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GIF Picture Files (76)

Filename       Length Short description

WORDOPTS.gif     8811 An honest config screen for Wintel users.
Email?          32101 A Joke Picture...
robin.gif        5309 Pic of "Robin" from the cartoon "Robin"
robin.gif        5309 Piccy of "Robin" from the cartoon "Robin" !
celtic3D       100125 raytraced design
FthBrMi         27860 raytraced ForthBridge and reflection
Quintin         50234 New picture of me...
Fthbrdg         23528 nice raytraced pic of ForthBridge
atmos.gif      176565 
gal_4.gif       64957 One of the new Star Trek Movie poster pictures
gal_3.gif       62157 One of the new Star Trek Movie poster pictures
gal_2.gif       77462 One of the new Star Trek Movie poster pictures
gal_1.gif       51508 One of the new Star Trek Movie poster pictures
firstcon.gif    51619 One of the new Star Trek Movie poster pictures
atmos.gif      176565 The Enterprise saucer section as it enters an atmosphere
flyg_gif       617630 View from a SAAB JA37, military aircraft...
James           35265 James Seabrook looking really quite bizarre
crosby.gif      14823 Denise Crosby, alias Tasha Yar, topless
ph01.gif        72912 Pretty Japanese girl - GIF format
moonflag.gif    27008 
cemtry/gif      14216 A puzzler for you.
InSides         33200 Cover of Orbital's latest album; depressingly small :-)
ORBITAL2.GIF   204943 A picture of P&P Hartnoll, from Orbital
SHADOWS3.GIF    45301 more shadows pics
SHADOWS2.GIF    34057 Bad Guys from Babylon 5
MGF_arc        268896 3 GIF files - differentviews of the new MGF from Rover
VoyTuvok         8745 Tuvok from ST:Voy, b/w GIF
VoyParis         7297 Tom Paris from ST:Voy, b/w GIF
VoyNeelix       10161 Neelix from ST:Voy, b/w GIF
VoyKim           7661 Harry Kim from ST:Voy, b/w GIF
VoyKes           8986 Kes from ST:Voy, b/w GIF
VoyJaneway       7650 The Captain from ST:Voy, b/w GIF
VoyDocZ          7409 The Holodoc from ST:Voy, b/w GIF
VoyChakoty       7727 Chakotay from ST:Voy, b/w GIF
VoyBElanna       7856 B'Elanna from ST:Voy, b/w GIF
TERI_H/GIF      81298 terri hatcher/lewis lane (superman tv) picture
SCULLY6/GI     105453 scully from x-files picture
DIE1/GIF        99996 bruce willis picture (die hard)
CAMRA/GIF        2971 camra graphic
Ritchie        115181 Richard Richard from Bottom.
Ace2            50008 Gif of Ace from Doctor Who
Ace1            86635 Sepia-type GIF of Ace from Doctor Who
scr_1           95410 Another desktop snapshot  ;)
hub-jup        164718 800x800x8bpp GIF of Jupiter taken by Hubble.
IVANHELM.GIF    32278 Babylon 5
scream         199719 Edvard Munch's masterpiece
Pluto           58424 An ex Nasa Cool Site.
Nasa             4611 NetScape logo...
CalvnHobs2     130077 4 Calvin and Hobbes sketches - mono-GIFs in SparkFile
CalvnHobs1     149567 4 Calvin and Hobbes sketches - mono-GIFs in SparkFile
VirtCat!        25563 A COOOOOL Virtual Cat!
destiny_gi     108516 Picture of the USS Hunter from ST:Destinies (Fan fiction)
mountlak_g     269176 GIF of a mountain lake
ROGERRAB        33969 Roger rabbit in taxi
NEWPORTdoc     205788 Newport docks
munster         54751 Herman
blade           31562 Blade Runner
alf             62636 Alf drinking 
destiny.gif    108516 GIF of the USS Hunter from Star Trek:Destinies!
PC-EJER.gif     32042 Amusing picture of an PC owner
PCDcst/gif      16218 Photo_CD cost at Boots
talia_gif       86023 Commercial Telepath Talia Winters (Rating P5)
gcouncil       139419 The Minbari Grey Council
advert.gif      68420 WebZine online fanzine advert
StarPic         72296 Cataclysmic Variable Star
APC01/GIF       82287 Armoured Personel Carrier GIF from Aliens film.
BioHazard      140852 A GIF file of some gruesome BioHazard screenshots...
747_gif        206810 Jumbo Jet 747 - taking off
Ill_Bell       128367 Photo of Ill Bell
Pyramid3        90662 Raytraced Picture
Pyramid2        85552 Raytraced Picture
Pyramid1        81153 Raytraced Picture
Newtons         88478 Raytraced Picture
1701egif        62965 GIF of the Enterprise E (?)
East 17.gif    198272 A lovely pic of Those cute boys from East17 -- not
freakbrothers  117595 GIF file of The Freakbrothers from Their video
SPECLOGO         8280 Specialized Logo (Into Bikes? - Get this!)
JakeElwood      77989 2 Orange cats - with Owner!
Erk!GIF         74767 A Warhol style GIF of Piers.
HighLand        59136 GIF of the Highland region of Scotland.
PUPS11          36153 Mans best friend (small man suitable model)  GIF
PANTER           9830 That well known pink spelling mistake (GIF)
ABSOLUT4       101154 for all you dry drinkers out there! (GIF)
Mariah          73360  Mariah Carey .. Phoar!
ACORN_gif       60138 Acorns office? (found it on a PC cd'rom!)
TalkCat         36737 Darkish picture of a young Moggie!
Wax            107298 The best when pickled!
Ancho           42496 Dark tasting chillie
Habanero        24336 The Hottest Chillie in the World!
Jalapeno        43008 Pepper you can get here easily...
Tabasco         27648 That Tabasco pepper!
s_f2_gif        66965 Manga
s_f2r_gif       13817 Manga
s_f1_gif        49590 Manga
s_f1r_gif       10107 Manga
smoon01_gi      11373 Manga
sitakatu_g      13587 Manga
ranma-c2_g      11906 Manga
cjr08_gif       49011 Manga
Vixen!          21330 Well drawn mildly erotic furry picture.
LatvianCat      28220 A Latvian Cat!
STS-63.Mir.Full.View 97702 Full view of Mir take on recent Shuttle mission. Ctsy NASA.
Kittens         62872 Cute Kittens!
TheMask2        62022 Grab from film "The Mask" using Hawk V9 (GIF)
TheMask1        72536 Grab from film "The Mask" using Hawk V9 (GIF)
PIG              1854 A Pig GIF
ODEY             1968 Obey GIF
OCTOPUS          3976 Octopus Gif
MOUSE            1461 Mouse
Schiff18        87402 Claudia Schiffer in Frilly Underware
Tribble         65708 Cute Little cartoonie thing?!
NASA           103657 Insignia of the latest Space Shuttle Mission...
UK95-02-01     119808 See the cloud that caused today's rain.
UK95-01-31     115712 Oicture Of UK from space
PiersHandcuffed135707 Me, handcuffed, at the Green Man after Acorn World '94.
alien3_gif.gif 114676 Ray traced alien
0201_3         133876 GIF - A Stereogram
0201_2         146437 GIF - A Stereogram
0201_1         176795 GIF - A Stereogram
ready4Bed       95220 
rimmer.gif     175461 The Man himself, Red Dwarfs Finest, pride of the Corps
kryton.gif     167500 Freak Formation of Mashed potato(e) head from red dwarf.
cat.gif        129587 The cat from Red Dwarf (frame grab)
kirkpicard      75059 STNG - GEN - Kirk & Picard
ryker           45258 STNG - Ryker
kirk            62994 STNG - Kirk
data            46951 STNG - Data
crusher         66164 STNG - Crusher
Picard          37286 STNG Picard
CALVIN.ZIP     179577 
ESWAT_gif      268275 "Appleseed" (manga) GIF 11/10
Chernobyl      202664 Recent NASA radar image of Chernobyl.
SpaceCnter     461410 Recent NASA radar image of Kennedy Space Center
GEMINI_gif     149120 SUPERB GIF with an astronomical feel. Download it Now!
GIFWor_cut      37713 Low res Worlock GIF
GIFWorlock     151978 A GIF of me. :)
Stimpy          20371 A GIF picture of me, Stimpy!! (Oct '94)
jut_gif         20480 GIF of Jut
ShuttCrew      265138 The latest Space Shuttle Crew.
ReeferRngr      78137 Chip 'n Dale with Spliffs!! By #1322 %-)
party.gif      236343 several snapshot piccies from the shores of hell...
leaf_gif        90772 A pot leaf...
DOM_gif        107376 GIF of dom
PIERS2_gif      99090 The best GIF of Piers I had...
swedish        113879 Abba in drag, very tasteeeeeeeeeee!!! get it now!!
PSCHESS.GI      35126 Ray traced chess board
IMAGE.GIF       17657 Ray traced polaroid camera
GRPPROJ3.G      26497 Ray traced picture of an alien landscape
BNC.GIF         28642 Ray traced picture of a BNC connector.
AXIS.GIF        12866 A raytraced image of the three axes
NADIACD3       299437 Nice piccy of Nadia from 'Secret Of Blue Water' Anime
Victorio        30282 Victorio.  Murdered by Mexican army Oct 14th 1880
Joseph          30309 Chief Joseph of the Nez Perces. Died 21/9/1904 
soldier_gi      38508 In red jacket & bearskin
ns5_gif         45007 Playmate
julie-sd_g      60182 Playmate
cryst_gif       17482  Ray traced crystal
comet_gif      145531 pictures of the Shoemaker Levy Comet about to hit Jupiter
DeadTank       144537 Gif of a Dead Tank left after the War in Vietnam
wfpcin03_gif   124736 Colour GIF of Hubble repairs/update 3/3
wfpcin02_gif   153582 Colour GIF of Hubble repairs/update 2/3
wfpcin01_gif   144366 Colour GIF of Hubble repairs/update 1/3
leader.gif     143073 Warrior & Pack of Wolves
boris49.gif    159887 Goddess and the Beast
boris05.gif    170509 Goddess with snake & giant bird#
boris04.gif    173594 Goddess with Sword...Nice!
fetus.gif      186057 Picture of unborn baby...stunning
boadicea.gif   119076 Nice Futurist Picture of the Queen
autumn2.gif     72192 a gif
astronut.gif    91885 a gif
astrom.gif      20352 a gif
aristoca.gif    44032 a gif
aquagirl.gif    37888 a gif
apollo9.gif     29824 a gif
apollo10.gif    36480 a gif
angel.gif        6144 a gif
alien-tm.gif    18432 a gif
spaceman.gif   138117 Spaceman in Space
launch.gif     139329 Nice Piture of the Shuttle Launching
shtlearm.gif   172046 Nice Space Picture
aston.gif      151101 Nice Aston Martin Picture
maps           106092 Maps of the World .. in Gif format
people2         55156 More people clipart ... Gif format
people         133130 Clipart of Various People ... in Gif format
landmark        41058 Landmarks of the world .. in Gif format
flags          209630 Flags of the world in Gif format
ling0023_g      99293 A token GIF picture of a bikini wearing maiden.
Hurting        127578 Ren and Stimpy Gif
screen         158823 GIF file d/loaded from c.b.a showing new desktop ??
PWRTrain       124335 Raytraced Western style train
DuckBig         87378 Scanned line drawing of a Duck, suitable for DTP (GIF)
buckyball      177015 A fairly impressive raytraced moleculey thing.
benzene          7699 Gif of a benzene molecule
wfpc-06_gi     125874 Picture from the Hubble telscope
nagel_gif       10240 Girl
nagel49_gi      14067 Girl
nagel48_gi       7496 Girl
nagel46_gi       6673 Girl
nagel45_gi       6582 Girl
nagel44_gi      10406 Girl
nagel43_gi       8200 Girl
nagel42_gi      10406 Girl
nagel41_gi       8376 Girl
nagel40_gi       8150 Girl
nagel39_gi       7216 Girl
nagel38_gi       6988 Girl
nagel37_gi       5157 Girl
nagel35_gi       6866 Girl
nagel33_gi       7145 Girl
nagel32_gi       6703 Girl
nagel31_gi       8638 Girl
nagel24_gi       7884 Girl
nagel22_gi       8283 Girl
nagel21_gi       7792 Girl
nagel20_gi      12984 Girl
nagel18_gi       7572 Girl
nagel09_gi       8774 Girl
nagel08_gi      10993 Girl
nagel05_gi       6334 Girl
pic              5376 32 Col Star trek Enterprise
ds002_s3_g     135263 A pic from Deep Space Nine
drac_gif        26485 A pic from Dracula.  Love never dies
boder_gif       43008 Bo Derek from the Schizo Fox
x15.gif        151645 X15 under wing of B52
nasp.gif       183791 NASA space plane artist impression       759284 f117 stealth fighter   1003538 YF22 and YF23 ATF contenders
b2_gif         250199 B2 stealth bomber
WATERFALL_.gif  29998 continuous waterfall
Pool.gif        58108 Raytraced pool table
eva.gif         81169 B&W image advertising the wares of a girl called Eva
ds_f_114_g     103552 A young lady in the bath with
cyber_gif      195158 A command for Flight Path
SunScreen       45398 Sun terminal screen.
GoodOmens      187197 Large (900 pixels) GIF of the cover of Good Omens
BigDisGIF      400446 Large (900 pixels high) GIF of the Diskworld
TonyTiger       35840 A GIFF file of Tony Tiger
ZZR250          32208  GIF pic of a Motorbike
Planet          16616 An example planet made with Magrathea
nxtgen.gif       2015 Logo of STTNG
data1.gif      152553 Gif of Data
borg01.gif     121357 Very good gif of the Enterprise bridge and borg ship
Jumpship        13056 GIF of FTL Freighter ship
241-510         76676 Sysop of 2:241/510.0
MAC            184439 GIF file of a Apple MAC
Isle            31360 GIF Fantasy picture
Dungeon         27136 GIF Fantasy picture
Slayer          44800 GIF Fantasy picture
MattAstley       4110 B0800000000022d
1701d.gif        6613 Gif file of the Enterprise NCC-1701-D
PIERS_gif        3289 A tiny GIF of l'ttle moi.
FracRayt       200452 Wow! A quite amazing raytaced fractal based scene.
Rainbow         30696 GIF - arty from Silicon Graphics
Leaves          28744 GIF - arty from Silicon Graphics
FishEye         37312 GIF - arty - Silicon Graphics - FishEye of Shapes
fish_gif       203859 A superb raytraced scene
RACCOON          2609 gif file of a raccoon
RABBIT           2550 gif file of a rabbit
OTTER            1170 gif file of an otter
JACKAL           2938 gif file of a jackal
FROGS           21027 gif file of some frogs
BADGER           2632 gif file of a badger
COBRA           27352 Gif file of a cobra
ANDREXDOG       20401 GIF Of the Andrex Dog
WESTERN         98907 Wester
SCOTSMAN        36005 Flying Scotsman
LINEOF4         96093 Line of 4 125's
FORTH           91336 Firth of forth bridge
deltic          59928 
CONWY1_gif     132819 High quality scan of a train
CL50BN         160055 Train gif - colour
BR91001        168200 Train at Euston
91002          148215 Train at Euston station
poocorner       15306 Gif file - (I think) Funny.
autumn2_gif     72192 
autocad_gif     10426 
astrom_gif      20352 
aristoca_gif    44032 
apollo9_gif     29824 
apollo10_gif    36480 
ant_gif         11019 
angel_gif        6144 
andthou_gif     37919 
alien-tm_gif    18432 
albert_gif       6400 
Tank            28699 gif file of a digitised Tank
ArmyMan3        29248 gif file of a ArmyMan
ArmyMan2        29829 gif file of a digitised ArmyMan
ArmyMan         25429 gif file of a digitised ArmyMan
Agama           18354 Gif file of a digitised Agama lizard
far17_gif       24901 Far Side cartoon from Flight Path 081 759 0006
far16_gif       21981 Far Side cartoon from Flight Path 081 759 0006
far15_gif       18270 Far Side cartoon from Flight Path 081 759 0006
far14_gif       15412 Far Side cartoon from Flight Path 081 759 0006
far13_gif       16880 Far Side cartoon from Flight Path 081 759 0006
far12_gif       17214 Far Side cartoon from Flight Path 081 759 0006
far11_gif       28038 Far Side cartoon from Flight Path 081 759 0006
far10_gif       22659 Far Side cartoon from Flight Path 081 759 0006
far09_gif       20382 Far Side cartoon from Flight Path 081 759 0006
far08_gif       13681 Far Side cartoon from Flight Path 081 759 0006
far07_gif       25600 Far Side cartoon from Flight Path 081 759 0006
far06_gif       22528 Far Side cartoon from Flight Path 081 759 0006
far05_gif       17408 Far Side cartoon from Flight Path 081 759 0006
far04_gif       20480 Far Side cartoon from Flight Path 081 759 0006
far03_gif       15360 Far Side cartoon from Flight Path 081 759 0006
far02_gif       14336 Far Side cartoon from Flight Path 08
far01_gif       19456 Far Side cartoon from Flight Path 081 759 0006
Spider3         35291 gif file of a digitised Bird eating spider
Spider2         23167 gif file of a Digitised Orb spider
Spider1         42864 gif file of a digitised Sun spider
Shrimps         19727 gif file of Digitised Shrimps
ShoreCrab       33956 gif file of a digitised Shore crab
SeaAnemone      41244 gif file of a digitised Sea Anemone
Scorpion        37482 gif file of a digitised Scorpion
Scallop         22599 gif file of a digitised Scallop
Octopus         28828 gif file of a digitised Octopus
Milipede        38924 gif file of a digitised Milipede
Mantis          34127 gif file of a digitised Mantis
Mantella        39850 gif file of a digitised Mantella frog
Lobster         59572 gif file of a digitised Lobster
JellyFish       48739 gif file of a digitised Jellyfish
Hornet          32776 gif file of a digitised Hornet
GBeetle         48261 gif file of a digitised Ground beetle
DeadMan         54636 Gif file of a Digitised Deadmans fingers coral
CuttleFish      21876 Gif file of a digitised Cuttlefish
ConeShell       26887 Gif file of a digitised Cone shell
Burrow          51340 Burrowing Sea Anemone
BurnetMoth      29233 Digitised Gif file of a Burnet Moth
clown.dat       51200 Nice GIF pic of a clown
yogi.gif         4813 GIF pic of Yogi Bear
bugs.gif         8192 GIF pic of Bugs Bunny
DS9             77729 Deep Space 9 Federation Space Station - GIF      29109 another gif
bikegirl        47345 Gif - use translator to view
Jaguar_gif      12725 GIF Pic of 1988 Jaguar race car
smile.gif       33152 a gif of a smiling girl
beer.gif        10702 Garfield & Odie 
davros.gif       7888 Dr Who's Adversary Davros
syntax.gif      23369 Saucy pic of girl
tornado.gif    118640 Tornado F3 at low level
BEDRM164GIF    165985 a bedroom (excellent picture)
486_64GIF       84252 a bloddy INTEL viewed from the pins (excellent picture)
ehts0011_g     336241 A Very high res. Piccy of a Girl in a swimsuit
crwfrd25_g     113024 Cindy Crawford on a white swimsuit
PrittyWom      212416 The Pritty Woman promotional poster. GIF
BOO            127382 Betty Boo looking very pritty and normal
Rockey         135656 A photo I took back in the days of the Rockey horror show
RHPS           164233 Promo cartoon face for Rocky Horror Show
Michelle2      193142 Michelle P
Michelle1      182390 Michelle P
TheKey(I)      219495 Kate Bush passing a a key in her mouth to Houdini
Baboska(I)     371226 Kate Bush in her most Daring outfit yet !
Promo1(I)      113071 Hi Res Piccy of kate Bush's face
welch           70717 Somewhat revealing pic of a certain lady.....
mydesk.gif      48194 GIF of a nice Arc desktop
Carol_GIF       52736 Girl wearing tinted glasses
0462picp       142880 rear view girl in pink/black dress
ja-37.GIF      523239 1024*768*256 pic of a Swedish Air Force fighter jet
clip30_gif       3456 Clip Art
clip29_gif       4352 Clip Art
clip28_gif       3840 Clip Art
clip27_gif       4096 Clip Art
clip26_gif       3584 Clip Art
clip25_gif       3840 Clip Art
clip24_gif       3840 Clip Art
clip23_gif       4480 Clip Art
clip22_gif       4480 Clip Art
clip21_gif       3712 Clip Art
clip20_gif       3968 Clip Art
tankcar_gi     110199 Gif of a tank crushing a car (quite good)
tiger_gif      242688 Gif picture of a rare white tiger (one of the best out)
NasaBall.gif     2506 NASA logo (the "meatball")
RedSpot.gif    184320 Jupiter's Red Spot
longpeak.gif   224517 Pic from Ian Pomeroy
babe04.gif     230167 Pic from Ian Pomeroy
MartiniGif      80942 Girl in Martini TV Advert (frame grab)
barton.GIF     252604 Moody seascape.   (640x480x256)
gravity.GIF    293243 It isn't just a good idea, it's the LAW. (588x864x256)
GOES1230LY      27758 Recent GOES Hurricane Andrew GIF Satellite Image 13:18 GMT
goes_2          21912 Latest GOES Hurricane Andrew Satellite Image
Nagel-18         8192 
Nagel-17        10240 
Nagel-16        10240 
Nagel-15         8192 
Nagel-14        10240 
Nagel-13        10240 
Nagel-12         8192 
Nagel-11         6144 
Nagel-10         8192 
Nagel-07        10240 
Nagel-06        13312 
Nagel-05         8192 
Nagel-04         8192 
Nagel-03         8192 
Nagel-02         8192 
mariaw03_g     148146 Maria Whittaker looking luvly...
MoreErika      109337 Another GIF of that Baywatch girl (with a chair?)!
Ballring2      104859 GIF pic of an abstract picture
Humhed          45562 GIF pic of a human head
Fish            15580 GIF pic of a blue fish!
Backgamon       26034 GIF pic of a backgamon board
Aquarium        93977 GIF pic of an Aquarium, full of fish
Anglepoise      64009 GIF pic of one of those lamps!
DI             271872 GIF PICTURE OF LADY DI
RIP_GIF         67627 Rich in Paradise BBS advert with Erika Eleniak
Basselop.GIF    19940 The last word in nuclear warhead delivery systems
Amber           38067 Pretty Face (GIF)
phobos_gif        128 55
edward2_gi      69690 Edward Hobson From the Power House, Colour.
garfield.gif     8192 Garfield and the dog with one hell of a tongue
asterix.gif      8127 Asterix, Obelix, Dogmatix and a blooming great menhir.
JAMESPC.GIF      7589 Trendy indie band logo - makes a good backdrop!
Planet           7198 GIF pic showing construction of a planet
mtv              6144 GIF pic of Dire Straits "Money for Nothing"
GORILLA         26452 GIF pic of a Gorilla
gaspra_txt       4077 Details of the two Gaspra Gifs
gaspra_col     172083 Colour Gif of Asyeroid Gaspra
gaspra_bw      162938 Monochrome Gif of Asteroid Gaspra
fingers         65528 Fun with a digitiser! Very colourful.
BlueDress       97893 Pretty Lady in Blue Party Dress
Blue-F18        95872 F-18 American Airplane
deanna_gif      20005 Deanna Troi from Star trek - topless! (teehee)
dsf003_gif     135168 ry nice Page 3 type GIF
lips.gif        25700 A nice pair of lips
chess.gif       14814 Flying chess pieces as seen on MS Windows
paddy.gif       17575 Paddy Pantsdown as drawn by my bro on Paint for Windows.
bart2.gif       11657 Just one question?  Why has he got jaundice?
saddam.gif       6213 Him    (B&W)
pepsi.gif        5101 A can of a certain (undisclosed) well-known brand of cola
bambi.gif        3308 Bambi           ...(surprise)
BirdOfP_2       85357 GIF pic of A Bird of Prey (Spacecraft)
Astron_2       137216 GIF pic of A man in Space 
waterfal.gif    72838 picture of a waterfall
rockhopo.gif   152293 another rockhopper
rockhopj.gif   167507 a rockhopper
kingj.gif      284415 a king
kinga.gif      220512 a king penguin
gentoom.gif    150184 another gentoo
gentooj.gif    196478 a gentoo
duck2.gif      139845 count duckula
chinsto.gif    180336 guess what this is?
chinstn.gif    109016 yes another chinstrap penguin
chinstm.gif    239533 a chinstrap penguin
adelief.gif    111137 yet another adelief penguin
adelied.gif    158735 another Penguin
adeliea.gif    128255 adelie penguin
rembrand.gif    19110 The painter of course
Nastasia_g      81929 B & W GIF pic of Nastassia Kinski
MADONNA         10576 GIF of Madonna in string vest
MAID-ART_g      20006 GIF Pic of a Milk Maid
MAZDA-MX5_      14050 GIF Pic of MAZDA MX5 car
NICL01_gif     258432 Nice Girl all tied up 10/10
ZEE             21868 GIF picture of a painting of a seascape, nice!
LIBERTY         22631 204x236x256 colour scan of statue of liberty
CUP+RINGS       18454 illusionist pic (407x153x256
CLOUSEAU        19562 133x207x256 - peter sellers
seymour        155389 GIF Pic of our Jane looking glamorous
glass_gif       67584 looks like raytraced glass balls.
dnosr_gif       12288 T. Rex bones
data_gif        13312 No emotions here
zaphod_gif      61568 Hitchhikers guide
Gulf_GIF         9979 Map of the Gulf
WINWIN          31616 GIF file of a Windows window in an Archimedes window!
duckd2_gif      22862 Daffy Duck and an irate alien.
Voyager.gif    191616 Last chance to see THE space probe, GIF
ORBITER.GIF      8441 Shuttle pictures can use as clip art, GIF
MTV.gif          8320 MTV logo GIF
arnold.gif      15360 Head and shoulders of the Terminator, GIF
Jupiterr.gif    25728 The rings of jupiter from Hubble, GIF
EdwinAld.gif    70784 Edwin on the moon GIF
SFnight.GIF    182272 Night view of San Francisco GIF
Mars.gif       176406 View of Mars from Hubble Telescope GIF
hurrican.gif    33792 Hawker Hurricane in flight GIF
hitakey.gif     11058 Well used cliche "Hit any key" GIF
crik.gif         2789 Jiminy cricket GIF
Discover.GIF    27904 Space shuttle GIF
Walk.GIF        45056 Space walker GIF
GOLDEN.GIF      48128 Golden gate bridge GIF
BlackCou.gif    47954 Lamborghini Countache GIF
ASTRON.GIF     134144 Space walking astronaut GIF
944Turbo.gif    88504 Porsche 944 GIF
Baseball.GIF     9518 Baseball Clip Art as a GIF file.
SILK           129024 GIF pic of a nice girl dressed in silk
AnnieLenx       43324 Annie Leonx..Pritty good for a video piccy
romance_gi      49260 Venice
saddam_gif       5295 The man himself
rcar1_gif        8928 ray traced car
panther_gi       9805 The pink one
fenn__s0_g      78758 Miss Horne minus clothes
elv_gif         97787 Elvira
cure2_gif       44288 
bt-logo_gi       3735 
apmoon2_gi      32186 
SCIENCE_gi      96916 GIF picture - the latest model calculator in action
bambi_gif        2668 GIF picture of dear little Bambi
XMAS03.GIF     179868 A very different sort of Santa
HOTROD          29562 GIF Pic of a HotRod
sstone2.gif     78051 Sharon Stone
N1             112640 GIF Pic of a lady half dressed by a radiator (keeping warm?)
fb004_gif       41417 GIF Pic of a half lady half horse creature
fb001_gif       47938 GIF Pic of a Jungle lady and 2 tigers
druidess_g      29158 GIF Pic of a lady druid person
Corvette         7168 GIF Pic of a red Corvette car
CD              16384 GIF Pic of a Compact Disc
Apple           18688 GIF Pic of a Silver apple
Loco_gif        48763 GIF pic of steam locomotive
f14_gif          3072 Any time Qaddafi
biplane_gi      15884 A biplane
ROBOCOP         11008 GIF Pic of The mechanical policeman
JAMILEE         61097 GIF Pic of Tony Curtis's daughter
Gif_Zapper      28928 GIF Pic of a Woman zapping someone!
JFK             53754 GIF Pic of JFK
TB2             30826 GIF Pic of Thunderbird 2
TB1             43608 GIF Pic of Thunderbird 1
newcat_gif      15308 GIF Pic of a cartoon....not for cat lovers!
pagoda_gif       5120 GIF Pic of a pagoda
pisa_gif        45921 GIF Pic of that leaning tower
n_york_gif      49354 GIF Pic of a scene in North Yorkshire
lisa_gif        44032 GIF Pic of a nice girl's face
ffc07_gif        8954 GIF Pic of Fat Freddy's Cat thinking
ffc06_gif       10117 GIF Pic of Fat Freddy's Cat feeling depressed
ffc05_gif       11099 GIF Pic of Fat Freddy's Cat's Logo
ffc04_gif        9442 GIF Pic of Fat Freddy's Cat flea picking!
ffc02_gif        6895 GIF Pic of Fat Freddy's Cat bouncing!
ffc_gif         12992 GIF Pic of 7 views of Fat Freddy's Cat
brooke10.GIF    81986 Ten (small) pictures of Ms Shields. 320x400, 256 colours
thomas_gif      16384 The Tank engine
mgship_gif      10489 ??
leonardo_g      10394 Another nasty smell from the sewer
goblin_gif      22528 A nice guy
donatell_g      21888 A nasty smell from the sewer
2010_gif        34816 2010
nlg-0023_g     134612 Cindy Crawford holding a baseball bat
belind_gif      45056 Belinda Carlisle
bayg01_gif      47774 The rather tasty blonde from Baywatch minus the swimsuit ;-)
realufo_gi       9135 UFO Photo.
brazil_gif      38931 UFO Photo.
alien_gif        9655 Alien Face.
Montage         36409 "Arty" montage of girls face and car
Rendevous        6462 GIF of Jean-Michel's album cover
EvilEyes         6378 GIF of a pair of evil eyes
woman_gif       34360 Picture of a lady.
woman-1_gi      18025 Old woman making tea
aussie_gif      41984 Aussie
tba2_gif        43035 Edmund (Brian Blessed's bastard son) having a slurp
drandq_gif       9608 from 2000AD
blitzspr_g      12672 From 2000AD
alpha_gif        7336 From 2000AD
mist_gif        10240 Misty Pic from FlightPath 081 759 0006
terminat_g      10899 Arnie ready to cull the human race
littleme_g      21653 Little Mermaid
merm_gif        10235 Little Mermaid
mermaid3_g      28247 Little Mermaid
mermaid2_g      16805 Little Mermaid
mermaid1_g      38749 Little Mermaid
secret          12167 GIF Pic of a secret message..Can anyone solve it?
Mews            96852 GIF Pic of two little pussies
Monster3       106958 GIF Pic of a red monster with yellow eyes!
Monster2       107407 GIF Pic of a blue monster!
Monster1       106368 GIF Pic of a red monster!
IMlad          224647 Irn Maiden Life After Death cover - non-arced filetype 695
IMkillers      207825 Iron Maiden Killers record cover - Non-arced filetype 695
bluegirl_g     191104 Girl in blue swimming costume. Quite tasty
SUNSET_GIF      82048 Fractel Moonrise at Sunset
BELCAN_GIF     159488 Bel Canto, Mandelbrot planet with 'Julia' mountains
Hireling15     111439 GIF Pic of "The Hireling Shepherd" by William Holman Hunt
apollo_gif      54400 Spacecraft above moon
WESSON          34048 GIF picture of a Smith & Wesson .38 pistol.
calvin2_gi      13247 
Mandrill28      67999 GIF pic of a Mandrill
MoleRat21      199751 GIF Pic of a MoleRat
Mantis         101778 GIF Pic of a Praying Mantis
calvin4_gi       6240 
calvin3_gi       8103 
bboop_gif        2711 Betty minus clothes
Elizabeth       46631 Black & white GIF Pic of Elizabeth
Betty           41387 Black & white GIF Pic of Betty
EyeHand         41651 Horror GIF pic of a hand full of eyeballs 
HeadOff         62493 Horror GIF pic of a lady with a head on her lap 
Octopussed      51129 Horror GIF pic of head/octopus
josielau.gif    23800 Josie Lawrence, comedienne on C4
melly_gif        7679 Roger Melly
tomb320_gi      27028 Ray traced tomb
buster_gif       7769 Buster Gonad
MDMA            33079 GIF Pic of a molecule (spheres)
Ugly            29317 GIF Pic of an ugly man
Count           51351 GIF Pic of Count Dracula and femail victim
TASHA           70297 Tasha from Star Trek
Saturn_arc      57750 Archived GIF pic of Saturn from the Hubble Space Telescope
warner-bro       6660 GIF Pic of two pictures of a bull dog
PlayItSam       31162 GIF Pic of a scene from "Play it again Sam"
marsface        20715 GIF Pic of surface of Mars (looks like a face!)
FOX-BEAR         5278 GIF Pic of fox...and a bear!
BananaPCjr       2047 GIF Pic of a small computer
Alice_in_w      15146 GIF Pic of a scene from Alace in Wonderland
Unicorn         96000 GIF Pic of a young Unicorn
Not_me_him      20586 GIF Pic of Two Bears in a Gunsight (Humourous)
GhostBuste       3292 GIF Pic of The Gostbusters logo (B&W)
garfield_g       4837 GIF Pic of Garfield talking about computers
twodice        355278 GIF Pic of two marbled dice in mid air in a landscape
sabbath        102793 GIF Pic of A Sabbath meal
                73884 GIF Pic of a Pontiac at speed
boxes          183097 GIF Pic of Raytraced picture of boxes and shere
MacUndergr      27994 GIF Pic of "Tales from the MAC Underground"
F-15            64065 GIF Pic of 2 F-15 aircraft
diamond         75626 GIF Pic of a big diamond
evita            4665 GIF Pic of "Evita" logo
cats             3272 GIF Pic of "Cats" logo
felix           14939 GIF Pic of Felix the cat
TREKVIEW        31744 GIF Pic of a view of the Enterprise's Viewscreen
Karen           74512 Karen Keating from Blue peter Fame 
Mara           144536 Cannon Ion pic
Spock1and2      79151 Two GIF pictures of Mr. Spock
GrahamEida      36411 A Gif file of ME with a tie on !!! wow
Wednesday      259691 C-i-n-i-m-a-S-c-o-p-e GIF Pic of Sheiffield Wed. Fball Team
Isabelle        81087 Black & White GIF pic of a girl
WETNWILD        68429 A young lady having a shower
Train          323426 GIF pic of a intercity125
dragon           8320 Monochrome Dragon (possibly useful for DTP)
1701c-1_gif     55296 USS Enterprise 1701C from ST:TNG
townhall       172352 GIF Pic of Shieffield Town Hall (Panoramic shoot)
INDIA           61440 GIF Pic of a young lady, who's forgoten something
dark             4438 Pic of Skull and dagger from Dark Castle
Paula-08        89757 GIF
Paula-07        89762 GIF PIC
PaulaAbdul      75249 Paula Abdul. GIF
jayhawk         14666 GIF Pic of a Jayhawk (cartoon)
billcat         30758 GIF Pic of a wild cat (cartoon)
Ariel          147641 GIF Pic of Ariel, from "The Little Mermaid"
TankGirl        13824 Scanned GIF file of Tank Girl
Paula-06        93421 Young Lady
Skullface       36792 GIF Pic of a half face/half skull
vader_1          3073 GIF Pic of a Dath Vader's helmet
ufo1             9216 GIF Pic of a UFO
OILRIG          19348 MiG 29
MissHitShp      12375 MiG 29
WendyJ          91670 Wendy James
redhead         42112 GIF Pic of a red head leaning on a red car!
stpepper        38656 GIF Pic of Cover of St.Pepper album by The Beatles
SATURN1         15506 GIF Pic of Planet Saturn and 4 of its moons
PROFITS         31711 GIF Pic of a 100 dollar bill with graph
Owl             99200 GIF Pic of an Owl (with eyes closed!)
OPTIC           20608 GIF Pic of an Optical illusion
MONKEY          55699 GIF Pic of a red nosed monkey
LAUNCH         167250 GIF Pic of the launch of a space shuttle
koala1_gif      54272 GIF Pic of an Austrailian bear
kitty_gif       58368 GIF Pic of a pussy
KateBush2      127305 GIF Pic of Kate Bush
FLYGRLS1        57600 GIF Pic of three naked girls on dragonback
FLOWERS         34048 GIF Pic of a vase of flowers
BlackCar        48000 GIF Pic of a black American car
Blue_Car        60416 GIF Pic of a blue American car
DAYBREAK        53760 GIF Pic of Mountain scene at daybreak
ed209_gif       49152 GIF Pic of a biped robot thing!
earth_gif       50176 GIF Pic view of Earth from space (Africa)
apollo9_gi      30720 GIF Pic of a man getting out of Apollo 9
china_gif       56320 GIF Pic of a Chineese man stopping a tank
E-F40_GIF       13312 GIF Pic of a Ferrari F40
apple_gif       45921 GIF Pic of a strange girl that seems to have taken root!
dstar_gif       11777 GIF Pic of The dark star from the movie
Eagle           44544 GIF Pic of a Eagle
CLOCKS         108288 GIF Pic of a room full of mantlepiece clocks!
Clint           54021 Nice GIF Pic of Clint Eastwood
KatePict       139392 GIF file of a drawing of Kate Bush VERY GOOD (well I like it
Gulls           43008 GIF Pic of a two Seagulls
Falcon          19836 GIF Pic of a Falcon
DawnEagle       21027 GIF Pic of an Eagle
Sumo           160736 GIF Pic of Sumo Wrestlers
TubularBel     118609 GIF Pic of Tubular bell symbol
NiceGirl       137042 GIF Pic of... a nice Girl!
Banaman         55511 GIF Pic of Bananaman!
7up            161585 GIF Pic of a still from 7up advert
Police          71017 GIF Pic of a hungry policeman!
George          27656 GIF Pic of a lion on a horse's back
Kate3           66728 GIF Pic of Kate Bush
MONROE          18944 GIF Pic of Miss Monroe, minus her blouse (B&W)
Beaker          45078 GIF Pic of "Beaker" from the Muppet Show
Turnips         15488 GIF Pic of 4 Teenage Mutant Hero Turnips!?!
SaraGreene     133766 GIF Pic of Sara Greene
ROBOCOP         13312 Poster style pic of the man himself
AFTERBURNER     18432 Great PIC of ZZTop album cover...
MigOilRig       46965 Oil rig scene from MiG29 fulcrum
MigNuke         39013 Nuclear scene from G29 fulcrum
MigForest       36292 Forest scene from MiG29 fulcrum
Satellite        6595 pic of a satellite swinging round some moon or other
Mouse_GIF        6510 have a guess... the clue's in the name
Garfld_GIF       4544 gif file of a certain cat (originally from macpaint)
MadProfSprite2   7680 Another Mad Prof Mari. sprite that has been Mega Compacted
MadProf Pic      9600 Mad proffessor mariarti Gif file
FANTASIA         8832 GIF pic of Micky Mouse at work
RAMRON          25044 GIF pic Cartoon of Rambo and Ronnie
best2          199157 GIF pic of Voyager 2 view of planet Neptune
1VANNA          46208 GIF Pic of Vanna, ready for bed.
EARTH           52224 GIF Pic of Earth from Space.
LIL            104448 GIF Pic of a girl with a fan...and not much else!
Henge          154752 GIF Pic of Stonehenge
Hands           15592 GIF Pic of some hands!
JGIRL           13312 GIF Pic of a Jungle Girl (cartoon style)
WALK            44588 GIF Pic of a man in Space
STRABERY        32768 GIF pic of a giant Stawberry!! (nice pic)
SHUT            10496 GIF pic of Space Shuttle (Colour cut-away)
ROGER           32768 GIF pic of Roger rabbit and Bob at speed in a toon car.
PIGS            52480 GIF pic of some pigs feeding
CASTLE          24576 GIF pic of a castle in a valley
dragon          47733 
TRINA_GIF       54400 GIF pic of girl on bed.
PORT_GIF        28672 Reasonable quality head & shoulders portrait.
shehulk          7936 16 colour IBM gif of comic character
corvette_g       3840 Car Gif
Swomen          54655 GIF Pic of some strange "Snake Women"
elvira4_gif     76444 4 more (black&white) shots of Elvira
PUFFINSM        41036 GIF pic of a Puffin (A logo for muffins)
FROG            22016 GIF pic of a red eyed tree frog
GIRL            48206 GIF pic of a Girl's face (as used for DTP examples)
DEER            58368 GIF pic of a deer in some undergrowth
CHER            61440 GIF pic of "Cher"
KISROGER        47104 GIF Pic of Roger Rabbit being kissed
Lightning      202240 GIF Pic of a bolt of lightning
BLONDIE         30720 GIF Pic of the Band "Blondie"
Cindy6         206143 GIF Pic of "Cindy" in a yellow bikini
lisathorpe     210431 GIF Pic of a well endowed young lady!
sandy          209579 GIF Pic yet another girl in a swimsuit
NAZGULL         51328 GIF Pic of a Red eyed black man on a horse!
MOON            16769 GIF Pic of a view from the surface of the Moon
HOME            64000 GIF Pic of a house in the country
SKULL            7680 GIF pic of a scull.
12MICKEY        33536 GIF pic of Mickey Mouse and some stardust.
JCarson         52417 GIF Pic of Jonny Carson
Pup             36224 GIF Pic of a young dog.
Dimension!      88898 GIF Pic from the TV shampoo advert.
MTHOOD          11904 GIF file of a Mountain and lake
BART            14368 GIF file of Mr.Bartman Jr.
Warship         47123 GIF Pic of a Tudor battleship
Hurricane       34784 GIF Pic of a RAF Hurricane
Bugatti         10189 GIF Pic of a Bugatti motor car
Wizard          12848 GIF File of Mickey Mouse..up to tricks!
Jedi            28749 GIF file of C3PO, R2D2 and "Friends"
Fantasy2        29670 GIF pic of a man on a hourse in mode 15
Fantasy1        11027 An old world castle in mode 15
warmap          21737 GIF pic of the Gulf war zone
Garfield        13447 GIF Pic of Garfield in a bubble! (Mode 15)
Paulina21      194559 GIF pic of a young lady with her teddy bear
mac21          129707 GIF pic of some floating spheres and Apple logos
Spock_arc       43221 GIF Pic of Science Officer Spock (Star Trek)
Ncc_1701        20480 GIF Pic of USS Enterprise (Star Trek)
CalGirl21      124927 GIFF Pic of a Calendar Girl  (Mode21)
Hcane20        141056 GIFF Pic of a Hurricane (Mode20)
Blueswim15      81816 GIF Pic of Girl in Blue Swimsuit (Mode15)
Saturn13        11264 GIF Pic of Saturn & Moons (Mode13)
HaremGir20       5760 GIF Pic of Harem Dance Girl (Mode20)
Shuttle20       27648 GIF Pic of Space Shuttle at take off (Mode20)
WetT15          80687 GIF Pic of Girl in wet T shirt (Mode15)
Spaceman13      44672 GIF Pic of Man in Space (Mode13)
MashCast13      45056 GIF Pic of Cast of Mash (Mode13)
FB_111         114816 Gif pic of FB-111 Fighter aircraft in flight
Earth1         141429 Nice 256 grey scale pic of Earth from Space
Pluto            2268 You guessed!
MickyFanz        9216 Mickey mouse
Dragon          19968 pic of a dragon (6/10)
Donald_and _Daisy 10240 Donald Duck and Daisy
SKYLINE         22701 drawing of city skyline (I'll give it 4/10)
SAMBURU         36047 Pic of African Tribes Woman (I'll give it 8/10)
PLAZA           19135 Drawn pic of same (I'll give it 5/10)
tigerspr_gif     5003 some sprites from altered beast game i did
REDLINE          7938 Gif Pic of a WW2 Aircraft
HUMBIRD         18861 Gif Pic of a Hummingbird
RoBo_arc        16795 GIF Image of Robocop
ps2joke         11845 GIF file Picture of IBM computer
Treefrog        19840 GIF image of a Tree Frog
StarDestry      32000 GIF image of Star Destroyer from StarWars
chipmunk        11264 Chip & Dale
Nurse_GIF       19657 Picture of a nurse
aquagirl_g      37888 GIF piccy of a woman looking at fish.
budgirls       161792 GIF file of three Budwisser Girls!
BA12XX5_gif     10192 Sprite from Black Adder 4 ...Melchitt
TRACY_GIF       19200 Di in disguise
K_T_BUSH_G      10752 A hound of love
phoebe2         21120 Gif picture of Phoebe Cates (face)
Paula4_GIF      44032 Paula
Paula1_GIF      43008 Paula
BUGSY            6272 Bugs Bunny & a bull
Elvira          34560 If only all vampires were like this
earthmoon2       8394 Another Earth-over-Moon GIF picture
earthmoon1      25341 GIF pic of Earth rising over Moon
FredFlnGIF       2911 Fred Flinstone
Chicks_GIF      55040 Bustenhalter advert
BladeR_gif      29824 Bladerunner Gif
SHUTLENT        60288 GIF Pic of Men at work in the Shuttle cargo bay
DARKNITE        20480 GIF Pic of Batman & the Boy Wonder at work
MUNSTER         52480 GIF picture of a Hurman Munster & Son
MOUSE           31104 GIF picture of a Mouse
Shuttle        187008 GIF Pic of Shuttle take off
Spock           34816 GIF picture 1st Officer Spock of USS Enterprise
UnGIF           41984 UNGIF Mk1 GIF file converter + 2 GIF files

Size of area 52006k

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