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Sprite Picture files (77)

Filename       Length Short description     570103 A selection of pics from the artist on `OK Computer'
MacScrn          3852 Macintosh Screen window sprite       52664 It's Tinky-winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po, and NooNoo
image_arc       27060 Downlaod and Double Click on Download to Load
mme5           112080 Latest pic of me to make you all cringe(Me being David Hart)
HKsp.arc         9453 New Hong Kong flags, drawn by Phil Crisp, arced, (Sprites)
IceEngine       28643 steam on the Rocks in the snow.....
New House       67048 John Ward's new house (for those who were curious)
Celticord       18638 Raytraced 3-stranded cord with celtic tile floor.
dancer/jpg      85304 Sprite of Nana Visitor
CHURCHint       22433 RENDERBENDER raytraced church interior arced.
ARM_Show       366578 Piccies taken by Andi Timmins at the ARM Club show
charlogo.g      38680 Charlatans Logo
banner          59921 ZIP Sprite startup banner looks best in 256cols for ROS3.7
AudiRings      273861 Audi 4 rings logo, raytraced using Illusionist. ArcFS'd.
DeckCards       19880 Playing Card Backs 22 off
World            2633 Sprite Of world Map nice tiled as backdrop
Time1           49871 raytraced squashed sprite
LocoFront       15599 render bender sprite
ericshel       250644 Still from the film "The Crow"
pics           235560 some sprites from pulp
Picture         40279 Arc, Urquhart castle.Loch Ness Scotland
4x4Truck        14592 Scanned 4x4 MOD Truck
Rannoch        135046 Sprite file of Rannoch moor
Ashley           6025 spuashed picture of my local church
Sprites         23564 Sprites
quintin         52844 Quintin Parker at the ARM club show!
MCIBTY          48480 Arced sprite of a letter in 1983's C&VG...
sim_arc        521282 The Simpsons, all together on the Settee
batman         123376 Batman logo by Sam Fazakerley.
ASpic           32215 A pic for you support arcade today:-)
X-Files        178024 An X-Files image grabbed from TV.
VolCtrl          6913 Sprite of the RPC 700 CDrom Volume ctrl window....
Frogs/zip      149865 8 High Quality Sprites of Frog's
Deana          339670 Troi meets Picard - Sprite
ENebula        146345 Mode 28 Sprite (Spark'ed) of Eagle Nebula Birth of Stars
Sysop/arc       41285 A picture of me, Robbie Record, at the Acron world show 95.
moon_bd        277488 Squashed Sprite image of the moon's surface
upload         134656 John Ward with new Risc PC - and very happy too!
John_Ward      132199 John Ward with Arcs - impatiently waiting for my new Risc PC
Yeehaaa!        45457 Picture of the Century?? :-)
WELCH_ARC      118109 Raquel Welch Arced Mode 28 Sprite File
hawbeach_g     307256 Sprite of a hawian Beach
Fireman        167493 Man on fire
CLOUD           24980 Cloud in a crystal ball
A7000           32456 A7000 (Acorn Sprite) - 8bbp from
Integrated.arm  93638 Integrating Windows apps on the desktop
Backdrop        18461 new RISCPC/Acorn logo backdrop
WhatABig1      178606 Original Rocky Horror Cover Picture
SIGNALBOX       23028 Signal box - sprite
PEACOCK         20660 Peacock photo - sprite
MACAW           17325 Man with macaw - sprite
Castles        280123 Two sprites with pictures of castles.
Dots            44526 A great Stereogram
kilerwhale     156401 Sprite of killer whale at SeaWorld.(squashed)
chicag          95377 M'soft 'Chicago' bitmap-backdrop. 
Fantaclip      430084 Collection of Fantasy Clip Art
Rimmer          61719 Scanned image of a Red Dwarf occupant. 256 colour only.
Lister          93066 Scanned image of a Red Dwarf occupant. 256 colour only.
Kryton          38489 Scanned image of a Red Dwarf occupant. 256 colour only.
camera           2001 A CAMERA
RiscPC         110407 Squashed sprite file of a Risc PC. Nice scan.
WPHouse        231695 House of WordPerfect owner 
Pyrimid        153784 Anice little stereogram
Grief            9756 A bit of art by Mart.
Destroyer      101993 Pic of Star Destroyer approaching from Jupiter
FISH            62048 A Stereogram
Girlies         66634 Victorian girls in nice Welsh hats. With cats :) Squashed.
ufo            270669 UFO MISSES PLANE!!!
eye             34773 Eye Eye!
canon           46424 If any one can . . . . .
Scans          124359 Various Scanned Sprites
IJ_AcW_93       55296 Arcade users at the Acorn World Show '93 - Ian Jordan
Ian             48209 A picture of me (Ian Hatley)
lamb_arc        18373 A piccy of my Lamb, that Leah gave me.  Sits on my tell.
Money          139522 Loads of money! 32,000 colours (RiscPC only)
MOON           296723 The Moon
QEII            35529 Queen Elizabeth II (who else?). Sprite. See long description
GeorgeBush      72039 George Bush - RiscOS sprite. See long description.
FloydCD        107440 CD Inlay from Floyds Division Bell using
RockMan        151271 A Rock Man from Dark Sun... All scanned on a Epson GSX 6500
Man            225744 A man from Dark Sun. Archived. M28
FTH             72040 A trhie Kreen. From sarksum
Crodlu          26473 Archived. Mode 28. From Dark Sun series.. A horse type thing
Timmo!!         16825 Tim Lewis, v1
merccar        140662 Nice Italian Car
IMG0100        129262 Nice mode 28 car
PolCar          80467 US Police Car
M_Williams      31940 Arced Mode 21 sprite of Mark Williams in musgshot form
Gallwayarc     226304 HiVision digitised pic of James Gallway
TracEn_arc     194276 HiVision digitised pic of a traction engine (arced)
George_arc     219005 HiVision digitised pic of George the bulldog (arced sprite)
CashmereA      110574 Cashmere .... Another of the Atomwide cats
JasperA        131449 Jasper .... One of the many Atomwide cats!
DataStoreA     101080 People at the Acorn World Show - Datastore crew
KerryDaveA     114368 People at the Acorn World Show - Atomwide/Arcade
K_A_MartA       81892 People at the Acorn World Show - Atomwide/Aleph One
M_K_MA          97996 People at the Acorn World Show - The Atomwide crew
UniqeA          71086 People at the Acorn World Show - The Guys at Uniqueway
MartChrisA      57136 People at the Acorn World Show - Chris Ross/Martin Coulson
Stef-DaveA     115512 People at the Acorn World Show - Stefan Brueck/Dave Dade
SerialPA       102674 People at the Acorn World Show - Hugo/Bob Voisey
Paul_BevA       27069 Arcade users at the Acorn World Show - Paul Beverley
T_BrowseA       49934 Arcade users at the Acorn World Show - Tim Browse
S_CostinA       56624 Arcade users at the Acorn World Show - Steve Costin
S_PurseyA       63654 Arcade users at the Acorn World Show - Steve Pursey
P_GauntA        81896 Arcade users at the Acorn World Show - Peter Gaunt
DaveDanA        46944 Arcade users at the Acorn World Show - Davedan
IanOHaraA       54168 Arcade users at the Acorn World Show - Ian O'Hara
K_HallA         73440 Arcade users at the Acorn World Show - Keith Hall
UnadCat        102090 256 colour sprite of "The Unadulterated Cat" by T Pratchett
Diskworld      180506 256 colour sprite of the Diskworld
RHonPic         10399 Rhondda Picture...
MatthewA         5587 Me lined up against a brick wall
math            14896 20 thumbnail sprites for math examples of !POVscene (POVray)
level3          61948 24 thumbnail sprites for level 3 of !POVscene (POVray)
level2          58220 25 thumbnail sprites for level 2 of !POVscene (POVray)
level1          67431 35 thumbnail sprites for level 1 of !POVscene (POVray)
DemonFyre       32722 Mode 15 sprite, fantasy genre, of a Demon materialising.
A4000BW         61347 A4000 Black and White Backdrop Picture
A4000           93829 A4000 backdrop (Colour)
maps            83281 Maps of the World...Mode28 Sprites Convert from BMP's
Camera           2995 Simple Sprite File of an SLR
tuthead        261677 Hi-Res Pic of Tut's Mask
NC1701_ARC      36858 Sprite of the first Enterprise
deskbgd         15505 Nice digitised sprite for desktop bgd
PacMan           2853 Ray traced PacMan (mode 15)
SinkUnit.arm    17250 Squashed Sprite of a sink unit
roger           41415 A Picture of Roger Rabbit
Goblet.arm      55068 Goblet (CFS Format)
Lightning.arm    9738 Lightning (CFS FILE format)
CloudScene.arm  21228 Cloud Scene (CFS Format)
BrassClock.arc  12977 Powershade picture of a brass carriage clock
NAVAL           33800 Mode picture of a GUN
M_GUNS          21296 Yet Another gun
HOWITZER        17348 A mode 12 picture of a Gun
gun             37355 A Mode 12 picture of a Gun
FR_8pndr        38195 Another Mode 12 picture of a Gun
ARTIL           12541 A Mode 12 picture of a GUN
Diana          192326 A smiling Diana
Face1           77044 Face
Helen          130496 A Lovell picture of a mountain stream.
Sat             14872 Satellite Image from Teletext
Pool_Arc        37897 Sprite file of a cartoon by Piraro
Light_Arc       53035 Sprite file of a cartoon by Piraro

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