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Stryker Software (87)

Filename       Length Short description

Repton4Dem       1416 Repton 4 Demo cheat (ArcFSed)
MarsQuake        1348 Marsquake cheat (ArcFSed)
FTTDemo          1262 Formula 2000 cheat (ArcFSed)
MailFormat      14671 The ONLY BBS mailing program...And the best! * NEW * Version
Shack            4523 A mini-adventure from Jon Ripley
SecretMaze       4835 A mini-adventure from Jon Ripley
SecretMaz2       6423 A mini-adventure from Jon Ripley
Prison           4492 A mini-adventure from Jon Ripley
House            5243 A mini-adventure from Jon Ripley
HolyGrail        4543 A mini-adventure from Jon Ripley
GraveYard        5443 A mini-adventure from Jon Ripley
Castle           4524 A mini-adventure from Jon Ripley
Wiper            3354 The easiest way to delete your files/directories...
Who-Am-I?        5702 Tells you your current user status over Econet.
Stamp            3310 Ensures your files have the right datestamp...
Squeeze         11770 Squeeze your programs...(And still run them!)
HotKeys          4884 Impression Junior Hot Keys
Confuser2         761 If you downloaded Confuser you HAVE to download this!
Archiver         3964 The easiest way to archive applications and directories
WordGen          4180 Generates random words. Lots of fun!
TimeSwitch       5504 You are stranded in the dim and distant past...
Speaking         3130 A desktop speaking clock. (Requires Speech)
Mounter          3176 Dis/Mount your discs with ease.
ISBN             4289 Checks ISBN numbers! (Useless but fun!)
Display          7540 Display your text files with ease.
DirSel           3367 Change directories the easy way!
Craps            3466 Can you beat the odds? (A game)
CrapFont        11070 An excellent new font!
Clock            2545 A simple desktop clock.
Anti-Exit        2143 Stops you accidentally quitting the desktop.

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