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TIFF Picture Files (81)

Filename       Length Short description

Images-1       332077 A archive of two images for your collection (Good)
elli.tif        82210 Somebody asked me for my picture, so...
TiffInfo        11052 Tiff Info reader
lister.tif     194666 Lister, as in Red Dwarf, quite a good grab of him.
house.tif      211727 this one and 'cat.gif' if it has gone up, are from RedDwarf
peakp3         113752 Beth from "Peak Practice" (TIFF)
Cindy2          96074 Cindy Crawford full facial
Dwelling       363645 Completely superb 1024 x 768 TIFF
risc-pc.tif    707952 Compressed Tif file of Acorns New Risc PC
Truck          295376 24 bit TIFF of an old army truck
Lightning       19712 Bolt of lighning
jello           21393 A blob of jello! (Example TIFF file)
whitney.tif    114268 Whitney Houston
bodygrd.tif     78765 Bodyguard CD Cover
toyota_tif     318841 Toyota Celica GT4
audi_tif       302721 Audi Quattro Coupe
rc40_TIF       273197 Picture of a radio/cassette tif format
MoonSphere      93202 Moon over a metallic sphere
Pacman          59277 Pacman eating his favourite food... ray traced with DKB
WSurfTIF         8192 Lineart TIFF of Windsurfer
ELEFANTA        62894 TIFF Pic of an elephant
Ninja13         14863 TIFF Pic of a Ninja Motorcycle (Mode13)
MakTiff205      18427 Latest version (2.05) of MakeTIFF

Size of area 3705k

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