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ANSI Picture Files (80)

Filename       Length Short description

SklneANSI.ans    3712 The Skyline Online ANSI screen (by Robbie Record)
CyberANSI.ans    2816 The Cyberhouse BBS ANSI screen (by Paul Wheatley)
PlsmaANSI.ans    3456 The Plasma Sphere BBS ANSI screen (by Paul Wheatley)
xmasansi         2634 To everyone at Arcade...
Snoopy1          2209 Snoopy ANSI
Helen!           2000 An ANSI picture of me! :)       3036 ANSI picture of Gillian Anderson (Scully from XFiles) zipped
BS3             15361 A Brain Storm BBS advert done in True ANSI!
xmashbts_a       7287 Christmas ANSI animation
tempdoom_a        919 Temple of doom! ANSI
t-1000_ans       3051 Terminator T-1000 ANSI animation
stealth_an       2871 Stealth fighter (F-19) ANSI
sphinx_ans        862 Sphinx BBS ANSI
sp-lite_an       1234 ANSI picture
rad-rev_an       1400 
race_ans         1594 Do you wanna race? ANSI
porche_ans       1374 57 Porsche ANSI
on-guard_a       1216 Super hero! ANSI
neptune_gb       1320 Neptune BBS ANSI
mick-gif_a       1650 Mickey Mouse Phantasia ANSI
krusty_ans        957 Krusty the clown ANSI
hawaiian_a       1003 Hawaiian style ANSI picture
hagar_ans        1546 Hagar the 'Orrible ANSI picture
fullmoon_a        990 ANSI Screen a la Starbase 1
flysausr_a       2803 Flying saucer ANSI Animation
fishon!_an        800 ANSI Fishing picture
fishanim_a       2761 ANSI Fish animation
dragon1_an       1337 ANSI Dragon!
bart_sim_a        691 Yet another ANSI Bart!
bartman_an       1153 Another ANSI Bart
b-s_ans           972 ANSI Picture of Bart
apache_ans        657 ANSI Picture
aloha_ans        1711 An ANSI picture

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