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IFF Picture Files (79)

Filename       Length Short description

woman           57730 An IFF picture of a WOman
Stymie_arc      97159 IFF Pic of boy sitting on a stall
ModelT_arc     114953 IFF Pic of a ModelT Car BW
Marily_arc     104089 IFF PIC OF MARILYN MUNROE BW
VIZ8            61556 IFF Pic from VIZ
VIZ7            61556 IFf file of Roger Melle's TV Testcard! (from VIZ)
Sam_9_col       47744 IFF picture of Samantha Fox
VIZ6            61556 IFF Pic of "Jonny Fartpants" from VIZ
TuT_iff13       22311 IFF Pic of King TuT's Golden image
FordT          107908 Very nice pic of Model T Ford (IFF)
TAD512         119404  A IFF Picture sampler in Mode 20
TAD256          59814  A IFF Picture sampler in Mode 12
viz3_arc        66335 IFF pic (VIZ3) "The fat slags"
VIZ2            61556 IFF Pic from VIZ magazine
VIZ1            61556 IFF image from VIZ magazine
Touch          110976 Amiga IFF Picture of Girl

Size of area 1187k

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