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MISC Picture Files (82)

Filename       Length Short description

THETRUTH       354742 Men, from a woman's point of view....
laura croft     28800 This is a picture of laura croft(amiga 1200/dpaintiv.aga
AtHeartDRW       3700 The new Acorn@heart logo in draw format. (Spark Archive)
AtHeartAWS     141540 The new Acorn@heart logo in ArtWorks format. (Spark archive)
HKaw.arc        62111 New Hong Kong flags, drawn by Phil Crisp, arced, (ArtWorks)
Platonic        34094 Thought provoking Artwork, by Roberto & Quintin of GTHS.   306529 3/3 ZIP archive containing high quality tile backgrd texture   362442 2/3 ZIP archive containing high quality tile backgrd texture   380300 1/3 ZIP archive containing high quality tile backgrd texture
scooby2         91136 picture of Scooby doo - Watford Format
scooby          88064 picture of scooby doo - Watford Format
robocop         60416 picture of robocop - Watford Format
Wayne           76048 Artworks file of Bruce Wayne - alias Batman
Nielsen         55712 Artworks file of Leslie Nielsen
Jackson         57780 Artworks file of Janet Jackson
SnapShots      418093 Lots of ZX Spectrum Snapshot files
Whosnxt2        93604 Who's Next? (ArtWorks file)
NobunagaOd     139902 Nobunaga Oda
KITTY          245781 Picture received from Spanish radio amateur.
twlghtzne       18956 Twilight Zone VT100 animation
FRACTART.ZIP   109819 PCX scanned fractal artwork
FONEDIAL.ZIP   285211 
tomb_arc       603065 640 x 480 24 bit Clear file of POVray traced picture
chess_arc      564757 640 x 480 24 bit Clear file of POVray traced picture
JurassicPk      86170 Jurassic Park logo in Artworks format
WLeft          235034 640x480 24 bit Clear file by POVray - crystal metal & wood
Timeless       395555 640x480 24 bit Clear file by POVray - Brass clock
AlphaFun       185316 640x512 24bit Colour Clear File - RayTraced using POVRay 1.0
MICKY_arm       53454 MPEG file
Moglie_arm     292708 MPEG file     146002 targa file      236321 targa file    341225 targa file      12824 targa file       567708 targa file      391906 targa file         594376 targa file    72641 targa file       401768 targa file      96993 targa file     466257 targa file      175891 targa file        98628 targa file    576189 targa file       46050 targa file      220328 targa file        82896 targa file     332650 targa file    60591 targa file
POVray.arc     155531 POVray raytracer - fixed bug whilst tracing
Tiger_arc       85466 Tigers in Watford format
Thames_arc      64482 Thames TV logo Watford digitiser format
Meat_arc        40510 "I want Meat" - from "Creature Comforts" - Watford format
OWL_PCX         30301 PCX B&W Picture of an owl
ALBERT_PCX      18555 B&W Picture of Einstein - a PCX file
BABYRUTH_M      11264 MAC Pic of ...Erm...a naked lady in a choc bar!
TOMB           133719  A Targa format pic of a tomb in a graveyard
sun            457792 A set of 49 various "SUN" format pictures!
ThomasARC      216000 ARCed Pineapple Pic of Thomas and Annie
SteamyARC      187442 ARCed Pineapple Pic of Thomas in trouble
EdSteamARC     175415 ARCed Pineapple Pic of Edward in steam
RoadRunnr       19709 DEGAS Pic of the Roadrunner!
Daffy_duck      24732 DEGAS Pic of that duck!
Bugs_Bunny      20723 DEGAS Pic of that rabbit!
impkeystrip      8832 impression keystrip
EuclidFilm1     54272 Two SPRACed Euclid films (view using !projector)
Windmill       396861 A raytraced ainmated Windmill

Size of area 12552k

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