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Who runs Arcade BBS?

Arcade BBS is run by David Coleman and David Dade. They opened Arcade BBS back in 1990 when the popular and well-respected Acorn interest bulletin board Archive BBS closed down. Archive BBS had been run by Alan Glover on behalf of Paul Beverley, editor of Archive magazine and owner of Norwich Computer Services. As complete beginner Sysops, David Coleman and David Dade were thrown in at the deep end.

David Dade remembers the early days. "Dave Coleman wanted to start the new BBS with three phone lines, just like Archive had had before the closedown. I remember saying that I didn't think that many people would call, but Dave was proved right, and within a year we'd got more lines, and Arcade BBS had gained a high reputation in its own right as the BBS to call for friendly advice and the place to find the latest Freeware for Acorn machines."

David Dade handles the programming side of Arcade, and has added many new features and functionality to the excellent ARCbbs software, by written by Hugo Fiennes, both by using the flexible script language feature of ARCbbs and by writing original software applications.

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David Coleman has had to live with the actual equipment that comprises Arcade BBS, now running on a Risc PC600 with 4 external SCSI discs, five modems and tape-streamer. It doesn't worry him too much now though. "I've got so used to the noise that I don't notice it now. In fact, recently when I went on holiday to Canada and stayed on rural Vancouver Island, I had to get into bed with my Walkman playing as it was so quiet at night that I couldn't sleep!"

Dave Coleman handles the day-to-day housekeeping that running a busy BBS makes necesssary - registering new users, answering queries and requests for advice from users, reviewing file uploads and virus-checking, and keeping abreast of the paperwork that is generated. It's almost a full-time job, but both Davids are happy to run Arcade BBS entirely without subscription or membership fee. "It's my hobby", says Dave, "and it costs about the same as many other technology-based activities, like photography, collecting CDs or Video filming."

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