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Ovation Pro Applets (83)

Filename       Length Short description

newframe       108946 !Newframe, OvPro Aplet. Version 1.01 by David Breakwell
ignore           4326 !Ignore, Ovation Pro Aplet. Version 1.00 by Jonathan Somnier
stylepal/z       8091 StylePalette version 1.6 by David Pilling
newframe/z      13631 !NewFrame by David Breakwell
contents/z      44936 Version 2.05 by Jamie Lawence & Roger Noble
content202      43651 !Contents applet V2.02by J.Lawrence fixes by R.Noble
expert           8934 !Expert V1.02 by Nick Kaijaks (SHAREWARE)
marks           28195 !Marks V1.03 by Nick Kaijaks (SHAREWARE)
SXRef230        29225 XRef Version 2.30 by Rupert Thompson
SENote303/      70358 !EndNotes V 3.03 By R Thompson
labeller        34843 !Labeller V1.0 By David Breakwell
ENote302        69938 Endnotes V3.02 by Rupert Thompson
appletman/      14124 !Applets V1.00 By Rob Clark
days             4756 By Andy Piper
STHe173         34668 THe  V1.73 by Rupert Thompson
SSFrac          13382 SmartFraction  V1.01 by Rupert Thompson
SRuss            8440 Russian V1.00 by Rupert Thompson
SOEFPro130       8994 OEFPro V1.31 by Rupert Thompson
SGreek320       30699 Greek V3.20 by Rupert Thompson
SXpand          14257 Expand V2.01 by Rupert Thompson
SENote283       38985 EndNotes V2.83 by Rupert Thompson
SCritic         63528 Critic V2.03 by Rupert Thompson
SOProLib         7438 Common Libraries for use with applets by Rupert Thompson
writeleft        3855 WritLeft V1.00 byR.Lytton
typeheb          2707 TypeHeb V0.01 by mybg
mines            6990 Minehunt V1.00 by Daniel Barron
index           14819 Index V1.00 by P.D.Bond
fontcat          3969 FontCat  V1.01 by David Williams
DB103Full       77007 DBASE  V1.03 by Dr Chris Ford (inc Docs)
bulletfix        4941 Adds Bullet lists. V1.05 by Dominik Wagner

Size of area 799k

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