AU editor) with a couple of little problems
Propose         14807 Myself, Jodi, and a single red rose. And a J233 flyer.
MilkybarKd      19798 Will Hargrave, who does look something like the Milkybar Kid
LucyGlenn3      24011 Piccy of me (Glenn) and Lucy, with matching leather jackets!
Loaded          24698 Gavan pushing a rather heavily loaded luggage trolley...
JWardDDade      22623 John Ward and DaviD Dade
JodiPhone       15736 Jodi on the Phone [TM]
Jodi4           16468 Jodi looking spaced out...
Jodi3           15692 Jodi, not covering her face!
Jodi2           17353 More of Jodi's hair, and a bit of her face.
Jodi1           13763 Jodi's hair, and a J233 flyer.
Gavan2          35270 Gavan Fantom - "Watch the birdie!"
Gavan1           9023 Sensible pic of Gavan Fantom
GanjaCrew       30284 Dan, Moe, Robbie and some unknown unconcsious person.
BOFH            30146 Acorn's very own BOFH - Dave Walker
Annie2          16576 Decent pic of Annie (Record)
Annie1          12243 BAAAAD picture of Annie Record, Robbie's youngest sister
RPCIIc          51022 The new machine from Acorn? Perhaps? :-)
Phoebe/jpg      36628 Picture of Pheobe - from Acorn leaflet
crew/jpg        63106 The Merry Crew - moments before getting on the wrong train!
pnut2/jpg       65325 The IMS Peanut - is the the second proper picture?
pnut1/jpg       63475 The IMS Peanut - is this the first proper picture?
ratsel0498      50893 The lovely Claire Danes      18335 Adam, Joe & Baaaad Dad as Teletubbies !
HOUSE3.JPG      18311 Photo of Housesteads Roman Fort Reconstruction
HOUSE2.JPG      17909 Photo Of Housesteads Roman Fort Reconstruction
HOUSE1.JPG      15898 Photo of Housesteads Roman Fort reconstruction
JumpGate        52711 Nice B5 piccy
Helen6          18884 Helen (again)...
Helen5          21434 Another piccy of HR at AW97
Helen4          23800 Helen Rayner at AW97
Jodi             3475 Jodi Crisp, from the Fidonet STUDENT echo
Angela2         28456 Angela Rayner, taken at Sidcup 1997 show
BirdPrey        43523 Klingon Bird of Prey
Toby            26654 Awww look! He's gone all shy on us!
TheDaves        23890 The Two And Only - Dave Coleman and DaviD Dade
Robbie2         12679 Uh oh! It's the heavy mob!
Robbie          33577 This is rather embarrasing! For Robbie that is!
LucyGlenn2      20418 Double erky! Double trouble!
Lucy2           26043 Erky!
Lucy+Rob        25773 Robbie Record (ex-sysop of Skyline Online) with his sister
Lucy+Glenn      16597 Rather cosy, even if my (Glenn's) hair is a mess!
Lucy            21916 Robbie Record's sister...WOW!!!
DaviD_Dade      23959 It's catching. The tongue disease.
Dane2           24860 Dane acting really sensible.
Dane1            7082 Errm...
Dane+Claud      27611 Dane Koekoek and Claudia Lane on the WWS stand, AW97
JoeWeird        60192 Picture of Joe Kelleher
FRANK1_jpg      96137 Acorn SE Show Pic 2
CLAUD_jpg       71954 Arcorn SE show 1997
Alicia12        61667 Alicia Silverstone - Rolling Stone Mag Front Cover
Alicia11        34059 Alicia Silverstone - By eck she's gorgeous
Alicia10        18847 Alicia Silverstone
Alicia09        16735 Alicia Silverstone
Alicia07        21764 Alicia Silverstone - V. Cute Smile
Alicia06        19547 Alicia Silverstone
Alicia05        27854 Alicia Silverstone
Alicia04        17408 Alicia Silverstone
Alicia03        10990 Alicia Silverstone - V.Good V.Cute Pwooor !
Alicia02        10752 Alicia Silverstone - V.Good V.Cute
Alicia01         7563 Alicia Silverstone
Castle          76671 Jpeg of a castle on seafront
cows_arc       798879 Cows...
Gorgeous        51871 Clare Danes looking very sexy in a slinky dress
LIFE11.JPG      57241 Clare Danes - Magazine cover photo (v.good)
JULIET2H.J      23341 Clare Danes - Pic from Romeo & Juliet
DANES_2.JP      65503 Clare Danes - Signed photograph
DANES14.JP      60433 Clare Danes - Pic from 'My So-Called Life'
DANES13.JP      78835 Clare Danes - Pic from 'My So-Called Life'
CLAIRE_G.J      72636 Clare Danes - Receiving a golden globe award
CDEW341B.J      18206 Clare Danes - shot from Romeo & Juliet
65_caddy       143237 24bit scan from an Epson 9500 scanner
332             13709 Two Clangers from the now cult BBC TV series
Spit22          55602 Spitfire from the web
80808_full.jpg  19162
Pride           34795 A Pride Symbol
ChaosMim1      185994 Pic of Mims (Worlock's Wummun)
bridget4/j      39537 JPEG of the wondrous Bridget Fonda
bf2/jpg         27097 JPEG of fabulous Bridget Fonda
celine6         94304 Celine Dion receiving her Grammy Award for Best Album
Sandra          20938 Sandra Bullock picture off the www mmmmmmmmmm!
Pavillon_j      88580 JPEG of Brighton Pavilion
VERRE           17312 Verre format jpeg
Fleur_6         31305 Flower_6 format jpeg
Fleur_5         33474 Flower_5 format jpeg
Hunter         110976 Jpeg of a Hawker Hunter Jet
CH53Flight     113455 German Helicopter Landing
PiccCirc_J      77964 Semi abstract of Piccadilly Circus from moving car JPEG
GoldGreen_      79023 Slow shutterspeed shot from moving car of Golders Green JPEG
Fairground     116467 Slow shutterspeed of fairground ride in action at night JPEG
1576/ZIP        94510 Two pictures, both of myself. Whatever you do, don't D/L!!
BigLove        197009 The line-up at Big Love 96
Harley          73133 Photo of a Motorbike (Good)
Gorilla         34138 Photo of a Gorilla (Good)
Bird            54363 Photo of a Bird (Good)
cc/jpeg         20842 Spring flowers      85876 Cool B/W JEPG of Long Jon Silver Arced(3fb)
Images         196425 Images1
antitank.jpg    85308 aNTiTaNKtHuNDeRsTRuCkBReWeRBuNG ;)
Circle          84435 How not to take a photo :-) Me + Joe in Southampton last mth
28              51299 Puppy helps its granny choose a toy.
18              44293 Sleepy puppy
14              58093 More puppies..
10              63381 One of my puppies cuddling my cat
MattBee3        77445 Me in Southampton a month or so ago (on left)
Images         209156 3 Jpeg Picture for your collection
NewHelen        40520 The latest picture of Me!!!!
Strong/jpg      95145 STRONGARM processor card for RiscPC - from Acorn www site.
Deegan1        418295 Me. Sporting a hedgehog, long hair, an SY85, & an A3010 :-)
AOL_login       18987 Something to put you off signing up with AOL...
PlayMate50      26852 
PlayMate49      31544 
PlayMate48      25211 
PlayMate46      39480 
PlayMate44      29393 
PlayMate43      32488 
PlayMate42      27901 
PlayMate40      27245 
PlayMate39      27407 
PlayMate38      31065 
PlayMate37      29827 
PlayMate36      20298 
PlayMate33      28058 
PlayMate29      26213 
PlayMate28      26313 
PlayMate23      24299 
PlayMate22      37974 
PlayMate21      35004 
PlayMate20      30856 
PlayMate18      27879 PLAY MATE
PlayMate16      26835 PLAY MATE
PlayMate14      41104 PLAY MATE
PlayMate13      26459 PLAY MATE
PlayMate11      21007 PLAYMATE
PlayMate09      18679 PLAY MATE
PlayMate07      25237 PLAY MATE
PlayMate06      26825 
PlayMate05      30186 /?
PlayMate04      23840 
PlayMate02      36252 
PlayMate01      28833 
CyFishnet      142084 Cypherella in her undies.
SecrtAgent      37431 Cypherella looking *dangerous*
sandra7.jpg    192505 Sandra Bullock ... the second most beautiful woman alive ...
Cypher.jpg      37581 Cypherella - Cryptoprivatist and professional model      88048 JPEG of Acorn's new portable - wow! From ART's WWW site
4Sysops         35342 Four Sysops on a day out
behind/jpg     400579 Oooh! Its a background shot from UK Mirage Enterprises TV
allison/jpg    204877 Whey hey! Its the producer of the UK Mirage Enterprises TV
Romantic       280623 Some romanthetic pictures from Germany and Holland
Otter           25394 From my PhotoCD, a JPEG 
Reggie          44807 Black cat, sitting in a black leather chair (Mine!)
Charlie2        95065 Another picture of 'Charlie' in his weird sleep position
Charlie         63952 Excellant close up picture of my cat Charlie
Winter          69872 Same garden, different month.
Spring         109986 Aaaah bliss, it won't be long now before the spring
CanFly          36252 Penguins can fly. Photographic proof.
Tinkerbell      16384 Mistress Tinkerbell
Jasmine1        73728 Jasmine JPEG
Water          138335 24-bit Hi-quality pic of water - with 2 swimmers underwater!
littleMe        52725 A JPEG file of myself...  It was taken a few years ago!
WonderWall     109113 From the CD cover of Wonderwall by Oasis
DS9.JPG         89957 JPEG of Start Trek Deep Space 9
robin2          64995 Renegade BBS - The final onslaught ;-)
Lisboa/arc     190242 Some local streetcar-scenes from Lisbon (Jpeg)
Me              46315 Ok ok.... a JPEG of me.... <sigh>   :-)
KeithH          54613 A JPEG Picture of Keith Hall looking surprised! He was...
DaviD           63558 A JPEG Picture of David Dade, with Stefan Bruek behind him
DaveC           45068 A JPEG Picture file of Dave Coleman and someone?
Chris+Ben       42352 A JPEG Picture of Chris Johns & Ben Brown      44256 An updated picture of ME - JEM, standing next to my RPC :-)      87920 Picture taken at Acorn World '95 by me - JEM, see long desc.     108051 Picture taken at Acorn World '95 by me - JEM :)
AcornStand      93793 The Acorn Computers stand at AW '95 - taken by JEM
new-1.jpg      482315 Piccy of a PC
sa00            44780 Jpeg of stonehenge 24bpp dead dead dead dead good!
EagleNeb        35984 Eagle Nebula - Birth of Stars from Hubble Telescope
TULIPS          73282 Some nice tulips
RD400           58057 A Yamaha RD400 motorbike
BBC             54613 BBC logo
Sky             57940 Corel JPEG of Sky/water
Elephants       64193 Corel JPEG of Elephants
BAT621/JPG     130993 nicole kidman picture (batman film)
RPCDesk2       125677 My RiscPC desktop (again!).. this time running Publisher! :)
RPCDesk1       114696 My RiscPC desktop, with texture backdrop, running Studio24..
Nebula          22566 JPEG of the Trifid nebula
Head           151353 JPEG of the exploding head from Scanners
Atlas6          27385 JPEG of a rocket taking off at night
Hubble         122453 This is that image showing how Hubble has been fixed (JPEG)
Galaxy1          7090 B/W JPEG of a galaxy
PlanNebula      27387 Nice JPEG of a planetary nebula - colourful!
PopartHMV       24705 The little woman. :)
Pop_Art         43307 Poppy with a Worlock stylie
CATvPIGEON      76769 Catch you own lunch!
Toby           116077 Toby the West Highland Terrier. 24-bit JPEG.
Tobermory1     134780 Tobermory, Isle of Mull. 24-bit JPEG.
Petunia1       126203 Superb colours of a petunia. 24-bit JPEG.
Henry2         114618 Henry the Kitten. 24-bit JPEG
ISeeYou         58477 24-bit JPEG of an Eye in a box, surrounded by multi-colours
BloodDrip       17942 A 24-bit JPEG of blood-frip b/ground I did (JEM) on ProArt24
BAT-1a          26377 JPEG of Long-eared bat
m_rooney        63274 720 x 508 16 bit JPEG of Mickey Rooney
j_whale         51041 720 x 508 16 bit JPEG of James Whale
j_mills         66305 720 x 508 16 bit JPEG of Sir John Mills
j_charlt        43047 553 x 508 16 bit JPEG 0f Big Jack
cats            60208 652 x 508 16bit JPEG of a painted face 
b_ives          65157 720 x 508 16 bit JPEG of Burl Ives
JEM.jpg         10483 A pic of me - JEM (James Musselwhite) erm.. See LongDesc..
PopWeesa        62576 Worholised Weesa jpeg
JEMsLogon      109119 JPEG pic from JEMs RiscPC - of my ArmBBS run BBS logon scr.
JEMsFArea      112951 JPEG pic from my RiscPC of my own BBS running on ArmBBS
ArcadeFile     105829 JPEG pic from my RiscPC, of Arcade's FIleAreas menu ;-)
mattbee1       163735 Holiday snap from Spain - ridiculous pose by Mathhew Bloch
LetThemEat     164716 Olivia art, JPEG of a lady with a tatoo.
BV14            80575 Boris Vallejo JPEG
BV 6            62346 Boris Vallejo JPEG
TorqShops       76448 24-bit JPEG of main Shopping centre at Torquay :)
TorqNight       46444 24-bit JPEG of Torquay Main road at night.. See LongDesc..
PrarieDg01      42072 24-Bit JPEG - closeup of a Prarie Dog at Paignton Zoo :)
PedalCar        93193 24-bit JPEG of the PedalCar Grand Prix, held at Torquay!
GrandHotel      55987 Picture of the Grand Hotel, Torquay, Devon (24-Bit JPEG)
Cascades1       65304 24-bit JPEG of Cascades Shopping centre at Portsmouth! :-)
BirdHead        37858 A 24-bit JPEG of a zoom on bird's head at Paignton Zoo
HELOLB/JPG     243321 HM Coastguard Helicopter and RNLI LB - JPEG
HELO12/JPG     324967 HM Coastguard Helicopter - JPEG
ATLANTA1       169299 Picture of Atlanta GA at dusk.
gatchclive      69720 Gareth S. Long ('cade) and Clive Jones (ARM Ltd)
gatch1          80699 Gatch wearing glasses.
weesa          157683 Lisa Hefty - The Official Scan
LURKTITL.JPG     4534 Just a small jpg of the Babylon 5 crest if anyones intereste
Isabel         129377 A pop art JPEG
YoungMe         21308 Jpeg of me when i was Ten
NotGatch        35468 JPEG of someone gatch doesn't like
Area52         139440 Jpeg of Area52, US Airforce Base also known as 'Dreamland'
LIGHTHOUSE/JPG  37835 JPEG of Godrevy lighthouse at sunset, by M Robinson
CoolDogs       185100 JPEG piccy of two dogs on a dustbin
Clouds         128790 JPEG piccy of some clouds
Chillies       210238 JPEG piccy of some chilli peppers
Antonine Wall  102807 Anponine Wall JPEG nice backdrop
Pyramid3        99395 A pyramid landing 24bit jpg
Molly2/Jpg      83084 Steamtrain in GDR (1978) in main streat of Bad Doberan
china           19581 
Martin6         34579 Picture of me, Martin Dye.
BABYc/Jpg       54085 Baby of 11 month working at BBC-b computer
GDR_1          307739 Some impressions from the old German Democratic Republic
Win95RPC       255885 JPEG picture of Windows 95 running (in a window) on RiscPC
DaveProwse      34008 Star Wars' Dave Prowse (Vader's body!)
ClaudiaC        17072 Babylon 5's Claudia Christian
Camel           54042 This is *not* a photo I took of my mother-in-law!
Julia00         84918 Young lady
db_room2        30873 Drew not taking a shower during the filming of ET
db_room1        31312 Drew taking a shower during the filming of ET
dbmirror        36441 Drew looking at the most beautiful woman in the world
dbchaise       123864 Drew whose sweaty trainers smell like roses
s-oconn2_j      47481 Sinead The Irish Princess again.
s-oconn1_j      36210 Sinead
bjork-1_jp      32012 The army of me showing more than she intended. JPEG
Mika            79251 Mika, the Barbarian
Goldmoon       128118 Woman riding Pegasus
Dungeoneer      89121 Dungeoneer's Survival Guide
60070           59392 Class 60 at Crewe
AjCPiers       114250 Andrew Clover reacts to Termite IP critics...
AjCInv         101762 DoggySoft member strung up...
HelenR          79696 Helen Rayner... the official scan
586_PCcard      79817 JPEG image of New generation PC Cards (Amusing)
DragonOrb      141126 Another Fantasy Picture
priss_jpg       55912 Manga
JodieFoste      53102 Ms foster with her clothes on.  Sorry.
gm1208_jpg      36770 Very tasteful and full of artistic merit.
NBK-1           72332 Mickey and Mallory are innocent!
Despair        145023 Cover for "Dragons of Despair" - JPEG
Crown           98149 Fantasy Picture
AzureBonds      68198 Cover to 'Azure Bonds'
Oriental        65756 Fantasy Samurai
Magister        86657 JPEG of wizard and animated skeletons
Battlesyst     106078 Fantasy Battle JPEG
HAJIME07.JPG    47219 Stunning 24Bit Jpeg
HAJIME06.JPG    52836 Stunning 24Bit Jpeg
HAJIME05.JPG    64193 Stunning 24Bit Jpeg
SOULFIST.JPG   102400 Manga Type Image. A must have...
radiUs          72585 psychodelic pqttern JPEG. By Kane on photodesk
JohnSteve       84024 Well known frontage - Harroagte show
JohnS1          34560 A sysop from another well known BBS
JamesB2         55924 Harrogate show pics
New York        87691 View of New York from Empire State
Coastline2      81478 24bit JPEG taken from PhotoCD. S.Devon coastal scene
Coastline1     105344 cccccCCCCC
79VALLED_u      41229 JPEG file of French landscape for backdrop
YOSE05_jpg     142840 24Bit JPEG of Yosemite National Park USA, From Kodak archive
SammyD          82088 Pic of Sammy Davis Jnr.
LizaM           78976 Jpeg - Liza Minelli
frank           71362 Ol' blue eyes - Frank Sinatra
PulpFictn       99403 Pulp Fiction poster - JPEG form
renoir          60719 Cafe society by Renoir
Matisse         69786 Woman with vase of flowers by Matisse
Zakpost         19869 Poster of Zak doctored with ProArt 24
Zak             16411 Jpeg of my young GSD 18months Kodak PhotoCD & Proart24
Coulins         55234 Sunset pictute from the Isle of Skye
Steamer        129954 An old steam engine
Hunter          93154 A jet aircraft
Douglas        118993 An old motorcycle
PoundBK         32896 Hi res (600dpi) scan of the back of a one pound coin
PoundFT         31872 Hi res (600dpi) scan of the front of a one pound coin
will.jpg       279021 Uh ... i guess its like "Will" on a wierd background
HorseJPG       127524 Fantasy art pic from Dreamworld. Stripy female on horse.
bv-99-2JPG     100194 Fantasy art pic from Dreamworld Filelists. 2 female warriors
Angela         156958 Angela Rayner... the official scan.
CandS           33981 JPEG of Canter and Siegal      85043 Jpeg of the one Worlock fancies off of AbFab.
91MAR23        142434 Another "nice" female face (JPEG)
91AUG67        183457 a pretty face (JPEG)
LionKing        33142 The Friends...
Rubic          103339 JPEG raytrace by Mike J Williams
TLight          39267 JPEG raytrace by Mike J Williams
MoonScape       46647 JPEG raytrace by Mike J Williams
Insect          59632 JPEG raytrace by Mike J Williams
Train           24881 JPEG raytrace by Mike J Williams
Tie            103613 JPEG raytrace by Mike J Williams (nice)
TenPin          89360 JPEG raytrace by Mike J Williams
Platform        80890 JPEG raytrace by Mike J Williams
Kettle         110860 JPEG raytrace by Mike J Williams (nice)
Karnak1        161169 JPEG raytrace by Mike J Williams
Guards          59914 JPEG raytrace by Mike J Williams
Bowl4           89730 JPEG raytrace by Mike J Williams
DonQuixote      60368 JPEG of Optical illusion Painting
Frontier        63630 Things on the Frontier
LankGods        66937 The Gods of Lankmar
Spider2        103629 Ugh! Ugh! in 32k
Spider1        100776 Ugh!! in 32k
N_Mans          67414 El Leone our hero
M_Shum          85893 Martin the cheat
jaws            45964 32k colour of the hard man
czjones        102772 catherine ..... mmmmmmm
Hamsters        32395 JPEG of Russian Hamsters in a bowl
Voyager         29364 JPEG sprite of Star Trek spaceship
Defiant         34277 JPEG sprite of Star Trek spaceship
Sphynx          19942 Sphynx JPEG retouched. Now has an ape head. By Kane
MadonnaJPG      47202 Madonna - Scan taken from her 1981 Tour Program. So its clea
screenC         19559 JPEG file of some cogs - not real life. By Kane 
wjames01_j      88724 Wendy James
mad2_gif        64136 Madonna
kidman_jpg      43609 Ms Kidman with her clothes on!!
katem06_jp      24681 Kate Moss
locutus_jpg loclocut 37888 The borg
PanHandle       58362 A brilliant JPEG from the Vomitus Maximus WWW site
Venice_1       128176 24 bit JPEG of waterfront in Venice from top of St.Marks
StAntimo        76971 24 bit JPEG of a monastery at ST.Antimo, Italy
Sienna_1        82258 24 bit JPEG of main Campo in Sienna, Italy
kirk2C         115379 Kirk from a newspaper
puzzle          11336 a picture of a puzzle (grr) by Kane 
alien_47.j     192803 Picture of a dead alien (alledgedly)
disks           13883 some disks. Digitised by Kane
walkman         11204 B0800000000022d
lake6           31441 B0800000000022d
new_arc        556961 
Wo95-02-07     102400 Pic Of world on 07 02 95
Kylie_1         28895 Kylie Minogue on Top of the pops.
AlbSquiJPG      38548 JPEG of a HiVision24 image of an albino squirrel
TanyaSpin2      33640 Tanya Donelly of Belly (again)
TanyaSpin1      38820 Tanya Donelly of Belly (presumably from Spin Magazine) JPEG
XF_Mulder      128646 X Files JPEG
XF-Scully2     111092 X Files JPEG
XF-Scully      115794 X Files Jpeg
XF-Logo         37395 X Files
benz9_jpg       70309 Excellent ray-traced 1928 Mercedes Benz
BV17            63605 24bit jpeg dragon type fantasy picture
BV03            58263 24bit jpeg face of vampire girl
Rings           32107 A 24 bit Rytrace, good
Fly             55268 A 24 bit JPEG of a fly
Model02         46963 
Zara            30435 
Girl01          52191 
bath_gif        18982 /s
Girl03          49495 
KylieMin05      11399 Kylie
KylieMin04      13052 Kylie
KylieMin03      10986 Kylie
SquirelJPG      52893 HiVision24 pic of a squirrel JPEG (70) from TV
Frankenstn.arm  13923 Movie Poster for the New Frankenstien Film - JPEG
VM_Abdomen.arm  69920 A slice thrugh the Internets Virtual Man - JPEG
VM_Head.arm     69069 A slice through the Internets Virtual Man - JPEG
RogerRJpg       66414 JPEG of Roger Rabbit using HiVision24
OwlOliBage      21214 A JPEG of Oli "Owl" Bage - BBS user and much more!
Alien01jpg      48530 Alien JPEG file (from the film trilogy) Rating: 4/5
TheDoctors     114181 Part 3 of the Doctor Who Graphics Library1
Enemies        148177 Part 2 of the Doctor Who Graphics Library1
Companion      202044 Part 1 of the Doctor Who Graphics Library1
dannii_jpg      40403 Dannii Minogue with some teddy bears (JPEG)        360806 Thumbnails from The Kimagure Orange Road (Anime)       188246 Advanced D&D picture thumbnails
RHUL_jpeg      239612 Royal Holloway University of London's main building
Vallejo_zip    342811 Thumbnails from the Stuttgart infoserver
Creation       164017 UFO theme. Something for "X Files" fans.
AlienTrace     142060 Traced image of an Alien.
Dynamo         239027 Futuristic ray trace. CompuServe pic of the month.
Artist         212352  800x600x16M JPEG
torq_jpeg       44573 JPEG of the infamous Andy Mell - uploaded by Stimpy
eehpcm_gif      40138 JPEG of Paul Allen - uploaded by Stimpy.
Sazuko4         19371 JPEG Young lady
Sazuko          22097 JPEG Young lady
barbies_jp      39936 Well, a jpeg of the Barbie Twins
Cliffs          34515 Nice ray traced scene of some cliffs by the sea.
dpg-4042_j      72436 Erika from BayWatch
SportCar        64593 JPEG FILE
COALTIT.JPG    147184 A very nice JPEG image from APA's Woodland Birds
BV22            93910 Boris Vallejo JPEG
BV21            87610 Boris Vallejo JPEG
BV20            83384 Boris Vallejo JPEG
Berty           23357 Berty - the man formerly known as Tom Cooper
Loretta         96402 Loretta - the official JPEG
SamFox          69714 Miss Fox before she got religion
sh_fenn         34049 JPEG.  The expert at stoning a cherry
BV8_jpeg        89465 Boris 08.jpg
BV15_jpeg       77187 Boris 15.jpg
BV12_jpeg       84669 Boris 12.jpg
BV17_jpeg       84910 Boris 17.jpg 
cd2.jpg         66613 oriental girl
BIG_STAK       171906 Ray-Traced HI-FI (1600*1200 24bit) from a different angle
HIFIROOM       284062 Ray-Traced HI-FI created in POVRay2 (800*600 24bit) V.Nice!
Pdesk          100282 Picture created with PhotoDesk
SeaGirl         30208 See thru swimsuit
LindaHamil      55557 Linda Hamilton
Cynthia07       16776 Cynthia
Enterprise      94876 19 JPEGS from Best of Both Worlds (Star Trek: TNG)
Tropical        83568 Tropical fish swimming, very very good - jpeg
Owl             34802 an owl perhaps - jpeg
pepper.jpg      95471 Two rippled, reflective, coloured Spheres raytraced by 3DS.
balls.jpg       99516 10 Stacked coloured balls raytraced on a PC. Really good.
in-red_jpg      51686 Your big sister
keck_imp_j      13509 Jupiter Jpeg
keck_fir_j      29467 Jupiter Jpeg
jup_sl9_jp      18188 Jupiter Jpeg
calar_jpg       35935 Jupiter Jpeg
nightwatch.jpg 159104  Rembrandt's the Nightwatch
folies.jpg     137600 the bar at the folie begeres
Fortress        49020 Raytraced fortress - 24 bit JPEG
Pclips_JPG     144011 Paper Clips!
BILLTD         185357 JPEG of Bill&Ted poster.
FENN-2          37908 JPEG of FENN
siren          117980 Fantasy type JPEG pic
PET13           19637 Another nice JPEG
humbird.jpg     29745 24 bit JPEG of Hummingbird
harley_jpg      39281 2 girls on a bike
falcon.jpg      54320 24 Bit Picture of a Falcon
C2D             87175 Weather Satellite Image of Europe area
Jupiter8        22812 JPEG picture of Jupiter
HST             32731 JPEG picture of Hubble Space Telescope in orbit
Leopard?        80011 Utterly incredible JPEG of a sort of metallic Leopard. GOOD
hajime04.jpg    65751 Even more stunning 24Bit JPEG
hajime01.jpg    54525 Stunning 24Bit Jpeg
hajime54.jpg    76893 Stunning 24 Bit JPEG
hajime56.jpg    85188 More Stunning 24Bit JPEG's
hajime61.jpg    96090 Another Stunning 24Bit JPEG
hajime64        79358 Stunning 24Bit JPEG of Girl in chrome armour
hajime74.jpg    55403 Stunning 24Bit JPEG
Hajime19        79351 Another Brilliant 24Bit Jpeg
pdesk1.jpg     114505 24bit image created using !Photodesk
pdesk2.jpg     102315 Bizarre 24bit picture created with !PhotoDesk
saturny_jp      19669 saturn, 256 colour JPEG
jupiter8_j      22812 this is the really good piccy of jupiter, sorry!
SUNDAE         122195 .JPG Traced with POVray2.0 on a 20MHz 386/387 in 843 hrs!
mercury4_j      35367 The panet mercury, JPGE
lander_jpg      59145 Martian lander view, JPEG
jupiter_jp      13496 great picture of Jupiter JPEG
europe_jpg      55220 vie2 of europe from space, JPEG, use !FYEO
Kitten2         16957 24bpp JPEG of a kitten...
Sculpture1      10616 Small 24bit JPEG of some 'modern art'
SPursey         17426 Steve Pursey - Sysop Arctic BBS
SHaslam         16632 Steve Haslem - Comms s/w writer
SBrueck         17256 Stefan Brueck - Sysop ARCpool BBS and Photographer
PGaunt          21157 Peter Gaunt - author ARCcomm comms s/w
PCallan         21815 Paul Callan - BBS user
MHughes         18255 Merlin Hughes - BBS user
Me              20411 David Coleman - Sysop Arcade BBS
KMarlow         20163 Keith Marlow - author Archiboard BBS s/w
JStonier        22525 John Stonier - Sysop Digital Databank BBS
JKortink        22377 John Kortink - author !Translator
Hugo+DD         22011 Hugo and Dave Dade chatting
Hugo            15771 Hugo - Sysop The World of Cryton
DMurphy         18423 Dean Murphy - Acorn Tech Support
Dade1           19782 David Dade - Sysop of Arcade
CDeclerck       25671 Carl Declerck - Authoe of RISCbbs
BHarzen         18663 Birger Harzenetter - German BBS person.
AFrost          18835 Anthony Frost...Author of ReaderS
AAshraf         23826 Aasim Ashraf...Sysop of Chaos BBS
3doTE2_jpg      51014 3DO Game screenshot - Total Eclipse (2nd one)
3doTEc_jpg      62757 3DO Game screenshot - Total Eclipse...looks *coool* 
3doS7_jpg       51285 3DO Game screenshot - Stella7 start up screen.
3doMcr          54079 3DO Game screenshot - Mad Dog Mcree. Yee-haa ;-)
3doCB1          59083 3DO Screenshot of "Crash N Burn" (as seen at Acorn '93)
3doBat          24456 Mr. Freeze from Batman Cartoons...taken from a 3DO machine!
A6000_jpg       37771 From Comp.Sys.Acorn...A pic of a possible new machine
Kaneda+Bke      56059 JPEG from The Making of Akira video...
AkiraPostr     102889 JPEG of Akira Special Edition video (anime art)
STVI-crew_.arm 102440 Star Trek JPEG
STVI-crew-.arm  62165 Star Trek JPEG
STVI-Cheko.arm 126284 Star Trek JPEG
STVI-CD-co.arm  90359 Star Trek JPEG
Excelsio00.arm  53504 Star Trek JPEG
Excelsior-.arm  27008 Star Trek JPEG
Enterpri02.arm  39040 Star Trek JPEG
Enterpri01.arm  77181 Star Trek JPEG
Enterpri00.arm  33080 Star Trek JPEG
Enterprise.arm  17920 Star Trek JPEG
SDavies         32959 Steve Davies (JPEG)
Pretty          33774 Pretty woman from GMTV (JPEG)
dc-y.gif       474610 Single stage rocket technology
x29.jpg        488860 X29 technology demonstrator
xb70.jpg       217980 XB70 Valkyrie roll-out or maybe delivery to US Airforce muse
u-2r.jpg        87654 U2r NASA test plane
tucano.jpg     197645 5 tucanos of some aerobatic team
psaurora.jpg   162883 Aurora spyplane
f18.jpg        154338 f18 Hornets
f119.jpg       195386 f119 engine on test
f106.jpg       174476 F106 Delta Daggers
dh88.jpg       111952 DH88 Comet racer
concorde.jpg   121391 concorde prototype chasing an eclipse of the sun
b52.jpg        112657 b52 in flight
b17s.jpg       181817 B17 Flying Fortress
b-1a.jpg       110496 B1A prototype in flight
ad-1.jpg       125745 NASA swing-wing prototype       566172 f107 instorage at MASDC Davis-Monthan AFB Arizona       1115766 SR71 Blackbirds         583492 C5 Galaxy        580556 TR1 'spyplanes'         302315 two A4 Skyhawks
Tropic05        14071 JPEG picture of tropical island
Tropic04        16450 JPEG picture of tropical island
Tropic03        21576 JPEG picture of tropical island
Tropic02        25776 JPEG picture of tropical island
Tropic01        19393 JPEG Picture of tropical island
hubble_jpg.jpg  61550 Nice shot of Hubble sat.
SDavies         32959 JPEG file of Steve Davis (Snooker Player)
DW1JPG         185581 24Bit Scan of Discworld novel 'Sourcery' cover.
Toilet          11878 JPEG Format picture of a loo
DS9_Statn       89515 JPEG Format pictures from Deep Space Nine
DS9_Quark       92048 JPEG Format pictures from Deep Space Nine
DS9_Odo         94285 JPEG Format pictures from Deep Space Nine
DS9_OBrien     101155 JPEG Format pictures from Deep Space Nine
DS9_Kira        99610 JPEG Format pictures from Deep Space Nine
DS9_JSisko      94895 JPEG Format pictures from Deep Space Nine
DS9_Jadzia     100102 JPEG Format pictures from Deep Space Nine
DS9_Cardsn     102159 JPEG Format pictures from Deep Space Nine
DS9_BSisko      81739 JPEG Format pictures from Deep Space Nine
DS9_Bashir      93769 JPEG Format pictures from Deep Space Nine
POVFish        120474 640x480 JPEG of the POV v1.0 example fish
BV93_0          68491 Digitised Boris Vallejo painting in JPEG format
jack_jpg        42662 Raytraced JPEG file of sinister Jack in the Box on rails!!
mg15s082       115724 JPEG
mg15s067       126492 JPEG
mg15s052       145895 JPEG
mg15s037        96335 JPEG
mg15n082       129461 JPEG
mg15n067       142874 JPEG
mg15n052       146781 JPEG
mg15n037       181136 JPEG
mg00n082       134795 another JPEG
mg00n067       121599 another JPEG from NASA
mg00n052       150065 another JPEG from NASA
mg00n037       132071 another JPEG from NASA
gtdrp3v2       299758 another JOEG from NASA
gtdr            58071 another JPEG from NASA
gsdrp3v2       277697 another JPEG from NASA
gedrp3v2       271933 JPEG from NASA
3d             161572 JPEG from nasa
globe          166998 Archive containing NASA JPEG images
mars2           56591 Another JPEG of Mars
mars1           70220 JPEG file of mars
STrek-VI.arm    68623 JPEG image taken from Star Trek IV
monalisa        95232 DaVinci's Mona Lisa jpegged.
big_int.jpg     74224 JPEG format picture of the interior of a yacht cabin
Excel           53504 The USS Excelsior - JPEG file.
moredemi        52746 Demi Moore (Vanity Fair Cover Picture)
FrankLab3       49924 JPEG pic of Dr. Frankenstein's lab? - view 3
FrankLab2       57276 JPEG pic of Dr. Frankenstein's lab? - view 2
FranksLab       50615 JPEG pic of Dr. Frankenstein's lab? - view 1
LoungeView      42235 JPEG pic of a lounge (no people!)
Bedroomviu      32728 JPEG pic of a Bedroom from outside (no people!)
Bedroom         56683 JPEG pic of a Bedroom (no people!)
Apple           13359 JPEG pic of an apple
hiflower        87215 A JPEG grabed by HCCS' HiVision digitiser
STARB.JPG       63538 Starwars JPEG 24 bit picture
PORSCH.JPG      55227 JPEG 24 bit picture
tetsuo_arm      45725 JPEG picture from 'AKIRA' cartoon/comic.
t2_bike         60848 Classic shot from Judgment Day JP
Classic        151819 JPEG File of MODE 21 Sprite of a Triumph Herald (Like mine!)

Size of area 51663k

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