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DRAW Picture Files (78)

Filename       Length Short description

Europe          23932 Diplomacy map draw file
pics           172836 ArtWorks pics - cow, Shakespear, scorpion
JohnnyBr3        4920 Johnny Bravo
JohnnyBr2        6280 Johnny Bravo
JohnnyBr1        2324 Johnny Bravo (head only)
Just4Her         2013 Semiars for "her"
JunglePray        379 a prayer for the jungle
Eric'sBoss      10044 Pic of Eric Feeble's boss from the cartoon Stressed Eric
Brain            8380 Picture of Brain from the cartoon Pinky & the Brain
IntelFunny      19056 Intel Logo's with funny Modifications, Draw files (ArcFS)
DVW500_con      11562 Rear panel connections for Sony DigiBeta recorder
DexterDraw      15524 Pictures from the cartoon 'Dexter's Laboratory'
HKdw.arc         3319 New Hong Kong flags, drawn by Phil Crisp, arced, (DrawFiles)
COMP009         10888 Clip Art - A Drawfile of an old Apple Mac
GiveMeFive       1128 Give me 5 - Logo in Drawfile format..
Five             1032 The NEW Channel 5 logo (Starts Easter Sunday..)
flame           34396 Nice picture of a flame struck from a match :-)
Weather         40388 Weather symbols - For all types of NICE and HORRID weather!
QCircle           676 A circle with a '?' in centre (might be good for www?!)
Phone             892 Phone - Public telephone sign (in circle)
MiscIcons       70240 Well.. some Miscellaneous Icons of different things..
FireElec         2044 A fire starting from electrical power point... Weird pic!
Bubbles2         4604 Four different style explosion bubbles..
Bubbles1        15412 Bubbles - Several different styles of banner/speech bubles..
owl             15568 Traced Drawfile of a stained glass owl
Calendar        12371 Drawfile of a 1997 Calendar
ducks            4120 drawfile ducklings
mistlebord       5775 draw file suitable for christmas notepaper border - all mine
rubberstam      13300 spark'ed rubber stamp impression type draw images
baubles         11501 spark'ed draw file of baubles on a fir tree - make a border?
alarmclock      18513 sparked draw file of an alarm clock by me ...TPJay
XmasTags       983556 The name says it all!
ART_Logo         9424 Art Logo, including the text bit this time....
teacher          4369 My incarnation in a previous life
Postie           4164 Trevor Skelton - a postman
cottage          5571 mine again - more Mr.Men inspiration
Brassbed       109371 my own version - inspired by Mr.Men books
ATLAN_DRAW      13047 Atlanta'96 logo in Draw format
remote_arc      15974 TV remote control (drawfile)
VisaAccess       4908 Visa and Access credit card logos in Draw format.  Arcfile.
BBClog_arc      58044 The BBC crest and logo in glorious .. er ... colour.
Prtypes         20509 Five main printing methods
OlympFlag        2940 DrawFile of Olympic flag, someone may need it!
Nut+Bolt        16364 A technical drawing of a nut and bolt (Draw)
FilmFrame        2368 A blank 35mm Frame (Draw)
Achtung!         4260 A notice to those who can't keep their hands off! (Draw)
Map            148050 Map to get to the cinema for 6/4/96 - Download if you
TheSimps        76966 Simpsons Characters
Avid_logo        1038 Avid Technology's purple triangle logo
Map.arc        141201 How to get to Oxford from the M40 - for the meet on 16/03/96
c&w.arc          2239 Cable & Wireless Logo in draw format
Truck2000        7296 Truck Drawfile
Valentine        1429 256 col SPRITE(sqshd) - For the romantically inclined1
Worldland      200739 Worldwide drawfiles
Transport      105886 Collection of drawfiles
Signs          137753 Even more drawfiles
Food           160661 More drawfiles
Cartoons2      296295 Collection of drawfiles
Cartoons1      301604 Collection of drawfiles
THINKERsq       23085 squashed drawfile of Rodin's THE THINKER
details2.arm     8244 remote control layout of Kenwood reciever
details.arm      9556 Front panel of Kenwood reciever/decoder
Mic/lip/ph.arm  65908 Formation of liposomes and micelles
fluidmos.arm    44920 Fluid mosaic model
chromphytl.arm  34428 Vitamin E and Vitamin E in the membranes
Mosquito.arm    94088 Draw file of Anopheline mosquito (malarial parasite carrier)
Calendar        12288 A Draw file of a 1996 calendar
AcornsOnly       7934 Acorn poster banning PC's :-) DrawFile by Glenn Richards
merclogo         6691 The New (Exciting?) Mercury Communications Logo
XmasDraw        43717 A Xmas Lucky Draw sheet
WeakBeer          714 A Pub notice!
GrandDraw        5901 A lucky draw sheet
BonusBall       24692 A sheet for those running a draw on the Bonus Ball!
BadPark          2478 Ever been boxed in, and want to leave a note?
CatBees        365074 Sparked Cartoon
drawtrek        40179 Star Trek draw files
C4DRAW           3368 DRAW FILE C4 LOGO
bird            16858 A BIRD 
ArmPowered       4108 Arm Powered Logo in draw and sprite format for backdrop.
Prisoner         4708 Pennyfarthing Logo from The Prisoner.
map_arc          2035 Draw file map of Wembley Show area by Andrew Black.
poster           7732 Small Scanned Bitmap in a draw file. Cartton
DeadNT          10695 DeadNT. Drawfile with Sprite inside
SealNews        29257 SealNews banner strip from SealNews Issue 4
harum            5390 cartoon elephant from Harum Scarum (kids prog, BBC)
Aw93badge       19283 Arcade Badge for Acorn World '93
Vision          58146 Weird vision experience
A4scanned      114336 Drawfile: annotated scanned image of Acorn A4 circuit board
WinInWin        79382 Windows in Windows
MoonJump        39374 DRAW file of astronauts from Piraro cartoon
Pilot           52489 DRAW file of pilot from Dan raro cartoon

Size of area 4590k

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